The latest anti-gun hysteria is reaching new heights of exaggeration and outright falsehood. Consider the following:

The lawsuit claims, “the defendants are aware that their Glock design which promotes concealment and firearm’s firepower, unsuited to personal defense or recreation, enables an individual in possession of the weapon to inflict unparalleled civilian carnage.”  Au contraire. IF it was unsuited for personal defense, the Glock pistol would not be the most popular self-defense handgun in the nation today, which it is. Nor would it be so popular among police that it constitutes two-thirds to three-fourths of all handguns in US law enforcement holsters today, which is true, including the entire NY State Police and two-thirds or more of NYPD officers, and virtually every Federal agent in New York State and elsewhere. If it was unsuitable for recreation it would not be the most popular handgun in IDPA and one of the most popular in USPSA, IPSC, and Steel Challenge competition (all of which are true). Indeed, an entire pistol shooting sport is devoted entirely to, and sponsored by, Glock:   In terms of outdoor recreation, the single most popular handgun for bear protection among Alaskan hikers and fisherman seems to be the 10mm Glock.

The lawsuit claims, “That solely and directly as a result of the negligence of the defendants, Plaintiff, ILENE STEUR, sustained serious and permanent personal injuries.”  No, those injuries would seem to be “solely and directly…a result” of a psycho whose red flag behaviors were ignored by society, and are clearly documented in the lawsuit itself.

I have to resist the urge to tell these ignorant people, “Stay in your lane.”  Why am I able to resist saying that?  Because I’ve come to realize that for the anti-gunners, lies and exaggeration have become their lane.


  1. One of the Twitter responses to the NPR article was this:

    “I genuinely think that seeing photographs of gunshot wounds should be a required part of the purchasing process for any firearm (along with a number of other things).”

    I wonder if they would agree to the same criteria for getting an abortion, which is the intentional murder of far more people than “with guns”.

    One of the problems with “staying in your lane” is that way too many people take their half in the middle.

  2. Besides, the distortions fit the narrative and it’s whole lot easier than individuals looking in the mirror and realizing that they screwed up raising their kids and promoted the wrong policies. Possibly from the purest of motives, but the unintended results are the same.

    Heck, look at the current situation with automobiles. Our driver training and testing needs serious revision if you compare the US with many other countries. Instead, we install nannies in the cars.

    They also fail to recognize reality, which is captured by a quote attributed to Helen Keller. I may not have it word for word: “Safety is mostly a myth. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of man, as a whole, know it.”

  3. Theres no question to lies and deception, but Old Joe stepped-on-his-Biden, couldn’t resist and jumped the gun. They haven’t even tackled the greatest of their villians the AR-15, and Joe moves on to the 9mm too soon. Joe has never been accused of playing safe, or smart, and he will always be considered the gaff-man. Hopefully this will wake up all of the troops young and old, that they be a coming. This system will not stop at the AR’s. They have flagged their very next move which is to go after all so-called “high capacity” weapons. (??) Once they get their foot through the door, its too late. If there was a way to reach all veterans, and everyone that still cares a bit we still have hope. The one worlder’s are getting very impatient now and seem to be running in a panicked state, which means one of them may twitch, (Johnny Ringo).

  4. 25 out of 50 states allow open carry without a permit. When does the blood bath start?

  5. The majority of the people in this country are too ignorant to realize that all this talk & proposed legislation has nothing to do with SAFETY. If they wanted to make our cities safer, they would arrest & imprison all the career criminals & gang members who are responsible for the carnage. The real end goal is the complete disarmament & subjugation of the civilian population by armed agents of the federal government. At the same time, they are attempting to eliminate local law enforcement. Once disarmed, we will be unable to resist what will follow, which has historically included mass murder of those who do not comply. People seem to forget that Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot & Chavez did not live 500 years ago. Tyrants of the same ilk & inclination reside today in Australia, China, Canada & the halls of our own Congress.

