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  1. If Trump is toppled, the math dictates it will have to be with significant Republican support. In that case the Republican party is finished. The base will simply stay home, not only in the Presidential race but down the line. And then the ascendant Democrats will use their hold on government to ensure that they are never again challenged.

      • Ain’t gonna happen! People do not realize how much human and financial capital it takes to run a party

      • Andrew “Greene…As with all “third party” campaigns after 1860, the Bull Moose Party LOST in 1912 and allowed the election of Woodrow Wilson, a racist Virginia-borne Democrat-Socialist-Progressive who spearheaded the formation of the League of Nations, but could not get it ratified in the Senate prior to his health collapse.

        Be careful what you wish for…it might happen again.

      • David Clough,

        I’m sure most of us remember the 1992 election. Ross Perot ran as a third party candidate. (A businessman running for the presidency. Hmmm, that sounds familiar.) He got 19% of the vote, and Bill Clinton won the election.

        Many people believe Perot “stole” votes from Bush the Elder, who had a 90% job approval rating after his victory in The Persian Gulf War.

        Yes, third-party candidates are dividers. I was going to vote for Ross Perot, but Rush Limbaugh said not to do that, because it would split the Republican vote. Rush was right.

  2. Mas, It is dangerous to watch too much of the propaganda pushed by the Anti-American Media. I mention this because I suspect that you have been watching their so-called news. That is the only way I can account for the Left-Field ideas that you wrote for this piece! 🙂

    First off, Hillary will not be drafted to run again no matter how much she wants it. The “Old Gray Mare” is broken-down and crazy. She does not have another race in her and even the Crazy Democrats can see that. As for her labeling varies people (Trump, Tulsi and Jill) as Russian Operatives, well, the Democrats are great at “Projection”. They routinely accuse their opponents of the crimes that they commit themselves. Hillary, herself, “colluded” with Mr. Steele and his Russian contacts to produce the infamous “Dossier” hit-piece against Donald Trump. Plus she helped sell out America, to the Russians, for bribes and kickbacks in the Uranium One scandal. So, who is the true “Russian Operative”?

    No, as usual, Hillary has too much “baggage” to make a viable candidate and I don’t think that even the Democrats, as crazy as they are, can be blind to it.

    One burden that President Trump must bear is that the long campaign, of character assassination by the Anti-American Media, has convinced the Washington Swamp Critters that they all could run the country better than the elected President. Therefore, President Trump has had a lot of trouble keeping his own people loyal. I had hoped that General Mattis would be loyal when he joined the Trump Administration. Unfortunately, he fell into the trap of thinking that he “knows better” then his boss and had to be removed. His removal has pushed him directly into the “Never Trumper” camp.

    As for the idea that President Trump will be removed BEFORE the next election!?!? Mas, you have GOT to hit that OFF SWITCH on the boob tube when CNN comes on! This so-call impeachment inquiry is a farce. The Democrats have nothing (except Media Propaganda) on President Trump. And if Propaganda alone, worked, then President Trump would be dead and buried by now.

    No, this is what will happen in 2020. This impeachment kangaroo court business will fall flat just like the previous Russian Collusion, Mueller Report, Tax Records, Stormy Daniels, etc.,etc.,etc. efforts all fell flat. President Trump will be the Republican Candidate for President in 2020. The Democrats will nominate one of their nutjob socialist candidates, probably Fauxcahontas, to run against him.

    Then President Trump will destroy the Democrat Candidate during the General Election and win a second term with an even larger majority in the Electoral College then in 2016.

    Once that happens, you can be prepared for the Democrats to surpass even the insanity that they have displayed so far. They will be literally “Howling at the Moon” and “Foaming at the Mouth”.

    I am locking forward to hearing their howls!

    • President Trump will destroy the Democrat Candidate during the General Election and win a second term with an even larger majority in the Electoral College then in 2016.

      God, I hope so.

      Truly, I hope he wins the popular vote this time around. Then all those Blue states who signed onto the “popular vote compact” (to have their electoral votes go to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless how their constituents actually vote) can watch their delicate Blue state votes lumped into the pile of icky Red state votes.

