Didn’t the President say during the debates that protection of American citizens was among his highest priorities?  If so, what the hell happened at Benghazi?

New revelations continue to emerge, from credible sources.  Can the White House slough it off on the CIA?  General Petraeus says no: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2012/10/26/Petraeus-on-Benghazi-It-Wasnt-Me

And those who grieve for the close and innocent blood that was shed there, don’t seem to be impressed with the explanations emanating from Washington, either: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/father-slain-seal-who-made-decision-not-save-my-son_657782.html


  1. Thank you Mas… You know what I sent you, my background, and why this incident has me so very upset… “We shall see”… Be safe…

  2. It’s astonishing to me that because a Democrat is in the White House, he’s blamed for this. Wasn’t Bush in the White House when 3,000 people were killed? Not only did they die, but thousands more brave soldiers died at HIS request also.

  3. A set up. A giveaway to the brotherhood. Wake up America… T.V. networks don’t cover up. Prosecute the ex-prez next year. Where’s Congress? ….It’ll never happen.

  4. If the President had said that he did not want to risk any other lives in such a dangerous and out of control stituation, the American public would have been more understanding. Instead we get a bunch of crap about some movie nobody has ever heard of… I’m so glad to have voted all ready!

  5. As much as this charlie foxtrot in Benghazi makes me sick, I find it ironic given all the shortchange our troops were given in Iraq and Afghanistan. My dear friends were sent into combat with serious limits of gear, armor and ammo. My National Guard buddies were in way over their heads and treated like traitors if they questioned HQ push to the front.

    Yea, Benghazi is a coverup of some sort, but to make it the poster child of all things bad is a disservice to those to never came home from the sane because they were sold down the river as the US Army was all Rumsfeld had to fight his war with.

    If we want to go down the road of a coverup, then we better face the facts about how the leaders of this country have been behaving for quite a while. I am convinced Romney would have done the same thing as Obama for those same as-yet unreleased reasons.

    I was lucky to be playing quarterback at a flag football game in the University of Phoenix Cardinals stadium. I threw a perfect touchdown pass, if I do say so myself, then looked up at the names surround the arena. Pat Tillman’s name and number 42 hung with pride high up in the stadium. Pat died in 2004, five years before Obama, and if you want to talk about coverups, that one makes Benghazi look like a parking ticket.

    Please Mas, lets’s get back to guns and leave the boogie man to the those less informed.

  6. As I recall, Secretary Clinton said she took full responsibility for what happened. That being the case then the next words out of her mouth should have been ,” I therefor submit my resignation and will retire from Politics and public service”.

    If the Statesman we had when this country was founded were like the politicians we have today, we would have had a monarchy /dictator for sure.

    Please people, I know Mas is too nice of a guy to say anything; when writing your response, you can write it in a word processor like MS Word and paste it into the response box. I don’t mind long responses but deciphering the words can really make this this old guys eyes begin to water. Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

  7. Al, this is not about partisan politics. Bush has been gone for 4 years now, and we went to a justifiable war with the full support of Congress (including Democrats) to avenge 9/11 and avert further attacks. This is not the same scenario. The people who killed our ambassador and other brave Americans were put in place by this President and his Muslim Brotherhood allies. It was a coordinated attack, not the result of a video. That’s a CBS creation to protect the President. He had been warned of the attacks and refused to do anything preventative. Since you’ve already made the comparison of Obama and Bush, remember, it’s Bush who to this day visits veterans and greets them at airports when they return. Obama skips national security meetings, sleeps, refuses to attend patriotic events, and as the dad of one dead SEAL said recently, “Obama wouldn’t look me the eye and shook my hand like a dead fish.” You should think about what this father said. Notice that you’re one of the lone voices for Obama here. It may be time to reevaluate your position. Simply put, Obama lied, and four died…and he’s STILL lying.

  8. It is truly a sad day in America when our POTUS lies to not only the citizenry but the entire world about such a tragedy. May the men RIP.

  9. Like most issues tied to the current occupant of the oval office, this one seems deeper than being reported in “the media”. Can you say high crimes and misdemeanors? The truth of Obama’s agenda is layed bare in “Obama’s America 2016”. I recommend all see it. Remember, just because it’s propaganda, by definition, doesn’t mean it’s a lie.
    If you can vote for the current usurper in chief, you are an enemy of the state. It really is that simple.

