It’s not just New York State that has reacted to the Bruen decision with venomously anti-gun legislation.  It’s California, too.

Since the video below was made, the grim proposal missed passage by only a single vote. However, prohibitionists are promising to try again to get it through.

Allow 55 minutes to listen to the pro-gun lobbyist who totally fisks this terrible proposal. And harken to his warning: if you sit there smug that you don’t live in those places, you’re overlooking the lobbyist’s warning that these canaries in the mineshaft are alerting you to forces who want the same Draconian laws where you live.


  1. I think Rick Travis’s analogy of the Battle of Midway was good, the only difference is that unlike then, we aren’t going to see total victory three years from now. I doubt we will see it in three decades. Leftists don’t play by the same rules. I know some of us know this, but not enough in America do and/or care. Also, change the makeup of SCOTUS and America is over.

    I’m usually a glass half full kind of guy, but I’m also realistic. We live in precarious times.

  2. If the howling horde of leftists in the U.S. Congress and in state legislatures continue to spit in the face of the U.S. Supreme Court by passing oppressive, anti-gun “mala prohibita” laws with frightening frequency, worn out American gun owners could eventually lose all respect for the nonsensical, draconian laws targeting them unfairly and unjustly.

    American gun owners might consequently commence acting and behaving only according to the simple moral code of “good or evil” that has existed for thousands of years, a code followed dutifully by persons who valued and who still value character, courage, faith, honor, integrity, loyalty, persistence, resilience, selflessness, strength and valor, positive traits abhorred and mocked by caterwauling, woke leftists currently in power.

    It is quite possible that wide open regions of the USA distant from leftist-administered urban hellholes may be closer to experiencing such a dramatic, consequential change in the degree of respect shown for the rule of (totally unnecessary “mala prohibita”) laws than any of us may realize now in September 2022.

    Let’s all commit today to vote in November 2022 to emplace reasonable, sane law makers in the U.S. Congress and in all state legislatures. This upcoming election may constitute our last chance to cast ballots to elect zealous advocates and stalwart defenders of the Second Amendment. So, make your votes count! Above all, be absolutely certain who counts your votes and how your votes are counted!

  3. Nothing in this presentation surprised me. I have long known that the ultimate goal of the American Left is firearms-prohibition. They are totalitarians. They seek permanent political power. They can never sit easy in power as long as the American People are armed. Therefore, firearms-prohibition is a political-survival necessity for them. Either they disarm The People or, else, they will ultimately fail and lose power.

    That is the greatest fear of the Left. It is their nightmare. It is the terror that wakes them, screaming, in the night. To no longer be in control. Leftists are the ultimate “Control Freaks”. Without power, without control, they are NOTHING! They would rather be dead then out-of-power.

    Therefore, there is (literally) nothing that they won’t do to maintain power. No limits. They will lie, cheat, betray, use indoctrination, use propaganda, use character assassination, use prison for their political opponents (witness the January 6th Political Prisoners), use torture. They will establish concentration camps. They will commit genocide. They have no God but power. No morality except narcissistic self-worship.

    They will use the Constitution for toilet paper if it stands in their way to obtaining and holding political power. So, is it really any surprise to anybody that they would contrive a set of laws that represent the “Death of a Thousand Cuts” for the Right to Bear Arms in California?

    The mistake that 2A supporters make is assuming that the American Left consists of basically decent people who just have a bunch of wrong ideas and who need to be educated to understand the American Way. We need to move past such ideas. The American Left consists of EVIL TOTALITARIANS. They rank right up there with the worst humans who have ever lived on this planet.

    We have played patty-cake with these people for far too long. If you tolerate EVIL it will not get better on its own. Evil must be confronted and opposed. Otherwise, it just gets stronger. This Nation is becoming a perfect example of this fact.

    To save America, the American Left must lose power. We must make their nightmare come true. Otherwise, they will make our nightmares come true!

    BTW, there was one error in the linked presentation. The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery. It did not establish the income tax. That was the 16th Amendment. One speaker, in the presentation, got these two Amendments confused.

