1. Mas,
    Any estimate when the Kindle version will be out…..?
    I’m a Merchant Marine and paper books don’t travel well !

  2. The book is an absolute read for any armed citizen! Mas goes into personal experiences and cites several legal issues that should be considered when deciding to carry. Open carry vs concealed, big gun or small, belly band, ankle holster, leather vs kydex, and every other type of carry methods. IDPA accomplishments and why the Armed Citizen may want to participate.

    *Sorry I had to cancel the class and I hope Karl forwarded my email to you and Marty. As I type this, I am nursing a flu/cold bug that bit me too, not a great way to try and focus on the class. Plus, exposing others wouldn’t be received well.

    Stay safe, maybe next year?

  3. Hey, neat! I hadn’t heard about the book yet . . . just put it on my Amazon wish list for the next time I’m shopping. Happy Friday!

  4. That’s great news, Mas! My copy is on the way. As long as you keep writing them, I’ll keep buying them & reading them. I usually give a few of them as gifts to family members & friends, too.

  5. Thanks Mas, will be on the lookout for it. Any chance we’ll see another Complete Book of Handguns from you? I’ve bought them every year since the first one you wrote in 1993 and still read them to this day!