1. It has been unseasonably warm and dry here in Oregon the past few weeks. In the Valley (Willamette) it’s been in the 50’s and 60’s daytime and mostly in the low 40’s, with some mid-to-high 30’s overnight. Trees and plants are budding, they think it’s spring. I feel sorry for you folks in the east with all the cold and wet you have been getting. I guess that little rodent was right this year.

  2. Well, here at Bondi Beach in Sydney it’s averaging around the mid 80s every day, so I’m coping with lots of time in the surf. It’s difficult, but I’m a professional so I shall march on with neither hesitation nor fear.

  3. Minus 25 on Friday here in Michigan. We had a beautiful weekend with sunshine and temps in the 20s. Unfortunately it didn’t last as Monday started out at minus 10. Just dealing with it; trying to be patient!

  4. It’s this thing we call “winter.” In spite of dire predictions from “scientists” paid off by government grants from politicians who need to increase taxes to cover their profligate spending, we go through regular seasons. The seasons tend to vary in terms of intensity and duration — just like they have for at least 2,000 years of our history. The ice is dangerous, the snow is “backache city” if you have to shovel it. I predict the summer will be oppressively hot in some locales, more moderate in others. In my home state when we don’t like the weather, all we need do is stand still: it’ll change soon. Hope the Memphis conference went well, I’m sure Chuck and the others all did a first rate job.

  5. I was driving at 4 am in RI Saturday morning. Low temperature I saw was -8. We have had snow & temperatures well below average for more than a month. I shoveled snow from the roof (3 to 4 feet deep on one side). Then I shoveled around the sides & back of the house for drainage when the inevitable rains come.

    The good news? The exercise was good for me. Slow & steady.

    -15 at my son’s place in Wiscasset, ME Saturday. Cross country skiing when they can given the new baby.

  6. 74 and mostly sunny in Munson, Florida yesterday 🙂 Shooting in shorts! Bad things can happen when you leave Florida Buddy!

  7. Time to post about Polite Society ’15, Mas…John F. says your presentation on not seeing the obvious is getting kudos on his site. Share a little about that phenomenon with us, please!


  8. Old Fezzwig– JCP&L will keep your lights on for you — the system was in great shape when I retired from there — OH wait — that was 19 years ago — Good luck in that case.
    Here in Sebastian Fl, it was in the 80’s today and I spent the entire day Bass fishing — caught 10 .
    Wishing everyone in the cold places the best of luck and hoping it warms up fast .

  9. Wind chill down to 69º with maybe some light drizzle tomorrow during our Steel Challenge match so it’s pretty dang rough. Never got over 70 today either. Ah, the cruelty of Central Coast of CA weather. We’ll soldier on though. Oh, late getting this off but I finished dead last at the match. Curse you DA/SA gun!

  10. Bitter cold in southern WI the last 2 weeks and this coming week will be no better.

    Loading mounds of 9mm and .45acp in the hope that spring is just around the corner.

  11. After a bout of “balmy” (for North Central Montana) week or so it’s +20 and snowin blowin – could be much worse!

  12. It was 84 degrees today here in SoCal… t-shirt and shorts weather. We ran the A/C full blast all day. Supposed to go down to 52 tonight, hopefully won’t get over 78 tomorrow… Dang I MISS the cold of winter! You don’t have to shovel sunshine, but you can’t wear natty winter tweeds in it either 🙁