Some current commentary courtesy of the editors at GUNS magazine, where I’ve written the monthly handgun column for a few decades.


  1. The American Left and Worldwide Left has achieved many victories. Here are just a few:

    1) They have centralized power in Government. This has had a corrupting effect that undercuts democratic principles. Power has been, steadily over the last century, taken away from The People and handed to bureaucrats. As is usually the case when power is centralized, positions in government become attractive to people who are, inherently, criminals and psychopaths. As a result, most National Governments (including our U.S. Government) are now corrupt, criminal, and hostile to the interests of the people they govern.

    2) The Left has co opted many other institutions and centers of power. Global business,the justice system, the news media, the entertainment industry, the education system, the medical system, big tech companies, big pharmaceutical companies, etc. have been corrupted with left-wing ideological brain-washing. Even the Sports industry has been infected and has “bent the knee (pardon the pun)” to left-wing ideology.

    3) The Left has constructed a “Two-tiered” Justice system. Lady Justice is no longer blind and she no longer wields her sword fairly. Rather, she has become the Left’s prostitute and shields the criminals, on the Left, while allowing “Lawfare” operations to continue (virtually unrestricted) against the Left’s enemies and any other defenders of decency and traditional American Values.

    4) The Left has poisoned the entire culture. They have normalized deviant behavior while criminalizing religious and moral behavior.

    Truly, the Left has done Satan’s Work over the last century. They have labored, tirelessly, to build Satan’s Kingdom here on earth and have succeeded beyond even his wildest dreams. The Evil Left is now a Global Movement.

    However, their ONE BIG FAILURE is in the area of the destruction of our 2nd Amendment Rights. For a century, the Left has labored (again tirelessly) to disarm the American People. They know that if they can disarm us, then they will have truly won. They will amass such power, combined with their global, governmental, and institutional powers, that it would be hard to foresee their fall again. They might well actually build “The Thousand Year Reich”. Only it would be a Leftist “Woke/Marxist” Reich rather than the Leftist “National Socialist” one envisioned by Hitler.

    They are failing on the 2A, however. Their firearms-prohibition efforts are flagging. There are now multiple Supreme Court decisions upholding the 2A as an individual Right. Constitutional carry is expanding across the land in response to the crime and violence that the Left has unleashed upon the American People. Gun sales have exploded for the same reason. See this link:

    The Left’s efforts, to disarm the People, are failing badly. It is the one thing that could ultimately doom their Reich. Thus, the desperate attempts to pass draconian anti-gun laws in the Blue States that they control and their shrill screams of pain. The Left is not use to losing and they don’t like it one bit!

    I expect them to continue to lose in this area. I expect, over the next few years, for them to lose additional court cases. I expect Constitutional Carry to continue to grow and for firearm sales to continue strongly.

    This is the one area that gives me HOPE. It is our Last and Best chance to defeat the Left’s “Thousand Year Reich”. Eventually, despite the indoctrination of the Left, the People will have enough of their nonsense. The rise of an Armed People is THE ONE THING that could sweep these Woke Fanatics into the dust bin of history. Like Moses, I may not live to see this “Promised Land” where freedom is renewed. However, history is a cycle and the wheel of history will, eventually, turn against the “Evil Left” despite all of their propaganda and indoctrination. God wills it!

    • Excellent comments, TN_MAN.

      The Left has attained power mostly through legal means. They have generally not used force. Many duped Americans vote for the Left’s policies and politicians. The rest of us are too tolerant to do anything more than complain with words. This is proper and civilized, I am not saying we should use force to get the Left out of power. Not until they come for our guns, like General Gage and Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith did.

      If I am not mistaken, George Soros does all kinds of bad things to America and the world, but he stays within the law somehow.

      Notice how our southern border is being invaded, but the invaders are not carrying guns and wearing uniforms, so we allow it.

      TN_MAN is right. America has been taken over by a “mostly peaceful” revolution. At least we can see what is going on, and warn each other. Accurate intelligence is very important. Is a time of violence coming? I don’t know, but it already started in some cities in the summer of 2020. Now the violence is just called “shoplifting” and “crime.” It’s not war yet.


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