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  1. It’s about the bad people . . . . Yes. Everybody (except for possibly a few criminals) wants a safe society. Everybody wants safe schools. Criminal control, in my opinion, will bring about that greater level of safety for everyone. I swore to do my part to the best of my ability back in the middle 1970s when I started my career. That commitment hasn’t changed in retirement.

    • My feeling is that the more school authorities, and people in general, realize that a gun-free zone is a kind of power vacuum that attracts certain evildoers, armed with firearms or not, the more secure the various community targets will become. When competent, appropriate security acts quickly and effectively, the media should publicize the deterrent effects in preventing further violent attacks. People who are determined to commit “suicide by cop” should be appropriately accommodated, and the results accepted.

  2. Interesting. As a scientist and teacher, I have always been taught and believe that arithmetic (math) is the single most factual subject we teach (not probability theory). I asked my physics students, sarcastically, if they remembered their “math facts” or multiplication and division tables as we ancients called them. The universal answer was “their are no math facts”. I’m sad to report that human minds can no longer process facts.
    Seriously, it was interesting to see the looks on some of their faces. I certainly have this reaction when listening to the news.

    • “Brainwashing,” by Edward Hunter, is a landmark masterpiece from 1960 describing the process that communist captors used during the Korean and Cold Wars to condition victims to accept fiction as fact. The book explains that leftist mind-control policy has been based on Pavlovian conditioning, and gives important antidotes to such mind poisoning. “Brainwashing” is a true classic and a must-read. It is an expert account of the extreme cruelty that was practiced on prisoners of the communists. Such history must never be buried or forgotten.

  3. Wow: This ought to be shown on the National News! (Good Luck with that) Certainly takes the wind out of the gun control grouop’s lies huh?
    Thanks Mas…Officer, Tom Kelly

  4. Anyone who only gets their news from the Mainstream Media (MSM) will never be exposed to these “Gun Facts”. The MSM does everything in its power to suppress these facts and to prevent the public from learning about the failures of Firearms Prohibition.

    A Century ago, the American Left built a coalition of disparate groups into the Alcohol Prohibition Movement. This coalition was broad-based. It included typical left-wing groups such as Women’s movements and feminists. However, it also included moderate groups such as Christian Organizations. It even included extremists groups such as Nationalists and the Ku Klux Klan. It seems that prohibition movements make for strange bedfellows!

    Eventually, even organized crime supported alcohol prohibition because they saw how profitable it was for them!

    Today, a new generation of American Leftists are trying to build a new coalition around the sister concept of Firearms Prohibition. So far, it contains the usual left-wing suspects with many Women’s groups and feminists flocking to joint it as they did a century ago. The strong left-wing bias of the MSM has also brought them completely on-board. The KKK has been replaced by reverse racists such as those in the Black Lives Matter Movement. I am sure that organized crime will eventually be on-board again since black-market firearms will represent a new (and very valuable) “Profit Center”.

    The American Left is now trying to add moderate groups to the coalition. As before, they using the technique of “Demonetization”. A century ago, they demonized alcohol, alcohol consumers and alcohol producers. Today, they demonize firearms, gun-owners, the Firearms industry and, of course, the NRA.

    George Santayana noted that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

    America has forgotten the lessons of Alcohol Prohibition. The leftists are forcing us to repeat this same kind of mistake all over again. The ONLY difference is that the target is firearms rather than alcohol.

    • I have decided that, for some time now, the news media are nothing but narrative pimps. They have the narratives they want to push, and that is that. No curiosity whatsoever of an alternate hypothesis. Their sole reason for being is to push political narratives, truth means nothing to them. It is either handy at the moment, or it is not and should be ignored.

      And yes, the current day “social justice warrior” types would have fit in really well with the prohibitionist movement from one hundred years ago. They, then and now, project all the woes of society on one group, and if just that group could be put in its place, then, well, we would be that much closer to utopia. The rights of the target group, and the possibility that unintended consequences may be profoundly worse than what they were upset with in the first place, is of no interest to them. In the 1980’s, if one wanted to prove you were somebody, one bought a silver BMW. Now one supports any and all measures to put the “deplorables” in their place.

      • I agree a 100% once crime gets much worse, for lack of protection. Not all of us can defend our selfs using our fists, as an example. The media can already care less. Those who own military select fire weapons legally, aren’t a problem.

    • “A Century ago, the American Left built a coalition of disparate groups into the Alcohol Prohibition Movement.”

      Re-check your history. ( or try a source no tied to your ideology).

      Prohibition was an artifact of the WCTU (Women’s’ Christian Temperance Union), a very right wing busybody group.

