So, what could our new Democrat overlords possibly want to impose on the law-abiding firearms owners of America?

Only this.

Please read. The stakes are high. Thanks to the Michigan Coalition of Responsible Gun Owners, the Firearms Policy Coalition, and GAT Guns for making this available.


  1. From the link:
    “Gonna tax the murder away. It just wasn’t taxed enough, that was it… *sigh*”

    Um. We better do more than *sigh* when our communist overlords try to push this through. Nice info but this is going to turn into a GF for everybody, not just us.

    • Wannabe President Joe Biden does it again. More stupidity, after ordaining (1) “gun-free” school zones that became bloody massacre sites, (2) shooting a shotgun in the air (look out birds and drones!) to intimidate intruders, and (3) shooting lethal criminals in the leg. Reportedly CCP-compromised. Let us please stop acknowledging him as the incoming President. SUFFICIENT UNTO THE DAY IS THE EVIL THEREOF, my friends. Let us anticipate success, not failure. Bad vote counts are now being corrected for certification, and Biden is not going to get to take the Presidential Oath on Inauguration Day of 2021. President Trump has ENOUGH SUPPORT from our Constitution, our People, our States, our Congress, our Courts, our DOJ, our military, our world, and On High, to beat well-documented vote fraud.

  2. This is but Act 1 – Scene 1 of the “Disarmament Play” that the Leftists will soon stage.

    The Leftists know that they will never sit easy on the throne of totalitarian power as long as the American People have arms in their hands. It is as simple as that.

    The Leftists want permanent POWER. To hell with this democracy crap. They want America to be a One-Party State like their model and idol, China. They dream of an America where NO ONE will EVER challenge their POWER again. They have sent a clear message. No more TRUMPS. No more OUTSIDERS. Only members of the ESTABLISHMENT need APPLY to hold the REINS of POWER in the future.

    This is not assured as long as the American People are armed. Even with just small arms, such as AR’s, AK’s and bolt-action rifles, the entire force of the Central Government and the Armed Forces could not stand against millions of armed Americans if they choose to RISE.

    The totalitarians know this. It is the one thing that still makes them afraid. They intend to remove that danger once and for all. They will start with so-called “Assault Weapons”. Later, they will move on to multi-shot shotguns, bolt-action rifles (which they will label as “Sniper Rifles”) and handguns. In the end, even Air Guns and kitchen knives will be regulated. Just like they are now in the UK.

    As long as Americans have arms in their hands, they are still Citizens of this Nation. Once America is disarmed, the people will be Subjects (Serfs) of their Leftist Overloads.

    The Totalitarians BADLY want us to be their Serfs. They want us to lick their boots and OBEY. They want to be the Shepherds and they want us to be the Sheep. It is the role that they have assigned to the American People in their POWER PLAY.

    Therefore, by hook or crook, by fair means or foul, our Guns have GOT TO GO.

    Everyone should expect that the issuance of Firearm-Prohibition legislation, restrictive regulations and oppressive Executive Orders will be Job #1 in the new Harris/Biden Administration.

    My advice is as follows: Do not allow yourself to be disarmed by unconstitutional laws and regulations. Do whatever it takes to hold onto the arms and ammo that you have. I say this because, if you surrender your arms because you think that it will buy PEACE with the totalitarians, all you will ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH is to hold out your hands so that the Totalitarians can snap their CHAINS upon your wrists.

    If you surrender your arms, you might as well bow down and lick the feet of your Leftist Overloads. This is because, on that day, you will have given up your American Citizenship and voluntarily agreed to become their Serf instead.

    • What’s your plan when the Second Amendment doesn’t exist in 36 months, because the Dems stacked the Supreme Court (legally) and declared it null and void? Then whatever they want to do is constitutional.

      • @ john

        From the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America (1776):

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

        These words, which were written with the despotic Government of Great Britain in mind, ring just as true in our current circumstance with a despotic Government ruling from Washington, D.C.

        The Rights outlined in the U.S. Bill of Rights (Especially the first Ten Amendments) are unalienable.