      Maybe then they’ll finally get the idea that the popular vote compact was a bad idea from the get-go.

    • I pretty much agree with you but I do fear that enough Democrats will be elected in to the Senate to throw a wrench in their function for 4 years.

    • This might be your best essay yet, TN_MAN. The current Democratic Party reminds one of Lincoln’s adage that “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” The Blue has devolved to the sad point that it seems to be observing via the perspective of an increasingly distorted looking-glass, abetted by suspect media. All that the wanna-be Democratic leaders have come up with to throw at President Trump has been expensive garbage, and the smell of it will stick to them! Their passive-aggressive behavior is calculated to annoy and destroy, and must backfire. True, they may not realize the amount of dynamite that they are fooling with in pushing bogus impeachment. It is very important, though, for a Trump supporter not to lose one’s temper and give them any satisfaction, or act in any inappropriate way.

    • I agree 100% with TN_MAN. I have to sadly say that Mas you disappoint me a little. Your article sounds a little like you are giving up on Trump. If this is true…DON’T.

    • I hope your right, to me this is the democratic nuclear option. Personally I want to see their meltdown.

  3. These are scary times, and will remain so well after Halloween. Our hallucinating gangster president appears to be sliding into permanent psychosis, and he spends much of his time ranting incoherently about idiotic conspiracies–at least when he and his scofflaw family and friends aren’t looting our country. Most of Republican Congress critters are quislings and if Hitler were alive it appears they would fervently support him too.

    Meanwhile, the Democratic Party leadership continues to suck up to Wall Street, banks too big to jail, and the billionaire class. In practice, they are not much different than the GOP: they love the military industrial complex, push imperial wars, award huge tax breaks to the super-wealthy, and don’t believe in regulating Corporate America. The rest of us don’t matter to the Dems (well, the Repubs, too) because we can’t financially bribe them (whoops, I mean offer sizable campaign contributions) enough. That party’s head honchos desperately seek a presidential candidate who will preserve global neoliberalism (free-market capitalism), ensuring that all middle and working class Americans (and the rest of the world) will continue to get screwed.

      • It’s rare that folks commenting, or rather offering opinions like you and I, on this blog site (and many others) provide exact evidence, by which I assume you mean citing credible sources, for their views. Of course, if one were writing a research paper for academia, or composing a mainstream news media article, that would be a different matter.

        Yet you raise a worthwhile topic: Where are some people obtaining their news and political information? Is it from extremist far left or far right venues, or mainstream domestic and foreign news sources? Social media sites? Their 7th grade history class from forty years ago? Yell radio? Conspiracy blogs? Russian trolls?

      • For the record, I’m an harsh critic of both our oligarchic political parties, which have largely created the American kakistocracy (e.g., “government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or least unscrupulous citizens”).

    • Spencer – “Our hallucinating gangster president appears to be sliding into permanent psychosis, and he spends much of his time ranting incoherently about idiotic conspiracies–”

      That is exactly the impression that the Anti-American Media has worked, like hell, to create. The idea that President Trump is a “gangster” and that all this talk about the DNC, the “Deep State” and the “Fake-News Media” working against him, is just a bunch of “idiotic conspiracy theories”.

      That is exactly the “narrative” that the Anti-American Media is trying to sell to the American People. It seems like, in your case, they may be succeeding in their propaganda efforts.

      I won’t argue the case in this blog. The political effort to nullify the 2016 Election is far too vast to be argued with a few paragraphs in a blog. All I would ask is that you do the follow:

      1) Go to a bookstore. An on-line bookstore like Amazon will work.

      2) Buy a copy of a book named “Ball of Collusion” by author Andrew McCarthy.

      3) Read this book while keeping an open mind.

      Andrew McCarthy is a serious person. He is a former Federal Prosecutor. He is not a spreader of “Conspiracy Theories”. He is not a big supporter of President Trump. In fact, he has been critical of President Trump in the past and is critical of him, to a degree, in this book.

