1. So, if I understand what I read, USA Today wants the NSSF, a private organization, to lobby to increase the budget of the ATF, a government organization. Why should any private organization seek to increase the budget and power of a government organization? What if, as the Founders believed, some people want to reduce the power, size and budgets of government organizations? What’s wrong with that? Everything is right with that.

    They just keep pushing. “They” refers to enemies of America who are citizens of America. They are destroying the greatest country in history. We are a model for the other nations of the world to imitate. The smart people in other nations imitate the good things about our country, and reject the bad things. Leftists talk about how terrible America is, while so many people will do anything to get here. It’s as though the immigrants are screaming, “Let us in! Let us in!” while Leftists broadcast how racist America is. Our nation is crumbling because half the voters refuse to educate themselves. They accept lies and reject the truth. They are making bad decisions, which will lead to bad outcomes.

    This is not going to end well.

    • Roger, you have to stop telling the truth and stating facts or the liberals will target you for cancellation. Beware, The Cancellator will be back for you!

  2. Around the campfire grandpa would tell us scary stories of places like Ruby Ridge, Waco, branch dividians, 1973 wounded knee among others and we believed him, we were so gullible back then.

  3. That piece by The Federalist is dated Wednesday 5/26 and refers to a coming USA Today investigative piece.
    USA Today published it 2:30am PDT Friday 5/28, with the (online) front-page headline “`Kitchen-table’ gun dealers rack up ATF violations nationwide” and its internal headline “Gun used in Odessa shooting shows risk when chain of illegal sale starts with home-based hobbyist dealers”.

    If you keep scrolling down you’ll see it keeps adding more articles at the bottom. They have a bottomless supply of this dreck!

    Yes, it’s filled with misrepresentation and mendacity. It’s published under the “Off Target Project” banner, which they describe as a collaboration with Bloomberg’s The Trace (“a nonprofit newsroom…”). They also give credit where due to Giffords and the Brady Bunch and the Violence Policy Center and the whole Hee Haw gang.

  4. Whatever it takes to sell papers, right? Newspapers – as with most if not all media – enjoy a protection from prosecution from false reporting – intentional or not – that most of us can only dream about. Accuracy is not necessary – nor often desirable – to sell papers.
    When was the last time you saw a mandated retraction or correction on the same (front) page as the incorrect story that caused it?
    I used to trust a local newspaper until I attended a public meeting, then read the meeting report in the paper the next day. Either we didn’t attend the same meeting or there was some major misunderstanding involved…

    • Quote: “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.” ~ Mark Twain

  5. Newspapers do not care about “news” or “truth” anymore. It’s about pushing a narrative they favor. Randolph Hearst, the father of “yellow journalism” would be proud.

  6. Does anyone other than hotel chains subscribe to that rag? Just like CNN in airports-propaganda for the masses.

  7. And those same Democrats are opening the doors of prisons, and letting criminals out on the street, declining to even arrest people committing crimes, and attacking anyone who tries to defend themselves.

    They’re evil, rotten, lying dirtbags.

    • Demoncrats are “Lying dog faced pony soldiers” as quoted by Crooked Joe.

      If the criminals recently released from American prisons and the illegal invaders pouring into our country stated they are Republicans or plan to be, the Demoncrats would have them rounded up immediately and summarily executed.

  8. As I’ve noted before, the entire rationale for the creation and continued existence of the BATFE is based upon left-wing ideology. It is as simple as this:

    1) The basic premise, underlying all left-wing ideologies, is that humans are inherently “Good” and, therefore, the sources for ALL of the EVILS in this WORLD come from external environmental factors.

    2) Given the above premise, the way to eliminate EVIL from the WORLD is to control mankind’s environment and, especially, to regulate and control those external social and material factors that are considered, by the Left, to be NEGATIVE FACTORS. In their minds, elimination of all negative factors should allow man’s natural “goodness” to shine and the left-wing utopia will magically spring forth. Heaven, on Earth, will be achieved.

    3) Among the most pernicious negative material factors, according to the Left, are alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. Indeed, the Left (with some foolish right-wing support) tried to totally ban alcohol a century ago during the “Prohibition” era. The result, of course, was a dismal failure. Such is always the results when left-wing ideology is taken from the “Ivory Tower” and actually implemented “on the ground”.

    4) Being unable to totally ban the above pernicious negative material factors, the Left (always a fan of the BIG GOVERNMENT approach) decided that the next best thing to do was to create a government agency to regulate these pernicious negative material factors. Hopefully, this agency will “regulate” these factors “to death” (from the Left’s perspective).

    The basic premise, of the expected USAToday article, is that (a) left-wing ideology to true and good, (b) the BATFE is doing good work in its efforts to regulate these pernicious negative material factors to death, and that (c) the NSSF is an evil organization since it does not support additional funding for the BATFE so that it may regulate the NSSF out of business.

    For a Leftist, this is all good stuff. However, for people (like myself) who utterly REJECT Left-wing ideology and who REJECT the false premise (that humanity is inherently good) behind it, the material in the likely article is ridiculous.

    From my perspective, the BATFE is an unconstitutional expansion of Government Power designed to implement dangerous and destructive left-wing ideas and concepts. I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to see either (a) the SCOTUS declare the entire concept of the BATFE to be unconstitutional, especially with regard to the 2nd Amendment or (b) see congress abolish the BATFE altogether.

    Sadly, these left-wing government agencies are, themselves, like pernicious weeds invading your lawn. Once they are established, it is the devils own time to get rid of them again!

    • Trying to get the U.S. Government to eliminate the BATFE and like asking Adolf Hitler to ban the Nazi Party or attempting to make a snowperson in Hell.

    • Very recently I was in a good place to watch a Netflix binge of all 35 episodes of the “Shooter” series with character Bob Lee Swagger! Too much a paranoid stigmatization of conservatism as inevitably extreme. Can be seen as a stalking horse for disarmament through showing gobs of of bloody shooting and battles. The last episode culminated in the arrival of a promotedly messianic, possibly “minority” (please excuse my skepticism of “racial” criteria) American President who is presented as obviously being here to save us all from the evil effects of “unwoke” resistance to “inevitable” socialist progressivism. We need to create and support more honest entertainment than that. Up with our Constitution!

  9. VOTER FRAUD VOTER FRAUD VOTER FRAUD. The “voters” DID NOT elect this imbecile, don’t play that game Mas, VOTER FRAUD VOTER FRAUD VOTER FRAUD!!!


    Never forget.

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