        Definition of unalienable: Unalienable describes things, especially rights, that cannot be taken away, denied, or transferred to another person. Unalienable means the same thing as inalienable, which is now the standard term.

        The mistake you made in your comment, above, is that you assume that the Second Amendment is a Right granted by the U.S. Government. It exists because a group of robed Justices, on the Supreme Court says that it exists. Therefore, if one day, they suddenly decide to say that it no long exists, then it goes away. A Right such as you describe is not a Right at all. Rather, it is an evanescent privilege that may be grant or removed, at will, by the issuing authority.

        The Government does not give us our Rights. Therefore, they do they have the authority to take them away.

        It is ultimately up to the American People to sustain our Rights. If we meekly surrender our Second Amendment Rights, then we lose them because we willingly gave them up. Not because they were legally taken.

        To legally change the Second Amendment, the Constitution must be amended by the method, outlined in the Constitution, and then agreed to by 75% of the States. Failing the repeal of the Second Amendment by the Constitutional Process, it remains in force. Any law or legal decision saying otherwise is, in fact, unconstitutional itself and is legally “null and void”.

        Therefore, I would feel absolutely no legal or moral obligation to obey laws, regulations, executive orders or even Supreme Court orders that are, themselves, in violation of the Second Amendment as it is current written into the Constitution.

        As a practical matter, I, as a solitary individual cannot (by force or order) make the U.S. Government recognize my Rights. However, I can certainly engage in Civil Disobedience of unconstitutional laws. I can refuse to cooperate, refuse to register, conceal, hide and generally ignore such unconstitutional commands.

        So, to answer your question as to my “plan”, then there it is: Civil Disobedience to any such unconstitutional order or law.

      • since ALL of the Articles of Ammendment that comprise the Bill of Rights are NOT derived from government, nor can they be subject to government, those rights stand even when they play-0act at “repealing” them. They are inalienabe, predate this nation and its documents, do not derive their existence from any government or official, but rather from the God who made us and keeps us here. Thus they can make whatever pronouncements they want, but the RIGHT, originating from God as part of His gift of life itself, will remain. Legal schmeegal, they can repeal the words on the paper, but can NEVER remove the right. Much as this will be a disappiontment to their sick and black hearts, they are NOT God. Thank Him for that, too.

  3. You get what you vote or don’t vote for. Holier-than-thou Republican and Libertarian firearm owners refused to vote for President Trump. There are millions of Democrat firearms owners who vote the straight party line. I’m sure there are a lot of firearm owners who just didn’t vote at all. Very little support for organizations like the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights. Folks hoarding ammunition and reloading components so other people can’t shoot. At this rate local shooting ranges will very quickly turn into ghost towns. The left is extremely well organized and put the team before themselves. The right and especially firearm owners have become so balkanized they are doing the lefts job for them.
    Firearm owners are their on worst enemies.

    • @ Charles Strange – “Firearm owners are their own worst enemies.”

      I think that you are being too hard on gun-owners. The outcome of this election was not their fault. Consider these winning vote counts from previous Presidential elections:

      2004 – Bush wins with about 62.0 million votes.
      2008 – Obama wins with about 69.5 million votes.
      2012 – Obama wins re-election with about 65.9 million votes.
      2016 – Trump wins with about 63.0 million votes. Hillary Clinton ran up her vote count in California and got 65.8 million (wonder how many votes were by dead people and illegal aliens?) but she lost the “Swing States” and, so, lost the election.

      Notice that nobody, not even the Messiah himself, broke out of the 60 to 70 million vote range. Also notice that Obama lost votes for his second term. I guess the “bloom was coming off the Rose”.

      However, in 2020, President Trump (even under the flawed vote totals of this race) received about 74.2 million votes. That is over 11 million MORE than in his first term and it is almost 5 million more than Obama on his best day. Unlike Obama, he gained votes during his re-election bid. A lot of votes.

