Launching powerful fireworks at police? It’s the equivalent of IEDs, literally improvised explosive devices. They can kill and maim.  In at least one reported case, an actual bomb was thrown.  Congratulations, Antifa: you are now officially the “bomb-throwing anarchists” our great-grandparents warned us about.

In Portland, “activists” have blinded law enforcement officers with illegal high-powered lasers that can destroy retinas.  That’s lethal force, and by any reasonable standard warrants a lethal force response.  It’s only a matter of time before one of these lunatics points a laser at a lawman’s eyes, and gets a bullet between his own in response.

Obviously, there are people on the rioting side who want exactly that to happen.

Some hope for a replay of Kent State, with some of the well-intentioned protesters they’re manipulating and hiding amongst going down in puddles of blood.  Martyrdom to fuel their cause.

And some apparently hope for more of a Boston Massacre, a spark they think will set off the revolution they’re pushing toward.

There may be some on the aberrant far right who want to ignite the tinderbox, but the ones who are clearly trying to provoke such an event are coming from the aberrant far left.

America needs to listen to voices of reason.  Here’s the superintendent of the Chicago Police Department speaking on recent events, confirmed on irrefutable video:

or watch video here.

And here’s a Portland patrol officer offering a view from the streets in the center of the storm:

Video here.

Each of the above runs about half an hour, and is very much worth your time if you want genuine perspective on these issues. 

For those who don’t have time, here’s a “woke” Seattle commentator who has REALLY started to wake up:


  1. I hope that the Justice Department will soon issue indictments against the individuals and groups that are funding the violent actors that seem to be present at the majority of these demonstrations. I don’t know if they are real, but there have been ads on Craigslist, etc… for paid “protesters” at these locations.

    • the two mian organisatins, BLM and Antifa, are closely connected “further up”, abd ‘v ebeen wondering HOW LONG before a deep investigatin is begun to ferret out the behind the scenes funding and directing operatives, and bring them to full justice for their sedition and treason. Seeing the video from various venues under repeated attack, this cannot accurately be described as anyting less than total war, seriously bent upon taking down our government. This is Alinsky’s Rules being payed out nightly on the TeeVee sets acros tis land. That overhead footage from Chicago was scary to watch. NOQUESTION this was well prganised. The cpstume chnging, distribution of weapons, movements, the multiplelayers of actors, front ine, the bike “fences”, all carefully pre-choreogrpahed. When thee goons are arerested I HOPE the arresting agencies get warrants and throughly comb their “personal devices” for indicatioins of the movers behind the scenes, funding, actual legal residency of the actors, etc. Dig as far down as they can and get at the movers organisers funders directors… I’ve a gut feeling of some of the individuals behind this, but without strong evidence, which I don’t have, I’ll hold my peace. SO MUCH is cookie cutter same all accross the country it hAS to be well planned funded orchestrated.

  2. Patience wearing thin.
    As always, I’m wearing my weapon all day everyday.
    I miss the days when I never carried a weapon and didn’t give it a thought.
    Our President is an amazing man weathering all that the cowardly left has thrown at him.
    We win the election in November, he’ll continue restoring our country, lose the election, scary thought.

  3. This is a Bolshevik Revolution. Its members are paid mercenaries. Armies must be fed, billeted, trained,transported and supplied. That takes money. Follow the money to the source(s).Decapitate them financially.Who is protecting the financiers? Answer that and you’ve found the traitors.

    • Ywp. Without the cash, they melt away. So we have to take the head off the snake(s) and send all to prison. Forever.

      • our Constutition names and defines only one crime. We are witnessing that crime being openly committed nationwide. There is a typical sentence for people who commit that crime.TTHAT is what needs to happen. The Chicago officer mentioned some leads in their investigatiins pointing to some deep organistation, and that they are persuing those lines of investigation. First head cop anywhere I’ve heared metnion that they are on to that line of thinking. good onhim. I LIKE that guys attitude and style.

    • BLM is getting $millions in donations, corporate and individual. They aren’t building anything with it, or funding “social programs.”

      Where is all that money going?

    • Mike in a Truck,

      We play Monopoly on a board. George Soros uses planet Earth as his Monopoly board. He likes to pretend he is god.

      • Time for the trial layers to do sometime useful and go after Soros in a class-action suit for anyone suffering property damage, job loss, or injury by his paid brown shirts. He and his America-hating organizations have deep pockets.

        By the way, it was Soros who spent millions buying the races for DA’s in these big cities. To get his money the DA-to-be had to be soft on crime, ignore petty crime, etc. — basically undo the Guliani policing revolution. They want high crime and chaos.

        On the other hand, Guliani’s campaign slogan was “what do you have to lose?” Maybe some of these cities will try something different come election day. They have been firmly Democrat for generations–look where it has got them! What do they have to lose?

  4. Actually, Paul Gallant is in Seattle, but pretty much… well, Rip Torn said it best in Men In Black II:

    “Same pile of scummy crap, in a different wrapper.”

