1. I cant Believe there are no comments . Is everyone north of the border still in shock ? If you let everyone(without validation) into your country This is what’s bound to happen. I pray For you Canadians you get this straightened out and reversed.

  2. I wish I could recall the source, but I did read something awhile back about compliance with registrations (that don’t take place at original purchase) tend to run in single digit percentages world wide. Naturally, that’s estimated, but seems at least as likely as the numbers of folks allegedly killed by firearms each year. The “allegedly” is in there because the numbers thrown around by those who would save us from ourselves somehow always seem to be greater than those of official homicide records. The margin of inflation may vary, but always exists.

    • I am a Canadian gun owner who happens to live in the same community where the murderer was finally stopped. When this happened, it was clear this was going to be used as an excuse to push forward with the Liberal party decades old agenda of gun confiscation. With regard to the old gun registry compliance issue, people need to understand a few things about Canadian gun regulations. First, the old registry was for All long guns. In Canada, Firearms are divided into 3 classes, non- restricted, restricted and prohibited. Restricted weapons are and always have been registered even before you take possession of them . The purpose of the old registry was only to capture the non- restricted long guns ( mostly shotguns or bolt action not so scary looking rifles). The vast majority of the firearms under this new ban are restricted weapons currently. Bottom line, the Government knows precisely where they are. Protect your 2nd amendment folks.

      • You are right ! Protect your 2nd amendment, if you loose it, they will push forward like Canada or France.

        Regards from France

  3. A single government official should not have the power to unilaterally nullify citizen rights. That’s totalitarianism. Canadians have a lot more to worry about than just firearm crime at this point. If this stands, Canadians have no rights. Only privileges.

    • I agree, and will add that even an entire government should not have the power to unilaterally nullify such rights. Presumably, that is what our Second Amendment is about, but clearly half or more of the US have been conditioned through politician and media propaganda to believe it only protects “sporting purposes.” The founding fathers would be surprised at this since so clearly left written evidence that their intention was that neither the newly formed government, nor any other government could ever disarm the people of weapons suitable to report for military service and to maintain proficiency in the use of such weapons.

      • There’s SCOTUS recognition that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment had a non-sporting purpose in several decisions besides Heller and McDonald. Presser vs Illinois, Miller v Us and US vs Cruikshank et al all speak to the role of the armed citizens as the reserve military force.

    • In Canada the Head Honcho is far closer to being a king/queen than is our President here. He is, theoretically, subject to the laws, but not in the same ways our Chief Executive is. That said, he still does not have plenipotentiary powers, as he attemps th exhert here.

      Firther, in Canada, their laws really do not guarantee any RIGHtS as we consider them (our Bill or Rights is unique in all history, even wha remains of it).

      I moved there a few decades ago as a “banded ignorant” (landed immigrant), equivalent of our Green Card (yes it was wheh the draft was an issue, but since I had won the draft lottery it was not an issue for ME). When I emigrated from the USA I brought along, fully declared to Customs, my old shotgun and a breand new BSA sorter in .30/06. Did not have to register with the proviince. Customs only listed it as “settler’s effects”, did not even care to “have a look”. (bith were well buried in the amazing load I had anyway, they were not sufficnetly bored as to make me unload everything onto the madcadam).

      After some time I decided to return to the US, and it was after that the “long gun registratioin” charade was imposed. I would not have comlplied had I remained there. No one else I knew would have either. After a few decades, insane cost overruns, and NO effect on “gun crime” they ended the debacle. No one knows what happend to the database. We hope it was simply mechanically destroyed.
      Handgins are a different story. Generally banned for a long time (I never met anyone who lived there who even HAD a handgun). The Monties carreid .38 Spl revolvers, they were fun to stare at. I doubt very many were skilled with them. Since I’ve been back below, I have met a few Canucks whilst visiting here. Most of them admitted they had handguns in their homes, bt they all live i rural sparsely populated areas. A Yank friend was up north visiting once, was in the kitchen of a friend’s home near Osoyoos, they were preparing supper, he was asked to “grab a knife out of the drawer over there” and he did. He opened “the drawer” (he thought0 and found himself gawking at a full sized Glock lying there.. mag in, apparently ready for use. He quietly and gently closed THAT drawer and opened the next one over. Oh, THERE were the knives. His host said “oh, sorry bout that… everyone around her has at least one of those. B B B B butt, I thought…. friend said “yeah, but what THEY can’t grasp is that what they don’t know about does not exixt.. to them. We hope we never have to use them, but if we do, since there are no records of its existence, we have optioins.

