Charles Schumer, D-NY, has long wanted to reduce private American citizens’ rights to defend themselves: modern semi-automatic sporting rifles, full-capacity magazines, etc. are all on his want-to-ban list, and he’s not too happy about you carrying concealed handguns legally in public either even though it is rumored he has a New York permit to carry a snub-nose .38 of his own.

Apparently, he doesn’t want you and your kids protected from incoming criminal fire, either. Here’s the take on it from Armor 500, which sells bullet-resistant vests to law-abiding citizens.

And exactly how his bill, expected to be introduced next month, going to determine how FBI will determine who is qualified to be resistant to the gunfire of mad dog criminals?  It sounds as if it will require a NICS check.

Convicted felons are generally forbidden under current law to own body armor, and some states have additional penalties for committing a violent felony while wearing it, the rationale being that it shows an intent to get into a gunfight with police and is thus deserving of enhanced punishment.

After every wildly publicized mass murder, newspapers mention that it has become a cottage industry to sell backpacks with ballistic panels to parents for their kids to wear to school.

 Since the child is the ultimate user, I’m wondering exactly how the NICS check will apply.

And will this be an unfunded mandate on an already overburdened NICS check system?

That first link above has a guide to writing your representatives in Congress about this. 

Logical, critical thinking is clearly not the strong suit of the gun-banning crowd.


  1. The American Left wants subjects rather than citizens. They want to be shepherds over herds of sheep. Good sheep don’t have fangs or tough hides that can resist attack. Good sheep are fearful and defenseless and depend upon the shepherds to protect them.

    The Left’s Job #1 is to disarm the American people. Anything that can be seized upon to further that purpose will be used. The Left will gladly spin one false narrative after another to justify those ends. Whether it be that plastic guns are invisible to airport X-Ray scanners or Cop-Killer bullets or cheap, easily available Saturday-Night Specials or flexible Assault-weapon definitions or turning bump-stocks into machine guns or turning suppressors and body-armor into favorite tools for mass-murderers. Lets also not forget seizing upon mental illness as an excuse to create Red Flag Laws to disarm the sane. Anything goes for the “Lying Left”.

    Deana Chadwell wrote an excellent piece in which she says that Leftists live in a place called “Neverland”. Here is a link to it:

    Mas says that “critical thinking is clearly not the strong suit of the gun-banning crowd”. Deana Chadwell says that they have lost all touch with reality. Both Mas and Deana are correct when it comes to the great majority of the indoctrinated Left-Wingers. They are the ones who have become the sheep and they graze wherever directed by the shepherds.

    However, these thoughts don’t apply to the elite shepherds that want to run the show. No, they are not ignorant or out of touch with reality. Rather, they are all Marxist-style totalitarians that want to seize all the power and wealth for themselves. They are the true enemies of the American People. Their supporting sheep are merely “Useful Idiots” that functions as the tools of the tyrants that control them.

  2. Come on, everyone. It’s time to get on board and let the Left bring us to their paradise. They are much smarter than we are, and they know what is best for us. Why do we resist allowing them to make life in America better? Look at what they’ve done with Detroit and San Francisco. Surely we’ll all be better off when we stop questioning them and just let them rule us. Don’t resist the do-gooders.

    Seriously, I’m wondering if someone asked Chuck why he wouldn’t want a parent to buy body armor for their child. That would look like he was against protecting children. My guess is his answer would be that he doesn’t want children to have a need for body armor. I’m sure the average Leftist mom is horrified at the thought of her child needing to wear body armor. They don’t want to live in a neighborhood like that. A ballistic shield in a book bag? Maybe that is more acceptable, but I’m sure Leftist moms don’t want to think about unpleasant things like bullets. Icky, icky.

  3. Mad and friends:

    As we are building a range in Allen, where the El Paso Shooter lived, I have fielded some total wacko questions on the subject. Not one of my questioners cared that rifles figure in far few homicides than do knives, hands/fists/feet , or clubs/impact weapons.

    Body armor is already illegal for felons. I’m sure thevSenator from Manhattan already knows this. What’s his real endgame?

    It’s not about crime control; it’s about citizen disarmament. If the citizens are disarmed, the Government is no longer “Limited”. The Left is then free go “ fundamentally transform America”.

