1. Mas: Is that a Glock Sport/Combat holster I see on you in that last shot? What better to wear at GSSF? 😉

  2. I didn’t know about the once-a-year discount purchase for members. Good info to know! Why doesn’t every gun make(r) have a shooting organization like that? All the more reason why Glocks rock!

  3. Beautifully written article.

    “…that’s what recreation is about: getting you cleansed for a while of the hassles of daily life and work, so you can go back and perform your mission better, and keep the cycles of life and purpose going.”

    Good stuff.

  4. Great article – and photos! I just joined GSSF and am really looking forward to my first event…if and when the snow ever melts. Thanks Mas, for all you do!

  5. Mas,

    Next time your out NYC-way, I’d be happy to host you at the range I belong to. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump north of the city in Orange County, NY.

  6. “Shooting gets your mind off things via the same mechanism as extreme sports: the focus on safety and performance has to be so total that everything else is pushed out of your mind. That’s what makes it so refreshing and relaxing, as well as fun…a point that lots of people who don’t understand the “gun culture” miss.”

    Really well said and I bet it’s true but probably overlooked in other extreme sports.


    Yeah I wish other manufactures did similar events. Mainly, Springfield or S&W. But to be fair, I know Springfield occasionally goes to ranges and let’s you demo their guns (or at least they used to).

  7. Glock hit a home run with GSSF. It is the perfect entry level competition , bringing new shooters in every year. The other manufactures should pay attention. Since the biggest increase in new gun owners is the CCW crowd, events that encourage proficiency and fun among new gun owners is one of the best avenues to protect our 2A rights.

    I didn’t manage to catch up with you last year at Dawsonville GA, I heard you had ammo problems. It was my first match and I was hooked.

  8. Total focus also means fully loading the magazine BEFORE you hand it off to the shooter on the line. 🙂 Bet you were happy to head out to NYC in a hurry! 😀

    Thanks for coming out to play with us at Central FloridaRPC!

  9. Winston, you have a good eye for holsters.

    Tom, you ain’t kiddin’. After handing that gal a magazine that was one round short, I should’ve fled to New York just on general principles. 🙂


  10. Mas was dead on in the new Backwoods Mag, Gun mounted light article. Just a few ago Josh our Brittany, got to barking and I felt like something was up. peeped the blind and saw movement up at barn. grabbed the maglite and the marlin and went that way..about 1/2 way up.move again from around the coop, lit it up-Big Boxer! Shot twice nearly off hip-trying to hold the big ass lite and the .22 the boxer got low on 2nd round, may have hit or scared not sure, he bolted at that. I went on up, all looked ok, was barefooted so came back in…now to key the nerves down!

    late nite in SC

  11. Leaving Florida to fly to New York City must have felt like flying into the UK or Russia. Did you have to leave your guns behind or does your LEO status allow you to take them into the Big APPLe? The article was great. The pleasure I receive from shooting is reinforced by reading your articles.

  12. Good going Mas!

    I am still working at getting ready for my first GSSF match. GSSF says it takes 2-4 weeks to process a new membership. I decided to wait getting a G17 and use my new membership for a discount. Still waiting for the membership card. Laid in 3600 rnds for practice and got 100 D-1 targets. Also purchased those Geezer sights you recommended.