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  1. As the saying goes: “In a time of universal deceit – Telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act”.

    As with everything presented by the Democrats, what they show is a reverse projection of reality. They portray themselves as leading a “Social Revolution” against the old corruption of America’s Racist Past. They, the White Elites of the Democrat Party, are going to finally lead the movement to strike down “White Privilege” once and for all. They have already drawn up their plan-of-action from their bases in the Hollywood Hills, Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons. They are so, so, so concerned about all the racial wrongs suffered by African-Americans in the ghettos and public housing crime-ridden hellholes that are so common in Democrat-controlled cities. They boldly declare: “No Justice – No Peace”.

    This is nothing but smoke, mirrors, lies and projections.

    The truth is that they are the Progressive Swamp and they have already been in power for decades in the States and Cities where these riots are taking place. See this article:

    If the Democrats are such great social warriors, if they have all of the answers in the “How to defeat Racism” playbook, then why are all the areas of worst racial strife in places that the Democrats have controlled for decades? If they know all the answers, why haven’t they implemented them already? All these places should be Utopian Paradises after such long-term Democrat rule? Right? Right?

    The truth is that President Trump is the social revolutionary. His defeat of Hillary in 2016, with the help of his MAGA supporters, is viewed (by all the swamp critters as a challenge to their long-term power and control. So, everything they have whipped up since 2016 (The Russian Hoax, The Mueller Investigation, all the personal attacks, the Ukraine Impeachment Effort, the politicization of Covid-19, and now these race riots, looting and burning) are all just one long chain of efforts to put down the Trump-led revolt against their power.

    The media today does not speak “Truth to Power” anymore. They have not done so for decades. Rather, they are now bought-and -paid-for swamp creatures themselves. As a result, the truth is no longer “fit to print” anywhere in the swamp media. What we have instead is a media that speaks nothing but lies. Their duty, as assigned by the legacy swamp, is to suppress the voice of those who would speak out against the swamp by any means necessary. There is no lie that they will not tell in order to deny and suppress the speech of President Trump and the Americans who support him.

    Kurt Schlichter, in his colorful way, makes this point very well in this opinion piece:

    These are not strange times. They are revolutionary times. However, the real revolution is not the pretended Leftist one AGAINST America’s racist past. No, the real revolution is against the Left-Wing/Marxist/Democrat/Washington DC swamp. It is against all of the Left-Wing parasites who have feed off of the labor of the American People for years while maintaining themselves in power and filling their pockets with wealth stolen from the American People!

    • Intellectuals always support the revolution, because the revolutionaries promise they will establish a progressive utopian paradise.
      Once the revolutionaries take control, however, the first people they round up and send off to reeducation camps, or line up and shoot, are the intellectuals. Every single time.
      And every single time, intellectuals are utterly surprised when that happens.
      The revolution promises liberté, égalité, fraternité; and delivers the guillotine.

      Our revolution was a rare exception, perhaps only because George Washington refused to be king.

      • The communists had a name for leftist intellectuals who sang the praises of communism: useful idiot. Those intellectuals would have been among the first to be rounded up.

  2. One is reminded of the spaghetti western when the Clint Eastwood character abruptly eliminates several threatening criminals via sudden lead poisoning and the comment is made, “If you’re gonna shoot, SHOOT, don’t talk!” Vengeance is not justice, folks. Moral self-defense by the law-abiding IS just. I don’t know about you, but I am not going to give the benefit of the doubt to any active or threatening looters, arsonists, footpads, deranged addicts, or any other wannabe thugs who are taking advantage of a general lack of sensible enforcement of law and order. Go President Trump!

    • The advice to shoot instead of talk was given by Eli Wallach’s character, Tuco, in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

    • As he was sitting in a bathtub full of suds. A fitting reminder to never go about unarmed because there is always something that needs shooting when you don’t have a gun.

  3. Now if the want to burn Walmart to the ground, I will grieve and pray. However, when the enter my home it is “ front site Blade, squeeze the trigger.”

    • If Walmart goes bankrupt, China will be in dire financial condition as they supply about 95% or more of that giant retailer’s merchandise.

      • Tom606,

        China can just sell its merchandise on Amazon, they don’t need WalMart.

      • Roger:

        That’s quite true. Plus a lot of the new stuff on ebay is sold and shipped from that Communist country too. I have bought some of it in the past. Pretty soon, China will be selling apple pies to Americans.

  4. Folks have been calling for no police. It should be interesting how this plays out. Will law enforcement take the station back by force taking lived while doing so? Does anyone really think that the protesters are going to just walk away when asked to do so?

  5. These areas are filled with voters that have consistently voted for these people and supported their policies. They deserve what they get. Maybe with enough of a “preview” of life under these leftists, the rest of the country may decide that’s not for them – even the ones that have been voting leftist without really knowing what they were asking to get.