  6. The claims of anti-gun groups have long been stretched to the boundaries of reality, but they have become completely absurd of late. The upside is that the public at large is able to see the absurdity, even non gun owners, a demographic that has been growing smaller partly due to these absurd claims.

    • Scott Morris,

      Yes and no. Yes, many democrats with half a brain see the insanity and reject it. No, there are some dingbats who believe Joe Biden’s lies, and they are too lazy to use their fingers to check out his claims on their smart phones. These people don’t know what “D.C.” stands for in Washington, D.C. They don’t know which countries border the United States. They don’t know the two sides which fought in the American Civil War, and on and on.

      I still remember Obama apologizing to the Austrian people when he was there, because he didn’t speak Austrian. And, he called the Marine Corps (Latin sounds like “Kor”) the Marine Corpse. When given a tour of the White House after becoming Bill Clinton’s Vice President, Al Gore didn’t recognize a marble bust of George Washington.

      I realize we all have weak points, but some people are pathetically weak in their knowledge of history and geography. I admit I can’t do higher math, beginning with algebra, but I can do the metric system, thanks to being a gun owner. How many Americans can do the metric system?

      • The question is, how will many of those Dems, vote. I’ve known a startling number of folks who reflexively mark the ballot/pull the lever because of the party. Later, they’ll bitterly complain about things the dolt did in office, but when questioned, will admit to voting for them “because they’re a Dem.”

  7. Hi Mas – I for one am following the president’s lead. I have ditched all my evil 9mm carry guns in favor of a kinder, gentler .357 sig!

    All the best

  8. Mas,

    Today everywhere and anywhere, I am sharing your YouTube video with Ken Hackathorn about the AR15 and the 2nd amendment – Why you DO need an AR-15 under the Second Amendment: Gun Guys Special Guest Massad Ayoob

    Somehow, some way, we need to get out and drive the narrative. The messages on the Wilson Combat Channel are only getting out to those who already understand firearms and the 2A. I hate to impose, but we need you, Ken, Bill, and many others of similar like mind and expertise to get on TV and explain the facts. it’s wishful thinking at CNN or MSNBC would have you guys on, but Fox, Newsmax, and perhaps even the Big 3 and/or PBS might be willing.

    The NRA has been silent on this subject. I recall the big pushes in the 80’s for similar legislation, and the NRA’s commercial campaign to stop it with Charlton Heston, Cheryl Tiegs, etc. showing the face of the NRA and gun owners. Today, they seem silent. I hope that they are active in the backroom.

    Keep making more good videos explaining the truth. It is up to all of us to circulate these videos and spread the facts to those who still may be influenced.

    • Excellent question… where IS Frenchy Fudd with our member dollars for activism, anyway? Here in WA the NRA didn’t do crap to fight our Mag Ban until it was practically a done deal, while SAF and FPC have been active both at the capitol and preparing Lawfare all the way along.

    • Richard Boll,

      Excellent idea. Eddie Eagle made a big difference in reducing accidental shootings involving young children. Colion Noir would make a good pro-gun spokesman. Is Candace Owens a gun owner? She would also be excellent. Maybe Tomi Lahren, too. Dana Loesch is excellent.

  9. I years ago had to burst the Bubble to my teenage daughter and a couple of her friends about “Safety in Numbers” was No longer true. I took an article that was in our local newspaper about 2 teenage boys and a teen girl having been killed by 2 other young men who came across the 3 in the woods. The 3 girls I was dealing with were feeling that typical Invincible feeling.

  10. What do you expect? We all know; and they know it, too; we have a mental health crisis and something else: we have a problem with absent fathers. In almost of of these cases, the perpetrator did not have a father or strong male figure in his life.

  11. Excellent rebuttal points made about the inability of the 9mm to blow out lungs or the AR to take off a head. Ironically, say-it-ain’t-so-Joe’s recommended go-to home defense weapon of choice, the iconic double-barrel, may come closest (among the most commonly available firearms) to actually causing such destruction.

