Dispatches From the Front continue, courtesy of Our Man At SHOT, Jim Fitzpatrick:

From Benelli.

For the upcoming John Wick Chapter 3 Benelli M2, tricked out by Taran Tactical.
828U Sport. The sporting Over and Under. 12 guage with a 30″ barrel, walnut stock. $4399.00 The sporting Over and Under. 12 guage with a 30″ barrel, walnut stock. $4399.00
Super Black Eagle 3 New colors this year. Optifade Marsh / Midnight Bronze Cerakote. 12 guage with a 28″ barrel. $3199.00
Model 3000
A 12 gauge auto loader with a 28″ barrel.
Real tree Max-5 with Bronze Cerakote finish.

Visited the Stoeger booth to see new product, and attend their launch party for the new STR-9 pistol.

The newly launched STR-9 is a 15 round 9mm striker fired pistol. Features a 15 round magazine, reversible mag release and an integrated rail for mounting accessories. 4.17″ barrel with the pistol weighing in at 30.4 oz. Stoeger had these pistols set up in a simulator to try, not like shooting live fire, however
it gave me a chance to grip the pistol and get a feel for it. “I liked it”
Stoeger rolled out the Red carpet for their party for this pistol, food and drink were plentiful and it was a good event for all in attendance. I think this STR-9 will do very well.
During the Stoeger launch party, I was able to spend roughly 30 minutes talking to freelance writer Guy Neill from Front Sight Magazine. It was such a pleasure to speak with this gentleman. He has a vast knowledge of the industry and our conversation was great. Guy, it was a pleasure.

I found a few nice pieces while visiting the Ruger booth.

Two Precision bolt action rifles in .22 LR and .17 HMR. Both rifles have 15 round capacity with 28″ barrels.
Ruger Precision rifle in .308 Win.
10 round capacity, 20″ barrel on this one.
Ruger also introduced this year, a Security-9 with a very comfortable Hogue grip. It made this pistol for me much more pleasant in the hand.
The SR 1911 Competition pistol in 9mm, featuring 10+1 capacity, hand fitted slide and frame, competition barrel, machined aluminum magwell. Comes with adjustable rear target sights. This 1911 is ready to roll from the factory. $2499.00

NightHawk Custom.

The VIP model in Black with all hand carving. MSRP is north of 6k !!
The President.
The FireHawk

NightHawk pistols are built by hand to a very high standard, costly yes, but I believe you get what you pay for. These three models are no exception.

Standard Manufacturing.S333 Volleyfire in .22 Win Mag.

The frame is made from 7075 aluminum, and has an anodized finish. Barrel length is short at 1.25″ This is a two shot double action revolver, that features an articulated safety integral into the trigger and requires a deliberate pull of the trigger before the transfer bar will clear the firing pins and hammers. Will accept 22 Magnum bullets/or shot shells. $369.00

(WTF? E.P.)
New for spring 2019 from Tactical Walls.
In a partnership with Stack-On, Tactical Walls is introducing a safe option for the 1420M and the Rep said later this year for the 1450M. If you want a little extra safety behind the mirror or insert of choice, give this a look.

This is one of the products that I am most excited about !!!

High speed simulation, limited liability. They offer a full line of amazing quality training pistols and rifles, upon approaching them, you can’t tell they are not real weapons. These training rifles and pistols use 6mm BB’s at an effective range of 100 feet for rifle, and 75 for pistol. Full blow-back action, can also adjust the magazine so they will function without firing any BB’s, great for dry runs etc. They can be fully broken down like real firearms, cleaned, the whole bit. Again, truly amazing quality, very impressed indeed…… Compared to Sim rounds at about $1.00 a piece, this is extremely affordable. Weight of mags and entire platform simulate actual firearms. Awesome job KWA !!!


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