    • TW,

      True that. Our form of government requires informed voters making wise decisions. Voters vote for lying Democrats (and Republicans too) who raise their taxes to pay for policies which eventually ruin cities (see the first article TN_MAN linked to).

      I have to admire how shrewd our domestic enemies are. They get us to pay for our own destruction. The taxpayers of America are obeying petty rules, and losing their wealth, while Antifa burns down businesses in about 28 cities. America’s domestic enemies are evil, but smart.

  6. I drove my wife to a Dr. appointment and hospital appointment in Minneapolis yesterday. It broke our hearts to witness the devastation. Hardly seen a squad car. My daughter and her husband own a modest home in Minneapolis. I imagine the bottom fell out of it’s value in the last couple of weeks.

  7. It is no longer politically correct to label people as criminals, they are financial resource challenged people reclaiming their assets. You need to get with the program, Mas..

  8. The pendulum will only swing so far before it stalls and begins moving in the other direction again. Let’s pray that stall comes before the loss of any more life, innocent or otherwise. Control will be restored by force. It is only a matter of when, by whom, and how much.


    noun: insurrection; plural noun: insurrections
    a violent uprising against an authority or government.
    “the insurrection was savagely put down”

    The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law (10 U.S.C. §§ 251–255; prior to 2016, 10 U.S.C. §§ 331–335; amended 2006, 2007) that empowers the President of the United States to deploy U.S. military and federalized National Guard troops within the United States in particular circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.

    The actions seem to fit the definition, although I am by no means a lawyer. One way or another this tragic excuse to act badly will come to an end.

  9. Mayor Lightfoot is also the covidiot who prohibited people from visiting a barber but was then caught getting her hair cut – her excuse was that she had to be the public face of Chicago so needed to look good. Too late! I wonder if anyone told her to her face she looks like the eponymous character in Beetlejuice?
    She’s certainly not the only hypocrite around – our covidiot Governor, Roy Cooper (D – what else?), decided to play hardball with the RNC with regards to their national convention, demanding they limit access to the venue for social distancing purposes. When the RNC said they would find another venue, I wonder if the citizens of Charlotte realize the Governor just took a pile of much needed revenue out of their pockets? Especially since he had no problem with recent closely packed protests, in fact marching in at least one of them himself. Then he also ordered a speedway closed because they held races with fans in the stands…

    I only hope voters truly remember in November – I don’t want to go beyond that to other forms of relief from this governmental overreach. Interesting, strange times indeed!

    • We,not you and I, but the collective”we” elected this tin-pot anxious to be dictator, and we, including you and I are getting what we paid for with our votes. Hopefully our fellow tarheels will have gotten the message and Dan will be our next guv.

  10. Having reportedly had their food stolen by the homeless…

    The folks in Seattle remind me of the “Occupy ___” movement. People who can’t manage six blocks are telling us how they’re going to run the country.

  11. Why is no police chief coming up with a practical change to police management? It’s not that complex.

    On the tactical level, copy the Marines. Every cop is a patrol cop. The days of Officer Good giving the kids a hug as they cross the street on their walk home from school are over. The streets are a combat zone. Treat them that way.

    Divide the force into groups and rotate them into and out of the combat zone. The group coming off patrol are put on admin, so they can meet their court dates while the minor events are fresh in their memory. Admin moves to training, moves to community outreach, moves to patrol or however you want to structure the flow.

    The point is to give patrol cops a periodic, mandatory recovery time from front line duty. You don’t leave combat troops on the front lines forever. They HAVE to have recovery time. So do cops.

    On a strategic level, address the real problem. Have police chiefs band together and get with state education departments and bring back discipline to our classrooms.

    If a kid can’t behave, suspend him and send him home. How the parents overcome the difficulties that causes them is their problem. Get rid of in-school suspension. It’s a joke. If the suspended break the law, arrest them and send them to juvenile court. If a kid attacks a teacher, the kid is arrested and the parents are liable for any legal remuneration due the teacher, decided in civil court.

    Our base problem is three generations of people raised to believe they are owed something from other citizens and free to take what they think they are owed without consequence.

    That is the the basis of our problems and is what needs to change.

    Sadly, it is rarely addressed and actively suppressed by the spineless who want to avoid confrontation with those guilty of perpetuating this nonsense.

    The path on which we now are treading leads inevitably to civil war and lawlessness.

    Let’s change direction while we still can.

    • Ken Lee,

      I don’t understand why police chiefs do not simply disobey the orders they have from mayors. Mayors are allowing looting to go on when it should be stopped. Wouldn’t a police chief be obeying the law by stopping the looting? Wouldn’t most judges rule in favor of the police chiefs because they would be the ones following the law, while the mayors disobey the law and make up their own rules? Can the mayors suspend pay to the police? When mayors and governors issue bad rules they should not be obeyed.

