Attorney and gun expert Ryan Cleckner has written an excellent article on the flaws in the theories and proposed legislation of “gun control.”

Read it here.

Many thanks to Attorney Cleckner, and to gun owners’ civil rights advocate Dave Workman for bringing it to our attention.

Read it here: .

Many thanks to Attorney Cleckner, and to gun owners’ civil rights advocate Dave Workman for bringing it to our attention.


  1. Throw anything against the wall and see what sticks. Unfortunately the SCOTUS has seemingly failed WE THE PEOPLE at several levels and it is to be determined “what will stick.”

    Optimism, skepticism and pessimism all go hand in hand. I’m a skeptic who remains optimistic.

  2. Preaching to the Choir, Mas.

    Listing all of the reasons why the Leftist push for Firearms Prohibition is illogical and ineffective totally misses the point. Everybody needs to understand one UNIVERSAL TRUTH about the Left:

    UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Leftists do not care one “Hoot in Hades” about whether the legislation/regulations/executive-orders that they pass are effective and beneficial to the People. That whole concept is UTTERLY MEANINGLESS to a Leftist. From the Left-Wing perspective, the ONLY REASON to pass legislation/regulations/executive-orders is to ADVANCE Left-wing Ideology and to enhance the POLITICAL POWER of the Left. Leftist will, indeed, use lies and deceit to CLAIM that their efforts are of benefit to the People. They will even work to create a POLITICAL CRISIS solely so that they can EXPLOIT it to advance their agenda and gain more POWER. However, truly SOLVING the PROBLEMS of the People is the LAST THING that Leftists want to do. Quite the contrary. Leftists thrive in a climate of deceit, crisis, and exploitation. They push policies that create and enhance such a climate. A climate of Peace and Prosperity would destroy them.

    If anyone doubt the validity of the UNIVERSAL TRUTH which I just stated above, I invite you to simply review recent history. Among the many, many, many examples of “Crisis and Exploitation”, these stand out:

    1) The Left pushes policies, such as racial division, weakening the police, early release of felons, elimination of bail, a revolving prison system, gun-free zones, (the list is practically endless), so as to create a climate of fear of criminals and of violence in our society. They then exploit this climate of fear (that they help manufacture) to push for firearm-prohibition laws and regulations. The ultimate goal being to disarm the American People. Once disarmed, the Leftists will install a Socialist/Communist Government and there will be little or no means available to get out of it. You know the old saying: “You can vote yourself into Socialism, but you have to shoot your way out”. The Leftists want to MAKE CERTAIN that the American People will NEVER be ABLE to “shoot their way out” of the Leftist strangle-hold on Political Power.

    2) The Left gets their friend and political ally, the ChiCom’s, to engineer and release a biological weapon upon America and Western Europe. The weapon is COVID-19. Once the weapon is deployed (they wait until the 2020 Election Year to deploy the weapon so as to have MAXIMUM EFFECT), they use the resulting crisis to sow fear among the People, to attack and remove their political enemies (such as Donald Trump) and to expand and tighten their grip on POWER. Once again, we see the Leftist pattern. Create a crisis and then exploit it to gain political power.

    The fact is that Brexit (June 2016) and the Election of Donald Trump as POTUS (November 2016) spooked the Worldwide Left. They were afraid that a strong resistance movement to their left-wing ideological movement was forming. Their instinct was to “nip it in the bud”.

    They immediately went on a constant attack against President Trump. They tied up his Administration but failed in their efforts to remove him or drive him from POWER. Worse yet, his policies were highly effective and set the Left, and the Chinese, back considerably. COVID-19 was their MASSIVE COUNTER-STRIKE against Brexit and, especially, against Donald Trump. They poured every resource that they had into their counter-strike and, to their great relief, the COVID-19 effort, combined with some targeted voting fraud, was successful.

