This is the only new product for 2018 from Century Arms. Rep said they may be hard to come by for some time. They sold more units than the first production run.

New from Safariland comes the small GLS holster, this is a retention holster. When you take your firing grip on the gun, the release is pressed allowing for the gun to deploy. Holster can be mounted to different platforms to suit your needs.

From Leupold, a fine set of Binoculars.

BX-4 Pro Guide HD in 12X50
BX-5 Santium HD in 15×56
BX-4 $500.00 range.
BX-5 $1,000.00 range.
From Lockdown comes a heavy duty drawer safe for pistols, gas strut assisted opening with an automatic led that turns on and off when opening and closing.
From Armalite,

Nothing new this year as they are in the process of moving out of Illinois, I understand as that is the place I call home.
A few nice pieces in the line however,
AR10TAC 16,18 and 20
A new rifle series from Savage, the 110 series.
These offerings are from Comp-Tac.

New for this year, the Warrior optics ready all Kydex construction OWB holster. Cant adjustable up to 140 degrees with a weapon retention adjustment. They also offer a matching double mag pouch.
In a joint effort with the NRA, they have come up with an option to mount a holster and mag pouches to a wheelchair. A tip of the cap is in order, nice job Comp-Tac.
Also from Comp-Tac,

They are coming out with pistol caliber carbine mag pouches for…..
Sig MPX.
CZ Scorpion.
New from Galco,

Quick slide (Gen2)
Kydex/Steerhide construction, along with a passive retention device at trigger.
Extreme Tuck,
Cowhide construction with a new tuckable polymer belt hook.
And a fine example of holster making from a while back.
Air guns are from Crosman, Laser is by Lasermax for the LCP 2
My last post from SHOT Show….

After many miles of walking and speaking with all the manufacturers this industry can provide, I survived my first SHOT Show campaign. At opening bell on Tuesday, to say I was overwhelmed was an understatement. 
However, as I got into my first day I felt at home and got into a groove. This week was a special week for me.To be able to come out here to Las Vegas and cover the greatest trade show on the planet was truly an honor and a privilege.
Final thoughts,
A reader asked me to share what I liked best from the show, well now……..
I have seen so many incredible products, firearms of all kinds, you name it. I really don’t know if it is possible to narrow it down to just one thing.
One of my favorite things was from Colt, the Night Cobra revolver left a lasting impression on me for sure.
My favorite thing you ask?
All the amazing people I met here this week, the firearms community is a great one. I am happy to be a small part of it.
I want to take a moment to thank Ilene and Dave Duffy from Backwoods Home Magazine, along with their staff for giving me the opportunity to be the eyes and ears for the magazine this year.
I want to give thanks to Gail Pepin for all her work posting everything I sent her for all of you to feast your eyes on. Gail, I couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you, sir, for having the confidence and trust in me to fill in for you while you couldn’t be here. Your vast knowledge of this industry is simply amazing and you were missed this year by many. 
To all the readers of the blog,
I hope you have enjoyed reading the material and looking at all the eye candy as well. I have enjoyed bringing it to you.
Until next time, 
Your man from SHOT signing off ✌
Jim Fitzpatrick


  1. I agree that the SHOT Show posts were great, and the pictures an added treat.
    Thanks to you Mas and the great folks at Backwoods Home.

  2. Great job by your intrepid reporter, Mas. It was the next best thing to being there. The pictures were terrific also.

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