      • A municipal police chief, as a rule, “serves at the pleasure of” the hiring authority, which tends to be either the Mayor or the City Council. They can usually be fired as fast as a gunshot…and can expect to be replaced by someone who will dance on the puppet strings manipulated by the hiring authority.

      • Sheriffs are more reliable and fairer enforcers of the law as they are elected by the people and answers to them instead of the mayor, city manager, or city commissioners.

      • Thanks for answering my question, Mas. It’s sad to see that a police chief would not be rewarded for standing on principle and enforcing the law.

        Now I wonder what would happen if all the cops disobeyed the mayor and police chief, and enforced law and order. I suppose they could have their pay withheld, or even be fired. The police chief would then simply hire new, more obedient cops.

        This deadlock reminds me of what immigrants have told me when I asked them why they can’t fix the problems in their own country. They say they can’t change the system, which usually involves nepotism and bribes, so they come to America and they love it!

        Oh well, we used to have a great country. I stink at predicting the future, but I’ll give it a try anyway. I predict the law-abiding people will not put up a fight at this time. They will simply continue the trend of moving to areas of the country where patriots still predominate. If put in a position where they have to defend themselves, the law-abiding will fight as a last resort. What keeps patriots from taking action at this point is the fear of getting in trouble with the justice system. Once we can prove we acted in self-defense, then it will be OK to act.

        Till then, the advice preppers have been giving for years should be heeded more than ever before. That is, “move out of the cities.”

        I’d love to know what the future holds, so if any of you think you can predict it, please share your ideas. I want to be prepared, and not caught by surprise.

      • Sorry Roger. My crystal ball is at the repair shop so I can’t help you out with any predictions. I suggest you visit a palm reader or Tarot card expert instead.

        I can say with some degree of accuracy that more young brainwashed people are created every day by the thousands in our schools and colleges who will obediently follow the directives of their liberal puppetmasters to transform our country into their idea of a Utopian worker’s paradise. Stock up on ammo, food, and supplies and pray that Elvis will soon return in his powerful intergalactic starship to save us from the forces of evil.

      • As Mas said, police chiefs get their priorities from city council. If the mayor shows the chief the city budget, and says, “We expect your cops to raise this many dollars with citations, fines, towing charges, etc.” that will be the chief’s priority.

        If your city council has been promising police reform since the Rodney King riots, and nothing has changed, the police aren’t your problem. You need to vote out your city council.

  12. Anyone who thinks these are “peaceful” protests just try driving your car slowly and peacefully down a freeway that has been occupied. You will see your vehicle pummeled and you will be Reginald Denny’d on the spot. Try being a Trump supporter and marching in one of these “peaceful” gatherings. You’ll be spit on and beaten. No, make no mistake, these are highly aggressive and hostile protests. They instigate and mark territory without restraint. This is the same political agitation that has been going on since 2016.

  13. The good, honest, hard working people in large liberal run cities are living a terrible, real life version of the book/movie Blackhawk Down right here in the U.S.A. They need to replace their SUVs with armored Humvees mounting Browning M2 machine guns in turrets to go shopping at the local grocery store or Walmart, if those places have not been stripped of merchandise by violent hordes of peaceful protesters or oppressed people of color.

  14. Much of the younger generation has been brainwashed by the hippie professor generation after the last of the greatest-generation professors passed on, so a return to the urban unrest and political terrorism of the 1960’s and 1970’s should not be that surprising. Sit-ins, bombings of police departments, assassinations of police officers, riots–we have been here before. It easy to forget just how awful a lot of big cities were up until the get-tough-on-crime era of the 1990’s.

    Abraham Lincoln reminded people in his day that a house divided can not stand. Well, the fact is that we have been rapidly dividing for a generation now. Look at the data behind any given city and since the 2000 election chances are that each year the city has become more “red” or more “blue.” States and counties that were bellwethers for decades are not. We have been splitting for a long time.

    Some people bemoan, or celebrate, that America seems to be losing religion, i.e., “the rise of the nones.” But the reality is that much of America has become fiercely religious. They have their holy prophets, their saviors, their martyrs, their plan for salvation, original sin that stains a whole race and land, redemptive suffering, and a never ending missionary zeal. Only now instead of religion being spiritual, traditional, and in the hereafter, it is new, political, and in the here and now. Heaven can be on Earth if only everyone behaves according to the new religion and pays tribute to the new gods. Any failed prophecy is due to unbelief. They have taken every caricature of the religious right from the last century, that of trying to force one’s moral code on another, and exceeded them in every way as now they demand that not only their new morals be followed, but also they demand proof of absolute belief.