    Of course, the Left will claim (and many will believe) that all of the above is just another “crazy, Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory” and will dismiss my above comments as those of a “Right-Wing Nut”. Well, you (Dear Reader) are free to believe whatever you wish to believe. If you want to swallow the constant stream of left-wing propaganda that pours out of the Anti-American Media and believe all of the myths propagated by the Left: (A) Donald Trump was a Russian Agent, (B) COVID-19 developed spontaneously in a “Chinese Animal Market” and just happened to strike during an election year by chance, (C) the Police are all Racists and should be abolished, (D) the criminals in our prisons are all victims of a White Racist State and ought to be released, (E) the World will end in 12 years due to Climate Change unless drastic measures are taken to expand the Leftist grip on POWER so that they can save the World from Destruction, (F) there are at least 47 (or is it 147?) different genders in the Human Species alone, and (G) disarming the People will usher in a Golden Age of Peace and Non-Violence, then go right ahead and believe those things.

    From my point of view, I will put my “conspiracy theories” up against the above Left-Wing ones any day of the Week. Yes Sir, I will take that Pepsi Challenge! 🙂

    To get back to my initial point, it does no good to speak logic and reason to the Left. Their ideology has NOTHING (and I do mean NOTHING) to do with being reasonable or providing help and support to the People. They are totally IDEOLOGY DRIVEN. They care nothing about logic, reason, or truth. You might claim that you are not speaking to the Left but to those in the middle who have not thought about these matters. Fair enough. However, the whisper of truth will carry little weight against the Left’s MEDIA MEGAPHONE of Anti-gun Propaganda. As Mark Twain noted: “A Lie can travel around the World while the Truth is tying it’s shoelaces”. We see the wisdom of Mark Twain verified every day. All you have to do is turn on your TV and switch it to an Anti-American Media Channel (like CNN) to see it in action with your own eyes.

    In other words, we are not dealing with Vulcans here. A Leftist is the “other side” of that coin!

    • TN_MAN:

      Don’t forget that bats, especially the Asian varieties are accessories to the crime of developing and releasing the Chinese virus upon the world, causing millions of unnecessary deaths. Without the bats, other animals like armadillos or porcupines would have to be used to make less effective viruses. It’s a good thing Chinese biological warfare scientists at Wuhan did not have a Sasquatch to work with. They missed that opportunity when Janet Reno visited China several years ago. 🙂

      Don’t rely on Mark Twain to much. Just because he’s an ancestor of pretty country singer Shania Twain doesn’t mean he’s not a racist who needs to be canceled and any statutes of him should be torn down immediately. Liberals will soon be debating who’s more racist, Mark Twain or Doctor Seuss. Lefties are even checking out Aesop and Homer who may well be serious racists of ancient times.

      Liberals are more like Klingons and Romulans. Pelosi may be related to the Gorn.

      • Not Klingons. Klingons have courage and a sense of honor. A leftists has neither.

        However, I will agree that, like Romulans, Leftists are “always so predictably treacherous.” (as the Vorta, Weyoun, noted in Deep Space Nine). So, that characteristic matches up 100 percent! 🙂

      • Revising my previous opinion on Nancy Pelosi, she resembles the Salt Vampire more than the Gorn on Star Trek. Interesting that actor Mark Lennard played both a Romulan and Vulcan on the TV series.

  3. Who Cares? I am sick of the slimy lawyers like Cleckner blowing smoke up my backside. He can whine and boo-hoo, about how unjust it all is and laugh all the way to the bank losing to those who would kill you,pretending to defend the gun community, through a legal system that is topped by self admitted pedophiles and communists. Here is one idea of something that would actually work. Counties and States around this land should charge Sheila Jackson Lee with Conspiracy to commit (mass) murder.
    Her bill and those signing on is going to get people killed. Those sent to enforce such laws as well as those who suddenly become felon’s with this attempt. People are going to die because of this woman’s bill. She has no legislative immunity against murder and several other high crimes. It at least puts these people on notice that they will be held responsible for such unconstitutional edicts, whether convicted or not. At the very least it starts a real conversation about holding them accountable for their actions.
    If someone comes in your house to kill you, you don’t whine and cry that what he is doing is wrong, you stop the threat, period. Well they are in the house now and Cleckner will bow down in the end and say Oh well that’s the law now. Got a better idea? I’d like to hear it as what the gun community has/is doing isn’t getting the job done.