    Only real difference between SEA and PDX is that the Portlanders hoist their freak flag to the top of the pole every day while Seattle has historically been less overt most of the time other than the 1910s Wobblies and 199os WTO riots…

      • You’d have done the same for any of us, old friend. 🙂

        Stuff like this is why I’m glad we have Marty Hayes down in Onalaska at FAS, even if it is a bear getting there from up here in the northerly foothills.

    • well, there is another difference: Seattle have had a few “events” over thepast decade or so, a few “incidents”. But in Portland the same goons have been at it pretty much regulalry for at least the past five years. Portland have had the same worse than usless “mayor” for I think its now two terms. The Durk in Seattle is a relatively new figurehead. She’s just as rotten, thouguh, but not as well entrenched. I doulbe the Durk could arrange a conviction in the Seattle courts like Wheeler-Dealer has in Portland.
      The governors and AtG’s of both states are pretty much ona par, though. Which partly explains the mess infesting both states. Hope for Change in November. Oregon are stuck with Brown for the rest of her present term. Hoepfuly Washington are smart enough (and awake enough0 to dump the Jay and his worse than rotten sidekick Fergie.

  5. Listen people. This can’t be voted away. This will get worse if Trump wins reelection, and will come to your neck of the woods. The ONLY thing that stops this is greater counter violence. Then it is up to the people. It becomes a battle of political ideals. Think pre WW 2 Germany. At that point it is out of police hands and has nothing to do with them. Reality.

    • Trading bullets with the rioting scum bags is when the police officers enter the picture, that’s a scenario in which police will enforce the law while their lives are at great risk.
      As long as we have functioning law enforcement keep out of their way until the scum bags come to you and you legally engage.
      Hitting the streets looking for them will end up with good citizens in the crossbar hotel

      • Good advice, Lew. The police stand down for the Left, but they won’t stand down for us. Ask Mark and Patricia McCloskey.

        It is frustrating to watch the Left get away with mayhem for two months straight. The President should not lift a finger to help these cities. The citizens voted for these mayors. If the President restores peace to a city, they will still vote for Biden. The news media will blame Trump for the violence. Leave Democrat cities alone and let people see the difference between the Left and the Right.


        We can’t go Punisher, John Wick, Paul Kersey, Mad Max or Rambo until the rule of law disappears.

  6. Train. Train. Train. It’s better to have skills and not need them than to need them and not have them.

  7. The reswtraint shown by the officers involved is incredible.
    How professionally behaved above and beyond.

    • Noah,

      You are correct. But it shouldn’t be the police officers’ job to be a punching bag. Their restraint is actually super-human. I wish the police departments would arrest the mayors, then restore order and have the cities run by the police until new elections can be held. The citizens pay taxes to have the police protect their businesses from criminals, and then the mayors join the underworld and support the criminals against the criminals. We know this is in fact a communist revolution.

      The American people can never be persuaded to give up capitalism for communism, but they might be persuaded to give up chaos for communism. The Left is creating the chaos for that purpose.

      • That should be “… support the criminals against the citizens.” Also, I think I got that last paragraph from Stefan Molyneux.

  8. I am blessed to work in Seattle (barf). We have continued to see a push to defund the police. We have so many people that want to see the police out of jobs or not around. They continue to shout for them to kill them selves. As a 40yo watching this unfold I am ashamed. I am ashamed to be from Washington. Every chance I get, I stop to thank LE. So many are shocked. Most are on high alert when approached. Rightfully so tho and that’s sad.
    If things get out of hand and police are not there, what do the bone heads think will happen? Do they want to live in the Wild West where the next person with a bigger gun enforces their will? Oh wait. Education about how it’s not nice to be mean to others. And let’s add some gov hand out and you won’t need to take from others. Ya that will all work.
    Bring back broken windows theory policing. Stop closing jails for stupid people (mayor of Seattle wants to close 1 of two) Start enforcing laws. No one should be walking around town with 75+ arrests. Several seen in Seattle.
    Thanks to all LE for putting up with the negativity and lack of support. Stay safe.

    • Hello from Idaho Jake. We’re from Kennewick, where law enforcement is first rate, with an A1 chief of police. I used to love Seattle trips and am absolutely heartbroken by what’s been done to your city. A good friend of mine, a former LVMPD Sergeant, reports that when the BLM & Antifa mullets were threatening the same there last weekend Metro responded with an overwhelming show of force. The results? No arrests needed.
      Stay safe, keep that CPL current, and carry always.

    • “Bring back broken windows theory policing.” Can’t wait for that to happen! Bill Bratton had a great program. Too bad is was destroyed by subsequent NYC administrations.

  9. I do not think it is going to matter who wins the election in November. The only real question is how soon after the results this goes kinetic in a very large way. Throw in the FACT of the onrushing world wide depression and you not only have the makings of a political civil war at home but the very real possibility of several regional wars using up to nukes and a wonderful chance of starting WW-3. We sure do live in interesting times and they just keep getting more so.

  10. Mas,

    Never thought I’d live to see days like this.
    With things going the way they are I’m glad I’m off grid and rural. Got to put it in 4X4 Hi to get to my place in good driving conditions. Y’all hunker down and be ready because I think it’s going to get worse I fear.
    Stay prepared!


