1. I’m not sure but I think that the a———-ole was actually using 10 round mags and the AR malfunctioned so he dropped it and hauled a—-. The only good thing that happened was that the S-B had no clue! I want to see the “real” timeline so we can really evaluate the police response. Sheriff Insrial needs to take a long, careful look in the mirror!

  2. Mas, in your previous post you linked to the article which said the loser in Parkland used ten round magazines. Has that been verified? I also read somewhere that a photo showed he also had at least a couple of 30 round mags with him … If he only had ten rounders, it didn’t seem to slow him down, and no one took any opportunity to disarm him when he was reloading, did they?

      • If I recall correctly, the Columbine perpetrators also had mags no greater than 10 rounds each.

  3. I Agree, the best way to stop a lawless, Godless, thoughtless killer
    is with a HEADSHOT. This ain’t horseshoes and those are our kids.
    Either train with 100+ rounds per month or stay home and watch Oprah.

    and BTW…..we did land on the Moon.

  4. Mas,
    Sounds like you’re making the mistake of thinking logically, reasonably, and forming opinions based on facts and evidence. Be careful with that.

  5. You’ve interviewed a few hundred gunfight survivors. Has any good guy ever complained about having carried too much ammo after a gunfight?

  6. Regarding your astute comment “it also presumes that shooting ten people before the reload is somehow an acceptable casualty rate,” determined active shooters will just use more smaller cap mags anyway. If I recall correctly the Isla Vista / Santa Barbara CA shooter E. Rodger had many CA legal 10 round mags for his SIG and Glock pistols. It was only reciprocal gunfire from good guys with a gun (deputies) that interrupted or terminated his shooting at innocents.

  7. In view of facts, evidence, logic, and common sense, where blame from elected officials falls primarily on the gun or magazine, I can only conclude they care less about us. Or maybe it is they are incredibly ignorant AND care less about us.
    I’m sorry was this a “duh” statement?

  8. Correct me if I am wrong. It is already illegal to commit murder in all 50 States and most other countries world wide. There should be a Capital Punishment for murderers, especially mass murderers, carried out the NEXT business day after a jury conviction, IN PUBLIC, televised on ALL news outlets. This includes murders using; guns, knives, axes, hammers, machetes, swords, baseball bats, rocks, sticks, etc.
    The PUBLIC, TELEVISED execution will have much more effect than any additional restrictive law. (Mass murderers don’t abide by the BIG ONE (Don’t commit murder) so why would they obey any other lesser law?
    BTW In mass murders the person’s name should NEVER be published and all his public records should be collected and destroyed as if he NEVER existed.
    This would be effective!

  9. We are going to keep having these problems; because students, teachers and principles refuse to look in the mirror. I’m not saying this happens all the time, but more like 90% of the time, the misguided youth has been bullied, mistreated, ignored, abused and called/texted bad names by his/her fellow students and sometimes by his parents. Students, teachers and parents need to considier and change how they treat everyone.

  10. Mas, Antigun Politicians/Police Commanders have been promulgating this inexcusable policy against Law Abiding Civilians & their trained Police Officer/ Agents for decades.You wrote about slain NYPD Officer Scott Gadell( rip brother) decades ago.I saved most your articles. NYPD Police Commisioner Ray Kelly wanted to limit his cops to 10 round magazines post 9mm transition against PBA advice. The Left/ Dems will never give up attempting to eradicate the 2A by incrementalism by banning Bump Stocks, flash hiders,pistol grips,semi Autos,so called Hi Cap mags and AR15 Assault weapons, etc. Next is ” Sniper style Deer Rifles with scopes, lethal street sweeping shotguns,and anything else their Marxist, Saul Alinsky minds can collusively conjure up.We all know the firearm or any tool is a force multiplier, an Archimedes lever for Good Men and Bad.Jeff Cooper eloquently tsught this many years ago. The bad dont follow ANY rules.If they dont care about murder( evil, mentally deranged, whatever) , they certainly dont care about following restrictive firearm laws or ” Gun Free Zones”. We all know this and we are preaching to the choir.Very simply, punishing millions of law abiding citizens for the criminal misuse by an infinitesmal few, (though heartbreakingly tragic), is no cause for the dissolution of our Bill of Rights & Constitution due to emotion. Law abiding Cops & Civilians have been systematically deprived of their inalienable rights of appropriate and effective self defense in complete contravention of the Constitution & Bill of Rights. We must not waver.Dana Loesch & Tucker Carlson have opined eloquently on this. Thank God for our Prez DJT for if HRC was in, it would be exponentially worse. I trust he either mispoke vis a vis ” Take the Guns, Suspend Due Process” or he is hopefully playing 5D chess with Dems and setting a trap.We will see.Sorry for the verbosity and thank u as always Mas for your prescient comments. Article below: I dont know how to link embedded yet in this platform. May everyone be safe.phil from nyc.
    Queens ceremony honors memory of NYPD’s Scott Gadell, slain while reloading low-capacity weapon in 1986
    His death was not in vain.

