Happy Valentine’s Day!

A lot of togetherness is about shared interests, and I’m fortunate to have married a self-styled “shooter-chick.” 

The Evil Princess and I haven’t been able to go to matches together for more than a year: pandemic and all that.  We went together to our first match in a while a week ago today, but she had pulled her knee and wasn’t up for standing and walking much, so she drove around photographing birds and such from the car while I was pulling triggers.

We have a nasty, rainy Valentine’s Day, so any gun stuff we do together will be cleaning guns. (Not for nothing did I pay for her to go to Armorer’s School, bwa-ha-ha.)

Hopefully, next Sunday she’ll be up and running and we’ll shoot a match together again.

Thanks to our friend Don for the bobbleheads.


  1. Fortunate indeed. Thankfully my wife also shares many of my interests, and we were both students of yours for MAG-40 and MAG-80 at FAS.

    It’s always funny to hear some of the arguments others have with their spouses so that they can spend money and time on firearms and training. My problem is the opposite; I have to pay for two of everything!

    • My EP and I, married only last June after 12+ years together, tried to make it lovey dovey but the weather plus several inconsiderate neighbors made grief for everyone. So, we’re rescheduling dinner for later in the week at a favorite Italian place. Stay sharp everyone!

  2. Great pair of esteemed Floridian Bobble-heads. Both should be shooting from prone from behind cover when practical. Such proven posture is indispensable for timely, secure shots at hostile, swamp-dwelling creatures in season. Identify and ambush all decisive specimens before looking to engage others. And the last targets keeping-and-bearing couples want to shoot are the reluctantly involved official ones. Let such “useful-idiots” pass by when existential to do so. Neutralize stupid hostiles from honey-trap pits CCP-style, at will. Always works. Covid-19 reclusion is a good time to practice such tactics with SAFE dry-firing. AFTER dry fire practice, remember to load with live rounds. 24-7 spherical security.

  3. Looking forward to meeting you in July at a MAG-40 event. Been through most of FAS handgun curriculum already. Should be a blast.

  4. My bride Diane The RedHaired Devil and I started shooting together when we were dating in 1971. Bonus is her love of gfine 1911’s

    Best shooting partner ever!

  5. My lovely spouse Bertha is 6′ 8″ tall and weighs 275 lbs before having breakfast, so doesn’t need a gun to defend herself. She has mentioned thinking about getting into shooting to spend more time with me and buying a Desert Eagle in .50 AE to carry in an ankle holster so it wouldn’t interfere with her voluptuous figure. She wants to go shooting but has trouble finding a pistol big enough to fit her hands. My Dan Wesson .44 Magnum and Super Redhawk in .480 Ruger comes close but she doesn’t care for revolvers. Usually when I’m out with Bertha, I don’t carry a firearm as no one will bother us, even when we go into biker bars in bad neighborhoods. For her upcoming birthday, I’m considering buying Bertha the new Auto Mag pistol or maybe a Wildey .475 like the one Charles Bronson used in Death Wish 3 and am saving up money for that purchase. Does anyone know a company which makes a good quality ankle holster for these pistols?

    • Friend Tom606. Aliengear might yield the most far-out design. I would put in for 2 custom-made Cordura models to be worn at the same time with Wildeys, for best balance while ambulating, especially after biker-bar closing time. The holsters normally need to ride on the outside of the ankles to keep one from having to walk too bowlegged. Depending on S.O. physiognomy and riding history (additional comments here are automatically canceled). Proven hand-cannon bearer for Amazons world-wide. Useful for passing toll-free through certain detectors, too. Recommended by the Anti-Anti-Anti-Antifa Association (AAAAA).

      • Thank you S.S. That’s very sound advice. Two Wildey pistols would make Bertha more balanced and agile when moving around, especially when she has a burly outlaw biker in each hand, choking them into unconsciousness while kicking another into submission. Bertha had applied for membership to AA (Amazons Anonymous) but was rejected because she exceeded their size limitations. My not-so-petite spouse does come from a very impressive family tree, being a niece of Janet Reno, a descendant of Eleanor Roosevelt, and even a cousin (on her mother’s side by marriage) of Michelle Obama. Bertha’s looking to find husbands for her two older and much larger sisters, Helga and Olga who affectionately nicknamed their little sister “Baby” because she’s the runt of the litter. If anyone knows any really huge guys out there, who’s not too picky about women, call me.

        I’m getting back to loading some more .50 BMG ammo as Bertha is now considering getting a Browning M2 and having it converted into a magazine fed pistol and packing it in a custom IWB holster.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!
    Unfortunately, my wife shares none of my interests in all-things-gun. Still, she received her customary roses and box of Godiva to celebrate the occasion, and in return, my 2 boxes of ammo are on the way. Never would have thought that a box of ammo would cost more than a box of Godiva, but. . .
    Take good care of the knee.
    Best wishes!

  7. My wife received her Ruger PC9 rifle as an early Valentines Day present. She instantly fell in love with it, but she hasn’t been able to shoot it much because of the weather, even with our own range literally right out the back door. Luckily, she never has a problem with my gun habits. I got lucky with her!

  8. Our Valentines Day present has been snow, freezing rain and ice. I know, doesn’t that just warm your heart? Have you guys been vaccinated yet? Stay safe because (as grandma used to say) we only ever get one of you.

    • I’ve had mine, due for first shot, and the EP’s is coming up. She would have had it by now but it conflicted with another vax she needed. Thanks for asking.

  9. I really don’t think that shooting at your S.O. is a good idea on Valentine’s Day or any other day.
    What’s that?
    Oh, never mind.

  10. One quick observation from a longtime Shooter… I taught my wife, safe FireArms handling early on in our 50 Year marriage… However, learning to Shoot Well requires a different Mindset than just Safe Handling.. So I traded Shooters Training with one of my High Accuracy Ammunition customers… I taught his wife, and he taught mine… We would double date to the Range on Saturday afternoons, shoot for a couple of hours, and then go to dinner… He was the local SWAT Training Officer, andI am a longtime FFL
    Holder, reTIRED High Accuracy Ammunition OEM & Shooter… Never teach your significant other to shoot, there is way to much baggage that gets in the way… By the By, both wives can outshoot their spouses with handguns, but we are clearly are better with long guns..

    • It depends on the student. I have taught 3 lady friends how to shoot, or shoot better and all three became excellent markspersons. Two of them were new to shooting and never fired a gun before while the third was a fellow police officer who wanted to improve after she saw me shoot during our time attending the police academy together. This attractive cop, a rarity in police work, ended up carrying a .45 pistol instead of the 9mm she was planning to carry and she was deadly with it. Unfortunately she didn’t continue to practice after we parted ways and reverted back to being an average shooter. The novices picked up shooting very quickly and within a couple of weeks, were running and gunning like seasoned IPSC competitors at the range where I had set up a basic combat course with multiple targets. Both started with .22 pistols but quickly graduated to .38 revolvers and 9mm pistols and one of them even shot my S&W model 29 with magnum loads pretty well. One decided to buy a SIG 225 and have me work over the action, while the other wanted me to build her a full house custom Colt Combat Commander in .45 ACP which I only charged her for the gun, parts, two extra magazines, and Teflon finish, and donated my labor. She took that pistol with her when she moved to Texas after getting a much higher paying job and I pity any attacker who’s in her sights.

      All three of these women were willing to learn and followed my instructions. They had questions about techniques, but never questioned my ability and didn’t argue with me. But then, I was never married to any of them and it may be a wife’s duty to challenge and aggravate her poor husband, so maybe I was just fortunate.

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