      • @ Former95B – A typical left-wing ad hominem response. You do not address the main point of my comment at all. This main point was the similarity between the movements for the Prohibition of Alcohol and the Prohibition of Firearms. How the Firearms Prohibition Movement is just a repeat of this previous historical failed policy.

        Instead, you attack me directly by asserting that I am ignorant of history.

        For your information, the Alcohol Prohibition movement can be traced backed to the American Temperance Society which was founded in 1826. See this link:

        Please note how Wikipedia describes this group as follows: “The society benefited from, and contributed to, a reform sentiment in much of the country promoting the abolition of slavery, expanding women’s rights, temperance, and the improvement of society.”

        A “reform society” that promoted “abolition of slavery”, “expanding woman’s rights”, “temperance (alcohol prohibition), and general “improvement of society”. Believe me, friend, this was a left-wing group if ever there was one!

        As I noted in my original comment, this (initially left-wing) movement eventually became a broad-based coalition (exactly like I said) and that this coalition did include right-wing groups such as the WCTU. The WCTU eventually became an important part of the movement.

        However, ALL PROHIBITION MOVEMENTS spring from left-wing ideology. That is because the nature of left-wing ideology is such that it must place the blame, for the woes that affect the world, on exterior social or environmental forces. In other words, only the mind of a natural leftist can truly conceive that society can be improved by prohibiting access to an inanimate object such as a firearm or a bottle of booze. Leftists may use propaganda and indoctrination to convince non-leftists of the value of prohibition. But the root cause of prohibition movements must, inherently, be left-wing ideology. This is clearly shown by the origin and expansion of today’s firearms prohibition movement. Whether you doubt it or not, it was also true of the previous alcohol prohibition movement.

      • @ Former95B – one more thing. You characterize the WCTU as a “very right wing busybody group”. I question this. See this link:

        As I read this, the WCTU sounds like a “very left wing busybody group” to me. Please note that the leader of the WCTU, for many years, was Frances Willard. See this link:

        Note the many left-wing causes that she supported including “Christian Socialism”. It seems to me that she was almost as “left-wing” as Karl Marx.

        Again, it is typical of the left-wing playbook to kick off some policy and, when it goes wrong, disclaim responsibility and blame it on right-wing politics. Example, they accuse Conservatives of misogyny while, simultaneously, tolerating and covering-up for left-wing sexual predators such as Harvey Weinstein.

        It does not surprise me that many leftists will claim (and perhaps even believe) that Alcohol Prohibition was a right-wing movement. Once it failed, the American Left dropped it and (ever since) have tried to disclaim responsibility for it.

    • Oops! I have a couple of typo errors in my post above. I mean “flocking to join” not “joint” in paragraph 4.

      Also, the blasted spell-checker helpfully substituted “Demonetization” in the following paragraph. Clearly, I wanted the word “Demonization”.

  5. Defintiely in urgent need for a pickup after witnessing the loud calls to curtail freedom this weekend.

  6. I agree with Officer Kelly in his post that this video should be shown on MSM but that will never happen. It would be completely against their narrative. Thanks Mas for the enlightening show. Makes a person feel somewhat better. It will have the leftists grinding their teeth all night long which is good enough for them!

    • Don’t thank me, bro, thank all the folks in the link who put it together and are working to disseminate it.

  7. Well goodness gracious! This will never be shared by the MSM.

    Mas, from this point of ignorance, do you not see the benefit of MANDATORY training in firearm use and ownership? These are the people who are coming in off the streets to acquire a gun. As a state licensed instructor, I am open to the public in business. That said, I find the cavalier attitude many folks have in gun ownership, and the misinformation they are fed could lead to tragedies, avoided.

    Sorry to keep picking at this scab Mas, but i have met many, you have not. I am in the Baltimore Metro area and well, some folks need the training, maybe twice or so. None the less, some folks need mandatory training.

    BUT HOW DOES THAT LEVEL WITH THE CONSTITUTION? ~~>>my latest situation, a 24 year old down syndrome male, wanted to do the training to get Marylands permission to buy a gun by completing the MDHQL process. Hmm. he has never broken the law, has never met any of the PROHIBiTED PERSONS criteria per MD COMAR, and he votes. He lives with the parents, who are prohibited persons. hmm. he has his rights, yes?

    • Larry, tell us how you’d structure that so it would not discriminate against, for example, the poor?

      • As a wise MAN instructed me last August, “…the dictionary has many words, how the individual arranges those words, is all that matters.” MAG40/2017

        Define “poor”. By all means, I grew up “poor-white trash” by street definition. Didn’t know it, till I got back from serving 4 years in the Navy. Dad was disabled due to rheumatoid arthritis and gout, mom worked part time at a grocery store, had four mouths to feed. When yer poor, you make do, cuz you don’t know any better.