      Not surprising, really, since he was drawing huge crowds to his rallies (4 or 5 rallies per day) even with Covid-19 abroad in the land.

      Now, we are told that Joe Biden, with his clever campaign strategy of hiding in his basement, actually got 81.3 million votes! About 7 million more than President Trump and almost 12 million more than Obama during his best day.

      Boy, for centuries now, Presidential Candidates have been hitting the “Campaign Trail” in an effort to stir-up votes. What a mistake! They should have just stayed home in their basement and then release a confused statement every other day! They should have used the “Biden Strategy”! It worked for him! 🙂

      Now, I suspect no one will ever know how many of those 81.3 million votes were manufactured with (1) false mail-in ballots, (2) manufactured by counting ballots multiple times, (3) manufactured by getting illegal aliens and dead people to vote and (4) were syphoned away from President Trump’s totals by means of the (well-named) Dominion Software Vote Systems.

      Nevertheless, you are probably blaming the wrong people when you condemn gun-owners for not voting. President Trump did, in fact, receive a huge number of votes. I suspect his true totals are even greater than the “Official” totals that we are given.

      If the “Fix is in” then more votes for Trump would just, in the end, mean more votes for Biden. You are not going to win when you sit in a game with a “Stacked Deck”.

    • The blog is dead on when it says that they can’t put us all in prison because of the constraints.

      What they can do is create detention facilities, concentration camps, much like what was done in WWII to hold Japanese and German Americans.

      That is a day I can say I can see coming.

  4. TN-man, I’ve been saying what you’ve written for years. Sir, I enjoy your commentaries. With our winning more local elections, and I believe with 35,000 protesters. I feel we still a chance.

    The next 2 years are going to be interesting. I believe this country is going to be much smaller if things keep going, the way they are.

    • Metal detectors and police dogs will nullify this tactic, unless you bury the stuff away from your property. I’m sure the Harris regime and her evil Democrat henchpersons will eagerly copy many quaint Communist methods and employ torture to make you talk.

    • soeone famous, or at least noteworthy, once said “if you think its time to start burying them don’t bother because its time to dig them up and put them to use:.

      The day of Lexington and Concord had, at CaptainBarrett’s farm pout past the North Bridge, a party of young men out in his fields, which were along the road north out of Concord to Acton. What were they doing? TJey were in their work clothes, had a few wagons and teams, and smoe horses plowing new furrows. The teams with the wagons were following the plowmen, and taking new muskets out of the wagons and placing them into the newly cut furrows. Why? The’d gotten the word via paul Revere and others, that the Regulars were on their way to Concord to seize any arms they could find.
      The Lobsterbacks did march out across that North Bridge, and past Mr. Barrett’s farm.. they saw the lads working the fields, which lads waved real friendly like as they marched past. The ruse worked. The Regulars had no clue what those lads in the field were doing. Those muskets did not stay in the dirt very long. That very afternoon they were in the hands of fighitng men and helped repulse General Gage’s henchmen as they desparatey worked their way badk to Boston after their rather unsuccessful day.
      Their entire “score” that day were two small deck cannon, whihc being rathe rheavy they simply destroyed, and the wooden carraiges on which they would be mounted were burned. Gage lost a third of his officers that day, and over a fifth of his foot. Further, his erstwhile opinion of “those stupid farmers with their squirrel guns” was radically changed as he sheepishly admitted in his report back to his King.
      All because King George had sent him an order to begin systematically disarming the colonials. Lexington/COncord was the fourth failure in the attempt to accompish this goal. Gage’smen DID collect quite a number of ball, however.. AFTER they left the muxxles of the guns of the Patriots.
      That was then. ……….

  5. It comes down to deciding whether to reluctantly obey constitutionally prohibited laws and condemn those who resist, or to take up arms and defend the constitution against those -most certainly including law enforcement officers- who have freely chosen to violate the Constitution. Given the number of prohibited laws we already submit to, I think I know which most will choose.