  11. Mentioning Kent State:

    those involved were “student radicals” – were in truth Communist politicians, “Red-diaper-babies”, the issue of American Communists who shared their parents belief that totalitarianism was superior to democracy. This goes back to the recent history of the mid-1960’s.

    Administrator’s at several universities failed to control the student radicals, which emboldened further acts of mayhem.

    SDS, Students for a Democratic Society, an openly Communist organization, split into the Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM) a pro-Cuban group – sought leadership from the Black Panther Party; and Progressive Labor (PL), followed Mao Zedong, and wanted to imitate China’s murderous “Cultural Revolution” in America.

    Later, after internal conflicts, the RYM states the SDS would become a new group, the “Weatherman”.

    Okay, so there have been several demonstrations prior to Kent, but by Friday, May 1st, 1970, students bury a copy of the Constitution and burn draft cards, set fire to the USAF ROTC building and an American Flag. As a side note, when the fire department arrived to extinguish the blaze, a gang of arsonists attack them an steal the hoses.

    That night, students poured into the center of town and start more fires. The police are overwhelmed. The local officials plea to the governor to declare a state of emergency.

    Not being stopped, the mob now sets fire to the Kent State president’s building. Returning downtown, they began smashing storefronts. At a local airport, a truck was stolen, six aircraft were damaged, and another fire set.

    That Monday morning the National Guard arrive to re-take the campus from the arsonists and looters. The organizers surround themselves with a large group of students, acting as human shields.

    After issuing the lawful order to disband and leave, the Guardsmen began moving toward the crowd to disperse it. Students began both throwing rocks and debris off a rooftop. The Guardsmen became caught behind a chain-link fence of a practice football field. They are now trapped and under attack.

    Oddly, a student, Terry Norman, pulls out a gun and begins to pistol-whip another student. He next points this gun at the Guardsmen and runs toward them. In response, the Guardsmen open fire, killing the four students.

    If there had been NO rioting, the NG would NOT have been called, and those four students would not have been slain.

    Excerpted from: “the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Sixties” by Jonathan Leaf

    Feel free to draw your own parallels of that historical incident with what is now unfolding in several of our cities. I think it might be deemed; “Unintentional Consequences”

    • Kent State was a set-up. Even the most casual examination of the timeline shows how events were managed to cause maximum violence, starting with the college’s decision to let the riots progress unhindered, ending with the Governor sending soldiers in, and every step in between.

      The people whose jobs were to prevent or stop such things were pouring gasoline on the fire and egging the rioters on. Luckily, it was a fluke that could never happen again…

  12. Unfortunately, America is caught up in an ideological oppression cycle (IOC). IOC’s are a curse of mankind. They are founded in human psychology and are responsible for the many wars and for much of the bloody slaughter that taints human history. For example, just within the last century or so, we have seen the following examples of IOC’s:

    1) The Armenian Genocide
    2) The Russian Revolution and the “Red Terror” under Stalin
    3) Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
    4) Cultural Revolution in China under Mao
    5) The “Killing Fields” in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot
    6) Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The above list is not comprehensive by any means.

    IOC’s occur when corrupt and power-hungry leaders decide to take advantage of two (2) human psychology traits to achieve and hold absolute power. These traits are:

    1) The inborn urge to lead a meaningful life. To have one’s life count by being part of a “world-changing” ideological movement that will create “Utopia” here on Earth. The longing for Utopia and the egoistic need to be an “important person” is powerful in human beings.
    2) Tribalism – The urge to unite with one’s own “tribe” so as to confront an “Enemy Tribe”.

    So, these corrupt leaders will create an ideology that leverages off the above traits. This ideology will promise to deliver an “Utopia-on-Earth”. The ideology will also identify an “Enemy Tribe” that must be constrained (and ultimately destroyed) for this Utopia to be realized.

    Very often these IOC’s will also have a dynamic leader. Someone like a Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Pol Pot to focus and control the movement. These leaders often attempt to create a “Cult of Personality” around themselves so that they seem to be more than just a human being. They want to be perceived as a “Godlike” figure.

    A complete IOC’s typically passes through five (5) stages:

    1) Initiation – In the initiation stage, the ideology for the IOC is developed. The actual ideology can vary. It can be based upon race, nationality, religion, Marxism, etc. During initiation, the “Utopia” to be realized will be defined and the “Enemy Tribe” will be identified.
    2) Demonization – Once the ideology gets set, the early followers will start “spreading the gospel’ of the new ideology. They will recruit new followers and set about demonizing the members of the “Enemy Tribe” as standing in the way of the utopia that they are trying to create.
    3) Criminalization – Once the IOC begins to gain political power; they will start writing their ideology into law. In effect, they will start to define the members of the “Enemy Tribe” as criminals who deserve punishment.
    4) Elimination – In this stage, some of the followers begin to become frustrated because the promised utopia has not appeared. It will never appear, of course, because the entire concept of this utopia is built upon a lie. Nevertheless, the leaders of the movement need some excuse for utopia non-appearance. They expand their blame of the enemy tribe and inspire their supporters to “double-down” on their suppression and oppression. During this stage, there may be mass arrests, torture, executions, and “show trials” to reinforce that the “Enemy Tribe” is to blame for the failure to achieve utopia. Very often, this level of oppression will kick off a war. It may be with external forces or a civil war.
    5) Extermination – In the final stage of an IOC, the members of the “Enemy Tribe” have been completely dehumanized. They are viewed, by the supporters of the IOC, as vermin to be exterminated. Very often, this will trigger genocide against the victims of the IOC.

