I thought I’d share with you an interview I did a little while ago with the folks who are fighting for gun owners civil rights in San Diego. They’ve made some pretty dramatic strides.  The discussion was broadcast on The Gun Sports Radio Show and runs a tad over half an hour.

We covered a lot of topics.  How to deal with the immediate aftermath of a self-defense shooting (and no, it’s not “the conventional wisdom”).  How good people can get laws changed to promote their abilities to protect themselves and other people for whom they are responsible.

And some things in between…

It’s audio with some still pix the producers gathered up and put together.  The one of me in uniform goes back to the 1980s.

Damn…I’ve gotten old.

But that’s not important. The topics are what’s important, and they remain relevant, perhaps more today than ever.

Or you can find it here.


  1. I heard this original broadcast and was in that same Covina class and took it again in the following MAG40 class in Sacramento with you and Wes. After following your teachings for many years on YouTube and through your books, newsletters and articles all over, I still hold all other instruction up to your standard. It’s a high bar indeed. Thanks for all you do and all you’ve done Mas.

  2. Excellent presentation. I had the pleasure of attending Mas’ MAG-40 class last summer and the amount of information about defending yourself in court after defending yourself on the street is amazing. If you do take the class, make sure you mail your notes to yourself or Mas will kick your butt. Maybe he won’t do that, but you’ll kick yourself if you don’t and you have to appear in court as a defendant.

  3. Mas mentioned getting old. The one good thing is that time is fair, because it is the same for everyone. Rich or poor, young or old, male or female, free or slave, metric system or American Standard, 24 hours in a day, 30 days in a month, and 365 days in a year are the same for everyone.

    People often remark how time seems to go faster as they age. A year, as a proportion of our life span, does get smaller and smaller as we go along.

    Every year we watch our birthday and Christmas come and go. When you are five, you have seen five birthdays and Christmases come and go. One year is one-fifth (20%) of your life span. When you are sixty, you have seen sixty birthdays and Christmases come and go. One year is one-sixtieth of your life span. Imagine one pizza cut into five pieces, versus another pizza cut into sixty pieces. The five pieces, representing years, are big. The sixty pieces, also representing years, are really small.

  4. Mas,

    Great video! Great advice! Also, I got to hear you pronounce your name in the last minute, so that was helpful.

  5. Mas.

    Knock that stuff off. I’m tired of hearing about it.

    You’re not old. Period.

    You’re seasoned. Experienced. Filled with insight. Wise. Analytical. Well worn in.

    You are NOT old, unless you think you’re old.

    When you do get old, you’d better not quit. I want to see you on that range in a wheelchair with a sippy cup, teaching. The world needs your talents, and cannot tolerate retirement.


    • Christine,

      EXCELLENT POST! In our culture, we tend to think “old” is inferior, unless we are talking about hot rods and classic cars. In Islam, some young men grow beards, and try to look old, because they are trying to imitate Muhammad. Age is linked with wisdom, as you pointed out.

      I don’t know if old things have to be seen in a negative light. Young faces sure are beautiful, that’s for sure. Also, when it comes to machines, it is often the case that new machines replace and improve on old machines. But, old art is better than new art. Old architecture is better than new architecture. Castles look better than skyscrapers, for instance. Unless you have bad taste. Old music, both popular and classical, is better than new music. I know I am stating an opinion, but my opinion is shared by many people, and even many experts. Almost everyone loves old books and old movies.

      In the 1970s, we considered age 40 to be the beginning of “old.” In order to not be a hypocrite, I still consider 40 to be the beginning of “old,” although today’s people don’t like it when I say that. Because I am 58, I consider myself to have been an old man for the past 18 years. As a Christian, I believe each day brings me one step closer to Heaven. So, the older I get, the closer to Heaven I get.

      Bottom line; there are both good and bad things about being young. And, there are both good and bad things about being old. We might as well accept the things we cannot change. I loved Joan Rivers, but she tried so hard to remain young-looking. It’s easier, and less expensive, to grow old gracefully, or at least try to.

  6. This is off-topic but I would call this an item of good news:


    In my opinion, every firearm, accessory, ammunition manufacturer or 2nd Amendment Rights organization, still remaining the the Blue States, should IMMEDIATELY relocate to somewhere in Free America. There is no good reason, either politically or business-related, to linger in hostile territory IMHO.

    I am glad to see that S&W has “wised up”.

    • TN_MAN,

      Definitely good news. I’m glad smart people are trying to live among each other, and strengthen each other in red states. I’m glad the governments of those states are trying to help their citizens, not just tax them to death. Big companies moving from Communist states will lower tax revenues in the states they left, and raise them in their new home states.

      I wish all states would police their own borders, and keep Biden from flying or busing illegals into states which are not on the southern border. Border patrol is a function of the federal government, but if they refuse to do it, the states should do it to protect their citizens. Sure, the federal government will protest, but if the governors would stick up for their states sovereignty, their citizens would love and support them. Would this result in a standoff between the federal government, and a state government? Probably, and I’m OK with that. Conflict is inevitable, but let the Communists draw first blood, not the Patriots. The moral high ground is defensive. Aggressors go on the offensive.

      Being a pessimist, I see how Joe Biden is moving the illegal immigrants into red states. The illegal aliens will vote illegally if they can. If not, they will eventually become citizens, and vote for Democrats, so Biden’s party will win sooner or later. He wants to water down the voting base in red states, and turn those states purple, then blue. That’s what happened to Virginia. Time will tell who will prevail. Will it be the Patriots, or the Communists?

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