1. Mas, you would be surprised how some young women might see men our age. Fairly recently I was at the checkout in a Wally World with a large purchase. The cashier, an attractive young woman not long out of high school, made a comment about how I must have a lot of money. She then said she was looking for a “sugar daddy” to take care of her, was I interested. While I know I’m a heck of a good looking guy, at 67, I’m pretty sure she saw dollar signs and stability, not physical attraction. Were I a single man, I might have been tempted. Of course my kids would have me committed.

  2. HA! I’m now the slide to 62, and just the other day I conversed with a beautiful young lady who couldn’t be out of her 20s, about guns. She seemed to find somewhat knowledgeable conversation about guns enjoyable. The fact that she is approaching granddaughter range, though…
    Still, it was a very pleasant experience. 🙂

  3. So true Mas. No one can beat the effects of time (in the long run 🙂 ).

    For more cheerful reading, refer to the Old Testament. Specifically, check out the 14th Chapter of Job.

  4. Thanks for the GREAT laugh!!!!
    But remember age is only (well, really “primarily”) in our minds…….if you don’t mind and they don’t mind….it doesn’t matter!

    Disclaimer, I’m not making claims based on experience!!!!!

  5. Last year I had to go in and get a workplace picture ID renewed. At the end of the process, the young(er) woman called me honey as she wished me a good rest of my day. I walked out with a little more spring in my step . . . until I realized she’d used the honey inflection a good waitress uses with older customers. . .

  6. Happy birthday Mas- I am sure that you will have many more – especially if you quit smoking. But I have to say that!

  7. You’re a kid… come on down to Tampa and shoot a round with us old guys… I dare you!!! I have almost 20 years on you,(gonna be 88 this winter) and shoot double action revolvers at least 3times a week… 300-400 rounds a day….come on… it’s a challenge…….

    Ciao, Frank

  8. Dennis, been there. I am married too..if shew was a gun gal, I might be tempted?

    While climbing Diamon Head in HI, my wife and brother-in-law took a break on a bench. I got talking with a 25ish young lady & ee left them behind. At the top, we took selfies. She was in HI alone, visiting from Alaska. I introduced her to my wife as my new girlfriend when they joined us at the top. I was 60 at the time.

    My new gifriend & I had not had time to discuss guns. So … We are still married!

    My wife is ok with guns but I just cannot get her interested really interested even though she is a decent shot on those rare occasions I get her to the range. Maybe when she retires? I can hope!

  9. Mas, I am only about a month behind you. What I want to know is that although you and I sport the same style of facial hair, why is mine snowy white and yours still as dark as the days when I saw your picture in the gun mags of 1985? Grecian Formula? If that is genetics I can see right now you will live to see 100.

    My knee joints hurt so bad today, I thought about giving up gun collecting for fountain pen collecting. Getting old sucks, but as my father used to say “it beats the alternative”.

    If you look at the pictures you posted, you’ll see that the only young girl actually looking at the old man in the frame (and still smiling) is the last one.

    Oh well, inside I am still 21. Or maybe I just act that age, much to the embarrassment of my 37 year old daughter. Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  10. Nothing sexier than a man with a gun & a sense of humor! Of course I’m 69, so I appreciate the finer things in life.

  11. Mas, YOU are too hilarious for words… or, at least ones fit to publich in a family friendly pixel-rag!!!!

    I’m getting up there, too, and find the same dilemma…. most of the time “they” reject on the basis of the percieved antiquity. The ones I’ve known, with one exception a friend of mine found and married, that have survived with ever marrying, or who married once or twice (or more) and are not now (unless he died, in which case most aren’t interested in a rematch) are so “prickly” one doesn’t wonder for long how it is they survived multiple decades without marrying.

    I happened to be in Nicaragua shortly after that ugly hurricane neary twenty years back…… talking with a gringo friend of mine who lives there, he assured me he knows quite a number of men, well into their eighties, married to women in their early twenties… all are happy. children keep coming, he keeps working to support and raise them, and no one thinks twice about it. After I pondered this for a spell, I realised… that country had been under a nasty dictatorship for a decade or two, then under a tyrannical dictatorship and civil war that ran most of the moneyed and skilled men out of the country. (most moved to the Republic of Miami.. more Nicas there than there were in Nicaragua….) and most of the ones that did not leave for whatever reason were either seriously hurt or killed during the “troubles”…. leaving no husbands for the women still in the country. They were quite happy to find ANYONE with a brain and two legs who would marry them. Ten or more years on, still doing fine. I guess the younger women kept the old guys going. One skinny old withered codger I worked with for the construction project was well into his 80’s, still married to his Bride of several decades, and that guy could out-shovel the young bucks that had some down from the states to work the building project. Didn’t move fast, economy of motion was perfect, but he never stopped, the sand kept flying for hours. Of course, he’d been working like that probably since he was eight or nine…..

  12. Mas, I’m pushing 75. Still working out, instructing and competing. When all else fails I think back to the old Beatles tune, “Happiness Is A Warm Gun.”