    The current IOC, operating in America, is a variant of Marxist ideology with racist overtones. The ideology, which has always had an “anti-police” stance, was initiated in the 1960’s with such radical groups as the Weather Underground and Black Panthers. These initial movements were suppressed but the radicals simply took advantage of the Nationalization of Education (under Carter’s Department of Education) to move into the schools and universities. These were moved into Stage 2 – Demonization and used as recruitment centers for this IOC. The “Enemy Tribe” of the current IOC, which afflicts America, is composed of White Conservatives (White Men), Christians, Jews and the local Police Forces. They are the ones constantly demonized and oppressed by this IOC. The utopia that is promised is a nebulous one where “Social Justice” is achieved and the evils of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. are destroyed forever. Also, the world is to be saved, from destruction by the enemy tribe, from climate change.

    Eventually, as this IOC gained followers in media and academia, they also gained political power. Barack Obama became the dynamic leader of this IOC and became President. This moved this IOC firmly into Stage 3 – Criminalization. The followers of this IOC have had a considerable amount of success in this area. They have passed many laws (Welfare State Laws, Hate Crime Laws, Anti-gun laws) that are designed to implement their ideology into law in much the same way that Hitler wrote Nazi ideology into the Nuremburg Laws.

    Indeed, Obama is an IOC leader that can be compared to Hitler. Consider the following:

    1) Both Hitler and Obama came to power using democratic means.
    2) Both attempted to create a “Cult of Personality” for themselves. Hitler as the Fuhrer and Obama as the Messiah of the American Left.
    3) Both encouraged the use of street thugs to intimidate the people. Hitler had his “Brown Shirts” while Obama encouraged BLM and Antifa.
    4) Both suppressed the power of the local police in favor of a National Police force that they could use to target their political enemies. Hitler formed the Gestapo and SS. Obama politicized the existing agencies of the US Government (IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) to the same purpose.
    5) Both heavily used propaganda. Hitler by means of his Minster of Propaganda (Goebbels) and Obama with the willing support of his devoted followers in the Anti-American Media.
    6) Both cared for nothing but power and both held the rule of law and morality in utter contempt.

    Of course, there are differences. Hitler’s Nazi ideology differs (somewhat) form Obama’s Marxist ideology. Hitler’s hold on power was so tight that only death could remove him. Fortunately, the 22nd Amendment limited Obama to just two terms. This was lucky. I firmly believe that, if Obama could have run for (and won) 3rd and 4th terms, then he would have made himself “President for Life” like Hitler. Thankfully, after the abuses of FDR’s administration, the Office of President was Term Limited and even Obama could not concentrate enough power to negate that provision of the Constitution.

    So, with the removal of Barack Obama as President and the Election of Donald Trump in 2016, America has remained in State 3 (Criminalization) of this IOC. The supporters of this IOC have tried to move into State 4. They have launched a number of show trials (The Zimmerman Trial, the Trials of President Trumps supporters such as Flynn, Stone, etc., the Kavanaugh Appointment, the Impeachment of Donald Trump), but they have lost most of these show trials.

    The failure of these early show trials shows that America has not yet entered Stage 4. When the show trials start working and when the mass arrests begin (and the detention centers/re-education camps get started); you will know that we have entered Stage 4.

    I expect that, if the Democrat Party wins big in the election this November, then that will kick us into Stage 4. If the Republicans can win big and then develop the courage to oppose this IOC, we still have a chance of shutting it down and reversing it. America need not suffer the tragedy and bloodshed of Stages 4 and 5 if we have the courage to shut down this IOC while it can still be killed. We have done it before. The IOC built around the Prohibition of Alcohol only reached Stage 3. Prohibition was repealed and that IOC was killed off before it could progress to Stages 4 and 5. We can do it again if people will just stand up to the totalitarians who are driving this IOC.

    • TN_MAN:

      As a historian, you should know that ANTIFA is a direct descendant of Antifaschistische Aktion and KPD (Communist Party of Germany) in the period following the end of World War I in Germany. Their logos are nearly identical in appearance, with the flags facing in opposite directions. Along with the KPD, there were also the USPD (Independent Social Party of Germany) and the SPD (German Social Democratic Party). There was also a more radical group, the Spartakus League which could be equated to the current group BLM. All these were violent Socialist organizations calling for the overthrow of the government and replacing it with Communism. In post World War I Germany, thousands of people were killed in the violence caused by these anti-government groups and the same could happen here in America 100 years later, if we allow it. Re-electing President Donald Trump is the only way to prevent us from going down the disastrous path of the German people in the first half of the 20th century. As the old saying goes, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes. Let’s not do that.

      • Tom606 – Yes, the world is awash with these vicious, Marxist hate-groups. It is a pity that Marx and Engals were not strangled in their cradles. How many millions of human lives would have been saved if they had been?