    But consider the source of such comments–scores of individuals who have no issues looking into a camera and lying to millions of people on a regular basis. Remember not so long ago when Clinton pointed into the camera and uttered the (paraphrase) I didn’t have anything to do with that woman lie? Many Americans were shocked that a president could be capable of committing such a shameless, arrogant, and deceitful act. Yet, compared to today’s political norms, that event seems almost juvenile, practically innocent, the stuff of kindergarten politics. So much can happen in so little time.

    “The Second Amendment isn’t absolute.” (Say what?!) Shameless.

  12. If the movie Dirty Harry was remade today by the Hollywood liberals there would need to be some changes in Harry’s monologue…

    Dirty Harry:
    “I know what you’re thinking. Did he fire 15 shots or only 14? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But seeing that this a 9mm Glock, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your lungs clean out of your body, you got to ask your self one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do you punk?”

    • TW,

      Very good. But, today, Dirty Harry would be the bad guy, not the good guy. Police are bad, remember? Police purposely storm into university libraries and arrest black, male students who are studying to get into medical school and law school. That’s why so many prison inmates are black. The police just arrest them whenever they see them. It isn’t fair. This country is so racist, especially the police. Why, racism in America has gotten so bad that we will soon be reading about blacks moving back to Africa to get away from us blue-eyed devils. Life in America is simply unbearable.

    • Steven Schveighoffer,

      I read the linked-to article. It is indeed absurd. Sadly, many readers who are ignorant of firearms and ballistics will believe it.

  13. Just finished reading a biography on Samuel Colt. The hysterical arguments against his revolver in the 1840s-50s sound similar to the ones today against the AR-15.

  14. Ironic that after 4 years of railing against the supposed tyrannical dictator in the White House that Democrats would be so ready to give up the only real protection against a tyrannical dictator. Seems like maybe they were pulling the old trick of blaming everyone else for what they are trying to do. I know there enough gun owners and sane, reasonable people to try and stop this, but that doesn’t help much if the mental hospital called Congress makes evil decisions.

  15. Prima Facie meritless lawsuits like this are exactly why the PLCAA was passed. They want to resume an organized campaign of lawfare against the industry, to bankrupt them defending themselves against baseless suits. It’s transparent and disgusting.

  16. I heard the American Lung Association has just awarded Crooked Joe Biden their highest award for trying to save thousands of those valuable respiratory organs by proposing to ban firearms chambered in the ultra powerful 9mm cartridge. Lungs of the world, rejoice! Salvation is on the way from our benevolent liberal politicians.

  17. The nutjobs on the left have proven that they are quite capable of using lies to get their agenda through no matter how big the lie, how long they have been telling it, and who has to tell it. Everyone knows that Joe Biden has been telling the gun control lies since his days in on the floor of congress. So it is to be expected that he will continue with the same line of BS.
    The left knows that banning AR15’s and AK 47’s won’t do a darn thing, since we have the statistics from the 10 year ban from 1994-2004 from the Justice Dept. and the CDC, plus others, that show that statistically there was no change. But they keep beating the same horse, no matter that it won’t work, because that is the first step to their goal of total gun confiscation.
    They obviously do not care about stopping the school shootings, in part because it is not really an epidemic, like they say it is. Which is why when it does occur, it is the major news story for every news outlet in the nation. The shooting epidemic is happening in our major cities, with gang shootings leading the pack. But because it is mostly people of color, the Democrats don’t want to get involved, because to be honest, they only care about them when it comes to filling out the ballots, come election time.
    I am not being flippant, and any school shooting is one too many, and of course it is tragic, when we see these young children die, and a brave teacher or coach sacrifice their life trying to save their charges. The thing is, what do we do when a shooter comes into any gun free zone and starts the carnage? We call for someone with a gun to come and stop them. Usually the police, because we know that they are always armed. Even if they are just down the street, it takes at least several minutes for them to arrive on scene, and to make entry and find the shooter, which gives the shooter time to continue their attack. And of course, we know how to fix the problem, have someone on site already armed and capable of taking action against the shooter. And that someone doesn’t have to be ex special forces. Most people who use a gun defensively against criminals I would have to assume are not retired commandos or Navy SEALS, but just ordinary citizens, with varying levels of training, some with a lot, and a lot with hardly any at all. What all of them do have is the desire to take their own destiny into their own hands, and out of the criminals hands.
    No doubt I am preaching to the choir here, but until people understand that law abiding citizens are the best deterrent to those who might use force to cause harm, nothing is going to change. And to be honest, it is not the gun owners job to come up with solutions to the violence that pervades society. It is our job to take care of ourselves and our own families, and try to live at peace with others as best we can, avoiding trouble when possible. And thoughts and prayers have value, in my opinion, and I don’t allow the left to discourage me from that.