  13. Today is my 63rd birthday. And Mas, yet again you have nailed the truth to the wall!

  14. Mas, my dad married a woman half his age. She was closer to my age than his. My hormones were raging and she looked good to me!
    Great pictures though. That first picture, is that your daughters?

  15. Off topic: I have been watching Fox&Friends this morning and thry have a video from a cop using a camera on his glasses. He is trying to stop a suspect and threatens to use his Taser. He keeps telling the suspect to take his hands out of his pockets. When the suspect does he has a gun and starts firing. The officer is shot 4 times and survives. This happened about a year ago, the suspect was caught and is going to serve 35 years. The video is VERY graphic and I got the feeling of being there! Check it out.

  16. Observation right on target. I recall a cartoon in a men’s ( well, they used to be called that ) magazine from decades ago. Two old guys are sitting on a bench outside a nursing home. One old guys says to the other, ” You know what I miss? Having sex with older women ”
    In my case, it’s not as much the calendar, it’s being out of warranty , and not having REPLACEABLE parts fail.

  17. Nice to know I’m younger than someone …………even if not by much.

    I think the ladies need to chime in to get a definitive answer. I will note that since retirement, young attractive ladies have been very attentive. Particularly a couple of former co-workers. I like to think it’s the distinguished look the silver hair & beard provide. Then there are the ones tired of the immature posturing some/many young men are prone too (never us of course).

    However, in the back of my mind, there’s the sneaking suspicion that I’ve moved into the harmless old coot category and they’re providing ego enhancement:(

  18. Mas,
    I’ve been reading your work since about ’88, this may be the most relevant, to me anyway, that’ve ever read. Why?
    Because I found and read this just now….today….on my 50th birthday. I’m laughing, but it was a perfectly thrown punch, my friend.

    Fifty. Oof. Bang, zoom……

  19. Randy, I saw that video too. It was so graphic even a liberal should be convinced of the danger an officer is confronted with when an unknown person has a hand in their pockets and refuse to cooperate. The officer had even brought the much touted taser to the ready position, for whatever good that did him.
    Maybe Mas can give his opinion of whether this video would be admissible before a jury when an officer is deemed by a prosecutor to have acted negligently by shooting a suspect who first refuses to show his hands only to make a quick movement when he does.

  20. Mas: Wondered how old you were. Now I know… older than me (by 5 years)!
    I think the secret to “keep going” is to simply keep doing the things you have always done, but just tone them down to match your years. Every time you quit doing something you have always been doing, that’s another nail in the coffin…
    I’ve slowed down considerably but keep going like the Energizer Bunny with a half-charge.
    My wife of 22 years is 16 years younger than I and younger than my oldest daughter (first wife), and slowing down some too but she helps me by challenging me to outlive her. I exercise body (yard work, built a shed 2 weeks ago, conduct CCW classes, work on airplanes [I’m an A&P/IA]) and mind (troubleshoot computer software problems, build electronic gadgets [I’m a HAM]) to keep going. Not gonna quit, ever.

  21. Mas, growing older sucks – but it sure as hell beats the alternative!

    Me, I’ve always liked older women. The mature, glamourous, worldly wise woman has always had an appeal for me. And while I still have a good few years on Mas, it still came as a hell of shock to realise that the mature, glamourous, worldly wise woman could be a darn sight younger than I was! -sigh-

    See the comment at the top of my post. -sigh-

  22. Frank Weinberg, I may take you up on that someday.
    TW, no Grecian formula, but until I shaved it off the beard on the sides was as white as Santa Claus’.
    Dennis, for the video in question to come in as evidence for a defendant who shot someone in a similar situation, defense would have to be able to prove that he had seen it prior to his own shooting incident, and that it could have been formative to his state of mind.

  23. Mas, you absolutely must look up youtube of Malcolm Smith, 76 years old and going strong off road motorcycle racer, and his speech when he was inducted into AMA Hall of Fame. I won’t spoil the surprise, but I laughed and laughed and told most everybody I know. I think you and he are birds of a feather that way(never quit) and I hope to keep trying to have fun on the way there also.

  24. Mas,

    That is hilarious!!! You could be a Hollyweird comedy writer! Like others have mentioned, younger women are probably only interested in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Barry Silberman,

    I always wondered about that song, “Happiness Is a Warm Gun.” Why was the gun warm, because it was fired? Then, after learning to carry, I realized the gun close to the body gets warm. Bingo. Happiness is carrying a gun.

  25. Mas, Happy Birthday, and here’s hoping that the Evil Princess has a good sense of humor!

  26. Some wanna-be, thug-type gun-toters in Arizona don’t seem to get the difference between legally putting your hand on a firearm in a jacket pocket, and illegally pointing the handgun muzzle at somebody through the pocket with the apparent motive of intimidating them. They could be skating on much thinner ice than they think. I believe it is a good idea to generally give them the benefit of the doubt and not shoot them outright on general principles, but the “furtive move” probably should be reported to the authorities. I just don’t know if an urban dispatcher is likely to take the report seriously.