      However, he is also not a member of the Anti-American Media and is not invested in building and selling the Anti-Trump Narrative. I think that is can be, accurately, described as a neutral but factual observer.

      Just read this book, as I have, and then let me know if you still think that President Trump has no grounds for feeling persecuted. Let me know if you think that all of these “Conspiracy Theories” are still “idiotic”.

      • Thanks for the book referral, which luckily for me is available at my local library. And it sounds like a good one, too. Probably on average I read at least one hundred books (fiction, history, technical stuff, politics, foreign affairs) a year.

        In regard to conspiracy theories, I certainly would not even suggest that they’re all bunk. Indeed, I think most politicians, regardless of party affiliation, conspire regularly to either get elected, remain in office, or to get dirt on their opponents and smear them. Corporations are masters of conspiracy, too, though they usually engage in it to make illicit profits, sell crappy products or services, avoid taxes, and evade government regulations. They buy politicians at all levels of government and tell them how to vote on matters that concern the corporations. And a modern US conspiracy that’s hard to top is America’s reason for invading Iraq in 2003: A US president and his minions grossly lied about Iraq’s alleged “weapons of mass destruction” that no one could find. A real bummer for Iraqis, the US military, and American taxpayers.

        However, as for the conspiracy theories spouted by Alex Jones et al., well that’s just silly nonsense. Still, a lot of Americans lap up that garbage and cite it as fact.

        Our current president, I suspect, would like everyone to believe he’s being unfairly persecuted, though anyone who’s read even a little about the man’s background knows he’s been in hot water most of his life because of his shady real estate practices, multiple bankruptcies, predatory sexual behavior, serial lying, stiffing contractors who worked for him, losing about a billion dollars in a decade (roughly 1985 to 1995) due to poor his business decisions, etc., etc.

      • Spencer – I can understand the original lack of enthusiasm for President Trump. I was not a fan in the beginning. I did not trust anyone coming out of the New York Liberal zone nor someone with the brag and ego of Donald Trump. I voted for Senator Cruz in the 2016 Republican Primary election.

        However, when it boiled down to Hillary versus Trump, I knew which way to JUMP! I would have cut off my right hand and thrown it away before using it to case a vote for “Crooked Hillary”. In the 2016 General Election, it would be more accurate to say that I voted AGAINST Hillary rather then to say that I voted FOR Donald Trump.

        However, despite President Trump’s background, I have gradually become a fan. My reasons for doing so are:

        1) He has exposed the Democrats and the Washington “Deep State” for the liars, crooks, hypocrites, Marxists, and traitors to America that they truly are.

        2) He has stood up to a level of Media slander and Democrat dirty tricks that is unprecedented in American History. This has established his toughness and courage, with me, beyond all doubt.

        3) His policies regarding trade and the economy have been highly successful. The economy is humming, unemployment is at record lows and the stock market is up. I only have to look at my 401K and IRA statements to appreciate President Trump. These statements were most discouraging during the years of the Obama Administration.

        4) He is, at least, trying to gain some control over our National borders and illegal immigration. He has had limited success, so far, but given the push-back from the Democrats (and their Federal Judges), and a lot of Republicans, he has had to deal with strong headwinds.

        5) ISIS was expanding under President Obama. President Trump practically destroyed them. Now, he is finally starting to pull us out of these never-ending foreign wars that benefit only the Washington elites and the Military-Industrial Complex.

        I could list more items but you get the idea. Considering his degree of opposition, I think that President Trump has done a remarkable job in office.

        As for his “Course Manner” and “Tweeting”, they do not bother me in the least. A “Gentleman President” would be run over roughshod by the Democrats and their Media attack dogs.

        They say that “It takes a thief to catch a thief”. Well, the American Leftists are bullies and it takes another, and bigger, bully to beat them at their own game. President Trump may not be a Rose, but at least he has plenty of thorns with which to prick the egos of the Leftist elites!

        In 2020, I will GLADLY vote for President Trump’s re-election as President of the United States. There will be no hesitation this time!

