1. Mas, just for the heck of it… with the recent trend toward AR pistols and SBR’s in the PDW role in the ordinary-citizen sector as well as Mil/PMC/LE Tactical Units/Executive Protection, have you ever considered where they might slot into your Course Catalog, or is that a sector you prefer to leave to rifle/carbine specialists?

    • We’ve let folks use them. Not what I’d recommend, though, and no one yet has been top long gun with one in our classes.

  2. Having taken multiple MAG classes and having my son along learning from the best has been as important as his college education. What a privilege! We often shoot at our rural property and I see Mas’s range safety and stressfire techniques have taken hold. That’s what working with the best is to me! We are working on scheduling another MAG class this year. MAG 80 again or MAG 20 for a refresher. Either way we will train with the “best” again and that is you Mas and your hand picked staff and of course Gail!

  3. You live a charmed life Mas. I took the MAG20 when you were in Scottsboro, AL a couple years ago, hosted by Tiger McKee of Shootrite Firearms Academy. And I agree – Tiger is legendary!

  4. I recognize all these names. And of course you are among top notch people, but they are also luck to be working with you.

  5. Ah Ha! AUTOCORRECT bit whilst you typed. 🙂 Mas, The first MAG-20 was taught in the gateway to CHARLESTON SC which is Summerville. Your course is of much value to and appreciated and anticipated by the legally armed citizens. Tom Clark and I have received several additional outstanding reviews of the course and forwarded them on to Steve Shaw. Also per your expert guidance student notes are already being exchanged. Steve, Tom and I hope to see you back for more. All the best to you and Gail as you provide folks these needed courses.

  6. The only advantage I see to AR pistols is as a car/truck gun, since they can be carried like any other pistol in the passenger compartment, loaded and concealed. Rifles can not be carried the same way, generally, especially when loaded and concealed under a blanket or even in a case. At least I’ve been told that’s the situation here in NC.

  7. Wow! Making money by teaching firearms. That sure beats working for a living! You are blessed, and we are all blessed to live in a country that allows us to own firearms.

    I believe there are 198 countries in the world. I wonder how many of them allow their citizens to own guns. And by “guns” I mean rifles, shotguns AND HANDGUNS which actually fire. Some countries, like Nepal, allow their citizens to own wall hangers.

    In April 2011 I was in Knob Creek, Kentucky, and got to legally shoot three machine guns! That’s freedom!

  8. Well gosh! In reading the title of this blog, my immediate thought went to “The Joy of LEARNING from the BEST!” In reviewing the blog, I realized you sure are doing a lot of moving/activity for an old guy (sarc). What a position in life, you work with the best, learn from the best, then teach others WITH that information, which results in “THE BEST”.

    As many before me have said, I am grateful for having the opportunity to learn and work with you and your team.

    Stay safe.

  9. You know, with this new “Gun Free School Zone” shooting today, coming at a time when the “Liberal Democratic” So-called Sensible Gun Control Agenda seems to be foundering, my suspicious mind has to consider whether the “Gun Controller’s” movement isn’t finding unstable Nut Jobs to enrage, then point them at any “Gun Free Killing Zone”, hoping they’ll make a big enough “Blood Bath” of it, further their “Disarm, and Control, America” Agenda?

    What do you think, Mas?


    • I don’t think so, Paul. There are enough nutjobs in a country of 320 million to act out all by themselves. That’s why good people need guns to protect themselves, and why schools need responsibly armed adults in place right there to protect them.

      • Then why do they always commit a “Shooting”, at the point in time when it seems to benefit the “Take away OUR 2nd Amendment right’s the most?