      MY guess is that thay who have the “dastardly rifles” will treat them much like my friends treat their handguns, equally illegal up north. And I say “good on ’em”. When the ship hits the span (a sort of inside joke to those who lived in the Lower Mainland in the late 1970’s) I believe a few thousand of those rifles will suddenly result from a process near to alchemy. WITH the appropriate fodder with which to feed them. Nor would it surprise me of there are quite a number of Canucks who have the eqeuipment, raw materials, and expertise to conjure them up from the dust on their shop floors.

      I would be curious to know whether my Swede 6.5 Ljungman (purchased for cash at a gun show prior to Bloomie’s Law being in force here) is on their long list of 1500 named make/model rifles. My guess is NOT…… That wasSweden’s MBR post WW II Ten round detachable box mag, the venerable 6.5 Swede cartridge. Were I into parting with it, bet I’d fetch a good price for it up there. Not on the lis,t registratioin not requred….

  4. Nobody seems to have noticed that Switzerland has no restrictions on assault-type rifles and has a lower murder rate that either Australia or New Zealand. Mexico has long had a ban on them and has more gun related deaths than any country except Syria, with it’s ongoing civil war. As always, crime rates are determined by the number of criminals in society, not the number of legally owned guns.

    • Careful bring up Mexico with that argument. “Everybody knows” all the guns used in crime there come from “no questions asked” sales at U.S. gun shows.

      Never mind that it’s full-auto Chinese- and Russian-made AK clones that we can’t import.

      Nope, all Mexican crime guns come from U.S. gun shows. “Everybody knows” this.


  5. Only good and sane people who abide by the law will be disarmed. Criminals and other such people don’t pay attention to laws hence why they are criminals. So this will virtually arm all criminals and leave good folks helpless and unable to defend themselves. Beyond dumb. We need to ensure we stand up for our rights in the USA and never back down.

  6. Canada you need to fight this tooth and nail. Refuse Amnesty and refuse to turn them in. Massive noncompliance and vote to overturn this garbage.

  7. It’s simply no longer true that Switzerland has no restrictions on assault-type rifles. Vastly oversimplified the city folks of Switzerland who constitute a majority of voters at the national level have chosen to follow European Union guidelines. Traditionally rural Cantons have seen no reason for such idiocy but follow the majority.

    It is true that the general presence of firearms never did lead to much misuse and that new restrictions have not changed anything. Further that the fairly stringent EU rules are riddled with exceptions for the militia in Switzerland.

  8. This shouldn’t have happened. Canada has “gun registration”

  9. From Canada, right now, there’s a lot of stress and confusion. Every Canadian knows that most Canadians have never stood for anything under any circumstance, so there is not a lot of confidence in your fellow man here. Being someone with a lot to lose (young family, don’t care about work), I think a younger single me would be taking a hard NO stance and putting out my wrists when the time comes, or if my children were adults, same story. There are 45,000ish incarcerated adults in Canada. We can make this comical if just a fraction of % of all gun owners in Canada decide to let themselves be incarcerated for refusing to comply. Many say they will. How many actually will? As parents of young children, we will see them in court as far as that can go, but we simply cannot risk abandoning our children to the system while we stand on principles. Immigration isn’t ruled out yet either. We are on our knees every day, reading the Psalms. It’s really all we can do until there is intervention. We are in mourning, really.

