Hogue is making Knives for Sig Sauer, they are offer knives to match the grips on select firearms. Very nice I must say !!

Here we have two selections from many new models from Hogue.

EX-AO5 Automatic
OTF Automatic
A little something from Air Venturi.

Air guns for the young or old. One of my friends back home will appreciate the pics !!!!!
A new non-expanding round from Black Hills Ammunition. Offered in 100 and 124 grain 9mm.

Muzzle velocity is over 1200 fps promising 16″ of penetration. The Rep said they have not had any feeding issues with these two bullet designs.
Could not get close to the Geber booth all week until today, they have many new products for all of you this year.
From Kershaw and Zero Tolerance.

They did not have models or pricing listed for each blade, I will direct you to the website for further examination.