  27. Jo…Well said.

    Olditude?…hmmm…its the difference between a Tom Selleck approach for the ladies and a Sean Connery one. Both work just fine.

  28. There’s a birthday in there – so Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you’ve done for the People of the Gun and self-defense worlds over the years.

    One of my chief regrets, and I try really hard to live without regrets, is that my health means I’ll never get to take one of your classes. So, please keep on sharing your knowledge through the written word as long as you can.

    God bless.

  29. Randy said, “Mas, my dad married a woman half his age. She was closer to my age than his.”

    I’ll see that and raise you one: After my mother died (many years ago) my Dad married a woman who is one year older than me, and (because her grandparents were our next door neighbors) who was my playmate when I was a child.

    So there.

    (And BTW, I’m not only fine with it, but am happy for them.)

  30. Dennis said, “even a liberal should be convinced of the danger an officer is confronted with when an unknown person has a hand in their pockets and refuse to cooperate.”

    Why would a liberal need to be convinced?

    And, my friend, I saw your note, above, about your age. We’re within just a few months of the same age. I kinda figured that we were close, but I didn’t reckon that it was _that_ close.

  31. Finally, just a word about age. My father-in-law, who died at age 84, raced automobiles until a year before his death. He’d quit annually hunting elk the year before when he shot one so far into the backcountry that it almost killed him — literally — getting it out by himself.

    Y’all would have loved him and I wish you could have known him: he was a gun guy, a lifetime NRA member, a hardcore conservative, absolutely politically incorrect, a raconteur, an outdoorsman, a multiple runner of the Baja 500, 5 wives, a veteran of WWII, a homebrewer, a lover of interesting places, odd things, and mining ruins, and probably the most interesting person I’ve ever met, bar none.

    For all his marriages, he’d only had two children, both daughters. And they had been separated from him almost from birth. My-wife-the-genealogist decided she wanted to find him, long after we married. I used my legal skills and resources and gave up, then hired Pinkerton (I had friends there) and they found him (on the last not-necessarily-legal search that THEY said that they were going to make before giving up). After almost 40 years of separation, he and my wife developed a relationship and we visited frequently. Maybe I’m just thumping myself on the back, but I’m pretty sure that despite the huge differences between our interests I became the son he never had. And that affection was returned: writing this my eyes are misting up; I miss him so much… And that’s from a liberal who couldn’t have been more opposite from him.

    Family, even in-law family, don’t have anything to do with politics.

    Good for all us seniors who keep on keeping on, even if we feel like Kharis in the last picture, above. (And I, too, am a member of the beard club. Grew one two months after I retired and haven’t regretted giving up shaving for a minute.)

  32. Liberal Dave, knee jerk on my part, maybe. But then, liberals seem to criticize the loudest when an officer doesn’t wait until there is no doubt there is a gun in that hand (makes a decision to fire his weapon, only to find out there was no weapon), or, as depicted in the video, wait too long and get shot. Had the officer in the video shot the suspect a fraction of a second prior to him removing his hand from his pocket and he was found to have no weapon, he would have been deemed a murderer by critics, plus a racists, if the officer was white. If the officer waits, as he did, after the average reaction time of 3/4 of a second, he has been struck by the first bullet before he can react. Those who seem to always try and find fault with an officer’s actions seem to want to ignore the warning signs displayed by the “victim” toward the officer, that the officer must digest in the fractions of a second he has to decide his own course of actions. And yes, these critics seem to, more often than not, come from the liberal corner. Not my intention to irritate you. (well, maybe a little bit, hehehe…)

    Yep, I knew we were close in age, but I had it figured that I was 1-2 years the eldest. Still friends.

  33. The formula goes as such: don’t date under (your age)/2+7. So at 70, you’re good to date down to 42. If anyone objects, just show them the math. No one can argue with math.

  34. As the decades piled on, I used to wonder if at least a few nubile women would ever be interested in me again, you know, in a romantic sense as I aged. Now I’m an old dude I’m happy to report that sometimes much younger attractive women flirt with me. Admittedly, I’ve spent my life keeping the weight off and exercising moderately, and look pretty trim for a guy well into his sixties. But I think the appeal could also due to my much younger male competition: So many of them are soft, overweight, sloppy-looking… and quite a few of their female peers have told me they don’t find these guys attractive.

  35. Dave,
    I still have you beat. After 5 years or so my dad divorced and remarried my mother. That would make a total of 4 for my father.
    The video in question is now on utube. Just do a search for the officer’s name; Quincy Smith. It is about 19 minutes long. The officer should of had his gun in hand instead of a Taser.

  36. Congratulations Mas!! I’ll be joining you on Oct. 12. I will be 79 can’t wait to see the big 80.

  37. Mas, I’m your age and you are 100% accurate, especially the last picture. Talk to a millennial cashier while buying something at a store and watch her eyes glaze over after one sentence from us. That’s all we get.

  38. Mas, you don’t look very old in the photo, and the babes look like they are enjoying your company. I am several years older than you and though, not as good looking as you, would look just as comfortable. You’re still in your prime.