    • Friend Lindsay, thank you for your response from Canada. I have spent many years there passing many enjoyable evenings out in wilderness bush country listening to the many excellent CBC radio shows. My era went all the way from the very reasonable early gun laws of the Yukon, where you had the survival option of carrying a loaded firearm in your vehicle, to the alarming territorial and national restrictions on self-preservation that now obtain. I suggest that you follow the Biblical precepts of being wily like a serpent, pleasing God by preparing to defend your family under the table and off the record, while you appease Caesar by following the letter of the bylaws as best you can. A strong political base does exist in Canada that can keep government under control, if the effort is collectively made. Some former politicians can be more useful sources of advice and support than some of the active ones, by virtue of more available time. I would remind Mr. Trudeau of the sad state of affairs in England at the start of WWII, when England was hopelessly short on battle rifles, and Hitler was knocking on the Commonwealth door.

  10. I have a fairly sensitive and accurate “nose”.. and haivng read the details publicised on this “incident” it smells VERY strongly of a false flag op. Trudeau Joonyer has been stumping to ban “black and ugly” rifles for a long time. Methings that, in the confusion of the lockdowns, someone found a good mark and put him to work. Worse has heppened…… now he’s got his results. So far.

  11. This saddens me, and is never going to change up there in Canuckistan. As a refugee from this closeted socialist country I can inform you that lil Castro Jr. Justin is very much like his communist parents; Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Would love being around today in that country. For Canadians who reside outside the center of the universe the northern Bermuda Triangle of Toronto, Montreal & Ottawa they pretty much have known for their entire lives they are second class citizens; ask someone from Alberta(former myself) and investigate how it’s been there, especially of late!!! Sit down as the rant will go on for ever!
    The RCMP /GRC ( also known as the Gravel Road Cops by the good old boys out west) are the federal police force much like the FBI here in the USA ; it should be noted that both are shadows of their former selves and both have been politicized and indoctrinated in socialism. Just a fact.
    I lived through all the safety net programs implemented to keep the public safe from bad guns in the interest and betterment of public safety. And yet this stuff keeps occurring and with all the regulations/legislation/enforcement yada yada yada !
    There like here can’t but more won’t recognize the obvious differences between the “law abiding citizen and the crazy and/or criminal elements of society”, who will always get firearms at will.
    Canadians have the Right to Life, but no Right to protect and/or defend it! Citizens iof Canada are subjects of the government and as such servitude is the birthright.
    Canadians armed services veterans past are rolling in their graves without a doubt, if alive today they would be shocked,angry & embarassed the way things are currently: but so too in Aus/NZ/UK.
    Americans make no mistake the 2A here is under constant attack as you know, and many gov’t types have watched on how to implement gun control in other countries. In Canuckistan they did much in the dead of the night thanks to the style of gov’t and if the public knew it was only on accident or long after enactment; but they also used every sad incident to propagandize the events to scare the public using the Mounties , the media which is all socialist all the time and money backed by the gov’t.
    I gave up many guns to that soft tyrannical gov’t once, then fled to the only truly free nation in my opinion left….the USA .
    Now I sit back and see all these tools who think socialism is the answer and are destroying this nation from within, our enemies must just be loving it!
    There are a few independent thinkers left up there but the indoctrination of the population has been ongoing there for a considerable time, so they are very few with most being sheep and no sheep dogs looking out for them.
    Point in case, they still think the healthcare system is free…….let that sink in for a moment!!!! Extremely high taxes, cost of living, groceries and equalization payments taken from one region to carry another, and all for a second rate overloaded & stretched medical system with wait periods(death panels) .
    “Buy back” how does a gov’t buy back property that was never theirs using tax money from the people to do so for property that is not for sale!
    Watch this closely as many of the same tactics will be tweaked for here and implemented I see it all the time and shudder when I hear the same screeching about gun control here.
    There are no other places anywhere in the world to,flee to (or I’d been gone) this is the last that offers freedoms DON’T TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED the Canadians have been told for generations that it the same there as here.
    Keep the USA a Republic like it was intended, the Constitution is the law of the land and not a living document, the Bill of Rights is nothing without the 2A and the Declaration of Independence was made to get away from servitude & tavation without representation for a friggin reason people!!!!
    None of which is available in Canuckistan or anywhere else in the world as a matter of fact, y’all should be extremely proud of these because that’s what makes America and Americans exceptional, contrary to what certain former leaders here said & think!!
    You don’t want to be a 2nd world nation……..take it from someone who fled one for many reasons.