    I think those are both lousy options. I’d love to see another, so if you know of one, please speak up. I’ve seen a civil war as a civilian -Lebanon in 1975 and very briefly in 1977- and know for a fact that there are no winners. Not one side nor the other, and most certainly not the people who want to stay out of it but aren’t allowed to. Civil wars are monstrous.

    Courts allowed the stunning taxation imposed by the NFA of 1934, which was far higher in inflation adjusted dollars than anything proposed today. The $200 transfer tax was equal to $3943 in today’s dollars. $200 in a day Ford sold new cars for $495. The transfer tax was equal to 40% of the cost of a new car.

    I can’t condemn people who keep their heads down and submit, because refusing to submit will likely get one killed and condemned by decent people -including most gun owners- who honestly believe they have a civic duty to submit, even to constitutionally prohibited laws.

    At the same time, I don’t see how one can condemn those who pick up their constitutionally protected arms and defend the constitution. After all, they aren’t the aggressors, are they? The anti-armed citizen, anti-constitution Democrats are the aggressors who refuse to leave peaceable people alone. So let’s be clear about who is the violent aggressor: gun banners and gun taxers, not their victims who choose to resist, any more than rape victims who resist with a gun are aggressors.

    Anyone who thinks resistance is the right course, though, had better have a mighty good strategy for victory, because going into a civil war without one is about as irresponsible an act as I can imagine. Civil wars are about burning down cities, killing neighbors, about fifteen year old girls showing you their snapshots of themselves in uniforms while standing by bodies of people they’ve shot. Civil wars are about collapsing economies and destroying the good along with the bad.

    And that is why I have such contempt for today’s Democratic Party leaders: they are pushing people toward armed resistance, pushing people toward accepting 2020 Democrat Rules of ‘mostly peaceful protest’, pushing us toward not just a civil war but a race war as Nancy Pelosi so casually claimed yesterday that supporters of Donald Trump have ‘chosen whiteness over democracy’. How incredibly irresponsible.

    • A voice of experienced Reason, and I commend you, sir. I, too, have seen examples of violence in an armed populace, though certainly not on the scale of a Lebanon. It is not a pretty sight to behold bullet-riddled bodies in the street, even if those bodies are of the government oppressors. I have an old friend who, as a small boy, a mere child actually had to climb a tree in his yard, with a rifle, and shoot and kill the Communist infiltrators who had come to his neighborhood to find and kill his father, a vocal opponent of the Communists. Eventually, the US Marines landed in his country and stopped the invasion and the fighting. Castro supported many such actions in the Caribbean and most notably in Africa. To this day, a large monument exists in downtown Santo Domingo in thanks for their deliverance. But that small boy went on to become a SAS Commando (his father was English), and still hates the Communists. And still has a rifle. And, like tens of millions of Americans, he is ready, always, to use it in defense of his country. In my rather long life (so far) I have seen, heard and read many things. I have never, never, encountered anything remotely approaching the pure evil, venality and corruption of current “leadership” of the Democrat Party, at least not outside the pages of Orwell or Koestler. Even the former USSR, with its KGB, its Gulags, its Lubyanka Prison where dissidents disappeared with the muzzle flash of a shot to the back of the head. Such a monstrous totalitarian philosophy can not be allowed to exist in the real world, at least not in our world. And Mr. Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II together vanquished it. Sadly, this allowed the Chi-com menace to come to the forefront, aided, abetted and supported by the globalist cabal we face here today. And they have made it abundantly clear their intent.

      We, as American men can not allow this to happen, not here. And if many, many of us die, and it is our own small children draped in a tree with a rifle defending the last, best hope on Earth, then so be it.

      The American experiment in Liberty has continued for 245 years. It must, without fail, live on. There is nowhere else to run.