    Cops gathered in Queens Wednesday to remember the man in many ways responsible for the decision to give officers more firepower — rookie Officer Scott Gadell, who was shot dead 30 years ago while reloading his revolver during a shootout with a better-armed gunman.

    Gadell was just 22 and only 11 months into his career with the NYPD when he was killed on June 28, 1986.

    He and his partner from the 101st Precinct in Far Rockaway chased Robert Roulston, who had just shot at two men, into an alleyway. The gunman and Gadell exchanged shots — nine by the suspect, who was armed with a 9-mm. gun, and six by Gadell — the maximum the cop’s revolver could hold.

    Officer Kenneth Healey awarded NYPD Medal of Honor

    While the rookie cop was reloading his weapon, Roulston kept firing, hitting Gadell in the forehead.

    Gadell’s dedication plaque.
    Gadell’s dedication plaque.
    The incident led to an outcry for 9-mm. handguns, which hold 15 bullets their magazine. In 1994, the 9-mm. was made the standard weapon for the NYPD.

    “Scott’s murder prompted the NYPD to use speed loaders revolvers and eventually move into semi-automatic pistols,’’ Chief of Department James O’Neill said outside the 101st Precinct stationhouse during Wednesday’s ceremony, where a brass plaque was hung in Gadell’s memory. “Scott was a hero for the way he lived and for what he helped accomplish. He believed good should prevail over evil and he worked to make it so.”

    Gadell’s younger brother, Jeff Gadell, now 47, said he idolized his cop brother.

    NYPD cop who came out before City Council in 1981 to be honored

    And he noted that day’s cruel twist of fate, with the young officer switching tours so he could attend his brother’s graduation from Wantagh High School that evening.

    (l. to r.) Marianne Gadell, wife of Jeff Gadell, Jeff Gadell, Scott Gadell’s brother, Brock stepson to Jeff Gadell, Ashley, daughter to Jeff Gadell, Ryan, son to Jeff Gadell.
    (l. to r.) Marianne Gadell, wife of Jeff Gadell, Jeff Gadell, Scott Gadell’s brother, Brock stepson to Jeff Gadell, Ashley, daughter to Jeff Gadell, Ryan, son to Jeff Gadell.
    “It’s a miracle I’m graduating,” Jeff Gadell said he told his brother. “You have to be there.”

    “Then the guy walked up and shot him in the head,” Jeff Gadell said.

    The brother said he was comforted by the ceremony.

    “I’m glad every cop who comes on the force now will know his name,” Jeff Gadell said.

    Chief of Department James O’Neill presides over the Wednesday ceremony.
    Chief of Department James O’Neill presides over the Wednesday ceremony.
    After the ceremony, which included NYPD bag pipers, O’Neill said time doesn’t really heal all wounds.

    “You think, it’s 30 years ago, that time helps, but it really doesn’t,” he said. “He was taken away at a young age.”

    Roulston, a low-level drug dealer, was convicted of murder and sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

  11. Its obvious that none of the gun grabbing big mouths have never been in a gunfight for their lives. Certainly not any of the Journalists who so piously talk about these 10 round magazines and especially the ones who call them clips. They have watched too many hollywood movies where they have a shootout and then everybody goes to have a beer.

