The Pro-Arms Podcast ran from 2008 to 2017.  The producer/editor and therefore PrEditor was Gail Pepin, winner of many state and regional shooting championships and twice high woman at the famous Rangemaster Tactical Conference match.  Steve Denney was the host: retired police supervisor and SWAT cop, and still an ace instructor when he feels like it in retirement. The Podcast team included Terri and John Strayer, champion shooters themselves and owners of Pro-Arms Gun Shop in Live Oak, Florida, the sponsors of the ‘cast; gun dealer and firearms instructor Herman Gunter III; gun writer and ace pistolero Chris Christian; and retired NYPD officer Mike Larney.  Some Arab-sounding guy who writes for Backwoods Home was on board, too.

The podcast went away because, over time, all our lives demanded so much of our time that we had to give it up.  We’ve heard that a lot of people missed it.


…Gail Pepin, the Evil Princess of Podcasts, Pixels, and Polymer Pistols has brought it back from the dead.

Sort of…

Our round-table discussions often focused on new guns or shooting events. Those things aren’t new anymore.

The return can be considered Pro-Arms Podcast Classics, the timeless lessons of the gunfight survivors we interviewed, as important now as when they were first broadcast. The episodes are re-edited and will be on the ProArm Podcast YouTube channel as well as the existing ProArms Podcast website. They will be posted one a week, audio only.  They will not be on Apple Podcasts or any of the other Podcatchers as there will not be a published feed. So like us on YouTube and listen there.

First up was our interview with Bill Allard, who sadly passed not too long ago. He was the one guy on the legendary NYPD Stakeout Squad who killed more violent, armed criminals in face-to-face gunfight than even his more famous partner Jim Cirillo.  You can find that interview already posted on YouTube.

And there’s more coming.  Thanks, Gail!


  1. Mas – “He was the one guy on the legendary NYPD Stakeout Squad who killed more violent, armed criminals in face-to-face gunfight than even his more famous partner Bill Allard.”

    I don’t think you mean to say that Bill Allard was partners with himself. Did you mean to reference Jim Cirillo here?

  2. I believe that you meant to say that Bill Allard was in more shootings than his even more famous partner Jim Cirillo.

    May God rest both of their souls, men such as these are rare anymore.

      • Mas,

        You do a great job proofreading. I am working a job where I have to proofread, and it is unbelievable how mistakes creep in.

      • The hardest thing to do is to try to proofread your own material. The problem is that your mind knows what you intended to say. So, even as you proofread over it, you may miss typo’s and mistakes because your mind substitutes your intended text for the actual (flawed) text that you wrote.

        Before I retired, I would always try to get someone else to proofread over my work before sending it out as the final version. Another reader can spot such errors because their mind has no preconception of what you intended to write. It is all fresh to a different reader. Which is why three of us spotted the above error withing a few minutes of the new blog being posted. It “jumped” out to us whereas it would have been hidden to Mas. Mas knew, very well, that he intended to write “Jim Cirillo” so his mind substituted it in when he read back over what he had written.

        Unfortunately, I have no one available to read my posts to this blog. So, very often, typos and spell-check errors will remain despite the fact that I normally proofread my work two or three times before clicking the mouse to post it.

        As the old saying goes: “To err is human!” 🙂

      • My above post is also an example. Of course, I intended to write “within” rather than “withing”. I have no idea how that extra “g” got there. Heck, it would not surprise me if there were others too! 🙁

        You can’t rely on spell-check either. Take “withing” for example. It is actually a word. It is “the present participle of withe”. So, unlikely as it is for me to use that particular word in a sentence, the computed did not flag it as misspelled.

      • TN_MAN,

        “To err is human. To really foul things up requires a computer.” I searched for the source of that quote. It has been traced back to 1969, but no one is certain who first said it.

  3. Glad to hear it. I’ve been listening to most of the archived ones while driving around the country. Will be good to have the reissued material.

  4. Huge thank you to Gail and Mas (but mostly Gail) for pulling these out of the ProArms vault, editing them (I know this takes some time), and posting them! I always enjoyed listening to the interviews with real life survivors of armed encounters.

    Thank you both, again for an incredible MAG40 class in Londonderry this past weekend! I’ll be keeping my eyes out for MAG80 next year.

  5. Please let Gail know that she has my deepest thanks. I have listened to the old ones several times over over the years and still enjoy them. You two make a great pair and I am so glad I was finally able to meet both of you. I will have to check the YouTube channel and listen again.
    Stay safe brother. It is a dangerous world out there and unfortunately it is not getting better.
    Larry Cunningham

  6. I was hoping for new episodes! But I’ll be happy with re-issued ones. I think there were a few that I could not download with my podcast app and the feed stopped working a while back.

  7. Just listened to that fabulous YouTube video interview with Bill Allard. Many great lessons. The winner of a gunfight is not the fastest draw, but the first accurate shot. It was amazing to hear about the drugged-up goblin getting shot so many times with 12-gauge buckshot, and still continuing to stand and fight. Sounds like witchcraft, and maybe it is witchcraft. Witches made magic potions. The Greek word translated “sorcery” in the New Testament is “pharmakeia,” from which we get the word “pharmaceutical” or “drug.”

    The NYPD Stakeout Squad was very successful. Americans can do great things when the voters choose good leaders who make good decisions. Today we see the opposite.

    • Roger, stop talking about witches. Hillary and Nancy don’t like to hear their broom flying sisters being badmouthed. Aunt Kamala had tried to join their coven but failed the intelligence test.

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