From Rob Morse, via “The Price of Liberty”:

Perspective is important…


  1. Yes, we have the facts on our side. The side that supports and defends the 2nd Amendment and civilian firearm ownership.

    Unfortunately, all the emotion, fear-mongering, and tools of propaganda and indoctrination are in the hands of the other side. All of them controlled by the American Left. The American Left (indeed, the Worldwide Left), uses emotion, fear, propaganda, indoctrination and corruption to stay in power. Logic and reason do not even enter into it.

    If human beings were truly rational creatures. If we were a species that deserved our scientific name of Homo Sapiens (in Latin: Wise Man), then the facts presented in the linked article would dominate all discussions about the rights and policies regarding firearms.

    Instead, we see actions like the ATF, of the Biden Administration, setting out to reclassify arm-brace firearms as NFA items. Have you read their proposed rulemaking? See this link:

    Look at the costs/benefits table. They admit that this change would cost over $100 million per year (and that is optimistic!) with the firearms industry being hurt to the tune of tens of millions more. In addition, millions of law-abiding Americans would be negatively impacted and be in danger of being classified as potential felons (overnight) with the stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen. Not to mention the impact on our 2nd Amendment Rights.

    What are all the benefits for all of this monetary cost and suffering? The ATF does not list even one single, solitary dollar in benefits. All they do is make some unproven assertions that it will strengthen NFA law and, perhaps, provide some public safety benefits. Which is spacious since these firearms are almost never used in crimes.

    Honestly, are these the actions of a rational species? Or is it the actions of a species driven by an irrational ideology and an unquenchable thirst for political power?

    Clearly, our species has been given a scientifically inaccurate name. The proper name for our species should be Homo Insanus (Insane Man). 🙂

    Given our species propensity toward fear-driven panic, propaganda manipulation / brainwashing, and repeated episodes of mass insanity and bloody warfare, Homo Insanus is a far, far, far more ACCURATE name for our species!

  2. Yes, “Homo Insanus,” not the flattering term, “Homo Sapiens.” We only appear wise when compared to the brute beasts. Even then, the Latin term for “smart,” “inventive” or “crafty” might be more accurate than the Latin term for “wise.”

    As I read that excellent article, “Facts About Guns and Using Them Here in the Fifty States,” a thought kept appearing in my brain. I kept remembering how the Left likes to say, “Follow the science,” when the science appears to be on their side. They will not follow the science when it comes to domestic gun use, nor will they follow it any time it conflicts with a tenet of their Marxist religion/philosophy.

  3. I wish that I could go back to the country where I grew up… But I’m already there and it appears to be gone forever.

    • Welcome to the New World Order as predicted by George H.W. Bush over thirty years ago in one of his speeches when he was occupying the White House.

  4. This is a great way to expose the gun grabbers’ agenda. After all, it was the Leftists who insisted on all the cost-benefit analyses at the federal level in the first place. The basic problem with gun control efforts is that they can never measure the value of having guns in the hands of responsible citizens, in terms of reduced crime, but they talk about the costs of having illegal guns in society. Politicians intend to sow discord any way that they can, and that will require getting guns away from law-abiding citizens.

  5. The deadly poison of media/mind control has permeated our society, but I still a twinkling of hope after reading this. Thanks

  6. I disagree: the gun grabbers aren’t insane, nor are they stupid. They know exactly what they are doing: ensuring their expected victims will be unable to resist future actions.

    That isn’t insane. It’s evil.

    The leaders aren’t people of good will with whom we have serious policy differences. They are power freaks who hold us and the state and federal constitutions in utter contempt.

    They demand to be allowed domination over all others. Look at their recent behavior toward anyone who doesn’t mouth their racist, collectivist, platitudes: shouted down, thrown out of restaurants, assaulted in the street, driven from their schools and their jobs, businesses bankrupted, firebombed, blacklisted, prosecuted.

    That is our future if we allow it, because that is their behavior today. Imagine their behavior if they take unbreakable power. They’re very close to winning.

    Anyone who resists is already denounced as a racist, a white supremacist, or a terrorist, and plenty of basically decent people including too many LEOs and military will believe them and cheer on their actions to destroy any who resist.

  7. I believe that to be effective in resisting the emotion, fear, propaganda, indoctrination and corruption of the anti-gunners we need to understand where and when this began. The paper “All the Way Down the Slippery Slope: Gun Prohibition in England and Some Lessons for Civil Liberties in America” by Professor Joseph E. Olson and Professor David B. Kopel, gives some insight.

    • Thanks for the citation. I look forward to reading it.

      I met a Brit while (re)taking a hunter’s safety course with my son when he took his hunter safety.