  4. Know ye, fellow plebeians, who must daily leave your homes,
    Soon HARPA will inform the Left what thoughts are in your domes,

    They’ll know that you own black guns, most semi-automatic,
    They’ll judge, by such possession, you’re a wild eyed fanatic,

    AI software will inform the Left which crimes you will commit,
    You’ll be red flagged for a no knock raid, an O Dark Thirty hit,

    These statements are not satire, read the featured piece below,
    The Left is moving quickly to list us all as “foes” …

    … “foes” as in “enemies of the state” … surreal but all too real!

    This HARPA monster is indeed frightening to contemplate. Just where is our Republic headed? Where, indeed?

    • While your poem is funny enough to make me want to cry, I would not take anything printed in the Swamp Pravda…er..excuse me…The Washington Post at face value.

      Remember, the Washington Post (and the New York Times, and CNN and MS-NBC and NPR and just about 90% of all other so-called media outlets in the U.S.A are nothing more or less than propaganda outlets for the DNC and the Left-Wing Marxists. The most dangerous thing that you can do is to give any credit to the stuff that they put out. Remember, these are the same people who LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE EVERY DAY for over TWO YEARS as they pushed the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax and Narrative.

      You need to always keep in mind that these people are ALWAYS pushing an agenda rather than the truth. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, used to be considered one of the greatest propagandists in all of history. However, I can now declare that he was a RANK AMATEUR compared to the legions of propagandists that the Leftists have working on the American People today.

      The worst thing that you can do is believe what these people say or to even think, for a single moment, that maybe there is at least SOME truth in what they write or broadcast. Instead, heed the wise words of Mark Twain who noted, more than a Century ago, that:

      “If you don’t read the newspapers, then you are uninformed. If you do read them, then you are misinformed.”

      Frankly, “misinformed” is too mild a word for what these propagandists are doing today. They are weaving a tapestry of lies so complex and in-depth that Iranian Persian-Rug Weavers turn GREEN with envy when they think of it! 🙂

  5. Why does every gun purchase require a background check? If I want to compete in a SASS match, I need a shotgun, a repeater, two handguns and 4 background checks. One is sufficient unless government really wants ALL guns registered!

    • Hey BG – if you have a concealed carry license/permit you do not need a background check for every purchase as it stands now. You just have to show it and confirm you are still at the same address.

      • Denise: That depends on your locale. It doesn’t work that way here (Oregon).

        Here, you get a background check run through the Oregon State Police, who in turn call NICS on your seller’s behalf, and charges you $10 for the privilege. This happens for EVERY sale, including at gun shows, and it’s even required for private transfers (no stats yet on compliance vs non-compliance with THAT statute).

        Got a CHL (Concealed Handgun License)? No problem … but no change to the process, either.

  6. Schumer reminds me of the Jews who worked for the Nazi’s to save their own ass in Schindler,s list. While the rest were gassed and thrown into ovens.In my life I have had many Jewish friends, it makes me wonder why any Jewish people would want to lose the right to arm themselves, considering the fight their ancestors put up in the Warsaw ghetto.Rest in Peace Brave Brothers and Sisters.

    • Because, as Rush Limbaugh recently said, they are Leftists first and Jews second. I think there is some truth to that idea.

      • TN_MAN,

        Excellent article by Deana Chadwell. I wonder if being out-of-touch with reality is a result of “affluenza.” Being wealthy allows us to get further away from reality. My guess is that poor people are more in touch with reality, even though they may daydream in order to escape it for a while. My guess is that if our wealth disappeared, and we were forced to scrape for the bare necessities of life, most of liberalism would disappear. It can only be sustained in a rich society. Then again, it is poor nations that try Communism, and people throughout time have been superstitious. However, I doubt if anyone in the past believed in more than two genders.

      • VinFromNewYork,

        I believe I heard Ben Shapiro say that most American Jews are atheists. I definitely heard him say that 60% were liberals who did not practice Judaism.

  7. If the Jewish people have a version of Excommunication like the Catholics, they should declare that on Schumer immediately as he’s only looking out for himself and not his fellows of all religions.