    • Spencer sez: “That party’s head honchos desperately seek a presidential candidate who will preserve global neoliberalism (free-market capitalism), ensuring that all middle and working class Americans (and the rest of the world) will continue to get screwed.”

      get this vit down right: global neolliberalism, or global ANYTHING, is precisely the philosophy underlying the present “screwing” of “middle and working class Americans, (and the rest of the world)”.

      Free market capitalism IS what places anyone who is willing in the position of determinting their desity, and success/failure. That form of capitalism, whichi is most assuredly NOT what we see operational in the US, or most other places, would have NO government oversight, control, nannying, “pernission slips”, note the operant modifier immediately preceeding the word FREE. And do not insult me or the others here by floating the meme that what we call”capitalism” in this country today is true capitalism. It mose certainly is NOT.

      Note further that the existing system is “free market capitalism” so it is not present to be preserved, as you alledge the party in question is wanting to accomplish.

      • Spoencer also said this, later: “A US president and his minions grossly lied about Iraq’s alleged “weapons of mass destruction” that no one could find”

        Ya musta missed the report:
        It is well known that Iraq DID HAVE those WMD after he got chased back to Iraq adter his invasion of Juwait, or wherever it was.

        There were UN inspections overseeing a programmed decommissioning/destruction of those KNOWN WMD.

        Sadman Insane halted that progress at some point, refused to allow officials access to inspect.

        Satelllite photos documented large convoys of trucks, of types not before seen in Iraq, travelling to, then leaving, the area where the WMD were KNOWN to have been kept/decommissined.

        Those trucks then were tracked going int Syria by a seldom travelled route. This took place AFTER we had stupidly and openly declared we would invade Iraq, and before we actually did so.

        So the reason “no one found WMD in Iraq” is that they were removed into Syria.

        I did read one report after a nerve gas incident in Syria, that the particular type of gas, verified by its “fingerprint”, was the exact same type as what Sadman Insane formerly had in Iraq. A statistically rare occurrence. Further, the means by which that gas was deployed were NOT troops under the conrol of Assam…. but of rebels seeking to remove him.

        I do not believe we were justified in invading Iraq… but I’ve no questioin he DID have the WMD is was said to have had as “justification” to invade. I also believe it was incredily stupid to announce to the whole wide world our plans eo invade Iraw on a certain day.. well in advance of that invasion.

        If Charlie informed me that he was going to come over to my house and take that wad of hundred dollar bills he KNOWS I have, and did so a week before he planned to show up, do ya think I just might take that pile of dead Benjamis and put them in an old lunch bucket and go pay a visit to Pete, hiding it somewhere over there were even Pete would not be likely to find it…. then all Charlie’s friends could maintain he is insame for NOT finding that stach of cash he alledged I had at my house….

        Yeah, that is one way international politics and sabre rattling is conducted.

  4. I am a pessimist, but I have learned to never bet against Trump. He is a powerhouse, a force of nature. Atlas carried the world on his back. Trump is carrying America on his back. Who else is fighting for the workers, the taxpayers? (American taxpayers make civilization possible). What would this country look like if Hillary had won the election? If one of the other Republicans had become President in 2016, the media would have destroyed him by now. Trump is a winner. In this contest, Trump versus the tag-team of the media and Democrats, I believe Trump will emerge the winner. I don’t know how he can do this, but he is a magic man (cue the song by Heart).

    Now since I am a pessimist, and I know that entropy always wins in the long run, I know that Trump will be beaten somehow, some way, someday. Someday his health will fail, and he will join the rest of us mortals on the level ground of………………………the cemetery. But before that happens I want to see Trump defeat the Left, or at least continue to survive against them. I love it when he slams the media, the fake media and the failing NY Times! America’s number one enemy is the Left, not Jihadists or China.

  5. Mas
    Trump can not be allowed to succeed!
    If he does, that will prove that a businessman can do a better job in Washington than the “professional politicians” (mostly lawyers) we have elected in the past. Bridgeville’s Geezer

  6. Ah yes, MD 20/20 is an acquired taste, and well worth the laugh. If Trump is ousted will it result in the 2nd revolution??? Asking for a friend.