    • pigpen51,

      And, as Mas has pointed out, the solution you propose, armed teachers and staff, has successfully been implemented by the Israelis since 1974.

  18. the defendants are aware that their Glock design which promotes concealment and firearm’s firepower, unsuited to personal defense

    They said this with a straight face? Concealment and firepower are exactly the characteristics that make a handgun “suited to personal defense.”

  19. Although WE all agree they use whatever made up lies they can, THEY are winning, as they have moved the public opinion. With each one of these wack job attacks, they have pushed the dial in their favor.
    Remember everyone voted for one opinion or another during a prior election. Those 535 representatives are now going to determine our future. And it’s not looking good, as they are doing a much better job in the media.
    Even the next SCOTUS was videoed applauding abolishing gun ownership.

    • You are correct sir, we keep laughing at these people but they are winning elections and passing legislation.
      We can point out their hypocrisy and the absurdity of their arguments however it makes no difference at the voting booth. These folks have the power of the media and the educational system behind them, they can do whatever they want whenever they want to with no accountability.

  20. Mas,

    Your article was masterfully written, especially the last paragraph. Many thanks, and keep up the good work.

    Also, I need to thank Al Gore for inventing the Internet, so we can all access this digital forum. The world’s knowledge at our fingertips. Before the World Wide Web, I had to begin my research with an encyclopedia, which was OK, but not as convenient as a keyboard with up-to-date information.

    Just remember, when the grid goes down, everything powered by electricity will disappear. I threw out my 1972 World Book Encyclopedias, but I have a friend who still has his volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica. I can’t remember the date of his collection, but it was something from the period 1958–1962.

  21. If the 5.56/.223 round is so destructive, why did the soldiers in Vietnam dislike them so much from the beginning. They didn’t have the stopping power of the M14’s 7.62mm. Or the M1 30 cal carbine
    Many soldiers called them “Ice pick” wounds. The fmj would zlp right through flesh and not stop a man unless it struck some bone. Or vitals. Many times it took multiple rounds to stop an enemy soldier.
    That is the same reason I shoot hollow points or lead tips at coyoties today. I don’t like having to blood trail them.
    Have any of you Veterans ever seen this little trick done or maybe even did it yourself? At night before a mission sit around using a file to make the copper tips thinner or remove copper tips completely. NATO frowned heavily on the practice but hey it wasn’t their buts in the field. It sure helped stopping power though.

    • Friend Tome, in a novel called “The Five Fingers” by Gayle Rivers some military M-16s had “boar’s teeth” filed in the muzzles of the barrels in order to destabilize the bullets somewhat as they came out the barrels in order to make the military full metal jacket rounds achieve more cavitation upon impact, without affecting accuracy unduly. I am curious if the operation on the barrels would actually have the stated results. The standard M-16 round is considered most effective at relatively short range. No question the greater diameter of the Ak-47 7.62×39 FMJ bullet generally produces greater wallop at certain ranges. The .30-06 cartridge is definitely yet a step up from even the 7.62×51 NATO round in the M-14 and FAL.

