1. I fear there will be blood spilled after the election and not just from the looters using the disruption caused by this powerful storm… We shall see… Be safe

  2. Civil disturbance will erupt in the wake of the coming Presidential election, regardless of the outcome.

    Your sports team has a big loss, riot. Your sports team has a big win, riot in celebration.

  3. Mr. Ayoob. I respect you deeply and rely on you as a supporting source for lots of arguments. Please, please, do not sully your credibility by reporting people “trying to organize looting” without at least taking the trouble to do a quick internet search. I did one and sure enough, I found a dozen stories about it… unfortunately every single one of them referenced the same story from A story that they clearly skimmed and quite obviously failed to click through to the (handily linked) source material. All of which seems to be from individual actors who are likely making jokes in poor taste. Regardless of their intent, all of the responses to them I read (admittedly not all of the responses, No one has that kind of time) were along the lines of, “You’re dumb, shut up.” or “C’mon, boy, I’m on my porch waitin’ with my shotgun.” Not a single, “Hey, great idea, I’m on my way.”

  4. My wife and I plan on staying home election day (being retired and having voted early) and possibly the next.

    We are quite concerned about the possibility of civil disturbance if the election (presuming it even happens and the prez hasn’t declared ‘martial law[‘ in the wake of Sandy) doesn’t come out in the favor of the far left.

    I remember 1980. The polls were close and I voted, then went to bed early, getting several hours sleep prior to getting up at eleven to watch the returns throughout the night. Too close to call. Ha ha. LOL. I woke up, it was over and I was quite rested.
    I hope the same happens this election.

  5. There won’t be any riots after the election. There will be a sigh of relief…Stay locked and loaded even so…

  6. In the event that some future situation should provide Obama with an excuse to declare a state of Martial Law in America, then you should know what kind of people FEMA will use to enforce Obama’s Martial Law.

    Follow the below link to the story of the first graduating class of 231 members of Obama’s Civilian Youth Army, and their armored fighting vehicles that was recently held in Virginia.

    These 18 to 24 year old “Youths” are also graduates of Obama’s “AmeriCorp”, where presumably they were given what amounts to “Basic Training”, and only those considered totally loyal to Obama and his agenda were then sent on to the FEMA advanced weapons boot camp.

    We all need to learn exactly who and what we will be faced with, before the time that Obama decides to turn them loose on America.

    Remember; All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to sit by, and do nothing!

  7. Trevor, “civil disturbance may erupt in the wake of the coming Presidential election, depending on the outcome.”
    You don’t need twitter, the internet or a guy with greasy, stringy hair wearing camo to know that the possibility is real. History teaches us.
    I’ve lived too many years to ignore the reality. A riot for any reason or no reason. Do you remember the riots of the ’60s?
    How about the riots after the police officers were aquitted in the Rodney King arrest? The officers were later persecuted to pacify the criminals who tried to burn and loot their way through Los Angeles.
    A man saves his own life through use of deadly force, because the criminal was a (you pick the race) the country erupts in outrage.
    Until the criminals are arrested in a manner consistent with the seriousness of their crime and severly punished riot for no good reason will continue.
    Some people never outgrow being spoiled brats.

  8. Unfortunately, I have to be 900 miles from home the week of the election at a conference. I am driving rather then flying, and told my boss at the first sign of civil unrest I am out of there. I am bringing my full size home bob with me in case I have to walk a ways.

    I have also arranged for a friend to stay at my house with the family that week in case they need some backup.

    I am very scared about civil unrest no matter which way the election goes, but particularly if our traitor in chief loses.

  9. If our Dear Leader is determined to have lost by Wednesday morning following the election, he will certainly demand a re-count and possibly play the race card and call upon his fanatically devoted followers to so-called “peacefully protest” and keep him in power no matter the cost in lives or property. Like many dictators before him, the Messiah will resort to anything, including the Scorched Earth tactics used by Hitler and Stalin and others to retain power. I certainly hope there is no mass violence after the election, but will be prepared if members of certain racial groups decide to commit mayhem on a grand scale which would affect me and my family and friends. I’m a peaceful person, but if threatened with harm, I would be the last man anyone wants to mess around with. I have the means and the skills, all I need to have is the motive forced on me to act.

    If I sound bad, my hulking wife makes Attila the Hun look like a Girl Scout.

  10. OTOH if you get some tech-savvy people involved Twitter and such can also help organize the good folks and keep them informed.

  11. Having lived through one or more weather related critical incident and will most likley a few more, I have learned to make disaster preparedness multifaceted. A secure home base consists of looking after first aid equipment, water, food, fuel, shelter, clothing, a way to make electricity, tools to fix problems as they arise, communications, a way to see ad personal security. All are important, but must be in balance. Firearms and ammo are a part of the plan; but when weather is the primary threat, other equipment and preparation are the primary focus.

    Focus on the immediate threat and be aware of others from all directions. It is quite true, many of life’ lessons may be learned from the range. Including practice improves performance.

    Pray for the folks in Sandy’s path. Pray they learn the power of community and self-reliance.

  12. Thanks for posting that Mas. If anyone doubts that theives won’t be out looting and taking advantage of people, they are just plain stupid. That is just one reason to never let anyone steal your firearms. They may be your
    last line of defense.

  13. My advice to all is always stay ready for the unexpected all year long because you never know when trouble will come knocking. Always keep an adequate food supply, medicines, water, firearms at hand supply of ammo as part of your emergency plan. This way you stay ready from anything from a home invasion to a natural disaster at all times.