All over the world, terroristic mass murder seems to be ramping up.  Here’s one of the latest, done in Japan…with edged weaponry, as seen here.

We were warned. The WORLD was warned.  Virtually every intelligence agency and law enforcement agency has seen it coming, and frankly, most expected it sooner.  We have long since warned about it at Backwoods Home, most recently here, in the current issue.


  1. So predictable, and yet an element in society just doesn’t want to face the truth about self-defense. It seems to be one more thing separating those of us who can think from those who believe they can think for us.

  2. Does it make any difference? Cassandra was gifted with prophecy but cursed in that no one would ever believe her. We’re in that same situation now.

    From “preppers” to “apocalypse freaks” to “gun nuts” and even “tea baggers” (I actually had to explain to someone why that was offensive…), all of us who say “it CAN happen here, and will” are told we’re crazy and dismissed. The cynic in me says those doing the dismissing almost always are the ones who would stand to profit in some way from having people believe that bad things cannot happen and that everyone will be safe…but ONLY if you listen to them instead of the “crazy people.”

    Every notice in the movies that the crazy guy is the only one who is sane and sees the bad stuff coming? Food for thought.

    Cassandra out.

  3. The worldview clash between right-wing and left-wing ideologies always simmers. From time to time, it reaches the boiling point. The predictable results are always death, misery, warfare, slaughter and widespread human rights abuses.

    The 1930-1940’s timeframe was one such boiling-point. The right-wing fascist movement in Europe clashed head-on with the left-wing communist movement in the USSR and elsewhere. The result was World War II with millions dead and large parts of Europe, Asia and Africa left in ruins.

    We seem to be reaching another boiling-point period. The leftist have almost total control of the main-stream media in both the US and in Europe. They continually feed leftist propaganda onto the airwaves. The education system and much of government has been equally corrupted. Racial divisions are being exploited to score political points. There is a right-wing backlash, in both Europe and the U.S. against this crushing leftist pressure.

    Meanwhile, in the Middle-East, the radical, religious, right-wing ISIS and Muslim movements are broadly active.

    The predictable result of this latest clash between left-wing and right-wing ideologies will be further warfare in the Middle-East. Even more terrorism. Perhaps warfare spreading back into Europe (at least Southern Europe). The deep division in the U.S. could also potentially ignite another civil war or other type of race war. I certainly hope that this last can especially be avoided.

    The human race, as I noted in a post in the “Mad Dance in the Blood” blog, is truly “programmed for self-destruction”. We should all buckle our belts and get ready for this new “boiling-point” episode of left-wing / right-wing misery and death.

  4. Another terrorist attack on a church, this time in a fairly rural area of France, being reported this morning. Another one where attackers are using knives. Of course there was no armed response until police arrived. Priest died with slit throat. Attackers, surprise, surprise, were Islamist’s.

    I carried as a police officer for 34 years. I have carried everyday since retirement. I know there are numerous others that I encounter daily who carry, who don’t have my background. Many have carry licenses, many don’t (the bad guys who don’t have the carry licenses, with the background check, have always been there). I have no way of knowing who is the good guy and who is not, until the bad guy reveals himself, through his actions. I am dependent on the fact that I, hopefully, am better trained than the one who I identify as the threat, and hopefully am not his first target. That training and preparedness is my responsibility. That’s the reason I practice. And practice. And practice. And will continue to practice until I (not a politician) decides I no longer should carry.

    For what it’s worth, I make a concerted effort not to dress like a commando ready to go to war, or the great white hunter going on safari. More and more, here in our country, terrorists are dressing the part. If it ever comes to pass that I feel it necessary to carry a long rifle on my shoulder when I walk around in an urban environment, I will probably, instead, be hunkering down in a redoubt at home. I have started carrying a long gun in my vehicle, though, “just in case”, to be retrieved if absolutely necessary.

    A tip, from someone who has been there. The good guy loses every gunfight (or any other deadly force attack), unless the initial attack fails, if he is the first target. The good guy is always in the situation of responding to stimulus. If he is the initial target, he is already behind the curve. Try not to be the first target, if the initial attack fails, hopefully your attempt at completing your response will succeed.

    Why am I rambling on, and on, on this subject? Folks, for the first time in my life, I am afraid. Not so much for myself, but for humanity as a whole. There has always been evil in this world. In my lifetime, it has never been made as manifest as now. There are folks that are totally convinced that evil is good and good is evil, and nothing short of death will convince them otherwise.

    Continue to prepare. Practice your preparations. May God protect you as He has me.

