SHOT SHOW DAY 3 — No Comments

  1. I saw a “civvie SCAR” at a local gun show back in December; even without shooting it, all the adjustable features should provide hours of fun!
    The “Circuit Judge” looks like a fun rifle, though a DA rifle trigger is interesting, and should make for interesting shooting. It is the first of the “Judge” line that I would be interested in owning. The handgun versions are just too bulky for me; snake-shot in my .44Spl revolver does for me.

  2. That shield on the Circuit Judge is a great idea! Now, any revolver cartridge could be made to be used in a rifle configuration. :o) I wonder if Taurus has thought about the possibilities of the design?
    Anyone for a .460 S&W version? :o)))

  3. Mas,
    Maybe I’m just a dumbass truck driver (which I am), but how the hell can you call a gun company reps agreeing to a 20% sales comission a BRIBE? Seems to me they were just desperate for sales and the sales rep drove a damn hard bargain. Maybe time for me to buy another Smith & Wesson if they’re that hard up for money.
    I will concede I wasn’t in the room, so I’ll withhold judgement for now.