1. I learned very early on when a sub-junior smallbore shooter. Dad bought me a Winchester 52D when I was either 10 or 11 (yea I was a BIG kid and weight was not a problem). Out of the hundreds of state and regional matches yes there were the “silver spoon” kids that beat me with Anshuitz (sp?) $1800 rifles (this is in the late 70’s early 80’s) but I consistantly out shot the majority of shooters that shot the higly prized German firearms that were all the rage for Olympic compitition. So a good old American 52D @ $275 or a $1500+ German machine.. it does not matter even in high level competition, it’s the shooter.

  2. For me I shot a lot of GLOCK Sport Shooting Federation matches. I often would match the model to the category such as a G24 in the competition category, G17 in the Amateur LE category and the G26 in the SubCompact category. Over time I noticed that the sub compact 9mm G26 was the pistol that routinely allowed me to shoot my better scores. I started using the G26 for all of the categories I would shoot. I ended up winning two pistols and hope to get “bumped up” to master class with another win with the baby GLOCK. I just need to practice!

  3. Mr. Ayoob,
    I enjoyed your article “Picking Your Gun” and have a question for you. Do you change out the bushings on your semi-auto handguns, especially those you use in competition shooting? My Dad just replaced the bushings on our Glock and Colt 10mm’s and also on our AMT Longslide and Colt Combat Commander .45 calibers. Also, Dad has a Perazzi trap gun-what a beautiful walnut stock! But I, myself, just use a Remington 1100 trap model.
    M. Lang

  4. Mr. Ayoob,

    I don’t have a Perrazzi or even a Remington 870 to outshoot it with. I do own and hunt with one or another of the New England Firearms Single Shot shotguns (NEF SB-1). They win no awards for beauty although I think they are sleek. Last time I hunted with a freinds 870 I didn’t change my hit profile any. What the NEF SB-1 does allow me to do is only MISS once per bird, instead of giving into the temptation to fire three shots in vain.

    For CCW I have qualified with a S&W 66 that I acquired used from a local police department. Last two times I qualified I outshot most people on the line with high quality semi-auto’s. Got to give a lot of credit to good sights, grips that fit, that oh-so smooth trigger and absolute reliability.


  5. Mas:

    I remember well a very similar episode a few years ago at the final qualification shoot at the end of LFI-II that I took with you a few years back in Richmond, VA.

    I don’t remember the final scores, but I do recall that I finished second (by one point) to a police firearms training officer from the Petersburg, VA PD, and the two of us were a bit ahead of the other shooters in the class. At the final debriefing, you made a point of having the the two of us come to the front of the class and show our weapons to the class.

    You said, “I see a bunch of $2000 Thunder Ranch Specials and lots of expensive European pistols, but you guys should take note that the first and second place shooters were shooting totally stock, $500 S&W 3rd Generation autos. [a 4006 and a 5906, respectively] It’s the shooter, gentlemen, not the gun, that makes the difference.”

    It will be a long time before I forget your evil chuckle and the glint in your eye as you said this, and the despondent looks of the other shooters in the group.

    Stay Safe!
    Norm in AK

  6. Between the P90, P97, and P345 which is the more reliable gun. My son wants to buy a .45 but doesn’t know what to buy. I have a CZ 97b and prefer it to any other Semi-Auto other than a P9 Springfield I used to have. I don’t know what to tell him.

  7. Reg, the short answer is, go with the P345.

    FWIW, I own 2 or 3 P90s, a P97, and two P345s. I carry a P345 frequently and voluntarily. The P90s and the P97 live in the gun safe. The P345 is more ergonomic than either and more accurate than the P97.


  8. I really wish Ruger would bring back the P345. It was an underappreciated gun. Frankly if they made the P345 in 10mm with a longer barrel, Ruger would have a hunting handgun that would rival Glock and the 1911s in 10mm.