1. Hi Mas,
    The last time we talked was in 1983 when I attended an officer survival course at the Chapman Academy. From there I went on to attend a number of other schools and spent 16 yrs as a firearms instructor with the Alameda County County, CA Sheriff’s Office. Now retired and living in N. MI, I work part time at an indoor range. The lack of firearm knowledge among firearm owners is a real concern. Please emphasize to your readers (again……… and again) that they really will benefit from professional training.

  2. I suggest everyone stock up, practice up, and be ready to join the civilian security force Obama wants to implement. If we are a part of it we can prevent it from becoming a band of thugs.

  3. This is what happens when you vote for the lesser of “Two Evils”. With the economy and country in shambles, people voted for Obama because he promised “CHANGE”. He was generally more charismatic and the majority of his policies sounded good to a suffering nation, at least better then McCain.

    I said majority, his views on the second amendment certainly leave something to be desired. So now you have people who knew full well about his pro gun control record, who voted for him, buying guns. They wanted change but also want guns.

    Careful what you wish for… So much for the lesser of two evils. If other candidates were not barred from debates and people are not made to think that only a democrat or republican can be president this kind of thing would less likely to occur. A choice of change would have been nice…


  4. I think it’s a “buy now” syndrome and not panic buys…

    I’ll explain, I’ve been eyeing a Ruger Mini-14 Target for months. However, I was holding off from buying any rifles. Why?

    Cause I live in a small rental, we are currently searching for a home to buy or land to build. My intent was to hold off on the larger rifles until I could get a safe. And not much point in buying a large heavy safe if you a) have no where to put it and b) hope to move soon.

    However, with Obama. I decided to start purchasing earlier than I planned. I had planned to wait until I was more settled and in a better economic position. But the truth of the matter, even though that might be a mere year or so away – it might also be too late.

    In fact, I mourn that there are other purchases I’ve wanted that are just outside my economics currently. And because of that fact I’ll probably never get to own a BMG, or a piston based AR or SCAR-S.

    Is it panic buying, no…it’s being forced to buy now because I likely won’t be able to later. I’m not buying anything I wouldn’t eventually have bought.

  5. I think that the Heller decision will make it somewhat more difficult to ban whole classes of firearms, at least as long as the Supreme Court maintains its current centrist-right makeup. What I believe are much more immediate threats to American gun owners will be bans on magazines with greater than 10-round capacity and all lead-based ammunition. That second ploy not only warms the hearts of gun haters but also pleases the radical environmentalists to whom Obama owes so much.

  6. What worries me more than banning (which they eventually will try) is the possibility of bringing to action his threatned 400-500% taxation on ammo and weapons (and possibly components). In this economy stating a “temporary tax” will help our country please support it, the kool aid kids will follow with support. That will slow sales, make more money for HIS goverment and give them time to draw up support for restrictions and bans.

  7. I have been in number of gun shops here in Missouri. The sales are just unbelievable. Some of the shop owners have told me that they have been in business a long time, and have never had such a run on guns and ammo.

    I do not trust Obama or any other gun grabber. The only way he can prove that he supports the Second Amendment, is sign pro gun legislation. Time will tell.

  8. While I think there is some “panic” in the recent buying surge, I like to take the optimistic approach and assign a large part of my desire to buy one or more guns to something other than fear.

    I can actually accomplish some good with acceleration of my purchase. First, I am exercising my right to keep and bear arms. As Tom Gresham likes to say, a right atrophies unless it is exercised regularly. Second, I like the idea of supporting our firearm and ammunition manufacturers during a very difficult and uncertain time. Third, although the election is over, I am continuing to vote – only with my dollars. I would love nothing more than the new administration and congress to see in very real terms how many of their constituents feel strongly about their second amendment rights. Might make them think twice before getting too hasty with onerous firearm legislation. The next election is only two years out and we all remember how many got booted out of office by angry gun owners last time.

    So sure, fear is there, but I prefer to channel my actions in a way that will result in positive outcome for the greater good. I still get the benefit of growing my own collection!

  9. Just attended the Fort Worth Gun Show today, in Fort Worth, Texas.

    Normally, at that show, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting either a table full of AKs/SKSs, or a bulk ammo dealer table, or a huge magazine display table.

    Today, all three were notably missing. I counted a total of SEVEN SKSs for sale at the show, all priced into the stratosphere. Two big displays of pistol mags, maybe three more of rifle mags. Few bulk ammo dealers, likewise with generally sky-high prices.

    Maybe 10-15% of the normal displays of AKs. I’m not much of an AR guy, but another friend who attended reports most of the AR stuff on display was low-quality, and NOTHING from high-quality manufacturers like Rock River.

    I was able to guide my younger cousin (a new shooter) to some good deals on some of the magazines and holsters she’s been looking for, but other than that, this show was a bust. Disturbing and disappointing, considering how good it usually is.

  10. About the only positive thing I predict from the Obama administration is an exponential increase in NRA and Second Amendment Foundation memberships. I am making everybody on my Christmas list an NRA member if they’re not already. If you go to and click the “Join NRA” button you get ten bucks off the dues.

  11. Not to discount the “Obama Effect” on firearm sales, but I also think that the poor economy, and along with it fears of food shortages, energy shortages, bankruptcy left and right, talk of devaluing the currency to pay for the Bailout and other things…. all this has unsettled people. It hasn’t made me run out and buy more guns, but I can see how it could influence others to do so.

