I first met Ralph Mroz decades ago when he took one of my classes, and have followed his distinguished career ever since. Ralph became one of the most cogent and practical students and analysts of officer survival tactics, crime prevention strategies, and armed citizens’ self-defense skills.

He has recently retired from both teaching and writing.  Fortunately, however, he has archived a great deal of his writing in multiple volumes now available in electronic media.

I asked him how all you readers can access his work. He replied, “Probably the best link is to my Amazon author page.

All my books are there.”

Go thou and avail thyself.  You’ll find a lot of good material, some of which might someday save your life or that of someone you care about.


  1. Thanks, Mas. His books look very interesting (even the non-tactical ones). I’ll be giving them a read. Thanks for the referral.

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