        State, Department Natural Resources has a Hunter/Safety course offered at various locations at various times of the year, AND they have additional resources to teach basic firearm instruction for pennies on the dollar. Before I could hunt on public lands, I had to attend this course. On private lands, I had mandatory training from my father [age 13].

        *The long term goal, to introduce firearm safety BACK into our eduction system. In the climate today, this concept would be considered impossible, but what climate would ever make it acceptable? Maybe now is the time to push back. I had mandatory training in reading and writing and that laid the foundation for me to exercise my 1st amendment rights to the fullest.

        *In the short term, VOLUNTEERS who are credentialed to certify someone in firearm safety. I’ve done it on many occasions, and the moral rewards are humbling. Why credentialed? “You can explain the nature and extent of your training and knowledge…”Mas-Deadly Force.

        The idiots we are seeing on media are a glaring example of why we need mandatory training, just like reading, writing and ‘rIthmatic. BRING IT BACK TO THE ACADEMIC LEVEL.

        I am a visionary optimist.

        stay safe.

    • For anyone who has seen my ridiculous suggestions to getting gun education back into schools to counter the culture of ignorance and evil, please refer to the following article.

      For those wishing to attend these school sponsored, shooting clubs, mandatory training was policy. It took years for the “liberals” to remove firearm eduction from schools, it will take decades for the public to demand it back.

      Stay safe and Happy Easter!

  8. You have to suspect that the Really Big Money statists ( Bloomberg, Soros, etc.) will surreptitiously fund these groups. Most of the changes they want want are already here in MA and our Congressmen want to use MA as a model. It’s sure a lot safer here making people use 1998 firearms and magazines…

  9. Yes, Mas, these are facts that the gun community is quite familiar with, and have been drawn from FBI statistics, so they’re not propaganda. The problem is that this film will never be posted by the leftist major media as it doesn’t fit their agenda of disarming the American people. Even Nancy Pelosi admits tnat she hopes some form of gun control passes, and that it becomes a “slippery slope” to disarmament.

  10. Too bad we can’t grab hold of that Hogg boy and make HIM sit down and read those FACTS, mostly from government agencies. But, I”m certain the “benefits” of playing the puppet, as he’s now doing, far outweigh any interest he might have in truth, justice, liberty, common sense.

    • The young man in question, David Hogg, has discovered that if you play along with the MSM and parrot back the left-wing ideology that they want to hear, the MSM will shower you with attention.

      I expect that David Hogg never received much attention, at all, during his young life. The attention being showered upon him recently much feel wonderful. He probably wants it to never end.

      However, it will end. When their tools have served their purpose, the MSM drops them and moves on. As soon as David Hogg has outlived his usefulness, he will be abandoned and forgotten. I hope his young ego will survive it.

      Someone should stand at his shoulder and whisper the wisdom of the ancient Romans. They should tell him that “all glory is fleeting”. 🙁

      • It appears that Stormy Daniels is replacing David Hogg as the media’s Shiny New Thing. So the kid’s fifteen minutes of fame are almost over.

        In every photo I’ve seen of Hogg, he looks more aggressive and belligerent than Nikolas Cruz. And he obviously has a sick desire for attention. I would not be surprised if he commits a violent crime just to get back into the headlines.

  11. A good step toward fighting back against the lies. Hope they manage to get it out there for more folks to hear.

  12. This definitely needs wider circulation. Possibly wait until the hysteria dies down somewhat? On the other hand, the other side (and a disturbing number of jurists) obviously believe that “feelings” are more important than facts. But hey, Prohibition and our drug laws were/are so successful at curbing alcohol and drug abuse, let’s add guns.

    One of the foundation blocks of statistics is that correlation is not causation. Something lost on a great many folks who do what can pass as research. Especially where all variables can’t be controlled.

  13. Facts are facts, and are not debatable. IMHO, though, some of the statements in the video could have been phrased differently.

    While handguns are used in 80% of mass shootings, the handguns are not “responsible for” the shootings. Criminals and terrorists are responsible for the shootings. (In some cases, as in Broward County, politicians and law enforcement who ignore red flags may share some of the blame.)

    And knives may be used more often than rifles in violent crimes, but there are not more murders “by” knives. The crimes are committed by people, *with* knives, or with firearms, or with hammers, or with axes, or whatever.

    I admit, I sometimes catch myself saying the same kind of thing. “A guy got run over by a truck.” No, the victim was run over with a vehicle, by a careless driver.