  4. Great article, especially the last part where a gun registry is mentioned.

    We are taught to have good arguments so we can persuade people to believe truths. We need good arguments, to bolster the faith of those who agree with us, and to persuade those in the middle who can be persuaded by good arguments. But facts will not convince those who are determined to make us live in their gun-free utopia. I mean their gun-free for the serfs, but well-armed rulers’ utopia. Unfortunately the stupid American voters have elected a lot of Leftist tyrants to our government, and the idiots in blue states keep re-electing these tyrants. Exhibit A would be New York state, where the voters keep re-electing Cuomo, deBlasio and Schumer. The Left and their voters will not be persuaded by facts.

  5. I’d b fine with a system of universally AVAILABLE checks. Let me explain.

    George has a gun I want. Both private parties. There should be a toll free number, or website (both?) where George, who does not know ME that well, can check. He enters my NAME, exactly as it is in the Social Security System (note I did NOT inlcude the number). MY records are ALL under that name only. Date and city of birth also get supplied, and state of residence.
    With those FOUR data points, the odds of someone else with MY EXACT NAME, and date/city of birth, and presently living in my state, is vanishingly small. After entering that data, the system grinds and clicks, and spits out a reference number and a PROCEED or a DENY. George and I complete the sale.
    Note well.. NO information on what I am buying. Thus no national database of who owns what and where. No possibilty of confusing me with someone else with a similar name because the other three data points won’t match. No cost for George to access the system, he does not identify himself.

    He now knows I am not a “porohibited person” and can in good consciende conclude the sale. The worst “they” could do is learn that I bought something yesterday. Interstate transfers should be unrestricted. Anyone can access the system any time from anywhere. Seller keeps the reference number, in case I AM a FIP and later get caught.. He is off the hook cause he took the two minutes and checked me out.

    OH but the very fact they will NEVER put this sort of system in place is proof positive they really don’t give a rip about the background check. It really IS all about a national searchable database listing who has what, when it was bought and from whom, and where it is.

    How stupid to they REALLY think we are?

    • The problem I see with your system, and the reason it should never be allowed, is that anyone could access it. Like a potential employer, or a realtor, or landlord. Given the broad categories of “prohibited person,” which aren’t distinguished between in a go-no-go answer, it’s bad enough that a NICS downcheck prohibits firearm purchase.

    • Friend Tionico, not only a NATIONAL searchable database listing, but a listing available INTERNATIONALLY through puzzle palace hacking, monopolistic corporate attitudes, treason, etc. We really have to get after removing hostile foreign access and controls on our information system, especially regarding elections. The CCP is the latest wannabe global octopus, and needs to submit to OUR control as far as we can develop it. The battle is large, but not totally unmanageable. Sanctimonious “Utopian” devils will always devour each other, as is their fundamental nature.

  6. It’s a great article, but his claim (#4) that there is no “gun show loophole” is false. While it’s true that all FFL dealers at gun shows have to run background checks, there are many States where private sellers can sell their gun(s) to someone without having any background check conducted, and many of these sales happen at gun shows in those States. While it’s true as the author pointed out, that all sellers (licensed and private) are prohibited by federal law from selling to individuals they believe to be “prohibited persons”, it’s ridiculous to think that a private seller at a gun show (or any other locale) would have any clue about a potential buyer’s legal status. Plenty of felons have drivers licenses.

    I would be fine with universal background checks, if and only if, no permanent record of the background check or transaction was kept. There is no reason or need for that info to be kept by the government. Once the background check has been passed, the buyer should get his gun and the matter should be over and done with. But as I understand it, every attempt the democrats have made to get universal background checks passed has involved also registering each firearm sold into some database. THAT is NOT acceptable.

    • @ John Mohan – “I would be fine with universal background checks, if and only if, no permanent record of the background check or transaction was kept.”

      Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the Leftists are serious about fighting crime. As I pointed out in my previous comment, they are not. They are only serious about obtaining and expanding their political power and advancing their ideology.

      The linked article provided cases after case after case of where a mass-murderer passed a background check and then went on to kill many victims anyway. Do you really think that background checks accomplish anything positive? What is the purpose of a background check system? To prevent unsuitable people from obtaining arms? Or to place roadblocks in the path of honest citizens who wish to obtain arms?

      As the article pointed out, simply coming back to ask for an expansion of the current background check system is an admission that gun control policies do not work. Why then do we continue to try them? Because the left-wing media brainwashes us to think well of them with a constant stream of anti-gun/pro-gun control propaganda?

      There are thousands of gun control laws and regulations already on the books. They have not got the job done as far as preventing crime and mass-murder (although they work fine to suppress the 2nd Amendment which is their true purpose).

      What do you expect a so-called “Universal” system to accomplish besides even more infringement of our 2nd Amendment Rights?

      Proverbs 26:11 – As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.

      You support this push for universal background checks? For yet another step down the path of disarming the American People?

      I, for one, will not return to the vomit of more gun control. I will not play the fool for the American Left. I reject so-called “Universal Background Checks” and any other new form of infringement that the Left dreams up. It is time to roll back the folly of gun control rather than take yet another step down this foolish path.

    • No universal background checks period. the terms and details are too broad. If I want to lend my son a gun to shoot, according to the current wording, each of us would have to go thru a background check for each loaning of the gun. This is burdensome to our fundamental God given rights. I don’t trust giving any governmental entity an option (getting rid of a database or not) as they will always take the option of more information with the possibility of more control. In my state, I belong to a few gun blogs/topics of information. This community often buys and sells guns. I would have to say that 99.99999% of the sellers ask for state ID and one other option such as a CCW or voter ID card (preferably Republican ID). We as a community need to self govern as there are too many of the official government entities that wish to do that for us. That is not a good thing

  7. John M said “…I would be fine with universal background checks, if and only if, no permanent record of the background check or transaction was kept. There is no reason or need for that info to be kept by the government. Once the background check has been passed, the buyer should get his gun and the matter should be over and done with. But as I understand it, every attempt the democrats have made to get universal background checks passed has involved also registering each firearm sold into some database. THAT is NOT acceptable.”

    And there is the conundrum. “Database”, from the wise words of those in the know, anything on the internet is always on the internet and that includes a “database”.

  8. Looks to me like federalism is the answer. Let controversial issues be decided locally. Then we will see what works and what doesn’t. President Trump let the states decide how to react to the Wuhan flu. We can see how Florida and New York handled the crisis. Alcohol is legal in America, but there are dry counties. Different states have different drug laws. Gun laws should be the same, decided locally.

    The forcing of all states to have uniform laws on controversial issues is creating animosity among us. That is why we are in a cold civil war. Diverse people need diverse laws.

  9. The part of the 2nd Amendment that mentions “a well regulated militia” needs not to be overshadowed by anything. Armed and organized American citizens who can shoot well are always the ultimate fallback solution for stopping any power that has designs on controlling America, from without or from within. The enormous masses of CCP troops and agents, and the openly ruthless policies of the one-party PRC government, always need to be taken seriously. Every time the CCP rattles sabers I wonder how leaders of a free country like ours could be stupid enough to become compromised by such people and their classic tactics, but Bob’s your uncle, here we are.

  10. These arguments do not refute anti-gunners, they support them. 2A supporters will find these valid (they are), but we need to be careful of booby traps.

    6. Background Checks Won’t Stop Mass Shootings: For AGL (AntiGun Logic) this will simply mean there needs to be outright gun bans – punitive taxes & other regulation, registration, then … you know.
    8. Universal Background Checks Are Too Burdensome: AGL says “good!”. Who cares if it takes forever for your background check to go through.
    9. Universal Background Checks Create a De Facto Federal Gun Registry: Again, AGL says “a okey dokey, gun registry good”.