    Personally, I do not see this ending well. Half the country thinks the other half is a deplorable, or at best a bunch of relics in the age of globalism and the quicker they die off the better and they do not mind saying so. The other half would really just like to be left alone. But the new religion on the other side only works when forced onto everyone–every knee must bow to their new gods. Personally, I am not kneeling to their gods.

    The only realistic way out of this is would be if the Supreme Court, by some miracle, found the 10th Amendment and drastically slashed the size of the federal government so instead of each election being a winner-take-all to socially engineer the country, it would not really matter that much who was in office. The Federal Register would be smaller than some phone books. The states would be running the show, and if one does not like a state, then they could vote with their feet. If some silly state wants to disband the police in favor of turning control over to whatever motorcycle gang happens to be passing through, well, have at it. But do not demand that my state does the same.

    • If the mayor of Seattle had a fully functional brain, she would cordon off the terrorist occupied area called CHAZ with an eight foot high chain link fence topped by concertina wire and backed by concrete vehicle barricades and police officers armed with rifles. The affected area will be under a total blockade and no one will be allowed in or out, including delivery vehicles. Electricity and water should be shut off, and cell phone jammers activated, then we’ll wait for the terrorists to lay down their weapons and surrender. No violence will be used against them as long as the bad guys/gals don’t start it first. Let’s see how long they will last without any city services which they claim are not needed. Make sure the police guarding this area have lots of ammo, hard cover, and mucho donuts.

      • Tom606,

        I just heard on One America News that the mayor of Seattle is sending clean-up crews and port-a-johns into CHAZ. That will simply prolong the misery.

        I like your idea of setting up a siege. Reminds me of medieval times. I love the idea of weakening the enemy, and then achieving victory without anyone on my side being killed. Imagine implementing your idea, then sending video drones over the city to watch the communists starve. Of course they will surrender before they starve, because Americans are not used to going without infinite varieties of lots of food.

      • Roger, the most important stuff to deprive the terrorists in CHAZ of is pot, beer, and Birkenstock sandals. Without those necessary items, they will quickly surrender. Better yet, lace the pot and beer with a powerful laxative and watch the fun begin from overhead drones. To be really diabolical, coat the insides of the Birkenstock sandals with poison ivy extract and watch the Chazians dance without music.

  15. “We live in strange times.”

    I disagree. The USA has been building toward this moment for decades. What is going on is simple to understand IF ONE HAS an understanding of U.S. History.

    While the USA is theoretically under the control of the American People, who select leaders with free and fair elections, the reality is that a set of power brokers have actually taking charge. This set of power brokers have many names: Deep State, Administrative State, Democrat-Media Complex, etc. For purposes of this comment, I will call them the ADMST (Administrative State).

    Now, I have no doubt that some form of the ADMST dates back to the beginning of the country. Back to the first administration of George Washington. However, a number of events, over the last century, have occurred that acted to greatly expand the power of the ADMST. Among these are:

    1) The passage of the 16th Amendment which supplied the ADMST with near unlimited funding.
    2) FDR’s New Deal programs which greatly expanded the administrative power of the ADMST.
    3) LBJ’s Great Society programs which expanded this administrative power even further.
    4) The formation of the Department of Education, under the Carter Administration, which gave the ADMST control over education thereby turning education of our children into indoctrination of our children.
    5) The administration of President Obama which acted to politicize most government agencies (DOJ, IRS, FBI, NSA, CIA, State Department, etc.) and bring them firmly under ADMST control.

    By the end of the administration of President Obama, the ADMST had grown so powerful that they feel entitled to choose the next POTUS. Indeed, for the last few decades, no POTUS could assume his Office without permission of the ADMST. The ADMST greatly favors Democrat Presidents so any Democrat (like Obama, Clinton, etc.) could count on ADMST approval and support. Republican Presidents were less favored but would be tolerated as long as they were, themselves, members of the ADMST and acknowledged ADMST authority during their administrations. So, while the ADMST was not happy about the Bush Administrations, they were mostly tolerated.

    For the 2016 Election, Hillary Clinton (a long-time member of the ADMST and a Democrat), was the approved candidate. The Republican Party, however, nominated Donald Trump. Donald Trump WAS NOT a member of the ADMST. Even worse, he ran a campaign that promised to “Drain the Swamp”. This was taken, by the ADMST, as a direct threat to their authority. Naturally, the ADMST used their full power, even to the point of using the FBI to clear Hillary Clinton of all possible criminal charges and to spy upon the Trump campaign, to defeat him. They also unleashed their media attack dogs against his campaign and arranged for an “October Surprise” (The Access Hollywood Tape) to guarantee Trump’s defeat and Hillary’s victory. The ADMST was so sure of success that the fireworks for Hillary’s victory celebration were all set to go on Election Night.