      • Well said, Old Dutch. As a former police officer who worked at two PDs, I had several opportunities to legally shoot armed suspects or those who I believed were armed and reaching for a weapon. However I never shot anyone as I used cover and my flashlight (at night) properly to gain an advantage over the bad guys who quickly surrendered. Besides, I didn’t want to do the additional paperwork required if I shot someone. 🙂

        I did have the mindset to use any means to stop someone from harming myself and others and was mentally prepared to end a person’s life if required. Anyone who does not have that mindset should not have a gun as any hesitation in a deadly situation will end tragically, the victim being shot or having their firearm taken away and used against them. Also, one should never guilty after a justified shooting. If you shot a 10 year old kid pointing a toy gun at you and believed it was a real firearm, or killed a threatening armed man who you later found out was a beloved husband and father of six children, do not feel guilty. It’s one thing to regret what happened, but do not hold yourself at fault because it’s not. People are responsible for their actions and it they do something stupid, they bring the consequences upon themselves. Feel gratified that you survived and maybe saved an innocent person from harm or death. However, in public project an image of being very sad and regretful of what happened, but never admit any guilt, as lawyers will jump on that and hang you for it.

  6. One more click on the temperature dial for all us frogs in the pot.
    The more they stray from our Constitution the more they can expect resistance.
    Nominating and voting in only qualified and proven dedicated leaders is the only productive way forward for America as a whole.
    I see American society today as soft and naive overall thus our presently elected ‘leaders’.
    We critically need our Warriors reinstated as the next nation-wide/world-wide disaster is certainly on its way.

  7. Sadly every gun owner needs to start thinking about what they will and wont accept and how far their conscience will let them go.

    Even if you choose to comply with the tax it wont stop there. In a few years they will pass a ban. If you don’t turn your evil guns in they will show up at your house at 3 AM guns a blazing.

    Sadly it is to the point that I suspect the rest out the country would stand up and cheer if gun owners were drug out of their homes and shot. I do not see this ending well.

  8. We live in some very dangerous times. If we are to believe the numbers half of the country wants this to happen. Is the other half willing to give up their lives to water the tree of liberty by defending the principals this country was founded upon? Some will without question. Many who claim they will, will back down when patriots start getting killed.

    Over 750,000 Americans died in the last civil war. That was two groups of Americans fighting for their beliefs, unified in purpose. Although we are unified in purpose we are not unified in force. Civil wars cannot be won by individuals standing armed on their porches. Those who are about to take power know that they need to disarm those who will stand in opposition to them. They will begin by passing laws but when sworn law enforcers refuse to enforce these unconstitutional laws they will turn to private security to do it. They will not disarm us in mass, but individually. Illegal search and seizure. Detention camps. Suspension of rights in the midst of a national crisis.

    We are looking at an out of control forest fire and we’re armed with a low pressure garden hose. Sure, you can resist for a while but eventually you will be consumed by the unstoppable fire. Sometimes the best course of action is to bury yourself deep in the ground and let the fire run it’s course. Idiocy always turns on its self.

    We were given the non-violent way to keep this from happening. We can reclaim our greatness but we have to start by putting good people in government at all levels. Our failure in this political system is not that an election was stolen. We have failed by not having a better quality of candidate to vote for. That is on us. That is on us to change. If we do not change this even a civil war will not fix our problems. We will just change one corrupt group for another. We will change one group that wishes to enforce their thoughts on us for another group that will do the same.

    Rome is burning. Let them eat cake.

  9. Two major problems with so-called ‘democracy’ in the USA are: 1. Too many people are willing to believe ‘the big lie’, which in this case is that guns are inherently bad; 2. Money talks, and big money is the most important thing that a politician must have in order to get and stay elected. Whether or how much it affects the individual politician’s morals, personal vision, or basic honesty, is for us to decide at the ballot box. Obviously the masses have decided…
    Fortunately, the actual enforcement of all those possible laws and executive orders comes down, in most cases, to the local Sheriff and Police departments. Some will, some won’t.

    • Firearms aren’t bad. Morons with firearms are bad. I watched my father spend tens of thousands of dollars on firearms, high-capacity magazines, and ammunition because “Obama’s gonna take my guns!” All that did was nearly bankrupt him. I don’t think Biden is as smart as Obama. I’m more worried about My Attorney Got Arrested people storming the Capitol. Imagine the bloodshed if they weren’t caucasian?