        Naturally, with an active Marxist IOC in operation in America, it is not surprising that groups like Antifa want to “join the party”. As other have noted above, there is an entire Marxist network that is funding and organizing this IOC.

        The chaos in Germany, after WW I, set the table for the rise of Hitler and the Nazis. You know, the history of the Nazis provides a “text book” case of an IOC.

        While Hitler did not start the Nazi party, he joined it early (1919) and soon rose to the top. Hitler set the ideology that drove the Nazi IOC. He defined the Jews (an other non-Aryan races) as the “Enemy Tribe” to be targeted. He also defined a Nationalistic “Greater Germany” (A Thousand Year Reich) as the “Utopia” to be achieved. His publication of Mein Kampf completed Stage 1 (Initiation) of the Nazi IOC.

        With the ideology set, Stage 2 (Demonetization) got underway. Stage 2 lasted from the publication of Mein Kampf until Hitler became chancellor of Germany (1925 to 1933).

        With Hitler in power, Stage 3 (criminalization) got underway. Stage 3 was relatively short under the Nazis. It really only lasted long enough for Hitler to assume absolute power and declare himself Fuhrer. Stage 3 was basically completed in September 1935 when the Nuremburg Laws were enacted.

        After 1935, Nazi Germany entered Stage 4. One starts to see typical “Stage 4” activity during this time-period. By this I mean show trials of Jews, mass arrests of Jews and other non-Aryans (such as the Romani People). The Nazis also greatly expanded the use of concentration camps. Although a few such camps were started as early as March of 1933, they exploded during the period of 1937 to 1939. Of course, as is common in Stage 4, warfare (WW II) began in September 1939 with the invasion of Poland.

        Finally, Nazi Germany entered Stage 5 in January 1942 when the decision was made, at the Wannsee Conference, to implement the “Final Solution” and begin the genocidal extermination of the Jews thus creating the Holocaust.

        The Nazi IOC was ended, of course, when Hitler committed suicide and the Allies finally forced the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945.

        The Nazi IOC was relatively short (basically 1919 to 1945). The present IOC that afflicts America has already been running for more than 50 years (1960’s to 2020) and we are still only in Stage 3. The reason it is taking so much longer is that America’s democratic institutions and constitution were so much stronger than those of post-WW I Germany. Nevertheless, the current IOC has progressed to late Stage 3 and is probably the most serious threat that the American People have faced since at least WW II and (it could be argued) since America was founded.

        If this current IOC does metastasize into Stages 4 and 5, it will be catastrophic. It could leave America in the same shape as Post WW II Germany. If we are going to shut this destructive IOC down, then November 2020 is our chance. It may be our last chance to do so before permanent damage is done to America.

      • TN-MAN:

        Well said. If Biden wins in November and is properly manipulated by his puppeteers on the left, maybe I’ll finally meet you in person at one of their concentration camps, just before we are directed to the showers 🙁

      • In an unfortunate parallel to the situation in post World War I Germany, we are also experiencing a serious encounter with COVID-19 during our current racial civil unrest, just as the planet was suffering back then from the deadly 1918 flu pandemic.

      • Tom606 – Please don’t joke about concentration camps and going to the “showers”. That is exactly where these “woke” Marxists would like to send us white, male, conservative, Bible clinging and Gun totin’ deplorables if they ever gain the power to do so.

        If they gain the power in November, they WILL GO for Stage 4 and make every effort to outlaw and arrest us. That is NO JOKE!

        You won’t find me in their concentration camps. I am too well-armed to go out that way. The 2nd Amendment is our “Ace in the Hole”. The Nazis disarmed the Jews years before shipping them off to the Death Camps. So, except here or there (like the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto), they were unable to fight back against the Nazis.

        I don’t plan to EVER allow myself to be disarmed by the American Left. I will bury my guns and ammo before turning them over to Biden’s “Gun Czar” (Gun Commissar would be more appropriate!). To surrender our guns would be to sign our own Death Warrants given the radical nature of this current, active, Marxist IOC.

      • TN_MAN:

        I was not joking about being taken to the showers at one of Biden’s camps, but making a dire prediction if that liberal zombie gets in the White House. Like you, I do not plan on taking a forced guided tour of the showers and ovens, but will go down fighting and take as many of the diabolical enemy with me. Unfortunately, some of those tasked with confiscating our weapons and taking us into custody are not Marxists, but simply obedient henchpersons of their evil masters. However, since they are in bed with the Devil, they will have to be disposed of too. It’s us or them. I used to listen to my fellow police officers discuss gun control and what they would or would not do if the orders came down to taking them by force if necessary. White male officers were the most opposed to this and roughly 1/3 said they would quit before taking an innocent person’s gun(s). On the other side, black female officers were the most likely to follow orders and do whatever is needed to accomplish their mission as many of them believe non-LEOs shouldn’t have guns in the first place. White female and black male officers were in the middle, with the former slightly more opposed than the latter.

        Since doing what’s right in the near future may be illegal, I will not make any recommendations as to what people should do, so use your own judgement and may God be with you. I totally agreed with Patrick Henry when he stated over two hundred years ago, “Give me liberty or give me death”. Vote for the right guy in November or things will be very grim for America.