  12. Another big hole in this theory that I have never heard anyone say is that it assumes the bad guy is carrying only one gun with ten rounds in it. We can disarm the bad guy when he fires his ten rounds because no one is smart enough to have more than one gun that can be fired……

  13. The Left-wing mindset is to focus on the tool rather than the man. You can see this in the left-wing media coverage which locks, like a laser-beam, on the firearm. You can see it in the terms used by the media. The mass-murderer is not called such. Rather, he is the “shooter” (gun focus). The crime committed is not mass-murder. Rather, it is a “mass shooting” (gun focus). The problem is not human violence in our nation. Rather, it is “Gun violence” (gun focus). The proposed solutions do not address the human factors such as mental illness, broken families, or a violence-laden movie and gaming culture. Rather, it focuses purely on gun control, limiting magazine size, banning semi-automatic firearms, etc. (gun focus).

    Leftist ideology cannot bear the thought of going straight to the HUMAN source of the problem. That would be to deny their core belief in the innate goodness of humanity. Therefore, firearms become the scapegoat for HUMAN failings and the leftists do everything in their power to keep the focus on the guns and to resist letting to go elsewhere. Most of all, that CANNOT let it focus on the HUMAN and his actions. That is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG in the leftist mind! A leftist ALWAYS shifts the focus away from the human and onto something else. That is the UNBREAKABLE LAW of LEFT-WING IDEOLOGY!

    Sun Tzu noted that, to win the battle, one needs to pick your own ground upon which to fight. Don’t fight the enemy on ground of his choosing. When we adopt the “gun focus” mindset of the Left and argue with them about the guns and which features (folding stocks, hand-grips, semi-auto action, magazine capacity, etc.) are good or bad, we are fighting the leftists on ground of their choosing. We are adopting their laser-focus on the firearms.

    This is foolish. The issue is not the guns at all. It is the leftist ideology that drags us off in this irrelevant direction. Magazine capacity is irrelevant. A British soldier armed with a bolt-action SMLE and stripper clips was expected to have a firing rate of 35 rounds per minute. A British soldier armed with a single-shot Snider rifle was expected to have a firing rate of 10 rounds per minute. A medieval English archer armed with a long bow was expected to have a sustained and accurate firing rate of 6 arrows per minute. Any of them could have inflicted considerable causalities upon the unarmed students in the 3+ minutes that the Florida murderer had to work unopposed.

    The focus should not be on the blasted GUNS! To argue about them is to fight the gun grabbers on “killing ground” that they have selected. The focus OUGHT to be on the HUMAN murderer and how to stop him. Not on the blasted tool he selected to use to commit his crime!

    • More evidence to my point (above). There is a hostage situation in the news (today) concerning a veteran’s home in the “Gun Free” paradise of California. As I understand it, a former patient/veteran has taken some people hostage at gun-point and has fired on authorities.

      Who wants to bet that he ignored the “Gun Free” sign posted on the door of the Veteran’s home?

      Anyway, what is the headline in the leftist mainstream media? Is it “Mentally disturbed man takes hostages…”? Perhaps it is “Former patient takes hostages…”? Or maybe it is “Disturbed Veteran takes hostages….?

      No Way. Not with the “Gun focused”, left-wing mindset of the Press. No, their headline is “Gunman takes hostages….”

      As crazy as it sounds, to the Leftists, an “Evil Gun” has taken hostages in California. That wicked gun has befuddled the mind of this former veteran- patient and is dragging him along for the ride. It is all the gun’s fault and, so, that is where the leftists and their media mouthpieces always go with the story.

      I know that it sounds crazy to non-leftists, but people dominated by the left-wing thought-pattern really do blame the inanimate object. They really believe that getting rid of the guns will bring forth a non-violent paradise.

      At least, that is what the “useful idiots” on the Left believe. The “Calculating Leftists” believe that disarming the American People will ensure their power and dominance.

      The “Useful idiots” are wrong! The “Calculating Leftists”, if they actually succeed in overturning the 2nd Amendment and disarming the American People, are correct!

  14. The people who only know what they know about guns from watching movies probably think the only way to reload is to wait for the slide to lock back. So what is to keep the spree shooters from going to tactical reloads? Sure, charge someone changing magazines…when there is a cartridge in the chamber. How would that work?