  5. Great article, Mas!
    Unfortunately, in IL, places where mass killings are likely to occur are off limits for carrying.
    Any public gathering that requires a permit is off limits, as well as hospitals, clinics or any business that is posted.
    I can see me now, getting my annual physical and asking if they have a place to lock my gun up when told to strip! (No jokes please)

  6. I don’t need to say this to the readers, but the readers need to say this to those around them. Where do the vast majority of these attacks occur? In GUN FREE ZONES!!!!!!!

    All of this turmoil makes me want to “do something.” But any scenario where I go on the offensive, ends badly. The only way I could go on the offensive, without getting in trouble with the law, is to go to Iraq and fight alongside the Kurds. Dennis outlined the right answer for those of us in the States; always be ready to react to an attack. Always be in a defensive posture, with our minds in “condition yellow,” scanning for hazards.

    If enough Americans are prepared for attacks, we may read of some heroic counter-attacks, and the terrorists might begin to shy away from the hardened targets in America. I doubt we will see many terrorist attacks in Utah or Texas, or places similar to them. The terrorists aren’t afraid of death, but I’m sure they want to rack up as large a body count as possible before they leave this world. Then again, if they are afraid of our guns, they could simply strap on bombs underneath their burkas and charge into crowds of Americans.

    Am I still afraid of terrorism? Yes. Here are two scenarios which scare me; 1. Iran using nuclear weapons against us. I can’t do anything about that. 2. An Islamic Tet Offensive, where lots of terrorists attack many targets simultaneously. That would terrorize, and paralyze, the whole affected area.

    I’d like to see a European version of the NRA, and I’d like to see European militias, similar to the Michigan Militia. Check our their website. They have their stuff together.

  7. After seeing pistol bullets skid off the skull on multiple occasions and fail to penetrate, I’m not as thrilled as many about “brain shots”. Or at least the Hollywood versions. Granted, at least 2 resulted in instant stops-by concussion-but you can’t bet on that.

    There are better alternatives, but I’m not going into that where’s there’s no control over who reads it

  8. One thing I belatedly realized I could mention was discussed some time back on the IALEFI website. If there’s a person with a bomb/bomb vest heading toward a high value target, the pelvis is a much better primary aiming point. You have a good chance of anchoring the individual short of their target with much less chance of missing.

  9. I sat down just now to elaborate on my previous post, only to see the breaking news that ALL charges against ALL of the Baltimore officers in the Freddie Gray case have been dropped. Finally, Lady Justice has climbed out of the putrid slime of bigotry and identity politics. Still waiting on the response by the professional protesters outside the democrat convention in Philadelphia. Probably awaiting instructions from their handlers (DNC?) on whose city they are to burn (and bus tickets/per diem for the trip) for the spontaneous protest.

    Couldn’t bring myself to watch the mothers of “victims of police violence” given the stage at the DNC last night. Was Freddie Gray’s mother one of them?

  10. I have been carrying everyday with a permit since 1995 and without one since 1982. My in-laws though I was strange but in the past 3 years they now own a handgun and a couple carry. Since 1/1/2016 there has been 976 terrorist attacks around the world and in July there has been over 1000 people killed. I really don’t care what people say about me alway carrying a ( ok 2 sometimes 3 ) guns and I may die in a shooting. But if thats the case it won’t be because I was crawling away or begging for my life. Train like your life depends on it because today you are the first responder.

  11. Most people are incapable of giving up any comforts or pleasures for the long term good. Given the choice of doing nothing or thinking about something unpleasant and doing something about it, most will go back to their TV and hope the bad thing goes away.

    That’s why the founding fathers created a Republic, in the hope that we would delegate those hard decisions to our best and brightest, that 1% who can think and will act.

    Instead, we elect our government from the best liars, richest and most corrupt bureaucrats and above all else, the people with good hair and teeth.

  12. Don’t worry dudes! HillBilly will protect us when they plop their big liberal butts on their shared throne(s) in the White House come January 2017.

    Hillary is a master of military strategy and tactics, and Bill is a financial genius and eye candy for millions of beautiful women, plus they are cross trained, so will protect us from any harm and make us lots of money while
    doing so. A true Win-Win situation. I’m with you, HillBilly!

    On a more serious note, people with functioning brains who use them are not surprised at these current events as any mentally prepared person have been anticipating evil things will happen eventually. It depends on who is leading our nation, which the world looks to for guidance. When we have a weak leader or in our present case, an idiot or evildoer running things, the situation deteriorates much faster and more violently as the bad guys know they can get away with their vile deeds with little chance of being punished. The folks in power are looking out for themselves and does not give a flip about us little people. I read that the CEO of Facebook claims he will give away his 30+ billion dollar fortune. Why won’t this guy
    use just a billion or two to hire and equip a large army of bloodthirsty mercenaries to exterminate ISIS? Why not use fire to fight fire? Allow these killers to take out the moslem terrorists in any way they want and keep anything of value they get their hands on, which would be an added incentive to slaughter any ISIS or Al-Queda members they encounter.