    • Tome,

      Please don’t confuse me with the facts. My mind is already made up. Media experts have reported to me that the AK-15 is a wicked assault weapon of war, created to tear hideous, deadly wounds in human flesh. Teenagers buy them in hardware stores, or order them on Amazon, for $150. Then, they use them to kill their classmates and teachers. This horrible slaughter can only be ended by new gun laws. I trust the media experts, not your redneck, NRA, terrorist propaganda.

      • Roger, every liberal knows that the NRA sells machine guns and other weapons of war to kids through the mail. I have personally seen twelve year old kids at gun shows using the loophole and their lunch money to buy grenades and RPGs, and even a few mortars and Claymores to viciously slaughter their fellow elementary school students en masse. One wealthy, mentally deranged ten year old boy even purchased a slightly used Dillon minigun with 10,000 rounds of ammo for cash and avoided filing out a form 4473 and undergoing the usual background check.

  22. Left has plan tax away your Ar15.
    A House Democrat plans to introduce a bill that would hit AR-15’s with a 1,000% tax — and it could pass Congress without GOP votes
    Joseph Zeballos-Roig
    Sun, June 5, 2022, 5:40 AM·5 min read
    In this article:

    Don Beyer
    American politician
    Democratic Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia at a hearing on Capitol Hill in September 2021.
    Democratic Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia at a hearing on Capitol Hill in September 2021.AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
    A recent string of mass shootings is causing Rep. Don Beyer to seek an aggressive tax on AR-15 style weapons.

    Beyer said his bill is a “creative pathway” to restrict AR-15 sales with only Democratic votes.

    It faces very steep odds against passage in an election year.

    The US has experienced a string of mass shootings in the past three weeks in Buffalo, New York; Uvalde, Texas; and Tulsa, Oklahoma, that have left scores of adults and children dead.

    The recent violence is prompting one House Democrat to draft a measure aimed at severely restricting access to the AR-15-style weapons used by different gunmen in the carnage. Rep. Donald Beyer of Virginia, a member of the tax-writing Ways and Means panel, wants to impose a 1,000% excise tax on assault weapons.


    “What it’s intended to do is provide another creative pathway to actually make some sensible gun control happen,” Beyer told Insider. “We think that a 1,000% fee on assault weapons is just the kind of restrictive measure that creates enough fiscal impact to to qualify for reconciliation.”

    New AR-15-style guns range from $500 to over $2,000 depending on location, NBC News reported. That means a 1,000% tax on the weapon would add $5,000 to $20,000 to their final sales price — and would probably keep it out of reach from many younger Americans.

    Some details of the bill still aren’t finalized, such as when the tax would kick in and what to do with any revenue raised. It’s also unclear how much money it would generate. One out of every five weapons purchased in the US in AR-15 style rifle, per the National Shooting Sports Foundation in a 2014 court brief. Gun sales have surged since then and reached their second-highest level recorded last year.

    Law enforcement agencies and the US military wouldn’t be subject to the tax, Beyer said. The legislation would also apply only to future assault weapon sales — and not to the 20 million AR-15-style rifles already estimated to be in circulation across the US. Other guns used for hunting and other recreational purposes would also be exempt.

    Bullets wouldn’t be subject to the new tax. But high-capacity magazines that can carry more than 10 rounds of ammunition would be aggressively taxed at that level.

    The definition of an assault weapon in the Beyer bill closely mirrors a measure that Rep. David Cicilline of Rhode Island is pushing. That bill would ban weapons with at least one military characteristic like a pistol grip or a forward grip.

    House Democrats are rallying around their own expansive gun-control package separate from ongoing Senate negotiations on a narrower bill centered on mental health, red flag laws, and a modest expansion of background checks. The House bill is expected to fall flat in the upper chamber due to stiff GOP resistance.

    That probable outcome prompted Beyer to eye reconciliation, the legislative tactic allowing proposed laws to bypass the Senate’s 60-vote threshold known as the filibuster and pass with a simple majority. Democrats employed the maneuver in 2021 to push through the stimulus law and the House-approved Build Back Better bill over united GOP resistance.

