1. The market for them is booming, both here and overseas, the worldwide economic slump notwithstanding

    Your understanding of the relationship between economic slumps and security professionals is the inverse of mine. It seems to me that, whenever there’s an economic slump, demand for security professionals to protect the wealthy against the increasingly-unruly non-wealthy ought to rise.

  2. Interesting article Mas.

    “Virtual” kidnappings aren’t exactly new (I think) but using the mobile phone as part of it is a new twist. Although I couldn’t help but recall the O. Henry short story “The Ransom of Red Chief . . .”

  3. Right on, Fruitbat!

    Mas, I have no interest in this kind of work whatsoever, but your post was really fascinating to read nevertheless. Made me wish I had attended the conference even – you can sure write!

  4. We’ve now just seen the folly of police without guns (generally) – again – in Britain. Lessons here – for everyone, from politicians to bodyguards to “ordinary” people.

  5. Mas:

    Glad you mentioned Elijah Shaw; I stumbled onto his company’s website once and came away quite impressed. The man knows what he’s doing; glad to hear he tells it like it is, too!

    Mike H.

  6. Mas,

    I was honored to have had the chance to meet you at the conference. I’ve heard your name for quite some time now, and discovered that all the accolades were richly deserved. Continued success in all your endeavors, and I hope we get a chance to finish our conversation in the near future.

    Elijah Shaw, CEO
    Icon Services Corporation

  7. Elijah, it was great to finally meet you as well. You met expectations, and those expectations were high!