    To the horror and fury of the ADMST, Donald Trump won the 2016 Election. It seems that a significant portion of the American People were still under the delusion that they could disregard the desires of the ADMST and pick an outsider for POTUS. THIS COULD NOT BE TOLERATED! The authority of the ADMST was being directly challenged. The ADMST launched a counter-strike that has two main goals:

    1) To remove the offending POTUS by any means necessary. An entire series of moves have been launched, from the very day of Donald Trump’s election, to either force his resignation or else get him impeached.
    2) All Trump supporters would have to be punished and then trained to understand that they DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to select a non-ADMST candidate for POTUS. This is to be done by deliberately using the power of the ADMST to throw, and keep, the country in chaos under the administration of the unapproved POTUS. The goal of the ADMST is to teach the American People the lesson that, if you select an unapproved POTUS, then you (and the entire nation) will be collective punished for your mistake by having your lives, your safety, the economy and your careers thrown into chaos.

    The idea being to condition the American People to understand that they cannot choose a Non-ADMST POTUS ever again. That the American People cannot challenge the authority of the ADMST or threaten them by trying to “Drain the Swamp”. The American People are being taught a lesson, by the ADMST, that it is not worth it to challenge them. If they misbehave like that again, say in the 2020 Election, then there will be a price extracted and punishment will be administered.

    No doubt, many Americans (seeing the chaos unleashed against them and the Trump Administration) are thinking “Maybe its just not worth it to vote for Trump again. Maybe we should vote for Biden, even if he is senile. Maybe things would calm down if we do”.

    Of course, if the ADMST approved candidate, Joe Biden, is elected in 2020, then the ADMST will stop the chaos campaign. Things will settle down with the ADMST contented and firmly in control again. However, the price for peace will be the chains of the ADMST.

    The words of Patrick Henry still ring for us today:

    “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    What is it to be, my Fellow Americans? Peace and the chains and slavery of the ADMST? Or liberty that will have to again be purchased at the cost of chaos and death?

    The American People will make this choice this November.

  16. The use of semi-automatic rifles by the inhabitants of “CHAZ” should lay to rest any Democrat arguments that private citizens should not be allowed to own such rifles or that those who do own them are bloodthirsty monsters who want to perform mass killings.

    But it won’t. The Democrats will stick to their “no one needs” BS and the media talkers will dumbly nod their heads, like those little puppies with a spring for a neck that people put on their dashboards.

  17. Sure hope all these long “comments” aren’t taking away from our prepping and practice time!

    Mad, keep up the good work!!!


    • @ TXCOMT – “Sure hope all these long “comments” aren’t taking away from our prepping and practice time!”

      Because of the Covid-19 shutdown, I have ample time to post comments on this blog as you can probably deduce. 🙂

      Don’t worry about the “prepping” part. I have enough guns and ammo stockpiled to re-fight the Battle of Iwo Jima. Sadly, if things continue in their current trajectory, it looks like I may need them soon!

  18. Back on June 9th, I wrote a comment that described the American Left as wild, emotion-driven, worshiping Death, a Death Cult, etc. Now, just three days later (in my comment above), I have described the American Left as cold, power-hungry, scheming, manipulative, etc. I named them the Administrative State.

    It occurs to me that some readers of this blog, reading these very different descriptions of the American Left, may be thinking to themselves that Old TN_MAN has truly lost it. He can’t even keep his story straight when describing the American Left! He says that they are crazy one day and then, within three days, declares them to be as coldly rational and scheming as Satan himself!

    Let me explain this apparent contradiction. One needs to understand that there are two-sides to the Left-Wing coin. Or better yet, like the Roman God Janus, the American Left wears two faces.

    Just as an army is composed of foot soldiers and officers, the American Left exists at two levels. The foot soldiers consist of a poorly-educated permanent underclass that are kept in a constant state of anger and resentment by Left-wing propaganda. These foot soldiers are constantly manipulated by fear of death (Death due to climate change, Death at the hands of the Police due to racism, Death due to Poverty, Death due to Drug Abuse, etc.). Indeed, they are so constantly threatened by DEATH that many of them have come to WORSHIP DEATH. As I noted in my earlier comment, by forming a Death Cult or Death Religion.

    These foot soldiers are almost purely driven by emotions such as hatred, fear, resentment, envy, etc. They operate as BLM, Antifa, Occupy Wall-street, Million Mom March, and under dozens of other titles. The American Left uses these foot soldiers are shock troops for protests, riots, looting, burning and (also) as a reliable pool of Democrat Voters during elections.

    However, an army that consists of only foot soldiers is not an army at all. It is a mob. To be effective, the foot soldiers need leadership. They need officers in command.