  7. Great play on names/words. I presently have an autographed copy of Gen Mattis book that I am reading.

  8. If and I stress “if” Trump is removed from office the politicians on both sides that vote for it may just want to seek very deep holes to hide in. I assure you that I am not the only person in this country to consider this the straw that breaks the camels back. A hunting I will go is not just and old kids song.

  9. It seems both parties are self-destruction rapidly. Watching a bit of a hearing a few weeks ago, it’s clear that there are conflicting rules (laws) at play that each side was using.

    I could get behind a Pence/Mattis ticket much easier than “any of the above” Democrats. How in the world he heck they would choose Clinton over Biden, I’d never understand. It’s also disturbing that the NRA and GOA aren’t attacking the Democratic candidates more vigorously, however, the Dems are showing their true colors and that is likely to hurt them.

    • The NRA has its own problems, since they will not throw Wayne and some others a retirement party. The NRA is over due for new blood, including business relationships (has been since 78). Donations are noticeably off.

  10. I am saying to watch for Michelle Obama to make a quiet entry into the Democratic nomination. She is the only one that could rally the troops and beat Trump.

    • Sasquatch could succeed where Franken/Stein may fail. If so, hopefully Donald can still Trump her and give us four more good years and additional time to prepare for disaster.

    • Patrick, I believe you may have the correct insight on that possibility.

      The troops she will be rallying are the baby-killing, gun-grabbing, healthcare pushing , can’t-we-all-just-get-along Crusaders that make more noise than sense.

      Ammo will be a very hot commodity. They will go after the suppliers with a vengeance.

    • Too many will remember the hash she made of the whole “school lunch” issue, and HOW she went about it all. Don’t forget, nearly every voter in the nation has, had, or knew, of a kid in some gummint skewl who’s memories of that debacle.

      And that’s just ONE thing. Her “separate but equal” vacations were also legendary, and despised by far too many to have forgotten alreaady. Her arrogance, coupled closely with her strong connexion to the former occupant of the White House down in Pennsylvania Avenue will also be problematic.

  11. All one really needs to do is watch the fundraising efforts. Trump (and his republikant traitor party and despite them being traitors), are out fundraising, have set fundraising records in fact, while the demokrats are not coming close and wasting the little they receive on infighting and trashing each other.

    This idiotic “faux impeachment” is going nowhere, will never get anywhere and the public sees it for what it is- a political hack job on the man who was elected and is doing an extraordinarily good job despite minimal support from his own treacherous party and violent active opposition from the demokrats.

    It is a fargone conclusion that the house will impeach insofar as the demoidiots have a majority but the senate is a different story and the perfidy of the closed star-chamber investigations will come out in the senate hearings before they vote with conviction requiring a 2/3s supermajority.

    There is also a distinct possibility that the house, only requiring a simple majority of members present to impeach will see on the day of the vote a large number of demokrat representatives on some urgent business keeping them out of the chamber and “not present.” Apart from a minimal number of “safe” socialist seats a vote to impeach could easily prove the death knell for re-election… which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

    In any event polls and mass-media news can not be trusted in any way. They lie like rugs and and if a tree falls in the forest it would do well to fall on them, they cannot be trusted and their words do not make a legitimate sound.

    • ^This.
      President Trump may be impeached by the House, and he would be the third one*. But the case is tried by the Senate, and requires a 2/3rds vote. Trump won’t be removed from office by impeachment.

      U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 3, Sixth paragraph:
      The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

      However, I sure hope his Secret Service detail is on their toes.

      *Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868, but the Senate failed to convict by one vote, 35–19.
      Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998, and the Senate trial was held in 1999, with a majority voting to acquit on one charge and a tie vote on the other.

  12. Spencer, Kakistocracy – rule by those least competent to do so. Thank you. I learned a new and applicable word today.

  13. Read Daniel 4:17, words spoken by the Babylonian king, the ruler of the known world at the time.

  14. The Democrats are simply not connecting with the average person. They have become the egg head party, and are disconnected to Labor. Serious, how many people think trans anything is a top five issue with the Americans public? Felons voting? Post birth abortion? They have not talked about fixing drug cost, water in Flint, or fixing anything! The wall Street cronyism is POed! Impeachment is the only thing that keeps the cash flowing!

