Tamara Keel is one of my very favorite writers, not to mention a helluva good shot.  I regularly read her blog.  From whence comes the following, in which an anti-gun journalist much in need of perspective gets Keel-hauled.


  1. I want “Failure to poop” as the cause of death on my death certificate…. Thanks Mas for passing this along. I’ll add it to my bookmarks.

    • @ Karl – Not me! Terminal constipation would be a horrible way to die! Almost as bad as its opposite: dysentery.

      Dying peacefully while sleeping gets my vote for the way that I want to go.

  2. Montague Stevens was a classic example of how to shoot yourself through sheer stupidity while hunting and SURVIVE. Sort of reminds me of some erstwhile friends who told me they were better drivers after a couple of beers. Ask me if I ever rode with them again. Anyway, Montague wrote a great book called “Meet Mr. Grizzly,” which was more about training dogs. Montague was bird hunting on horseback and blew one arm off with his shotgun. He never hunted birds again off the back of a horse and lived to a “ripe old age.” The moral of this story is to at least learn by your own mistakes, let alone by those of others.

  3. “Ganked”. LOL.
    How about death by those who think they’re electricians and become part of the circuit while “doing their own wiring”? 120 vac as ubiquitous as Coke or Pespsi. How about death by Coke and Mentos? Utter ridiculousness by the hopliphobe contingent. Fear of a tool.

  4. “Keel-hauled” – I see what you did there 🙂
    And of course I agree with you about Tam’s writing – she’s not too bad a photographer, either! (OK, she’s really good there, too.)

  5. And NINETY THIOUSAND gankked themselves last year using drugs like fentanyl, meth, various opium derivatives.
    ne common “solution”to thisn”problemadopted by some cities is to establish a “safe shooting zone” where they can inject themwelves in peace wiht no worries from law enforcement over partaking of a prohibited drug. That’s INE TIMES the number that are killed deliberately with the use of a firearm each year.

    Twisted values, or what?

    The answer to these “accidental deaths” is safety and gun handling training. Thet used to happen in schools, but now guns are anathema within a thousand feet of any school. So kids don’t have as many opportunities to learn abuot firearms any more, and since they grow up ignorant about them (except for what they “learn” from the TeeVee set and screen games) thus leading to many accidents. In school hands on gun safety training would go a long ways toward reducing this statistic.

    • On the other hand, isn’t a “safe shooting zone” where we teach gun owners how to use firearms safely?

      The alternative to allowing and educating users about drugs, prohibition, hasn’t reduced the percentage of people using drugs in the U.S., despite enormous cost in lives and resources during decades of enforcement.

      IMHO many of the drug overdoses are because, since you have to buy them on a black market, no one really knows what’s in them. I certainly wouldn’t want to shoot ammunition purchased on an unregulated black market.

      I think using recreational drugs is a very bad idea. But then a lot of people also think shooting is a bad idea.

  6. Manipulation or outright invention of statistics to support something is a very old practice and not unknown even in peer reviewed “studies”. Mark Twain was quoted as saying there were 3 categories of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics. He was right.

    And then there’s always the perspective. Regardless of the length of time, I expect farming, mining and driving on public roads kill far more.

  7. I love when people get Keel-hauled.

    Even lawyers, whom you think would have a better understanding of the Constitution, fail to understand the basic concept of God given rights.

    Here’s my response to one of the esteemed professional lawyers that proposed that gun owners be required to have insurance in order to prevent gun violence.

    “ Dear Sir,

    Suppose we require insurance for the First Amendment?

    Before you can voice your opinion, due to the fact that words can be psychologically harmful, you must have First Amendment insurance. Since you want people to have insurance to use a God given right, Second Amendment, why not insurance for the First Amendment?

    As you can probably guess I disagree with your proposal. I find it ill thought out and a failure to see the “slippery slope” your idea puts us on. Not to mention a violation of the Constitution that I swore an oath to uphold.


    Vince Dagiel “

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    • Vince Dagiel,

      You make an excellent argument.

      Since America is based on freedom, the default setting for many of our laws and controversial issues should be “freedom.” Now, even I would object to what some people would like to be free or permitted. Those controversial issues could be decided by the states. When the federal government makes laws, it is one-size-fits-all. That makes people miserable, and angry with each other. States could decide controversial issues, and people could vote with their feet. There is a term for this. It is called, “federalism.”

  8. Here is another excellent article that refutes the narratives put forward by anti-gun journalists.


    The material presented in this article will not be new to most of the readers of this blog. People who are in “Gun Culture” naturally understand “Gun Culture”. However, to the American Left, gun owners are strange, alien creatures. In their ignorance, I suppose that it is not surprising that they make up fables to explain what they do not understand. As I noted in an earlier comment, the American Left is usually disconnected from reality. They live in their own fantasy world and their resulting narratives are, equally, disconnected from reality.

    As the above article points out, their views on America’s Gun Culture are equally disconnected from reality.

  9. TN_MAN,

    Thanks for the link.
    To all, make no mistake, all of these “gun control” laws, bills, etc. equal
    disarmament. Nothing else! Some may recall senator Daniel Moynihan
    proposing a 500 (!) percent tax upon ammunition back in the 90’s.

    They’re protected by law, we’re not…

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