      • Your father could probably sell some of those guns and some of that ammunition today for more than he paid for it. As to your last remark, how many non-Caucasians have the police shot during the many 2020 riots?

  10. I predicted this. What did you expect after the Dems illegal sweep? Did you think they were going to be rational or fair minded? To all the “never” Trumpers who own firearms: You got what you asked for good and hard. I hope you are happy with your stupidity and gullibility.

  11. Convicted criminals being let out of prison. Millions of citizens about to be made instant felons. Abolition of the First Ammendment by Silicon Valley oligarchs. Forced isolation from friends and family members. Complete government control of the media. Outright war on religion. Thought 2020 sucked? The time is here to decide if you are going to live, and possibly die, free or be a serf to these overlords that despise you.

    • Mark, I would be happy to relive 2020 over and over again. Sure we have the Chinese Virus and lots of violent riots, but we had a good president running the country well, the nation was financially sound, our military was keeping us safe, and we enjoyed a decent amount of civil rights.

      In 2021, I believe we will see America begin to go down the toilet. The Second Amendment is in danger, the stock market will tank after a few months if that long, funding for the police and military will decease dramatically, and fanatical anarchists and ever growing number of violent criminals will be emboldened to wreak mayhem across the country, especially if the population is disarmed, making it safer for them to commit atrocities at will. Bands of roving thugs will be invading businesses and homes looking for free stuff which they believe they are entitled to possess as they felt oppressed for so long. As the quote describing impending doom went in the TV series Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming!”

  12. I was watching an old movie tonight. It was the Magnificent Seven.

    You know the movie. It is the one starring Yul Brynner. He recruits a team of gunmen to go South of the Border, into Mexico, to protect a poor village from a ruthless gang of bandits. The leader of these bandits is a man named Calvera (played brilliantly by actor Eli Wallach).

    One quote from this movie really jumped out at me. The line was delivered by the bandit chief, Calvera:

    Calvera (speaking about the poor villagers): “If God did not want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.”

    It occurred to me that this is EXACTLY how the Leaders of the Democrat Party view the American People and, particularly, American Taxpayers.

    It brings into focus that the Leaders of the Democrat Party have no more moral authority to rule over us then Calvera had to rule over the poor villagers.

    Calvera robbed the villagers using violence and threats of force. That is exactly how the Democrat Party is robbing American Taxpayers today. The Democrat Party is simply doing it on a VASTLY larger scale.

    • A lot of wisdom is laid out above. Much of it is just a little too defeatist for me. Above all, let us not fight among ourselves. President Trump needs not to take the really historically minor January 6 Capitol occupation either to be his fault, or even having contributed personally at all. A certain number of stupid people are going to do stupid things if they are allowed to get away with it. President Trump can legally stay in office at least until March 4, given actions that certain State and Federal authorities are legally empowered to take. Said authorities need to realize what is at stake if Comrade Pelosi is allowed to continue to raise Hell. See the FBI report on the family she came from. Not an issue of corruption of blood, but one of background.

  13. Decades ago when NYC first proposed their licensing scheme for all firearms within the city, Johnny Carson had the NRA President on his show. This gent made the point on why the “reasonable requirement” was faulty: “The power to tax (registration fee), is the power to destroy.” I think the original fee was something like $25 per firearm. I know it’s gone up.

    When I first heard about the proposed Biden expansion of the NFA, I was impressed with how they sidestepped the actual ban of possession of said items. While the ex post facto legal provision exists, I have to wonder if it actually (HOPE IT DOES!) covers possession? There would seem to be a raft of laws that infringe that concept starting with the original NFA, FDR’s ban on holding gold and a few others I can’t think of right now. The imposition of a federal tax on the production of alcohol comes to mind too. That sparked the Whiskey Rebellion in my former home state.

    I seem to recall a position paper where the world wide compliance with registration of currently owned firearms was estimate at about 4%. As many have noted, these schemes have no effect upon crime.

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