    One expert says his measure likely qualifies for inclusion in a smaller spending bill containing pieces of President Joe Biden’s climate and tax agenda that Democrats hope to revive by summer’s end.

    “Taxes get more deference in budget reconciliation than other policies from a parliamentarian point of view,” Zach Moller, director of the economic program at the center-left Third Way think tank, told Insider.

    “So a pure excise tax that isn’t set so high as to end all sales should pass the Byrd rule,” Moller said, referring the rule governing what meets the requirements to be included in a filibuster-proof bill.

    The federal government already imposes a 10% tax on the importation and sale of handguns, per the Tax Policy Center. The tax rate is 11% for other guns and ammunition.

    Beyer said he was open to negotiating the 1,000% tax rate. “There’s nothing magical about that thousand percent number. It’s severe enough to actually inhibit and restrict sales. But also successful enough that it’s not seen as an absolute ban.”

    There are instances stretching back decades of Democrats seeking massive tax increases on guns and ammo to make them unaffordable. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan of New York said in 1993 that he wanted to tax handgun ammunition “out of existence” to curb crime, The New York Times reported.

    Then in 2020, a pair of Democrats introduced similar measures to raise taxes on weapons to prevent gun violence, though not at the scale Beyer is seeking. Both Rep. Hank Johnson and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts put forward plans to triple the tax on handguns to 30%, as well as nearly quintuple the tax rate on shells and cartridges to 50%.

    Those went nowhere in Congress — and the Beyer plan faces a steep climb as well. Democrats will likely be wary of Republicans further casting them as tax-and-spend liberals in an election year where the party faces major headwinds to keep control of Congress. It may also violate Biden’s pledge to not increase taxes on people earning under $400,000.

    Little research exists on whether hiking taxes on military-style assault weapons could help prevent violent crime. Generally, that path has been used by states and cities to raise money for public safety initiatives, not prevent gun violence.

    Excise taxes exist for alcohol, cigarettes, and soda in some localities meant to discourage people from purchasing them. But a major tax on AR-15 style rifles hasn’t been implemented at the state or local level.

    “We don’t have a lot of information on what would happen if gun taxes are raised,” Robert McClelland, a senior fellow at the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, told Insider. “But a gun tax at 1,000%, I can’t see how it would not dissuade some people from purchasing a taxed firearm.”

    Read the original article on Business Insider

  23. I see that the current, largely uncontrolled and unmonitored wave of immigration is showing signs of saturating some destinations with homeless and desperate groups of individuals. Chaos in general just seems to be increasing. Large FEMA camps must be obtaining already, because those people have to live somewhere and eat. It really is time to halt immigration entirely under the Constitutional safeguards provided regarding the foreign jurisdictions the unvetted immigrants hail from. History is going to judge severely the politicians and propagandists who do not have enough common sense and honesty to admit that they and their policies are so obviously total failures. Let us remember to duck, too.

    • Strategic Steve,

      As we all know, the situation on the southern border is a big success, to the democrats. Most of those illegal aliens will one day vote illegally, or maybe even legally, for democrats. When that happens, the democrats will be able to win every election without cheating.

      Since the federal government is not enforcing its own border laws, why don’t the states do it? They are afraid of losing federal money. They are afraid of a standoff, leading to a possible civil war, between the state National Guard and the federal military. If a governor refused to back down to the feds, the feds might send a group to arrest the governor. The governor would use his or her National Guard to protect him, and that is where the standoff could happen. I am just war-gaming this “What if?” scenario.

      But one thing is for sure. If a state governor stood up to the federal government, and protected his border from illegal immigrants, the citizens of his state, and of every state, would love that governor. Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, seems to at least be moving in that direction.

      Readers: If I am wrong about anything I have written, please correct me. I’m “shooting from the hip.”

  24. Unfortunately, people (even some people who comment on this blog) are making the mistake of trying to match the words of the American Left with reality. The Left wants nothing to do with reality.