  14. In the wake of the nationwide March 24, 2018 anti-gun stomp-a-thon, American gun owners should take note of retired Supreme Court Justice’s John Paul Stevens “supremely helpful” current call to repeal the Second Amendment, a revealing posture that is described in the link below by a Washington Post op-ed writer as “supremely unhelpful” … “supremely unhelpful” only to rabid anti-gunners who were prematurely giddy at the thought of disarming Americans in the months and years ahead!

    Thank you, Justice Stevens, for highlighting with absolutely perfect timing the true goal of America’s leftist progressives who truly hate both guns and their fellow Americans who own, carry and use guns lawfully and responsibly. Your role as an unpaid recruiter for the NRA is deeply appreciated, if totally unexpected. Keep up the great work!

    “John Paul Stevens’s supremely unhelpful call to repeal the Second Amendment”

    • Yes, Justice Stevens’ honesty is a mistake. Firearms Prohibition has always been the goal of the Leftists. This is true of the worldwide Left; not just the American Left.

      However, until recently, it was the set policy of the American Left to lie about this goal. The general left-wing political wisdom was that the American public “could not handle the truth”. Therefore, it was necessary to deliberately mislead the American Public about the true intentions of the Left. To lie and mouth some false platitudes about support for the 2nd Amendment while using propaganda and incremental steps to gradually work toward their true goal quietly.

      What has changed is the “Echo Chamber” effect. The Mainstream Media (MSM) has went so far to the Left that media coverage now represents the walls of an “Echo Chamber” for left-wing ideology. The leftists only listen to their own left-wing content nowadays. A leftist will start some left-wing meme going and the MSM echo chamber will pick it up and constantly repeat and amplify it.

      Living (as they are) in an echo chamber of their own creation, the American Left often deceives itself into believing that their ideology has reached supremacy in America. That they have won the culture war. That they no longer need to hide what they truly are. That they can finally “come out of the closet”.

      Therefore, more and more Leftists, like Justice Stevens, are dropping the pretense. They no longer mouth false support for the concept of the 2A. They finally admit their true goal. Repeal of the 2nd Amendment followed by universal firearms confiscation and firearms prohibition.

      Those of us who support the 2A have known this was the true goal for years. As Curtis shows by his comment above, we find the newfound honesty of the Left refreshing. We are encouraged because the true battle lines can finally be drawn. We are also encouraged because we know that the echo chamber is reflecting a false narrative. That the echo chamber effect has cut the Leftists off from the true American Heartland. That dropping the camouflage of deception will (ultimately) really hurt the Firearm Prohibition Movement.

      It is ironic really. The Left spent years lying to the American Pubic about their true intentions regarding Firearms. They became so practiced at lying that they ended up building an echo chamber to lie to themselves. To top everything, they completely believe their own lie! Isn’t it delicious? 🙂

  15. I’m guessing we may see more of this in the future.

    With the emphasis again being placed on the first responding officer to an active “murderer in progress” scene immediately engaging the murderer, this department is acknowledging the fact that many times that will be a motorcycle officer. Years ago, my department experimented with mounting patrol shotguns on our motorcycles, but we were faced with no secure, commercially available mounts, and those we fabricated ourselves, while effective, left the weapon exposed to the elements, requiring daily, detailed cleaning of the weapon.

    Mas, I’ve been retired for 13 years and sort of out of touch, is this department ahead of the game or is this catching on around the country?

    • Ahead of the game. Decades ago a department in California mounted High Standard shotguns on their motorcycles, and experienced the same maintenance problems your agency did. I’m thinking maybe heavy-duty protective scabbard??

      • Mas – Has anyone thought of using an ultra-compact pistol caliber carbine (PCC) or a compact Sub-gun for motorcycle officers?

        You know, a firearm such as a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 or, perhaps, the new Ruger 9mm takedown carbine can be folded or fit into a small, hard, water-tight gun case. Heck, you might even look at something like a HK MP-5. Such a weapon could be fit onto a motorcycle much better than a typical AR Rifle or a patrol shotgun which requires a rather large protective scabbard.

        I know that a PCC or small sub-gun (like the HK with telescoping stock) does not possess the same firepower as an AR. Still, it is about 10X better than just having to deal with a mass-murder incident with only your service handgun. It would be much easier to place a precision shot, if necessary.

      • I recall at least one motor cop who said he kept a folded Kel-Tec in the “saddlebag” of his Harley.

  16. On Monday the 26th, the NRA and the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs held a rally in Trenton, the capital of NJ. It was very positive experience. The media treated us fairly. Surprise, surprise.