SHOT SHOW 2016, PART 4 — 8 Comments

  1. Looking at the Sample Victory .22 sort of reminds me of what the Japanese wound up with when they tried to Clone NAZI’s German Luger, an almost Mattel Toy looking gun, with an over sized trigger guard, and awkward appearing shape, and out of balance overall look!

  2. Mas, if you DO decide to model the new “Massad Ayoga” pants, just remember that, like your Speedo, the potato goes in the front.

  3. I’ll be passing on the yoga pants but the RifleMann sling is intriguing. I frequently shoot RH bolt action rifles left-handed. This is fine for light weight rifles but is difficult to impossible with heavier, longer guns. The ability to support a heavier rifle while cycling the bolt with my right would be a boon.

  4. As always…a very informative article…my wife was looking extra hard at the S&W Victory model .22 and reminding me our anniversary is coming up…ps…there are no ex-Marines….only former Marines…

  5. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, for you to convict the defendant of manslaughter, you have to believe he acted recklessly with his gun. You have seen the proof: he deactivates the safety devices on deadly weapons!”

    How often has this happened?

  6. Comrade Misfit, it’s quite commonly an issue in civil actions, and the prosecutor made it a big issue in one manslaughter case I worked on. I’ve heard of it (second hand) being an issue in other criminal cases.

  7. Sacrilege, Mas, that Jeff Cooper’s name is in a paragraph under a pair of 9mm pistols, even if they are 1911s! We know he’d call that abominations! Oh, well, I guess you two can discuss later…hopefully in your case, much, much later!

    Sorry, bud, couldn’t resist! Thanks for the reports.