  12. Mas,

    I live very near the Trail Boss in S.V. AZ. I noticed the sales moving briskly as I picked up some various ammunition the other day. I was purchasing for my 73 year old father since he doesn’t get to gun stores much.

    Anyhow, discussing this phenomenon with my 70 year old Mother she made an interesting point. She was wondering if it was not about buying before guns are banned, but more of buying in order to protect ones self and family from Obama’s followers?

    It’s not about race, but about the fact that pretty much every extremist group at state, national and international backed Obama for president.

  13. Guess the Obamists pulled the archived stuff or the link to his “Crime and Law Enforcement” is broken. Would have loved to seen it. It is good to see people spending money. It is in the good times and the bad times that people spend money on booze, guns, and gambling. I do think that our President Elect does have some common sense. If assassinated he will become an instant martyr to a certain demographic and their sympathizers. It is doubtful that they would practice the Civil Disobedience that Thoreau wrote about and King practiced. Therefore, he would be wise not to go about grabbing guns, ammo, and magazines. Good grief, I do not want to see that, but, as Thomas Paine said, “If their must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

  14. I know I’ve been making some discretionary purchases that I really can’t afford simply because I might not get another chance.This notion of banning certain types of guns does nothing to reduce crime & merely costs jobs & will put some manufacturer’s out of business.
    The sad fact is that at least half of the American public is ignorant to Obama’s plans & motives. His speeches are vague,ambiguous & portray him as some kind of pro-gun centrist .That just ain’t the facts folks.I think this guy got elected because people were uninformed & didn’t know for whom they were voting.

  15. I have seen many emotions displayed in the aftermath of elections over the decades such as joy and anger but this is the first election in my 56 year lifetime that I have noticed a great fear growing within the ranks of the citizens which is very telling.

    Interesting idea which someone posted regarding joining (infiltrating) Obama’s army. I suspect he would mostly recruit young naive robots who love to join “clubs”.
    Silencing conservative dissent (talk radio) would also serve Obama well in his War against the 2nd ammendment.

    The founding fathers knew our last line of defense against tyranny was the right to bear arms. Everyone willingly or grudgingly pays for home and car insurance every year. Rarely does one think about purchasing Freedom Insurance.
    It will be unfortunate but necessary when we have to exercise that policy.

    Fear the Government that fears your guns!

    Join the NRA today!

  16. When I tried the links provided to read of Obama’s plan, I found they were not working – no surprise.

  17. I tried very hard to give my money to my gunshop today but they jus didn’t have anything I was looking for. Barely a handfull of AR’s a single AK and not a high-cap AR or AK mag to be seen.

  18. I am looking for an all Stainless Steel ” M6 SCOUT ” Model number M69201 .22LR/410 exported by Springfield Armory – does any one know where I can purchase one?

  19. Don,
    The newspaper link marked with the word “here” in blue has apparently expired. However, they’ve posted the original back on the “” website seen in “Gail’s” comment, above.

  20. Mas,

    The day you were in Sierra Vista I was contemplating driving over to Gary’s shop and ordering a gun.

    If I had any “extra” money I’d be buying more guns right now. As it is I’m doing what I can to “stimulate” the economy by keeping Federal in business by buying bullets.

    In hard times, booze, sex and guns seem to sell well. Maybe I’ll open up a Bar with a Gunstore and Brothel “out back”.


  21. Hi Mas

    Love your link and check it every week

    On the November 14th comment, you advised that Obama’s Web site outlined his plan for firearms. And as you say, it has now been removed.

    You advised that it had been archived, and to check -Here- but the system advised that string could not be identified. How can I get this from your cache?

    Best Regards,


  22. Rossi, latest I knew it was back up on the “” website of the Obama transition team.


  23. I’ve heard rumors that some manufacturers of AR-type rifles are starting to warehouse most of the guns coming of the line in anticipation of a federal ban and huge price increase. Don’t know if it’s true, but it makes sense from a financial standpoint for the companies to do this. It sucks for the customers, because it has the added effect of shortening supply at a time when demand is sky high, driving prices higher much quicker than normal.

  24. asuguy, I can’t buy those rumors.

    The manufacturers are backordered by MONTHS as a result of the unprecedented demand, and they only get paid for guns they can sell and legally ship to the legal distributors and dealers. A ban could come down, at least in theory, as soon as the end of next month.

    The gunmakers are doing their damndest to get those guns shipped right NOW. It’s in their best interest. And ours.

  25. I’ve been doing my part to boost the economy and put some money in the pockets of some of my local firearm dealers. I’m in the same category as a couple others here, purchasing a few items that have been on my “short” list before they aren’t available. I managed to get a pretty good deal on an AK and a SA SOCOM 16, and I picked up a couple Glocks for my wife and I (His and Her combat tupperware) as Christmas presents.

    I’ll probably make a few more purchases before January 20th.

    I’d like to know what Mr. Obama and his friends think about the run on guns and ammo.

  26. Well, the President’s policy on so-called assault weapons has been formalized and posted on the White House website, so I guess we can all assume that he’s serious. The drumbeat to justify it has begun in the media, with the recent shooting of some youths in Miami by someone with an AK-style weapon. Here’s a link to a screen cap of their intentions, with the address embedded in the pic (pass around all you’d like):


  27. Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info