    That is where the Administrative State steps into the picture. The members of the ADMST are well educated, wealthy, well-connected, smart and cunning. They act as the puppet-masters pulling the strings (strings such as media/Hollywood propaganda, school indoctrination, spying, cultural shaming, administration of government benefits, etc.) to control the foot soldiers.

    Therefore, my comments of June 9th and June 12th are not in conflict. Rather, the comment of June 9th was describing the left-wing foot soldier mindset while the comment (above) of June 12th is describing the Officer (ADMST) mindset.

    The two sides of American Left-Wing ideology have a symbiotic relationship with each other. The ADMST would loose most of their power if they did not have the support of the ideological foot soldiers, and the foot soldiers would just be a lunatic-fringe mob without the power and propaganda of the ADMST supporting them. It is in their combination that they form a powerful and dangerous army that threatens the very fabric of American life and the Foundational ideas of the American Republic.

    So, hopefully the above explains why my posts sometimes seem to wildly vary from one side to another.

  19. I’m trying to raise money for travel to Seattle where I plan to join the Chazian Liberation Army (CLA) which is fighting for the folks oppressed by the American government, especially that diabolical Donald Trump who hates all people of color. Please send me your most generous donation which I absolutely promise you will be completely tax deductible by next year, when the CLA puts Joe Biden in the White House and Trump in prison for his many heinous crimes against humanity. If the sometimes goofy but always lovable Uncle Joe loses his fracking mind before the November election, HillBilly would make a totally fabulous alternative. Please donate now to help me fight racial injustice!

  20. > have ample round-the-clock protection from their taxpayer-funded security detail.

    The word from Second City Cop is 70 officers, though he didn’t say if it was total or per shift.

    The previous mayor, if I remember right, had one in the house and two patrol cars outside, which even back then seemed excessive.

    Harry S. Truman, while President of the United States, used to walk about the District of Columbia taking care of his personal affairs. He had one Secret Service bodyguard. He talked about it in his autobiography.

    Things have changed a bit since 1945…

  21. Be of good heart. Current events have guaranteed that Donald Trump will be re-elected. The middle ground silent majority will conclude that Democrat power centers cannot exercise the rule of law that is the basis for the civilized and prosperous society they demand. Liberals who keep voting for those who will not stand up to and even act as apologists for the ‘others’ are turkeys voting for Thanksgiving. On another path… who is Lori Lightfoot and her family being defended against? I’d be interested to see the threat assessment that justifies that taxpayer expenditure.

  22. Don’t see the need for a “Police Force” in the first place. Why not let the county sheriff and highway patrol handle the law enforcement duties? The sheriff is an elected official,the local mayor can’t put his thumb on him. The highway patrol is overseen by the governer. Need to get rid of the six week law enforcement academy’s run by the local community college and go with an extended training program. The Florida Highway Patrol Academy is seven months long, very intense and the requirements are strict. They are professionals and it shows. They really weed out the riff raff who shouldn’t be in uniform.
    Demilitarize law enforcement, can’t tell the difference between the military and the cops anymore, this is the U.S. not a third world country. We have way to much lead flying around.
    Make sure that all LE are being evaluated for mental health, what they do for a living takes a toll. Everyone has problems, some folks are just better at hiding it.

  23. It is important to not “buy into” the left-wing narrative that “The United States needs Serious Reform of the Police to End their Reign of Brutality, Racism and Genocide against People of Color”.

    We all know (or should know, by now) the “exaggeration technique” used by the Anti-American Media. The will pick one or two cases, that fit one of their favored narratives, and then turn that mole-hill into a mountain. For example:

    1) They can take one or two cases were a semi-automatic rifle is used in a mass-murder and turn it into a nationwide movement to ban all “assault rifles” everywhere. In reality, rifles are rarely used for murder. Handguns, knives, and personal weapons (fists, feet, etc.) are used far more than rifles. So, the entire “assault rifle” frenzy is pure B.S. whipped up out of nothing to push their political agenda.

    2) In a similar way, the media took a fairly normal episode of flu-pandemic (we get them every decade or two) and turned it into, literally, a world-wide panic that sent more than a billion people hiding in their homes and threatens to send the world into another Great Depression. All in an effort to expand left-wing power and control in North American and Europe.

    Now, the Anti-American media has taken a deplorable (but rare) episode of police brutality and used it to tar all police forces as “Racist” and as leverage to “de-fund” them. All to the purpose of spreading chaos in, once again, an effort to expand left-wing power and control in North America and Europe.

