SHOT SHOW 2016, PART 6 — 8 Comments

  1. I’m not so sure gun owners are in the minority. Surveys have shown a high 40% of households would answer that they had guns. The surveyors calculated mid 50%, base on other survey answers, if you counted people who would not answer for privacy concerns.

    We can not forget that in 2015 every 4 min for 365 day 24 hours a day, a back ground check for a gun(s) purchase was submitted.

  2. Mas, how many years of practical gun handling experience do you think is represented in that Board meeting photo?

  3. It is good to see John F. peeking out behind Marty. Many years ago John was running a house clearing excersize in an old farm house that was pretty well shot up. When my turn came I entered an upstairs bedroom and my attention was focused on the closet but suddenly realized that I had just turned my back on a corner of the room, I spun around and there was no target but John was. I flipped the muzzle of my 1911 up and I think both of our hearts missed a couple of beats. When the adrenaline is pumping be very,very careful!
    Last time I saw John, I believe, was at the Superdome in the New Orleans Shot show.