      • Tom606 – “some of those tasked with confiscating our weapons and taking us into custody are not Marxists, but simply obedient henchpersons of their evil masters.”

        Any police officer that takes part in gun confiscation is a fool. Don’t they realize that they are members of the “Enemy Tribe” too? After all that has happened in these recent riots, it should be clear to the police that the Marxists, who guide this IOC, hate them with a passion.

        The Marxists will use gun confiscation as a “Loyalty Test” for the police. Those who refuse to go along with it. Those who uphold the Constitution will be noted.

        After they grab as many guns as they can get, they will “Reform the Police”. The “Useful Idiots” who blindly followed orders will be retained and incorporated into a National Police Force (Think SS here). Those who refused to go along with it will be purged from the ranks.

        You can guess as to the ultimate fate of the “disloyal” officers who get purged once Stage 4 really gets going. Better to join the Resistance that will surely spring up once the oppression becomes intolerable as Stage 4 advances.

        All of which is why it is so important for the Marxists to lose BIG this November. WE DO NOT WANT TO ENTER STAGE 4! If we do, it will be too late to turn back from the bloodshed that will surely follow as night follows day.

      • TN_MAN:

        Most of the law enforcement agencies, including the two I have worked for want obedient employees more than they want good officers/deputies/agents. I was one of the latter, but not obedient enough to satisfy the bureaucrats in charge.

    • Friend TN_MAN, thank you for your fine efforts, such your essay above. Your remarks on human psychology above supply a perspective that we especially need. We expect even greater efforts from you in future. All peace officer friends, thank you for your infinite patience and perseverance in the face of discouraging adversity. Rest assured that when you hear cheering, much, if not even most, of what you hear, is in support of you and what you do, from those who appreciate your courage and devotion. Honesty, honesty, honesty is what we need most of all from everyone. The truth will always out in the end. Let that conclusion come to the moment, like the mountain to Mohammed, if need be.

  13. Those three screen shots of Paul Gallant’s comments are classic. And telling. At least he was honest about what he observed.

  14. Thank you for sharing these videos. It is difficult to find other than mainstream perspectives about these “protests.”

  15. I get my news from radio, TV, the Internet, newspapers, magazines and friends. I think the above analysis, on this topic, is the best I have seen from any of my sources. As Mister Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

    Thank you all.

    • Peace, live long and prosper, Roger. Did you know that STAR TREK creator Gene Roddenberry was a New World Order guy? If he was still alive, Roddenberry would probably side with the liberals and call for the removal of President Trump and our current way of government and replacing it with an Utopian Worker’s Paradise, maybe called the Federation of Laborers.

      • Yes, Gene Roddenberry definitely had a “Left-Wing” Worldview. He saw the human race as basically “Good” and he believed that the evils of the world (Universe? 🙂 ) arise from environmental causes (poverty, racism, sexism, weapon proliferation, addiction, etc.). His fictional “Federation of Planets” was an utopian vision of the future. A future where most negative environmental influences had been eliminated and the “innate goodness” of mankind was allowed to flourish.

        Note that having utopian dreams, in itself, is not all that dangerous. As I noted above, the longing for utopia (and to make the World a “Better Place”) is a strong driving force in human psychology. Most religions include an utopian vision although it may be in the afterlife rather than secular.

        It is the coupling of an utopian vision with the second psychological force of tribal hatred that gives rise to deadly and destructive Ideological Oppression Cycles (IOC’s). It is in the combination of these two (2) elements of human psychology (by corrupt, amoral, power-hungry political leaders) that unleashes their destructive potential.

        Combining these two (2) elements of human psychology is like bringing two sub-critical masses of weapons-grade uranium together. The result is a chain-reaction of events that is massively destructive.

        Such a chain-reaction has been initiated here in America today. Do we shut it down or do we wait for it to explode and cause massive destruction? That is the question we will answer during this upcoming November 2020 Presidential Election.

      • Tom606,

        All I knew about Gene Roddenberry was that he was in the Army Air Corps during WWII. That led me to believe he might be on the Right. I believe what you say, and it’s easy to believe a Hollywood writer is on the Left, or at least leans that way.

        Nevertheless, I enjoy his writing, because it makes me think. The same is true of Rod Serling and his “Twilight Zone.” Rod helped on the script for the 1968 “Planet of the Apes.” I do not believe in Evolution but I LOVE that idea of the humans devolving while the apes are evolving, and the planet, was actually Earth! Brilliant!

        On a lighter note, I love all the sitcoms from the 1960s, especially “Batman.” But, in my opinion, the zenith of Hollywood creativity has to be “The Little Rascals.” (Just kiddin’, O-Tay?)

      • TN_MAN:

        Mr. Spock would state your words are “Most logical”. Too bad the majority of Americans don’t think that way, but are ruled by emotions which is exactly what the liberals want.

        Roger Willco:

        My favorite TV show was Charlie’s Angels, for three obvious reasons, especially Cheryl Ladd and Tanya Roberts 🙂

  16. Many people assume that, if Biden is elected, he will be retained as a “figurehead” and the “Deep State” will actually run the show.