  12. When I wanted to see what socialism could do to a country I looked at Venezuela. When I wanted to see what can happen in a modern country if it goes months without electricity, I watched Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Now I may see what happens when Canada tries to confiscate firearms.

    Canada always seemed to be more culturally linked to the UK than to the US, in my opinion. So the fact that it is moving closer to UK gun laws is not overly surprising. The light of freedom is burning dim in the West.

    • No, no, no.

      If you really want to understand why we have to fight gun control as if we were fighting the Nazis in WW2, read an account of what happened during the civil war in Bosnia.

      The people who went through it will tell you. If you didn’t have a gun and ammo, you were literally dead.

      Read up. You’ll be scared to death.

      • Carlie Magnussen,

        I appreciate your comment, but don’t misunderstand mine. I am simply watching what is going on in other countries.

        I have no intention of obeying “laws” which contradict the Constitution, the supreme law of the land.

        I have thought about what I will attempt if various “what if?” scenarios come to pass. But, I know that every letter I tap out on this tablet is being stored by the NSA. Therefore, I do not feel free to speak freely on the Internet.

      • Carlie Magnussen,

        America’s strength is also its weakness. We tolerate nearly all political opinions, and allow people to speak against the government. This avoids strife, to a point. If an anti-American ideology becomes popular, how is it countered? Well, many believe those with the pro-American view can seek to educate their fellow citizens, enlighten them, and the truth will eventually prevail.

        Does that really work? Does education always enlighten people? Does the truth always win? Recently I heard that 77% of Democrat voters believe Trump illegally colluded with the Russians. Some people believe the earth is flat, and American astronauts never landed on the moon. The Nazis were well educated. Does the truth ever win in Cuba?

        Things have been great in America for a long time. How long can the good times last? I think the answer to our divisions lies in federalism. We have fifty states, which can conduct their own political and economic experiments, to see which ideas work best. Like-minded people can live together, which will reduce strife. This is already happening naturally as people vote with their feet.

        I would like to exile America’s domestic enemies, but then I would be denying them their First Amendment rights. So, America is like a garden where the weeds are allowed to take over.

  13. Hello from Comnanda! The Liberals made an election promise to have evidence based policy making. Of the 80 000 ARs up here (you read that right) not one has ever been involved in a mass shooting. We used to be able to hunt with them until a Liberal government back in the late 70s simply said we could not. They were thus reclassified as “restricted” being relegated to target shooting only and having more strict ownership rules. I can tell you that the sole reason the Liberals want to ban these things is that they are rising in popularity and that has had them worried for a long time. With the numbers reaching 100 00o, more women owning them, more shooting sports like three gun making them more popular, non restricted designs being used for hunting, they saw a threat to their dream of a gun free Canada getting further away from them.

    Curiously in these prohibition measures is also rocket launchers (BGM-71 TOW and Stinger) and any .50BMG rifle. You really have to wonder at the paranoia this government has towards its own people.

    We have two years to fight it, and already many politicians and chiefs of police are saying they disagree with it.

  14. The Aboriginal People’s TV Network of Canada is reporting that indigenous hunters will be exempt from compliance with Canada’s new ban on 1500 semi-automatic long arms. See the link below.

    What is not stated in this particular link but has been voiced quietly elsewhere is that Trudeau & Company in Ottawa are privately deeply frightened that forcing their new gun ban down the throats of Canada’s aboriginal people could spark a bona fide, modern day native rebellion against the sanctimonious suits in Ottawa.

    Seriously, who in their right mind would want to attempt to enforce Trudeau & Company’s new gun ban in the remote regions of any Canadian province? Not even the stalwart Sergeant Preston of the Mounties and his Wonder Dog King would embark on such a fool’s errand.

  15. Just wait till the Democrats take over in the U.S.. I fear we will see the same kind of anti-gun legislation nationally as has happened in Virginia this past year. It’s just a question of time.

  16. Left-wing ideology is built upon “Victim-Hood”. It is a worldview where humanity is innocent but weak. They view each person as the eternal victim of social forces beyond his or her control. It is all the same, don’t you see?

