TAKING A SHOT AT S.H.O.T. — No Comments

  1. Isn’t it kind of strange, the guy is already backsliding on promises? Don’t they usually waite until they have actually taken office?

  2. Can’t wait to read your posts! But besides the hardware, please give us a sense of what PEOPLE in the industry are feeling and thinking. About the new administration, about the economy, about the acqisitions and mergers in the industry, about the changes from what was a plaid shirt and wool trousers sport to 11,000 dollar Elcan rifle scopes! You get the idea. Let us experience the taste of the cotton candy and sound of the calliope. Go get ’em Mas !!!

  3. “The President-elect is now admitting that he won’t be able to fulfill the promises he made before the election. I’ve always found it easier not to promise more than one can deliver, to begin with.”

    I too have found that not promising more than you can deliver is the way to go. I guess that’s why niether of us are politicians Mas.

    I’m slow, but I tend to “git ‘er done”, no matter how long it takes. I look forward to your Blog on the SHOT Show. It should be interesting.

    Take care and stay safe.


  4. Being L.E./ military, I’d love to read anything inside scoop-wise about any new U.S. military rifle systems, perhaps the new FN platform ? timelines of transition ? and maybe, just maybe. . . if you accidently find an ARMY General walking around aimlessly, would you please. . pretty-please introduce him to the Kimber rep. . . .again :~/

    looking forward to your reports, but it seems awful one-sided, all give and no get. . so. . on behalf of all your fans. . I’ll rough it out and volenteer to be your assistant. . sigh . .im here if you need me. lol stay safe, dont forget your walking shoes.

  5. Enjoy the show, the economy has hit hard here as in many other places and I will not be able to attend this year but do plan to make it next year. I also agree, here in the Carolina’s you can see that very little if any hunting arms have moved off the racks while all the “Evil Black Rifles” and some high capacity pistols have been tough to get hold of. What is very odd is unlike 94′ much of what I see moving is long arms and not handguns as much.

    I hope the administration will allow us to have such a show next year and not charge us with “unlawful gathering” and try to bust us on the RICO act or something. The next few months will be an interesting ride indeed.

  6. Mike Bane and Jim Shepard are hearing bad things from Washington. Interesting obama would destroy the one section of the economy that’s still working. The worse it gets the more you’ll be in demand, Mas, as a trainer and one the streets. Enjoy SHOT.

  7. “I’ve always found it easier not to promise more than one can deliver, to begin with.” Pardon me for playing Captain Obvious here Mass but anybody that’s spent any time with you knows you are about the farthest thing from a politician there is! Thank God:) If there’s a PC molecule in your body I haven’t been able to detect it. And I mean that as the highest compliment.

    A politician’s stock in trade is the promise sincerely delivered. The fulfillment of the promise though….. irrelevent to them 🙂 I notice it didn’t take Obama long to move his fulfillment dates to the “out” years.

    Where’s my bailout check anyway!?! I want to spend it on .223.

  8. keep up the good work mas!! As usuall the liberals are doing there usuall lying but no one ever holds them accountable for their actions! Alot of sheeple belive there lies and vate for them then deny it!! It’s too bad the american people have nomore morals and cannot tell the truth!! That’s why we lost vietnam, are loosing the war on terrior and will soon loose are 2nd amendment right’s!! No one believe’s in telling the truth anymore especially the liberals!!

  9. and yes us conservatives are not good spellers but at least I can admit it and tell the truth!!

  10. Cant wait to hear your reports from the SHOT show. Anxious to hear if Glock is going to have anything worth reporting, if they tried new things as often as S&W they would have cornered the market by now.

    Have fun!

  11. After our president elect’s meeting with the president of Mexico, I can only surmise that “black guns, and the like” are going to get a hard look, considering the sad state of affairs in Mexico.

  12. Big fan here Sir, I have been quietly reading your blog posts for some time now and think you have been doing a great job with it. My local gun store reported an immediate disappearance of Bushmaster AR-15’s and other similar models starting literally at midnight after the election results were in, mind boggling. I’m just glad I already had my tools before this new frenzy started.
    I am so jealous that you’re invited to SHOT, I hadn’t even heard of it until today but it sounds like a recurring dream I have 😉
    I can’t wait to hear what people are talking about there.. just watch out for the men in black, they’re listening too.

  13. Mas,

    I worry a lot less about the new president. So far, he has flip-flopped so much, he reminds me of Jimmy CARTER. He will be just as ineffective when he feels opposition and his party leaders tell him that it will cost votes in states like Florida, Michigan and other conservative, working class states.
    I also doubt that he has ever carried many pieces of legislation all the way through from draft to enactment.