    To fight a totally ruthless enemy, one needs to adapt and become more aggressive while remaining calm and cool so you don’t make any dumb mistakes which could come back to haunt you later.

  13. Mr. Moore, I would politely disagree with your statement about the scenario with the bomb vest.

    You may encounter them short of their specified target area, if there even is one, but it would probably still be a target rich environment. And, the odds of an early encounter are slim at best.

    The pelvis shot has always been controversial, and would in this instance simply result in an premature explosion when such things aren’t measured by few yards any more. If you are willing to die in the ensuing explosion to save the “high value target”, well, more power to you, but suicide bombs are usually aimed at masses of people and not a specific individual.

    I honestly don’t know Mr. Ayoob’s feelings on this, but I would never use a pelvis shot.

    A quick headshot, even if it glances off, should create enough time and disorientation for a final, firm headshot that shuts down the CPU. Easy? No one every said it was. Final? Well, as they taught me at Gunsite so many, many moons ago, if you have to shut someone down NOW, you shoot them in the head – doubt it was ever doctrinzed, but something brought up to a few of us all the same.

  14. David, there are a couple of issues with the head shot I didn’t get into. First off, -as you note-it’s a whole lot easier on a square range that in the real world, second if you miss, your bullet is traveling at head level to bystanders. Finally, many of those bomb bearing folks are using dead man switches. So, if you’re within the blast radius your devotion to fellow citizens may be demonstrated regardless of aim point.

    It is a thorny problem, the discussion was predicated upon a suspect being spotted while approaching something like a school with the responders being at a reasonable distance. Circumstances and conditions may dictate response. The Israelis have had some success with anchoring would be suicide bombers who suddenly discover they’re not all that anxious to reach Paradise.

  15. David made a head shot on Goliath, enough to stun the bearer-of-disparity-of-force to allow a terminal chop. We don’t know the exact distance of the rock-shot, but Tueller drill distance might be supposed. Goliath carried some formidable instruments, but his closing speed had to be hampered by all his gear. There are head shots and head shots. I would not rely on a .22 pistol, because mere wounding on a skull is too likely, but a .380 might be more than adequate. Pelvic hits are best with large, broad, heavy projectiles. More likely to turn the target. Whatever the shot, follow through by holding on your target throughout the squeeze and just after, and aim with confidence. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to.

  16. You can all debate your aim points until the cows come home. The fact is that suicide vests or other sorts of bombs are going to be next, here. Then it won’t matter if you carry a 9mm, .40, .45, AR, shotgun or whatever. What has to be done is to be proactive. Get them out of here and prevent more from coming in. Trump is right but the PC police are in full, towering, righteous indignation and high moral dudgeon for even suggesting we need to know who is trying to get into our country. And their Useful Idiots are slurping it up without question.

    These same Useful Idiots are also voters and Killery Rotten Clinton is their candidate. She is a doctrinaire Marxist whose goal is to admit floods of dirt poor refugees, make them dependent on the Federal government and then turn them into Democrat voters by promises to keep the free stuff coming in return for their votes (just yesterday I learned of a Federal judge somewhere that ruled that illegal immigrants have the right to vote. God help us).

    Remember, out esteemed Attorney General lectured to us that we need to use “Compassion and love” to defeat terrorism. And our president is on record as saying the muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound he has ever heard.

    What more do you need to know? We are being invaded with the knowing aid and assistance of our elected leadership. Obama’s naivety and inexperience can no longer be blamed. This is an attempt at the willful destruction of the United States of America. The seeds of the Second American Revolution have been sown. The first chance we have to act is the coming election. If that fails, God help us.

    Sadly, what is going to have to happen is a (or several) mass casualty attacks using bombs constructed of conventional materials, or, worse, a dirty bomb.
    At that point all the liberals and the radical muslim terrorist defenders will have been proven wrong, but at a terrible cost.

    In the years and months leading up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor there were loud voices from those who wanted no involvement in
    conflicts outside this country. FDR himself promised in a speech that he wouldn’t, “Involve your boys in a foreign war.”

    Then the bombs fell and those voices were silent. The same thing is going to happen again. Count on it.

  17. —WR Moore–
    In Mas’ artical he suggests that you take your shot from kneeling or prone so that the bullet is angled upward in case you miss, the bullet deflects, or passes through and through.

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