1. That’s something to warm the heart of a middle aged bureaucrat like me.

    When I was growing up it seemed as if every gun company was making a “commemorative” this or that. Now we are just lucky they are still making guns. I think S & W’s selection of the 442 is highly appropriate given the crap that DC is trying to pull.

    Maybe when Mr. Heller wins again somebody can do a 1911 as a commemorative. Heck it’s a gun, you can always use it to shoot your commemorative plates.


  2. Mas,
    I’d like to send these folks a of my couple holsters by way of thanks.
    If you have the time, can you e-mail me some contact info, and I’ll get some concealment gear right out to them.

  3. Rob, that’s damn decent of you. Best bet is to call Second Amendment Foundation at (425) 454 7012. (Useful number for everyone to keep on hand…great organization. I’ve been with them for many years.) They’ll be able to put you in touch with Alan Gura, Tom Gresham, etc.

    Rob, by the way, makes some outstanding holsters and has a sterling reputation in the industry.