Our correspondent Jim Fitzpatrick finishes up with a potpourri of other cool gun stuff he spotted at the SHOT Show:

Full Conceal Inc. The VIPER is a product of a partnership between CAA and Full Conceal. It combines a converted CAA Micro Roni to fit with the M3D ( Converted Glock 19 Gen 4 ) This system combines for a powerful and compact weapon, one that will easily fit in a backpack or range bag. When Folded, it can be safely chambered and carry up to a 33 round mag. $1499.00
Gun Skins. These are pre-cut decals that come in a variety of patterns, for pistol, rifle, and even revolvers. They are peel and press, then heated carefully to conform. Surface MUST be properly cleaned prior to application for optimal results. $34.99 for pistols $64.99 for rifles.
Vara Safety. Vara’s “Reach” is a quick and safe storage solution that can be mounted anywhere you have an outlet nearby. This unit has a thumb print reader that you simultaneously access when you grip the firearm. Unit unlocks in under a half of second, this unit also has an internal backup battery for power outages, and is compatible with most pistols as it has a removable insert that matches your particular firearm. $299.00
Simtek. The Simtek wireless security sensor is a small sensor that allows you to monitor just about any space you desire. When light or motion is detected you will get immediate real-time push notifications and SMS alerts. 1 year battery life that is rechargeable. A minimal $4.00 per month monitoring fee applies, no contracts. $150.00
Red wolf Airsoft. The RWA Nighthawk Custom Agency Arms Agent 1 pistol. It very closely resembles it’s real counterpart in both appearance and function. This is a very attractive, yet effective, training tool. I am certain this training pistol will not disappoint.
Altamont Co. This is a limited edition, custom Smith &Wesson 629, .44 Magnum, designed and engraved by Merlin Enright. This is 1 of 300 only, Collectors Edition. It features spectacular engraving, stippled background and carved Eagle motifs. This truly is American engraving at it’s finest. A Certificate of Authenticity is included with purchase. $3240.00
221B Tactical. The Guardian Glove EXT Glove-Light System. This glove incorporates the lighting you need on the back of your hand ! Having both hands available while operating a light has it’s advantages. If you are a first responder or if you work with your hands for a living you’ll become safer and more efficient. Many uses in the field, or around the house. Give this one a look. $149.00
DuraCoat Firearm Finishes. DuraChrome by DuraCoat is available now in Chrome Gold ! This is an easy to use four step process. It is available in aerosol cans or liquid for application via professional spray equipment. $119.95
Shadow Systems. The MR918 is a multi-purpose 9mm that is designed to be used and abused. Whether in competition, carry, or at a weekend gun class this pistol is robustly built to take the punishment. Frame is compatible with existing G19 holsters, it has a flat faced trigger and a barrel made from 416R S.S. Slide is 17-4 S.S. Rear sights are solid Black, Hi-Vis Green outline tritium front. Two models to choose from, Combat and the Elite model show here. $999.00
Mag pump. The new PRO model takes the best of the standard and ELITE models and adds six extra adapters for Glock, Sig, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, and CZ and Ruger. The 50 round hopper can load up to 30 rounds in 30 seconds. $249.00
Sparrow Dynamics. The CRG-15 Grip is designed to be comfortable, functional, and aesthetically complementary to the modern look of the AR-15 platform. This a “non-pistol” grip that is affordable and simple to install / uninstall. $44.95
BarrelBuddy. BarrelBuddy provides a full 360 degree coverage while cleaning you barrels compared to minimal coverage with traditional patches. It compresses into the barrel / rifling and grooves for a more complete clean. BarrelBuddy is portable and disposable, and leaves no lint or fiber debris in the barrel. Simply attach a jag to your cleaning rod and push it through your barrel. One bag will cover about a dozen cleanings. Available in .22 through 12-Gauge. $9.99
Boston Leather Inc. 1 3/4″ Garrison Belt. This belt is 10-12 ounce, drum dyed full grain English bridle leather. Belt comes in Black or Brown, Silver buckle is standard. Buckle is also available in Black and Gold.
Boston Leather Inc.
Tourniquet Holder.
More and more people are carrying tourniquets these days, here is a fine example that you can carry on your belt via a belt clip.
Fits both C-A-T / SOF. Multiple colors are available.
Visit Website for pricing.
X Products. This is the XCM extended capacity modular 9mm magazine system. The fully modular 69 ish ( modularity changes capacity ) measures in at 5″ in diameter, giving the user extended capacity and to change magazine towers for a variety of configurations in 9mm. The magazine is almost entirely made of 6061 billet aluminum, the new design greatly improves function and reliability. Pre-order with March delivery. $199.00
Birchwood Casey. Birchwood Casey has introduced a new firearms cleaning solution that is blended from all-natural compounds. This new blend effectively cleans carbon deposits and is non-hazardous to the skin. $10.00
Shooter’s Choice. Shooter’s Choice is offering newly packaged cleaning kits in a variety of calibers to meet your needs. These kits include everything you need to properly clean your firearm. Compact packaging will not take up much space in your range bag. $24.99
Guard Dog Security. The Pro Shield Smart Bulletproof Backpack has been tested and certified by the National Institute of Justice. NIJ Level IIIA Certified and TSA approved. This Backpack has some nice features that include, a RFID compartment to protect ID’s, 20+ pockets for storage and a built in charging bank for mobile devices. In the world we now live in, this is a nice option to help keep kids safer in school. $189.99
Hardcore Defense. The Alpha Plus Binder insert is the newest offering for individual active shooter protection. When a backpack may be in a locker or in the back of a classroom when an incident occurs, this insert has a good chance of being with the user when needed. The Alpha Plus Binder provides full protection handgun and buckshot rounds. This insert will also resist 7.62x39mm AK-47, up to 2400fps and 5.56x45mm AR-15 fire up to 2850fps. At 3.9lbs for the 9×11.25″ insert, this is another piece to add to the users toolbox. $149.00
Molot Oruzhie. Imported by FIME the Vepr is built on the same standard as the RPK style machine guns. The Vepr is 50% more reinforced than a standard stamped AK rifle. The barrels are hammer forged and chrome lined. The techniques used on these barrels make them 4 to 5 times stronger. This model ( FM-AK74-21 ) 5.45×39 is equipped with original Molot factory’s ledt-side folding tubular stock. $1599.00
Vepr 7.62x39mm features a look similar to an AK, with a thumbhole buttstock and walnut foregrip. The hammer forged chrome lined barrel, and a scope rail is rivited for easy mounting of a side scope. Each rifle comes with high quality walnut furniture, and adjustable rear sight. $879.00
Dark Storm Industries. The DS-15 Typhoon pistol is an AR style pistol version of the ever popular flagship model DS-15 Typhoon. It features a 7.5″ barrel, a 6″ free floating m-lok hand guard, and an SB tactical SBA3 stabilizing brace. Available in 5.56 NATO and .300 Blackout. $1195
Umarex USA. This .50 caliber air rifle will push a 550 grain slug to 760 fps, and generates 705 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle. The recoil signature is not like a standard rifle. This air rifle is in a class all by itself. $799.00


  1. Where there any new or updated “Blast Diverters” introduce for 2019?
    I would like to see some effectiveness evaluations of this muzzle device genre.

  2. Great job reporting from the Shot Show again. It was almost like being there except for getting to shoot and all the other good stuff. 😉

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