1. 500 Magnum….. 500 grains at 1200fps……. double action rapid fire …….. that makes my wrists tingle thinking about it!

    • I’m not normally bothered by recoil, but I admit to a twinge when I read that… the .45-70-500 is usually around 1100 fps, and it’s a big thump in a Trapdoor… that .500 is righteous!

  2. Mas, thank you for reporting this event. I only wish I could of been there, but, I’m way out of practice. So, I do have a question. I’d like to practice more and I’m wondering which airsoft products to purchase. Which, products would you recommend.

  3. Always love to geek out on the gear, but you have to respect the skill behind the gear, too.

    Thanks for the write-up for those of us who couldn’t be there.

  4. David, I don’t work with Airsoft and can’t give you a credible recommendation in that area. Readers?

  5. [One can shoot from prone or bench rest, while the other must fire from standing offhand. Kim Heath-Chudwin and her husband Jeff Chudwin captured this one.]

    Who did which?
    I have to note, in the photo they are definitely bad-cop/good-cop.

    • Jeff shot offhand I believe, and Kim, bench.
      And, believe me, they’re both good cops!

  6. The first time I fired a Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum, I thought I had broken my hand. I kept going and emptied the cylinder though. I think my hand felt better three days later.

    The second time the cartridges must have been downloaded, because it didn’t hurt. I call it a “hand cannon.” Good bear medicine.

  7. Cheers Mas! Wonderfull firearms.

    I have always been a fan of 19th century items. May’ve been the best century in History, far as I know. Though they didn’t have a BPS handy in those days, unlike 12×12 winnerNed Christiansen! I find the bottom loading faster since it works very well for my load two technique. No shell lifter in the way because the lil’ arms are up w/action closed on the gun. I love it, that made my day in particular. Thanks for the write-up, much obliged.