    He’s so evil, sharks and snakes will not bite him for fear of getting whatever he’s afflicted with. Jews have a saying, “Never Again” concerning the Holocaust and if we Americans do not wish to experience what they had in Europe during the 1930’s and 1940’s, we should follow their advice and arm ourselves against potential dictators, such as the 20+ Democrats currently running for POTUS. I wouldn’t be surprised if Schumer introduces a bill to make it a felony to resist illegal activity, even without weapons because that would endanger his most devoted supporters – criminals. One could accurately describe Schumer as the Patron Saint of Criminals because it seems everything he does benefits the bad guys/gals. If I was a patriotic American witch doctor, I would make a Voodoo doll of Chuck and put a curse on him (but his good buddy Satan would probably nullify it).

  8. I’m sure some people are OK with red flag laws. Here’s the problem; the Left considers Republicans to be mentally ill because we are all racists and have no compassion for others. The Left considers theists to be mentally ill because we believe in myths about the invisible man in the sky. Gun owners are mentally ill because we are paranoid, anti-government, and will go on a shooting rampage if we get ornery.

  9. @ Roger Willco – ” I wonder if being out-of-touch with reality is a result of ‘affluenza.’ ”

    The great debate in the social sciences used to be whether genetics or environment controlled human behavior. It was known as the “Nature vs. Nurture” debate. However, most intelligent researchers have come to realize that it is a false argument. It is like the old “How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin?” debate. It is generally acknowledged that both play a role. In other words, it is not “Nature OR Nurture” but rather “Nature AND Nurture”.

    So, yes, the protective bubble generated by having great wealth does create an environment that contributes to the “loss of reality” associated with extreme Left-Wing ideology. However, it is only one of many factors.

    I think it likely that there is a genetic component to the Right-Wing / Left-Wing ideological divide. I think that, genetically, about 50% of the population is predisposed toward each side with about 10% of the total population leaning toward the radical Left and with another 10% leaning toward the radical Right. However, I also believe that childhood experiences, including education (or indoctrination) and economic status also figuring into the mix. These early, developmental experiences combine with genetic predisposition to produce individual political worldviews.

    The actual dividing line comes from the question of Good and Evil. As I have noted before, Left-Wing ideology is based upon the concept that humans are inherently Good. Radical Right-Wing views are often based upon the concept that humans (or, perhaps, subsets of the human population) are inferior and totally evil. The middle, moderate viewpoint recognizes that humans are flawed (thus rejecting the root basis of Left-Wing ideology) but does not stray into the paranoid views of the extreme Right.

    In modern times, the extreme Left-Wing viewpoint is considerably more dangerous to mankind. It produces a “Blank Slate” view of humanity which, simultaneously, adopts humanism (self-worship) and big government totalitarian viewpoints. The basic leftist belief in the Goodness of mankind gives rise to Utopian visions of a Perfect (or as LBJ put it – A Great) Society. A Utopia to be achieve by Big Government and Big Government Programs.

    This results in Leftists being irresistibly drawn to Government (or other large organizations such as Academic, Large NGO’s, United Nation, etc.) service.

    Indeed, Leftist activity can best be visualized (or modeled) as if it was a virus. As you know, the way that viruses work is as follows:

    1) The virus invades the health cells in the body.
    2) The virus hijacks the reproductive machinery of the cell. It uses this machinery to make copies of itself.
    3) These copies are released to invade other health cells thus growing the infection.
    4) Eventually, if the virus is not killed off by the body’s defenses, the virus will destroy so much health tissue that the host dies.

    The Left-Wing virus works in exactly the same fashion as outlined above. Leftists, being attracted to government or other large organizations, seek and obtain jobs within the targeted entity. Thus beginning the infection.

    Once leftists are embedded within an organization, they hire only other leftists. Eventually, they hijack the organization and begin to control it. They then proceed to use the power of the organization, thus obtained, to indoctrinate (manufacture) other leftists. Thereby reproducing themselves. The newly indoctrinated leftists then spread out to infect other organizations. Eventually, Leftists control large sectors of the Government, Judiciary, Education, Media, Large businesses, and entertainment. This is the sad state of affairs in which the U.S. currently finds itself. President Donald Trump is acting as an “antibody” that is attempting to contain and destroy the infection.

    In extreme cases, the infection runs wild and takes over the entire country thereby creating a Socialist or Communist State. However, the seeds of destruction are sown even as the infection runs wild. The healthy parts of the economy are destroyed by the Socialist State so that sickness (falling health standards, falling production, lower standards of living, etc.) takes hold. In terminal cases (Current Example: Venezuela), conditions become so bad that the country becomes ripe for counter-revolution and the embedded Leftists may be killed or driven out of power.