  15. Trump won’t get impeached. So far, the Democrats don’t have the votes and it will get shot down by the Senate. Trump is predicted to win by a landslide.

  16. I absolutely despise every Democratic candidate running for President. The idea of any of them actually winning is horrifying to me

    Unfortunately, I’m finding it to be more and more likely that Trump actually committed impeachable offenses. The idea that the Republicans would exonerate a guilty man just because it’s in their political interest to do so is also horrifying.

    As far as Secretary Mattis is concerned, isn’t it interesting that all of Trump’s appointments are great, terrific people UNTIL they disagree with Trump’s own ideas, at which point they become, stupid incompetent people?

    As far as Trump’s own personal competence is concerned, he had a Republican House AND Senate for the first two years of his presidency, when he could EASILY have gotten funding for the Wall on the Mexican border. (Did anyone here actually believe that MEXICO was going to pay for the Wall?!?) Instead, he waited for the Democrats to take control of the House back to ask THEM to fund the Wall! Is this really the action of a “very, very, stable genius”?

    I’m not completely convinced this guy is playing with a full deck . . .

    Alas, we seem to be living, as the Chinese curse goes, in interesting times.

  17. The election of Donald Trump, and his work to date has exposed the federal government for what it is: a bunch of elitist, power-obsessed, incompetent narcissists. The Democrats and never-Trump Republicans are threatened by what the Trump presidency might mean for them: the end of the good life. A life that is largely untouched by the idiotic policies and laws that the rest of us must follow: take Obamacare and gun control as two examples.

    The media is involved in this as well- what else explains the near unanimous anti-Trump propaganda spewed across these outlets? They are now part of the power elite- and they will be damned if this “fool” and “reprobate” will undo all that they have.

    Make no mistake- the government officials and their media co-conspirators attempting this coup are trying to send a message to We the People as well: that we really don’t count. Our vote is uninformed and does not matter. They know best. They will stop at nothing- and if they continue to bitterly divide us against one another all the better. Then THEY must step in to maintain order. If they succeed- we are finished as a Republic. I don’t think they will- we are better than them- we love our country more- we love one another more.

    You know we have a good blogger here when he starts an impassioned discussion!

  18. Call it what it is: Media Nullification. If Big Media, and their handful of owners, decide they do not like who the people dully elected, they think they have the right to undo it.

    Think about it, when the media reports anything about guns, have they ever gotten anything right? So why would anyone think they get anything else right? So how about we the people impeach the media. Stop doing anything that generates revenue for them. Find alternate news sources.

    • @ Jacob Morgan – “Stop doing anything that generates revenue for them.”

      Unfortunately, your suggested strategy won’t work. The reason is that there are big, multi-national corporations behind the ownership of the big media companies. These corporations are so big that they can afford to run their subsidiary media companies at a loss. In fact, they are happy to do so because they want to exploit the political and lobby power of the media rather than to make a profit from them.

      No, for your idea to work, the American People would have to launch a concerted effort to target these huge, multi-national corporations that are the real power behind the media. Unfortunately, these corporations (due to their size and multi-national nature) would be difficult to hurt. See this story:

      While I am never a fan of “Big Government” solutions, in this case, it may be the only option to effect change. Rather than the people trying to de-fund the media, it may require President Trump’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to use the anti-trust laws to break them up instead. The DOJ has too much on its plate, already, to do this now and (frankly), the middle of an election campaign is not the right time. However, during President Trump’s 2nd Term, I would REALLY like to see his DOJ bust up some of these media monopolies. I would also like to see libel law reform so as to make it MUCH EASIER to sue these media companies for their “narrative building” and “fake news” productions.

      I think that actions such as these are more likely to bear fruit and produce some kind of media reform. Hopefully, they would function to turn the “Anti-American” media back into some semblance of true, journalistic media.

  19. Or, SHE could run again and draft her hubby. The president is impeached, but his son takes up the banner.

    Hill/ Bill versus Son of Don.