    Others assume that Biden will step down, soon after being inaugurated, and his Vice-Presidential choice will take over.

    Let me offer a variation on the 2nd possibility above. Have you noticed that Biden has been very, very, very slow to name his running mate? Wonder why?

    Here is a possibility that nobody seems to be considering. What if Biden (or his handlers) are planning to spring a surprise VP pick upon America and upon the World?

    What if he names, as his VP pick (wait for it): Barack Hussein Obama?

    Whoa, you say! That’s not legal!

    Wrong! The 22 Amendment says that “No person shall be elected to the office of President more than twice”. There is nothing in the Constitution (to my knowledge) that forbids a former President from running for the Office of Vice-President. Nor is there anything (again, to my knowledge) that would prohibit such a Vice-President from resuming the Office of President (again) should the elected President die or otherwise step down. The assumption of Presidential power would be by succession NOT by election. Therefore, no violation of the 22nd Amendment would occur (or so it could be argued).

    Maybe this is how the Democrats plan to finally defeat Donald Trump. By having Biden select Obama as his VP choice. By keeping Biden in the basement while Obama actually does the campaigning. By having Obama put together his old coalition of voters again and having him “lock down” the Black Vote.

    Then, once Biden is elected and inaugurated into the Office of President, by having Biden’s mental health issues “suddenly” (wink, wink) get worse so that Biden must step down.

    Bingo! Obama would then have his third term as POTUS.

    So, perhaps it will be Obama that leads America into Stage 4 of this IOC.

    Maybe, I am wrong. Maybe Obama would prefer to stay in the background and pull the strings as the puppet-master. I don’t know.

    However, given the Left’s ABSOLUTE HATRED of Donald Trump and given their ABSOLUTE LOVE and WORSHIP of Barack Obama and given the ABSOLUTE DEVOTION of the Anti-American Media to Barack Obama, and given the Left’s ABSOLUTE disregard of the Rule of Law and Morality, can we afford to discount this possibility?

    If I am wrong about the legal aspects of this trick, please let me know. I am not a constitutional scholar but I am unaware of any “legal or constitutional” reason as to why such a trick could not be executed by these Marxists.

  17. Some points to make:
    1. Kent State. James Michener wrote a book about Kent State, and his research indicated events pretty much described above, and that there was a radical group of leftists determined to provoke a revolution. I read many ‘underground’ papers at the time, and they all cried for blood, so ‘the revolution’ would come. The left became much more radical after that, going for bombings, trying a massive shutdown of DC which fizzled, mostly because without a draft, the anti-war movement fell apart. Also, you noticed when the troops and cops shot back, most people shied away. As for ‘the people’ taking power…well, the lefties were watching too much TV, and like reds do, become immersed in their own propaganda. When they met real working class men, like at the ‘hardhat’ rally in NYC, they got their clocks cleaned. Colleges were always a soft target.
    2. TN Man and IOC. Okay, good comment, but I think Hitler and the Nazis had a legitimate grievance in the chaos of Weimar Germany, the reds trying for power, and the Treaty of Versailles, which crippled order in Germany. The Freikorps moved in to stop the reds. As Walter laquer wrote about this in Weimar, ‘there are times in history when talk has to stop and it counts how many bayonets and machine guns you have.’ This from an Israeli journalist who lost his parents at Auschwitz.
    Nazis didn’t really take guns away from Germans. They actually loosened gun laws, except for Jews and what were considered radicals. The idea of thousands of armed Jews stopping the Nazis is historically unrealistic.
    3. Are we at this kind of tipping point? Tn Man’s views on Obama make me think we became a semi-communist state with Obama, and Trump is the counterrevolution. As Yuri Bezmenov said, Trump is actually like Kerensky before the Bolsheviks took power. Ideas?
    4. Gene Roddenberry was pretty radic-lib. Before he wrote Star Trek, he did scripts for The Lieutenant, an early sixties series lasting one season about a contemporary Marine officer. One script had a fight about racial prejudice of a white marine (Dennis Hopper) oppressing a black marine (natch), and the black marine’s girlfriend was the same actress who played Uhuru on Star Trek.
    NBC decided it was too controversial, and didn’t air the episode.
    5. Planet of the Apes. The idea and plot was a book written by Pierre Boulle. Let’s give credit where it’s due, although the American movie, I thought, was toying with the idea of nuclear destruction, very common theme then in those Cold War days.
    6. I think now, with the semi-abandonment of order in the cities, it might a good time to re-read In the Gravest Extreme, as Ayoob portrays dealing with the gray world of self-defense and a legal system looking for chow. Also, I’m re-reading The Truth About Self-Protection. Very good and almost philosophical in parts. Could we have an update on that book, please?

    • Best updates I can offer you are two of my latest books, both available on Amazon: “Deadly Force” and “Armed Defense: What the Experts Want You to Know.”

    • @ Steven Clark – “Nazis didn’t really take guns away from Germans. They actually loosened gun laws, except for Jews and what were considered radicals. The idea of thousands of armed Jews stopping the Nazis is historically unrealistic.”

