1. Thanks for “sharing” because I had been meaning to order this book- and then life events distracted me for awhile. I just ordered a copy on Amazon: while the “reader reviews” link posted above was not functional (at least for me)- I saw overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon. Not surprising- in the spirit of the recent Mid-Summer Classic- the book reflects an All-Star lineup of authors. Also, I have read numerous publications and own several videos by Mas which remain in the “training library.” They are considered references- and they have been referenced many, many times over the years.

    I am looking forward to new readings that are NOT about gun control, fighting for 2A rights, NRA turmoil, disrespecting the flag…or any other stressor: real or manufactured (by media, politicians, etc.).

    Works like this make learning fun. I look forward to reading it. Keep up the good work.

    • Actually, Vin, I’m due for some more book reviews. The reason you’re seeing more 2A stuff here is that we’re in what’s probably the most committed, concerted, and powerful anti-gun rights push of our time, and we all have a responsibility to stay on top of it.

      • Just to be clear- I love all the 2A stuff I read here. In no way was I being critical of the content. This forum features contributions from well-informed folks that have actual “field experience.” This is where I recharge my batteries and arm myself with knowledge for the long fight ahead. The material here both educates and inspires.

        I also select crap to read in the media, Twitter, etc. which annoys or angers me- and that’s on me. But it is good to see what’s out there though for “war planning” purposes.

  2. What are expert friends for? Bought it, loved it, up for re-reads anytime, permanent collection.

  3. Hm. Looks like just the thing now that I’m starting up teaching NRA Basic Pistol (the hiatus was due to the absurd process of getting a NYS pistol permit). If there’s a bulk discount I’ll go for it. I’m about out of copies of “In The Gravest Extreme.”

    • James, I don’t sell books anymore or keep them in inventory. Catch me someplace and I’ll be happy to sign it. I’m at the RangeMaster Tactical Conference every year, the NRA show and Annual Meeting, and the Pin Shoot in Michigan.

    • Mas didn’t bat an eye when I walked up to him with a box full going all the way back to ‘In the Gravest Extreme’ at a MAG40.

  4. The book is well done, Mas – I picked it up some time ago and found it very useful, as usual with your work. I also recommend it to my CCH students. As for feeling like Tom Sawyer, I guess I sort of do, too, at least ‘once removed’, since I also am taken advantage of the work of your contributors. As far as Tam’s work is concerned, her blog is a regular stop for me besides her articles for Shooting Illustrated and some of the Recoil publications. I truly enjoy her writing style, including the sometimes odd connections she makes in her posts and articles. Great stuff, both of you!

  5. Thanks for the reminder. I meant to order this months ago. I just ordered it now & I can’t wait to read it.

  6. I had already forwarded Tamara Keel’s review to all the folk to whom I gave copies of “Straight Talk.” I just sent them a link to this blog post.