    • @ Akvusn eh – “These arguments do not refute anti-gunners…”

      Agreed. However, you need to realize that there is no argument that will refute the anti-gunners in their own minds. They are fanatics. Like their alcohol prohibitionist forefathers, modern day Firearm-Prohibitionists have the “Prohibition Mindset”. Their goal, their endgame, has always been the prohibition of firearms. No words of ours will ever change their minds.

      That is our problem. The desire to change their minds.

      Tell me, why is the Republican Party so weak? Is it because they are all cowards? Are all Republicans born without a spine? Is it a congenital defect? Are Republicans natural-born quislings?

      Or are all Republicans lacking in intelligence? All too often it seems that Republicans have well-earned their nickname of being “The Stupid Party”.

      In my opinion, the fault is that the Republican Party is still filled with Reasonable People.

      It is our reasonableness that defeats us. It is our reasonableness, in the face of the implacable fanaticism of the American Left, that is destroying America.

      The Movie, Darkest Hour, is about the early days of WW II. It is about the first few days when Winston Churchill took over as Prime Minister. In this movie, Churchill lacks support from within his own Party. Powerful members of his Party, such as Neville Chamberlain and Viscount Halifax, are convinced that the only way to deal with Hitler is to do a deal. They are quintessential “Reasonable Men” and their preferred way to cope with any problem is to negotiate a compromise. They wanted a peace deal so bad that they could taste it.

      Winston Churchill realized the truth. Hitler was a fanatic, and it was impossible to “do a deal” with him. In the movie, Churchill delivers a great line: “You cannot reason with a Tiger when your Head is in its Mouth”. Churchill knew that Hitler was beyond reason and that the only option for success was to utterly defeat him.

      This is the situation we face today. We have a Republican Party full of reasonable people. It is full of Chamberlains and Halifaxes.

      Playing the role of “The Reasonable Man” is a great concept under the Rule of Law. It works great when people mostly follow the rules. However, when fanatics decide that they do not need to follow the rules anymore. That they can treat the law like a doormat and spit upon the Constitution (which is exactly where the Democrats are today), then being reasonable will only get you defeated.

      I have absolutely NO INTEREST in sitting down with the supporters of the American Left. Of meeting them “halfway”. Of doing a deal with them. I have reached the same mindset as Churchill. We cannot reason with the Leftist Tiger while our head is in its mouth. There is no reasoning with the American Left.

      I reject reasonableness. It is the path to defeat and to the ultimate destruction of America. The only thing that I want to see is the complete and utter defeat of the American Left. Attempting to argue with the Left or refute them is utterly pointless. I only wonder what it will take to wake up the Republican Party, and the American People, to the deadly danger that the American Left represents.

      The American Left is dedicated to the destruction of America as a Representative Republic. They are dedicated to the transformation of America into a totalitarian Marxist, Socialist State. They represent the greatest danger, and the most implacable foe, that America has ever faced. The fact that they are an internal enemy with links to external threats, like the ChiComs, makes them far worse than any single internal or external enemy (such as the Civil War rebellion, Germany, Japan, or the USSR) that we have faced in the past. If we do not wake up and wrap our heads around the fact that reason is “off the table” and dedicate ourselves to the total defeat of the Left, then WE WILL follow the same fate as Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Russia, and dozens of other countries that have felt the yoke of Marxism.

      Our time to wake up and act grows short. The Leftists have amassed a vast amount of political power and control vast sectors of the media, government, education, and business. I am not sure that it is already too late to stop them. The Decline and Fall of America may already be past the “Point of No Return”.

      If so, then future historians should note that one major reason for our fall was the reasonableness of our own Conservative Leaders and their inability to understand or effectively deal with an opposition Party that was taken over by Left-Wing Fanatics.

    • Good article – along the same lines of thought as I have. When you look at how the revolutionaries acted, they did not resort to “use of arms” until they absolutely had to. Jackasses can talk all they want, it is not until they actually take action, that armed action must be used in return. And with that, a determined armed action.

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