      Agree about the disarmament. Note that I never made any claims that the Germans tightened the gun laws or that they confiscated firearms from loyal, Aryan Germans. What I said was: “The Nazis disarmed the Jews years before shipping them off to the Death Camps.”

      As for your other point about the Jews fighting back being “historically unrealistic”, well, perhaps. How can we know? Certainly, the idea of the Jewish minority population defeating the Germany majority population or the idea of Jews, armed with small arms and improvised explosives, standing up to the mighty German War Machine must be considered a “long shot”.

      On the other hand, the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto gave the Nazis a lot of trouble (before they were crushed) and they were poorly armed. An internal Jewish uprising combined with an attack by British and French military forces might have “nipped in the bud” Hitler’s War Plans if enacted early in WW II.

      No one can know how history would have played out if things had been different. All I know is that the Jews would have been better off to “go down fighting” then to just be herded into the Gas Chambers. Any damage or sabotage that they could have inflicted on the Nazi War Machine would have been a gift to the Allies.

      • TN-MAN:

        I agree with your assessment of an armed Jewish resistance against the Nazis during WWII. Isolated and random attacks on small groups of German officers and troops, not to mention communications, supplies, and transportation would hinder the Nazi war effort and psychologically demoralize the lower ranks of the Wehrmacht. The French partisans and those of other occupied European countries caused substantial damage to the Nazis and the Jews should have been at least as effective if they had a chance and were more aggressive. Look at what the Israelis did to the numerically superior and better armed Arabs since their country was formed in the late 1940’s. Never underestimate a determined person with a gun, and the Jewish motto of “Never Again!” should be respected by all.

      • About Jews resisting Nazis; within the last several years I heard Michael Savage, on the radio, say if the Jews had resisted with firearms when they were being rounded up, the German citizens may have eventually persuaded the army to back off. The picture he painted looked like this; Nazis approach Jewish house to tell the Jews to get on the train. Jews fire back, killing at least one soldier. Then the soldiers shoot back and kill all the Jews in the house. However, the soldiers’ parents get upset having their boys in such danger when arresting Jews. They tell Hitler they don’t want their boys dying just to round up Jews.

        Who knows if it would have prevented the Holocaust, but like TN_MAN wrote, it’s better to die fighting than to just give in to evil.

    • @ Steven Clark – “Tn Man’s views on Obama make me think we became a semi-communist state with Obama, and Trump is the counterrevolution. As Yuri Bezmenov said, Trump is actually like Kerensky before the Bolsheviks took power. Ideas?”

      Obama openly declared that he intended to transform America. As with so many things that Obama said, the meaning of this is open to interpretation. Obama said of himself that: “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views.” See this link:

      Those that buy into the “Utopian Dream” that is being sold by the IOC (currently afflicting America) would interpret his words as turning America away from its racist past and toward a new future of “Social Justice”. I do not drink that Kool-Aid.

      I interpret Obama’s words (and actions) as working to transform America from a Representative Republic into a Marxist-Socialist State. So, yes, Donald Trump is a counter-revolutionary figure in terms of Leftist-Speak.

      As for comparing Alexander Kerensky to Donald Trump, I think it is a poor fit. Kerensky was a dreamer rather than a realist like Donald Trump. Karensky was actually in-power only for a few months in 1917. Karensky did not offer serious opposition to the Bolsheviks.

      This is in stark contrast to Donald Trump who opposes the Leftists (and their media attack dogs) on every turn and drives them ABSOLUTELY out-of-their-minds. The “Bad Orange Man” lives in their minds 24/7/365. They, literally, cannot think of anything except how to destroy him.

      I think that President Trump has much broader support, among the American People, then Karensky ever had from his people.

      In summary, I think it is a poor comparison. Comparing Karensky to Donald Trump is like comparing a hand-grenade to an H-Bomb.

    • steven clark,

      Thanks for the correction concerning “Planet of the Apes.” I had seen a TV show claiming Rod Serling was responsible for a plot twist in the movie script. Because of his stature, I assumed or mis-heard that he came up with the wild ideas. I had forgotten “Planet of the Apes” was a book before it was a movie.

  18. Locally, quite a few heads of LLEAs are interested in shedding some of the duties they’ve inherited over decades. Dealing with emotionally disturbed individuals (EDPs)and related issues prominently among those duties. I can relate, but I’ve gotta wonder about just how enthusiastic the social workers, shrinks, counselors, etc are about zero dark thirty call outs to deal with EDPs with little or no interest in de-escalation. Currently, most medical types won’t show up at a scene until it’s been declared secure. I expect some interesting times, but expect that when things get out of control and LLEA then gets called, they’re still going to take the heat for the results. Unless the EDP suddenly sees reason, whereupon the social workers, et al will hog the credit.

    More on topic, back in the 1960’s (and before) a required history lesson in our high school was watching the “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” documentary. Took several hours and was assembled news reel footage narrated by William Shirer, author of the book of the same title. Don’t expect that idea would fly now and doubt the examples would be grasped by many of the kids. Would certainly make a more interesting mini-series than some of the stuff on the tube today.

  19. They are a fixture from top to bottom in modern Government Federal, State, Local, even HOAs. Too much regulation empowers them. the mob is the tip of the iceberg.

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