  10. Bottom line: Four Americans died and the POTUS lied to all of us and the world for two weeks trying to cover up his ideology and/or incompetence to save his fast sinking reelection ship. I know it and so does everyone else.

    Obama has taught the majority of voting Americans that electing radical community organizers and limited experience incompetents to high political offices comes with grave perils to bear and harsh consequences to pay.

    The many Americans that helped put the lying corrupt ideologue in the Oval Office back in 2008 won’t make the same mistake in nine days. Good riddance…

  11. We the People. Have we forgotten that we hold the power to make things different. Next month I will be 51 years old. My Dad fought in WWII .When he came back one day after having another child making three at the time he sat down in a chair in the livingroom of the farm house, not to get up for a week. My oldest brother to him to the veterns hospital where he spent some time. He came home lost the farm and took a job in a mill. He fathered 4 other children for a total of 7. When he was 52 he was coon hunting and died on the mountain of a massive heart attack. Leaving my Mom who didn’t even have a 2nd grade education to support and raise 4 kids. I guess I’m just saying never give up on something you love no matter how grim things look. We can change America back to what it is susposed to be. Keep letting people know the truth and the direction we need to go. Make a difference Nov 6th and put Romney in office and look back at the last four years and say never again. All the Heros of this age and of past will not go unseen if we keep pushing and doing our part to make sure they did not die in vain. Our kids and there kid have more to lose than we do. Sacrifice what we have to but not our families, freedom or country. I’m not very good at puttting words on paper. Mas you have that gift. Keep up the fight know that your words are not just poured out to blow away in the wind. But are seed in the heart of the young and water on the hearts of the present. We the People have we forgotten.

  12. Can any one imagen how bad four years more of how bad thing well be if Obama president again four more years. Hey Mas why is your home state of New Hampshire give all of votes to Obama???

  13. I’m 69 years old and have never been as nervous about a presidential election in my life as this one. God help us if that “person” ges 4 more years to subvert the Constitution and put more socalistic policies in place. We are at a turning point in America and history will look back at this time and see where the course of things took a turn to the Left or Right. I pray enough intelligent people get out and vote to save our country and the ideals that our Founding Fathers set in place.

  14. The father of former Navy Seal Tyrone Woods blatantly lied when he said shaking hands with our malevolent Dear Leader was like “shaking hands with a dead fish”. Dead fish or for that matter live ones don’t have hands!

    Now, saying that the Anointed One’s hand felt like that of a slimy, foreign
    born Marxist dictator wannabe would be more accurate. I am certainly
    Hoping for a Change in White House residency in January 2013, if we are
    still alive after the projected Mayan Apolcalypse on December 21, 2012.

  15. This prezident says whatever his audience wants to hear as his “top priority.”
    Essentially everything he says is a lie. If he says it’s daytime, get out your lantern and if he says it’s dry get your umbrella.
    He lies even when the truth would would serve.
    It’s just one lie after another from him and his entire administration.

  16. I apologize to everyone who I’ve told previously that HillBilly was the Anti-Christ. I was two American presidents too early. Our current Dear Leader
    is without a doubt the most malevolent and despicable traitor ever to sit in
    the White House, even worst than FDR, who by his actions indirectly killed millions of innocent people around the world by conspiring with ‘Uncle Joe’ Stalin and other Communists who he admired and envied. The Anointed
    One has not knocked off that many folks yet, but given a chance with four more years in the Oval Office, he will cause untold misery and destruction to millions of Americans not to mention other people around the world who are financially and commercially connected to the U.S.A. Looking over my
    sample ballot, I doubt even the odd team of Rosanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan for POTUS is worse than Obama bin Biden. Who really needs the dreaded Mayan Apolcalypse when we have Farrakan’s diabolical Messiah ruling us?

  17. I feel that this was a sellout of our troops; we have never left anyone behind that I know of. They had people in place, but just didn’t put them to work. I remember that someone said that after the President was told about the attack, that he went to bed before finding out what had happened to the ambassador, can’t say if it is try or not, but if so he should be put up on charges. This man has never seemed like he has wanted to help this Country in my mind. He seems more worried about what people think of him, that is a shame; we need someone new and fast.

  18. Al get real , Bush never refused any extra security for the Twin Towers…And if a Heroic warior like Tyrone Woods had asked Bush for some overwatch ,To take out the morter that he lit up, we
    all know Bush would not have said “STAND DOWN ”
    Obama refused any assistance for the 7 hours that it took those terriosts to finally murder Woods !