1. I am glad to see Chuck Karwan remembered in this way. After having read countless books and articles by as many writers, I early concluded that anything written by Mr. Karwan was well worth reading and, on top of that, revealed a man knowledgeable about his subject matter, yet totally devoid of a self-promoting attitude. The personality that came through in his writings was just as Mr. Ayoob described it I know I will miss any future writings by him, and value those which I have been fortunate enough to have read. My condolences to his family, and to the shooting community, which has lost a giant.

  2. I did not know Chuck but know his kind. In this world today too few know or appreciate what that commitment men/women like Chuck make to protecting our way of life. This christmas morning, I take stock in his metal and celebrate his life. RIP warrior. Sgt. Dennis Beach Olathe Ks PD-Retired

  3. I met Chuck when taking a Glock class from him. His car wouldn’t start and I gave him a ride home. Thus began a friendship that lasted up to an email the night he died. He brought me into the fold. I went on to own over 30 firearms, trained with Mas and many others, always under the guidance of my neighbor and friend. I got to shoot his prize pistols at his house, and he answered innumerable questions I had as a newbie. I miss him. He was a class act, through and through. RIP big guy.