Woot! Today marks three years helicopter crash-free!

(Of course, it’s also been three years helicopter-free. “No. More. Helicopters. EVAH!” decreed the Evil Princess.  “Aw, honey,” I answered, “all we need are newer, bigger helicopters.” I have not yet won that argument.)

Our gang at the Glock shoot in Boulder City. From left: Tim Young, Me, Bill Goldstein, the Evil Princess, Scott Gray, Nathan Love.

She and I got to the house this morning about 2:30 AM, and were grateful for it.  Lots of folks at the SHOT Show in Vegas had their plane flights cancelled or horrendously delayed because of the Eastern Snowpocalypse.  We had planned to stay the weekend anyway, seeing old friends in Vegas on Saturday and shooting the Glock match in nearby Boulder City on Sunday. The best I could do at the latter was a second place in the Pocket Glock event, using a G42 .380 with AmeriGlo sights and otherwise out of the box. Congratulations to Seichei Ishakawa, who was clearly the man to beat there. When you are the guy who publicly said “Friends don’t let friends carry mouse-guns” and you do your best with one (and not for the first time), it’s sort of like you’re Ralph Nader and do your best rally driving in a Corvair.  I may need therapy.  EP, on the other hand, continues to shoot her best with the .45 caliber Glock 30, which she is adopting as her daily carry gun. And which may require more therapy still for .380 boy here. (Sniff.)

Driving home from the airport we noted that we managed to escape the creeping crud that usually infects a bunch of SHOT Show attendees, the result of spending several days in a giant Petri dish with 64,000 people and whatever germs and viruses they brought to the convention. (Me: “Well, my throat is a little dry.”  EP, with profound eye-roll: “Duh, you’d think you just spent days in the desert or something.”)

Each of these contain media kit thumb drives. Cute!

One thing I should also be grateful for is that the stacks of catalogs and dead-tree media kits I used to have to ship home have been largely replaced with much handier thumb drives, some cute enough to double as tchotchkes. 


  1. Regarding those giveaway thumb drives: “Don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been!” If you absolutely must read the contents, be sure your antivirus is up to date.

  2. Mas,

    It sounds like the only “Chopper” that the EP allows must be fitted out with a drum magazine and take .45 ACP rounds.

  3. Welcome home, Mas!
    Glad to have your insights on SHOT as well as know that you and EP are avoiding the dangers of choppers. As a fella under 35 who’s on warfarin, my skydiving, white water rafting, SCUBA, and cycling days are over. I was blessed to enjoy one flight lesson before getting a mechanical valve installed. Now my ‘high adventure’ activities are more along the lines of reloading, hiking, writing, cat wrangling… Sorry we can’t rent a helicopter in TX and go on a “pork chopper” hunt! I suppose the reasonable feminine influences will increase our longevity. 🙂

  4. Well it certainly can’t be the equipment uncle Mas, cuz I recently made IPDA CCP Expert with one of your G26 castoffs, with TFO sights, and all I added was some Talon rubberized grip tape. Oh yes, your much practiced StressFire system helped and I also channeled a little of “the Blaze”, too. Could have made Master if I had correctly applied more of each. Next time!

  5. The EP needs to read AH–Ayoob Files March/April and officer Gramins epiphany. He carried 38 rnds for his Glock 21 and fired 33 rnds in a fire fight. Now carries a Glock 17 and 150 rnds. Firepower counts when the target shoots back!

  6. Randy, she was there for the interview and made a ProArms Podcast out of it. Check it out at ProArmsPodcast.com.

    Rev, glad that G26 is workin’ for ya!

  7. Mas,
    As you know, I used to listen to the podcast all the time. I would transfer the cast to my hard drive and then burn to a cd and could play it back while driving. Unfortunately, there was a dry spell for a while and I got out of the habit of checking in. I shall do so. Yes, Sir!

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention this, Mas, but perhaps arguing for a jet helicopter instead of a piston-powered one like the whirlybird you fell out of might help…they’re much more reliable. Then again, it may not help at all!


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