      Over lunch we talked about a lot including why he was in the US, hunting in the UK and the usual gun rights stuff (US v UK), (ect).

      He suggested the US could never end up like the UK (re gun rights & laws) because we had the Second Amendment.

      I laughed. I mentioned the Constitution and all the Amendments were only as good as those writing, enforcing and following the constitution. Or laws. Only so much paper as easily burned as money.

      It is our culture. Our beliefs. Or hearts and minds, not some papers or laws..

      Our society is going through a revolution.. a couple in fact. And every bit as significant as any before (industrial, civil war, etc). If not more so. And it is happening in the hearts and minds. Just like prohibition or any of so many lesson history, unintended consequences area thing.

      And sub species suggested above must surely share existence with homo ignoramus and homo hypocriticus. Likely, among others yet to be aptly named.

      • Opps. Fixed:

        ‘ It is our culture. Our beliefs. Our hearts and minds, not some papers or laws.

        ‘Just like prohibition or any of so many lesson of history, unintended consequences are a thing.’

  8. So far as the UK goes, you’d have to haunt some dusty, musty libraries to find it, but check out Firearms Control by Colin Greenwood, London, Rutledge & Keegan Paul, 1972. His conclusions at the time were that the Kingdom was safer when idiots and maniacs could freely purchase firearms. Now they seem to be running countries.

    Unfortunately, we seem to be living in interesting times. As Gobbels noted, if you lie long enough and hard enough people believe it. The “Fourth Estate” (press/media) seem to be all in on the program.

  9. Mas,
    Thanks for posting this link–it has great information!
    My brother, who spend a fair number of years in England and Europe working for Uncle Sam, observed that there is a significant difference in mentality on the other side of the Atlantic. Namely, that one could clearly observe the selection bias that happened when more independent, self-reliant souls came across the ocean in search of opportunity and freedom. I have much affection for the United Kingdom and its people (including many of my ancestors). But their continued self-reference as “subjects” is not purely nostalgic. They are more willing to sacrifice the individual for the theoretical good of the community…which veers toward socialism. Unfortunately, socialism relies on universal altruism to work effectively (and hence it has failed). Whereas free-market individualism harnesses the selfishness of the individual in the service of his/her community.
    Isn’t is ironic that the same people who only months ago were worried that we might have a new Hitler in the White House now, still, want to give more power to the Federal Government while stripping the people of their means to resist?
    Dante (The Divine Comedy) states God’s greatest gift to man is freedom.
    Benjamin Franklin published the sentiment that those who would sacrifice essential liberties in the pursuit of a little more personal security, neither deserve nor will long have either.
    The numbers given by Rob Morse may help us all educate (and thereby win the hearts and minds of) our neighbors in this critical battle for liberty.
    Best Regards,

  10. Mad or anyone,

    Do we know what crimes, if any, were the people that were arrested in the Denver hotel charged with? Were the firearms, magazines or ammo illegal in the city/state? Were any of them prohibited from possessing firearms? As far as I know they didn’t harm or threaten anyone. It would not be unusual for someone going to a high round count class to have 2 rifles, 2 pistols and 2000 rounds of ammo.

    • While one cannot trust the Anti-American Media, since they are always spinning a narrative of some sort or other, the criminal charges appear to be purely weapons related. See this news report:

      This report notes that: “Most of the charges are felony weapons possession, police said, adding that some of the suspects were prohibited from owning firearms.”

      The report does not indicate whether they will be charged with State or Federal crimes. It could be Federal charges if purely weapons related.

      Early on, the press tried to spin a narrative that these people where planning a mass shooting. The media always likes to whip up public fear so as to push for more firearms prohibition. However, it looks like the FBI is debunking that spin. Probably because there is nothing to support it and it was totally “made up” by the media. See the comments by the FBI buried in the body of the linked report above.

      Notice the media technique used here? The headline referenced the MLB All-Star Game so as to imply that a mass shooting was being planned. The information correcting this spin is included in the report (so they can’t be accused of outright falsehood) but it is buried deep. The media knows that most of the “Low Information Voters” will only skim the headline and will not bother to read and digest the entire article. Therefore, the headline is the tool always used to push the anti-gun narrative.

      There was no need to put the MLB game screaming in the headline since, as the story admits, it is a non-factor and is irrelevant. It was included purely for propaganda purposes so as to stoke fear and push the anti-gun agenda.

      So, even when the Anti-American Media “technically” tells the truth, they still find a way to lie and spin. To the American Left and their media propagandists, the truth and fact are simply items to be twisted to suit the narrative-of-the-day. They will gladly spin the facts, tell half-truths or even outright lie if it suits their narrative.

      The entire American Left, and the Democrat Party platforms, are all built upon a structure of pure deceit. The truth is not in any of these people!


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