    So, those who say that left-wing ideology (or progressive liberalism) is a “disease” are not so far from the truth. It does, after all, spread and reproduce in exactly the same way as the reproductive cycle of a contagious, viral disease. Also like a disease virus, if it is not cured, it will tend to kill the host in the end.

    • TN_MAN: You’re referring to the Iron Law of Bureaucracy, which says (paraphrasing) that in any bureaucracy, the people committed to the bureaucracy’s stated goals will eventually become the minority and be replaced and outnumbered by the people committed to the preservation and furtherance of the bureaucracy itself, and the latter will take control.

      Once that happens, as a friend says, the bureaucracy has only two operational mandates:
      1. Justify its existence, and
      2. Expand its domain.

      Unless and until disbanded and/or dissolved, no bureaucracy will ever willingly shrink its size or relinquish its power, and will avoid stagnation. It’s always grow, grow, grow.

      • @ Archer – The left-wing bureaucrat differs, somewhat, from the standard-issue one. In addition to the two operational mandates you listed above, the Leftist (if he truly believes) soothes his conscience by telling himself that he is working for the “Greater Good” of the “People”. He is working to build the Left-Wing Utopia for future generations. The regular bureaucrat has no such illusions and knows, in his heart, that he is working solely to extend the power and wealth of his own agency and, by extension, of himself.

        The Left-Wing Utopia has had many names depending upon the goals of the Leftist Movement pushing it. For the Communists, it was the “Worker’s Paradise”. For FDR, it was the “New Deal”. For LBJ, it was “The Great Society”. For the 21st Century, it is some kind of vague, ill-defined multi-cultural, diverse, social justice paradise with a “Green New Deal” tacked on for good measure.

        This higher vision of Utopia is what allows Leftists to constantly lie, cheat, smear and even use violence to push their agenda. They are doing it for the “People”, don’t you know? Leftists have always firmly believed that “The ends justify the means”.

        So, Left-Wing bureaucrats are worse then regular ones because they will never let up. C.S. Lewis nailed it when he said (and I quote):

        “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

      • TN_MAN,

        Christians look for Heaven in Heaven, after death. Leftists look for Heaven on earth now, or as soon as possible.

  10. Has an analysis of the NCIC Reform bill passed last year been done? I suspect that few people know that this passed already. Ask the gun control people: Which “mass shooting” would have been prevented by your new proposed law? If legislators are proposing bills that are against the Constitution – ask them to resign as they took a pledge to protect and defend the Constitution.

    (MAG40/80 Grad)

  11. If someone is shooting at you, the most a vest may do is neutralize what might have been the first killing shot or two. This is invaluable for the police officer because neutralizing the first one or two good hits may buy the officer enough time to use his own gun to solve the problem.

    I don’t see it buying that much for the unarmed target, assuming the killer has enough time to take as many shots as he needs.

  12. Isn’t it amazing that highly educated, or highly schooled, people want to write new laws for criminals who break laws? Yeah, that’s going to work. I don’t know how to prevent mass shootings, but I know how to shorten them; shoot back as quickly as possible. Jeff Cooper taught that when attacked by a criminal, the best response is an explosive counter-attack.

    Mass shooters use guns to kill tens of people. Some nations in the twentieth century used guns, gas, starvation and torture to kill tens of millions of people. The deluded Left says, “Trump is a dictator, give him all your guns.” At least when guns are used to commit mass murder I know how to defend against the murderers. If they ever switch to bombs, I don’t know how to defend against a bomb.

  13. Mas, we can blow all this rising anti-2nd chatter out of the water: let’s out these mass shootings as FAKE. They are fiction. Schumer is a royal a-hole and he hates independent people, especially whites.

    The media collude wholly in these fictions. How often are we shown hospital interviews and corpses—even allowing the decency of neutralized faces to respect families? Bloody shooting scenes? I invite everyone to search “crisis actors.” If we look at these media reports forensically they are easily debunked.

    We can’t compete with the NWO’s lie machine but we can label them fairy tales.

    The NWO wants the guns and it cannot dissolve our borders ore tax us into austerity until it gets them.

    • David, don’t fall for the “deniers'” BS. These tragic atrocities are happening. I know people who’ve responded to the scenes.

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