    All of the above share a common theme. The left used their “exaggeration technique” to stoke fear in an effort to panic the public into adopting ill-advised left-wing policies (unthinkingly) in the “Heat of the Moment”. The Left knows that it’s agenda will not stand up to rational debate and analysis. That it won’t be adopted by the “cooler heads” in legislatures. Therefore, the only way to get what they want is to “stampede the herd” over the left-wing cliff.

    Let’s pull back, for a moment, from the panic cries of “racism”, “police brutality” and “de-fund and disband them all” and look at the cold, hard facts.

    In a typical year, the police make more than 10 million arrests in the United States. The exact figure for 2018 was 10,310,960. See this link:

    Also, in a typical year, the police end up killing about 1,000 people in the course of their duties. See this link:

    Furthermore, in the overwhelming majority of these police shootings, the suspect was armed (with gun, knife, club, automobile, etc.) and was so dangerous that the use of lethal force was justified.

    Therefore, even under the “New Math” being taught in the left-wing indoctrination centers that pass for schools nowadays, we can see that the police only have to shoot and kill about one person out of every 10,000 that they arrest. That is, in my opinion, a fantastically low rate of police homicides. Especially given the numbers of drug-abusers, mental cases, gang-bangers and evil psychopaths that they have to track down and arrest every year.

    In the rare case where a cop does “step out of line” and engage in brutality and unlawful assault or homicide, then there are procedures in-place to hold that office accountable to the law.

    In my opinion, the people of the United States ought to be thanking the men and women in law-enforcement for their selfless efforts on our behalf. Most departments deserve a raise in funds rather than cuts. If I had my will, it would be the programs in the left-wing “Welfare State” that would be “de-funded” with the resulting savings then re-directed into law-enforcement.

    So, please don’t buy into these media narratives. Don’t allow your brain to be washed with left-wing propaganda. Remember that EVERYTHING that the Anti-American Media PUSHES is a LIE! The Truth is not in these people. All they consist of is B.S., spin and narratives.

    If a powerful witch were to case a spell upon the Anti-American Media so that they could only speak the truth, every one of them would be instantly “struck dumb” and would never utter another sound again! My only question is: Where do the Witches all hang out? I badly need to hire me one! 🙂

    • Friend TN_MAN, witches can be found anywhere, all you have to do is advertise and give an email address. Good places to spot witches in the daylight on your own are the latitudes of the midnight sun in season, such as Alaska and northern Canada in July, or Patagonia in January. “Wickens” are commonly found there in groups 24/7, following the sun. Emperor Constantine may have found them particularly compatible concerning the SUNday-as-sabbath issue. I personally put them in the same category as devils, though. Just looking good is not enough. Best way to promote truth-telling by the media is not sorcery, but to hold reporters up to the light. The idea is that God is the good. A hard concept for some people to grasp, but if they can be persuaded to try, you never know what good things may happen.

      • @ Steve – “Best way to promote truth-telling by the media is not sorcery, but to hold reporters up to the light.”

        Sadly, that is not going to be enough because a blind man cannot see the light. These people have no concept of an absolute truth. Everything is relative to them. The truth is what their ideology says it is today. It is “Truth du jour” or, as Joe Biden put it: “We choose truth over facts”. Their truth. See this link:

        How else do you think that they can argue one day that “you don’t need a gun because the police are there and will provide for your security” and then, the next day, argue “the police are racist oppressors of black Americans and they need to be de-funded and eliminated”?

        That is why their hypocrisy does not shame them. How can hypocrisy even exist if there is no absolute truth to reveal it?

        No, the only solution, short of Civil War, is to take their power away. The totalitarian side of human nature always comes out when there are no moral standards and legal constraints to restrain it. These people run roughshod over the first and second Amendment rights of anyone who disagrees with them. They have run roughshod over gun-owners (or tried to do so) and, right now, they are running roughshod over the police.

        They do so because they think they have the power to do it. The press, the Administrative State and many big, global businesses support them all the way. They have an army of brainwashed zombies, produced by our Education (strike that) Indoctrination System that will blindly follow any “Marching Orders” given to them. Anyone who opposes them gets shamed and, at a minimum, has their career and reputation destroyed. That is why so many people are cowering in fear before them.

        However, there is one place where we can stand up to them. That is at the ballot box. We must TAKE THE POWER AWAY from these totalitarian oppressors. Don’t cast even one, single, solitary VOTE for a Democrat, for ANY OFFICE in the land, next election! Take away Governorships. Take away control of the State Legislatures. Take away control of the U.S. House of Representatives. Strengthen Republican control in the U.S. Senate. Re-elect Donald Trump as POTUS. Strip them of political power.

        Then hope that, with a strong-hand to work from, the Republican Party finally develops the courage to start disassembling the Administrative State. Reforms the Education System. Passes the Balanced Budget Amendment. Puts some teeth into the Libel Laws so that the Media cannot just “tar and feather” anyone they want at will and without legal consequences.

