You don’t have to be a geezer like me to appreciate great traditional stuff. Analog watches, classic cars…and well-crafted gunleather.

My latest such indulgence is a carry set – belt, holster, magazine pouch – from Master’s Holsters in Richmond, VA. The quality of the leather the molding, the “edging”: all very, very good. What the company calls their Heavy Duty Bullhide Gunbelt is rigid and fits perfectly in the semi-pancake belt loops of the open top holster. The rigid belt and complimentary fitting of the holster’s belt slots and their unique magazine pouch keep everything rigidly in the exact same spot where I put them.

Notice the niche for the bottom edge of attachment clip: ingenious and useful.

That magazine pouch bears mention. It attaches with a clip, a particularly strong one, with a protrusion at the bottom that fits into a special niche cut into the back of the leather body of the pouch. Seems to hold rock solid.  Fit is just right, for both pistol and magazine. It will hold the magazine bullet noses forward (as most of us who are serious about it prefer), or to the rear. That’s not just for contrarians: it allows you to reverse the pouch and carry it between belt and pants. That makes an already very concealable magazine pouch hug tighter to the body for even more discretion, without the discomfort of it being inside the waistband.

There was virtually no break-in required: after a just a couple of practice draws, the holster and I were old friends.  It’s alternately carrying a couple of my favorite Beretta 92 9mms with light-railed frames: a full size LTT from Ernest Langdon at Langdon Tactical Technologies, and a compact 92F done by Bill Wilson’s team at Wilson Combat.  (Yes, that classic traditional goodness again.)

Master’s Holsters are surprisingly low priced for their quality, and delivery was very quick. My thanks to Joe Wolking for tipping me off to this company’s work. You can get more info here.

Tilt angle of pancake style holster is just right to conceal full size Langdon Custom Beretta 92 LTT.
Mag pouch was fast, secure, and concealable right out of the package.


  1. I’m gonna have to look these guys up. I’m experimenting with an optical sight on a handgun and holster availability is……grossly lacking. After 50 odd years of being armed, I know what works for me and the marketplace is often unresponsive.

  2. I have you to thank for being a Berettaholic. I acquired a Model 86 15 years ago and it remains a dear friend. My son gave me an 84, and I have recently snagged an 81 and an 85. All of them make me look like a much better shot than I really am. The downside of the Cheetah series is a lack of well fitting holsters. I will check out Master’s and see what they have.

  3. I was hoping it was a local maker. Apparently, the product is produced in Turkey and imported. Doesn’t mean it may not be a quality product, but I was hoping for a local artisan.

    The contact link at the bottom of Mas’s post worked for me, but that appears to be a different contact than the “Ricmond” one. That one has an email button and they’ll get in touch with you.

  4. Mas
    Nothing to do with todays column,
    Just this Sir.
    Keep righting and I will keep reading, been doing it for a long time.

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