    1) Blame poverty upon capitalism rather than individual failings to build a successful career. Endorse Socialism or Communism as a “Social Cure” to this perceived “Social Problem”. Never mind that planned economies have never worked where tried. That they only create uniform poverty except for the Party Elites.

    2) Build a welfare State because weak humans cannot possibly survive or prosper upon their own. Never mind that it breaks society and creates a culture of dependency.

    3) Take all power from individuals since they are too weak and incompetent for power. Instead, concentrate all power in a massive central government that then rules over every aspect of the People’s lives. Never mind that the result is a tyrannical Police State.

    4) Blame crime and violence upon firearm ownership. Portray people as being “victims” of “gun violence” (Damn those aggressive, violent guns! I hate it when guns go out-of-control all by themselves like that! – BTW, this is sarcasm, folks. 🙂 ) Never mind that it leaves people unable to defend themselves against crime, on the individual level, or against a tyrannical government on the National level.

    Firearms-Prohibition fulfills two basic “needs” for the Left. First, by blaming violence on “easy firearm availability”, they feed their worldview that humans are the eternal victims of hostile, social forces. Second, it provides the excuse necessary to disarm the people thereby making it possible to continue with their plan to centralize all power within Government. With Government armed to the teeth and the people disarmed, there will be no choice but to obey the commands of the Left-wing elite. As Mao observed: “Political power grows from the barrel of a gun”.

    Therefore, it does no good to come onto this blog and rant about the latest firearms-prohibition insanity put forward by the Left. Firearms-Prohibition is too attractive to them. Firearms-Prohibition attracts members of the Left like a dead carcass attracts flies. It is like an addict being attracted to heroin. They will never be able to leave it alone.

    If leftists are elected to power then THEY WILL implement the Left-Wing agenda. They cannot help themselves. Since the left-wing agenda is uniformly harmful to the American way of life, the only solution is to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER elect a leftist to political power.

    When you go to vote this November (for any office on the ballot), then remember these guidelines.

    1) Look at the history of the people on the ballot. Are they members of a left-wing party (Democrat, Green, etc.)? Have they pushed left-wing polices in the past? Do their published public policies lean to the Left?

    2) If you answer YES to ANY of the questions above, DO NOT CAST A VOTE to ELECT that person to power. Vote for someone else instead. Given their destructive polices and given they cannot resist implementing those destructive polices, no Left-Wing politician is FIT TO HOLD a PUBLIC OFFICE in America.

    So, stop whining and complaining about all of the disastrous polices being implemented by Left-Wing Politicians. Vote them OUT OF OFFICE! Take the POWER away from them! It is the ONLY WAY (short of violent revolution) to hurt them. It is the only way to stop them short of killing them all and we don’t want it to come to THAT!

  17. This comment is not directed at any Canadian commenting here: Most Canadians I know or have met are subjects, not citizens. In their minds, anything government does is legitimate.

  18. I believe that the People’s Republic of Massachusetts logs every gun purchase into a government database. They know where they all all.

    Of course, if you sell them in a private sale, then the tracking ends.

    Another reason to fight gun show loophole laws.

  19. Retired now, but from 1999-2003 I was posted to Toronto, working for Uncle Sam with a four letter agency. Followed the rules at the time and brought my rifles & shotgun. Left my .22 revolver with my relatives in the USA because I knew handguns were a no go. But, I’m a handgunner at heart, so I enrolled the required Canadian safety courses and joined a pistol club outside of Toronto. To make a long story short, I really enjoined my time there and found my fellow Canadian pistol owners a very informative bunch.

  20. If you look at the list of banned guns, you will see that they banned the web page thinking it’s a gun manufacturer! What Maroons, as Bugs Bunny would say.

  21. The latest news is that the 20mm and larger bore diameter will be measured with any muzzle devices out – 12 ga is 20.5 to 20.9mm with chokes removed. This is according to rcmp.

    This is concerning, what is the government planning to do that they want 80% of all the firearms out of the hands of citizens? I guess they plan to leave 22 single shots and maybe some hunting rifles? Maybe not.

  22. Going to be interesting to see what happens when the grace period ends. If firearms are forcibly confiscated from those who refuse to surrender them who will be doing the confiscating?