ROAD TRIP! — No Comments

  1. Good for you Mas. I can’t imagine how people can just sit still and NOT offer to help those in need. I’ve been the first person on scene at several accidents (thankfully, none with more than minor scratches). Quite honestly, I’ve never even stopped to think about whether I should get out and help. Before I know what hit me I’m out of my car and running to render aid almost before the wrecked vehicles have stopped moving. Just put yourself or your wife/husband/child in that wreck and then think to yourself if you’d want someone to just sit like a moron and do nothing.

  2. A big “WELL DONE” to all you guys Mas. Good to know there are still folks like you and the gang to step up and help. I’d say a well deserved Rolling Rock would have been the order of the day upon your return home. Best to You and the Strayers.

  3. Can imagine what GHP thought coming up and finding 8 armed and friendly good samaritans!!! Well Done..

  4. I second the rolling rock!
    Would like to forward this article to some of the anti-gun corporate safety people I’ve met in the trucking industry
    am not at all surprised that the 4-wheelers stayed in their cars and did nothing,if it had been one of them, I know a lot of rig drivers that would have stopped and helped.

    Good Job, People!

  5. Excellent work on being Samaritans!

    Perhaps the difference between you and the rest of the “short bus” occupants is the difference between those of us who understand we need to protect ourselves and many of the other BH readers.

    We don’t depend on “Them”. We don’t assume that “They” will come to help us, we assume that we will have to be the first responders in any emergency.

    Good work!

  6. Not too long ago I came upon a wreck that had just happened and did not have any first aid equipment with me. I know, stupid. Fortunately others were better prepared. Anyway, the next day I ordered blood clot and a large compression bandage, to go along with the first aid kit I purchased. Hopefully I’ll never need any of that, but…………. (Also put a fire extinguisher in my truck.)

  7. I thought the general recommendation was to not remove people from an accident unless fire was an immediate problem? I guess it depends on what kind of injuries they have.

  8. Also, don’t mean to imply you shouldn’t have stopped and helped! I am amazed at how many people will sit and do nothing. If you’re one of the first cars on the scene of an accident, it’s your responsibility.

  9. Hey Mas,

    Again and again, I find instances where the truly ethical, the truly responsible, the truly helpful, i.e. the truly caring members of our society are those of us who take on the responsibility of arming themselves to protect not only themselves, but ultimately, those around them.

    The liberals will never “get it”, but it’s the same side of our personalities and creeds that cause us to slip our guns into our holsters that also causes us to crawl into the twisted wreck of a truck cab and rescue a victim. My compliments to the eight of you!

    John in Chicago