        It will be a tough pull. Our tolerance and weakness has already allowed these totalitarian fanatics to assemble too much power. So much that, as I noted above, they feel free to run roughshod over anyone or anything that gets in their way. The time for tolerance and weakness is at an end. If we are to save America, it is time to take hold of the reins, put on the brakes and “de-power” the Democrat Party.

        Continued tolerance and weakness is not a virtue. Attempting to “work it out” and cooperate and negotiate with these totalitarians is not a virtue. Those are recipes for a Civil War. Not much time remains if it is to be avoided. It is time to get tough and for the American People to take back the power for themselves starting at the Ballot Box next November.

        The answer is not to “De-fund the Police” or even to support the police. The answer is not to hold the hypocrites in the press up to a light that they can’t even see. Rather, the answer is to “De-power the Democrats”. That is the true path to MAGA!

    • Need a witch? Just ask Bill Clinton, Mr. Pelosi, Mr. Boxer, etc. to send you their wives. Hillary says she makes cookies too, probably in her bubbling cauldron.

      • Sorry, Tom606. The witches that you suggest (above) are not qualified for the task I want completed.

        I need a witch that can conjure up “The Truth” out of the news media (really powerful magic required!). None of the witches that you listed even understand the concept of “truth” much less are able to conjure it up. Certainly, “Crooked Hillary” is a TOTAL STRANGER to the truth. I would only call her if I wanted to make things, like emails and witnesses, disappear! 🙂

      • Ah soo, TN_MAN! You need the good Witch of the North, not the evil ones from the west and midwest. Besides, I heard Hillary’s broom is in the repair shop, so she’s not traveling much nowadays, just wandering around in the woods near her house looking for some bat wings and newt eyes to make Bill’s favorite stew.

  24. I attended college at a time when the majority of the faculty had served in the military (WW II/Korea) and may have received their higher education via the GI Bill. Unfortunately, outside of certain fields of specialization, I doubt you could find one such individual on any campus.

    We’ve also had the “benefit” of the education lobby vastly expanding the size/perceived need for the college education. At the samne time, the “education” delivered by the public school system has degenerated markedly.

    In short, our education system has pretty much become very similar to that in the rest of the world. That is, the colleges/universities are leftist indoctrination centers rather than learning institutions. The system has also degenerated into self replication so that the next generation of faculty is pretty much clones of the current.

  25. I can’t prove this, but I suspect that America is the least racist, most tolerant country in the world. If it is not, it must be in the top five. I also suspect that our police force has never done a better, more compassionate job than they are doing now. Even with all of this social progress, and a two-term black President, the Left has been able to convince many citizens that this country is hopelessly racist, evil and in need of drastic reform. People hold computers in their hands which are more powerful than super-computers in the 1980s, and yet they are duped by the Left. Smart machines, stupid people.

    Government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” doesn’t work if the people are idiots.

  26. Victimization Degrades and Destroys Those Who Accept It
    Black Americans such as Dr. Ben Carson, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell have warned that the Cultural Marxism Critical Race Theory narrative of victimhood is destructive to those who believe it. It becomes an insidious snare that steals hope and replaces it with hopelessness.
    It takes away vision and replaces it with victimhood.
    It discourages repentance and incites resentment.
    It degrades a person’s psychology and gives them a sense of helplessness, instead of hope and healing.
    It leads to tragedy, rather than triumph.
    It takes away the will of those who would break out of their drug addiction, or alcohol habit, providing those who see themselves as victims with excuses not to repent and reform, but to rather riot and resent.
    God Resists the Proud but He Gives Grace to the Humble
    Our Lord Jesus Christ was merciful to the repentant sinner, but condemned the self-righteous hypocrites.
    The worst thing you can possibly do to anyone is to give them a sense of victimhood, to take away their sense of personal responsibility and get them to play the blame game where nothing is their fault, but always the fault of someone else.
    The false gospel of victimization cripples the heart, mind and soul of those who accept and believe it.
    One of the greatest truths any one of us can learn is that we are our own worst enemy.
    Blaming others will not help us improve our life.
    The issue is not race; it is grace.……/black-lives-matter-a-new-relig…

    • Friend Henry, this is what I mean about holding the news media up to the light. Good job, I like this. Everybody should remember that there are at least fewer atheists in foxholes, if maybe not “no atheists.” One example is the number of Americans that turned directly to God after 9-11-2001. Too bad that attitude seems not to have stuck throughout this country. Probably the dumbest thing that people of any nation can do is fight among themselves. The news media need to recognize that shaming and blaming cannot hold a candle to forgiveness. Everybody needs to try to put themselves in the shoes of the beleaguered police, and not sanctify or enable criminals, for Pete’s sake!