    • TN Man,

      I don’t disagree with you.

      Now it’s time to decide what we are going to do. We have the soapbox, ballot box, jury box, and finally the cartridge box to support and uphold the other boxes.

      It does little good to win in court if the other side doesn’t abide by what the folks in the jury box decide.


      • Esteemed Vince Dagiel, I hope that you will agree that control of emotions is essential to preserving the 2nd Amendment. Leftist passive aggression must not produce anything like an angry violent response. Wars are much easier to start than to stop. Right now the battle can be won at the ballot box if ballot harvesting and other deceptions are eliminated.

  4. WA state will be next. The WA Governor & AG both follow 2A related CA laws, so once CA finally gets them passed – and the legal challenges settled – we’ll have them too.

    • Oregon, too, except our bill is being done by ballot initiative. The People will vote on it (read: Portland will pass it for everyone).

      This has several unfortunate implications. First, the anti-gunners in the Legislature (that is, most of them) don’t have to self-identify by voting for it; they are “hands-off” here. Second, ballot initiatives cannot be undone by the Legislature for a set time period (IIRC, a year) — not that they’d be inclined to do so, but they couldn’t even if they were. Third, I believe the courts are also somewhat hamstrung when it comes to challenging ballot initiatives for a time.

      This proposal contains several items on anti-gunners’ wish lists and will be a disaster for peaceable gun culture. Things like creating a new licensing scheme to purchase a firearm — a license which requires hands-on safe-gun-handling training from law enforcement, but the proposal does not require departments to provide training or provision funding for it (also, how do you prove you can safely load and unload a weapon for which you’re not yet allowed to take possession?). It also bans magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, with grandfathering only if you can prove you owned it before the ban took effect, and such mags can only be at home or an established gun range (do NOT be caught carrying them in your CCW gun). And other things, but these — especially the licensing quagmire — are the biggest ones.

      And we’ll be stuck with it for a while, since once it’s passed nobody is allowed to do anything about it immediately. (And historically, the longer a law is in place, the less likely it is to be repealed or overturned — yet another trend that works in the anti-gunners’ favor.)

  5. One comment: “A people get the government they deserve!” Californians elected these communists, they can live under the communist rules. I have no sympathy!

    • Once upon a time, I’d agree. But I’m a conservative/libertarian Oregonian, which means my direct vote — along with most of my friends’ and family members’ votes — get drowned out by Portland and Multnomah County, and because of funky district boundaries the Left has an uncontested super-majority in both chambers of the Legislature. (As an example, when Oregon picked up an additional Congressional seat, all the rural districts except one were re-drawn with a “finger” that stretches into the Portland area, virtually guaranteeing that our new House rep will be a Democrat.)

      In short: We effectively have little-to-no voice.

      And so I do sympathize with the reasonable, peaceable California residents who get dragged along by the lawless population centers and have no recourse. Doubly so the ones who, due to family roots or long-standing tradition (think: 3rd- or 4th-generation farmers on their family’s ancestral acreage, which can never be replaced), cannot easily uproot and are effectively stuck in place. The vast majority of those did not vote for the Leftists and Woke-sters, but are getting them anyway, good and hard.

  6. A bit off-topic but still related to the theme of firearms-prohibition. The gun-grabbers have created a new tool to use. See this link:

    Better start making plans to only pay cash for guns and ammo, folks! Leave that American Express card at home when you go shopping for such items.

    Remember, Big Brother is watching you!

    P.S. – Clearly, the American Left sees George Orwell’s novel “1984” as a playbook rather than as a cautionary tale.

  7. As a law-abiding citizen, I never really worried about buying guns from FFLs with a credit card. With the current state of things I wish I had made all my firearm purchases with cash thru private party sales. Still perfectly legal but no paper trail. Of course there was only one constitutional carry state back in the day so legal concealed carry required a government permit. Oh well, if the Left gets their way we will all be felons soon anyway. Let the fun begin!


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