    Leftists are the Fathers and Mothers of all Liars. These people truly live by the principle given by Garak (in Star Trek Deep Space 9) and I quote: “The truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination.” In their book, a well-spun “Narrative” beats old-fashioned “Truth” every time!

    People are making the mistake of believing the leftists when they say that they want to “save the lives of the children”. Observe their deceptively-named “Protect Our Kids Act (H.R. 7910)”.

    It’s true title should be the “American Citizen Disarmament Act of 2022” or. perhaps, (more simply), “The Firearms-Prohibition Act of 2022”. Those titles won’t do for the left because they possess an over-abundance of truth and a lack of imagination!

    Is anybody reading this blog such a fool as to believe that the leftists care a flying flip about children? Remember, this is the political party that stood up and cheered as 6,636,097 unborn children were aborted, in the U.S, alone, during the ten-year period of 2010 to 2019 (CDC Data). Do you really think they care about 19 children shot in Texas?

    Is anybody reading this blog such a fool as to believe that the leftists care a flying flip about reducing crime? Or reducing “Gun Violence”? Remember, this is the political party that is throwing open the prisons, eliminating bail, and working to defund the police.

    Is anybody truly that naive?

    The SOLE interest of the American Left is to whip up a tide of emotions, against firearms, and then surf the resulting wave, of public fearmongering, to disarm more and more Americans. Once they finally have us (The American Citizen) disarmed, these totalitarians will unleash a wave of oppression that will make Stalin, Hitler, or Mao look like rank amateurs!

    Any politician (Democrat, Republican or Independent) who “sells out” the American People by “reaching across the Aisle”, and “compromising” on a “Bill” to “Reduce Gun Violence” wherein said bill includes new and oppressive firearm-prohibition measures is a TRAITOR to the People of the United States!

    There is no other way to put it. If a line is not drawn somewhere then the American Citizen will be disarmed to death by the “Thousand Cuts” approach of the Left.

    We are just sheep to the Leftists. Our children are just tender and tasty lambs. The Leftists will feed on our flesh and feed on our wealth and tax dollars until (like a swollen tick), they have sucked us dry of our life-blood. Look at California. Sixty (60) years ago, California was practically a paradise, rich in wealth and resources. San Francisco would rank, back then, as one of the finest and most beautiful cities in the World.

    That wealth and those rich resources attracted the parasitical Left. The Leftist ticks swarmed California and began sucking blood.

    Today, California is only a dried husk of its former glory and San Francisco is debased with crime, homelessness and despair. The parasitic ticks of the Left have long since invaded Washington, D.C. and the Northeaster States. Those are being bleed dry too.

    Already, they are seeking fresh prey in the remaining Red States. Beware People! Like army ants, the parasites are on the march. They are breeding wildly. Once we are disarmed, they will swarm us like locusts!


    • The People’s Democratic Republic of California has been secretly invaded by liberal alien body snatchers for many decades and now those creatures have taken over the place. Watch the movie They Live.

  25. Friend Tome, filing off some metal covering on a bullet may backfire Too likely some metal will stick in the barrel and obstruct the next round, resulting in a catastrophic failure. One of the worst things that can happen is a failure at the breech.
    Firearms are meant to be dangerous to evil perpetrators, but safe and accurate for moral shooters to operate. The crazy shootings that might happen can generally be prevented by intelligent, diligent, moral security. I have seen totally effective school security, and some schools that simply invite disaster. The 2nd Amendment is needed to protect the Republic from compromised fools, tyrants, propagandists, Utopians, and other misguided monsters.

  26. Don’t think the point of the law suit against Glock (& other firearms manufacturers) is to win; though they would accept a win or settlement of course. The point is to keep the firearms manufacturers constantly in court draining their financial resources defending themselves from law suit after law suit. All they need is a sympathetic judge who doesn’t dismiss the suits out right. The end game is either bankruptcy for them or some kind of agreement to simply not sell their guns to the general public; a gun ban by default and an in run around the 2nd Amendment.

    • Tim,

      You are correct. And, there is a term for what they are doing. It’s called “lawfare.”

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