Issued 10-shot S&W .22 revolvers versus an array of “pin heads.”

The Pin Shoot in Central Lake, Michigan is underway, with healthy attendance despite the ammo drought.  Weather early in the week is absolutely perfect in this lakes region resort area. Contestants are lined up to shoot revolvers and autloloading pistols, carbines, pump and semiautomatic shotguns, and yes, fully automatic weapons (provided).

.22s are not neglected. Ten-shot Smith & Wesson .22 revolvers are issued to those who want to try their hand at shooting little bowling pin heads off a table with the tiny bullets.

Barney Niner clears the last of five pins with his customized S&W .357 Magnum.

Lessons can be extrapolated.  Anyone who thinks revolvers can’t shoot fast enough to keep up with semiauto pistols hasn’t watched past winner Barney Niner rip five bowling pins off a table with five very fast shots from his Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum.  

In turn, anyone who wants to validate the choice of a 9mm autoloader has only to watch Greg Blough, who dominated the last match in 2019 (2020 was canceled by COVID) shoot down 13 pins in 4.8 seconds with his.

The match continues.  We’ll keep you posted.


  1. Mas,
    I wanted to get up there, if for no other reason than to watch and to meet some of the names that I see winning the matches all the time. Unfortunately, this week coincided with the time that the contractors were able to fit a new in with their schedule on my home. So I kind of had to be here while they were working.
    I have actually done roof jobs myself in years past, but at the age of 61 at the end of this month, and having the money to pay to have it done, the decision was helped along by my wife, who didn’t like the idea of me on the roof. Actually, she didn’t mind me on the roof, but the idea of me falling off the roof was the deciding factor.
    But I wish everyone there has a great time, both in the shooting and in the fellowship. And as always, thanks Mas, for all you have done and continue to do for the shooting community. As difficult as this political atmosphere is, and as tough as things are for the gun owners, while we have to continue the good fight, we also need to remember, we have been here before, and we will be here again. Don’t let it dim the fun things that are out there to be had, like you and the many friends, old and new, shooting at one of the most beautiful states in America. My best wishes to all, and prayers for safety, both at the event and on the road heading home.

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