Paw Paw’s House is a blog which offers a lot of common sense, written by a guy who sounds like his common sense is based on reality and public service.

He has this to say about the movement to put Harriet Tubman on the US $20 bill.

A courageous African-American woman who fought for her people, fought against slavery, and did so sometimes with a gun in her hand to face racist oppressors?

Oh, Hell, yes!

I’d be proud to have some of those in my money clip, if they put that image upon it.


  1. This idea must be a hold over from the Trump Administration. You can expect the people that Harris/Biden insert into the treasury department to “deep six” that image pronto. Even if they go with a picture of Harriet Tubman on the new bill, it will be an image without a firearm.

    In fact, I expect the war to implement Firearms Prohibition to begin in earnest now. I also expect Covid-19 to lead the way as it has in so many things.

    Covid-19 has been a blessing to the American Left and their ChiCom backers. It has allowed them to resume power and to remove one of their most capable opponents, Donald J. Trump, from power. It has allowed them to trample all over the Bill of Rights. Covid-19 represents one of the most successful combined Biological Warfare / Psychological Warfare operations in the History of the World.

    I expect that the Worldwide Left and the ChiCom’s will never want it to end. Already they are pushing out propaganda about the dreaded UK and Brazilian variants of Covid-19. Clearly, the American Left has taken Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s maxim to “keep up the scare” to heart. Given that General Forrest was a dedicated Democrat and a founder of the Ku Klux Klan, I am surprised that the American Left is not putting up his statues instead of tearing them down. It is a wonder that they don’t put General Forrest’s picture on the new bill! 🙂

    I understand that the Harris/Biden USDOT is now going to issue a nationwide mask mandate for all public transportation.

    Indeed, Covid-19 has been such a success for the American Left, and their ChiCom friends, that I expect then to expand its use against one of their remaining intractable problems. Namely, the destruction of the 2nd Amendment and the disarmament of the American People.

    Of course, they have already tried this in a small way. For example, when States like California declared gun stores to be non-essential and tried to shut them down. Now I expect the American Left to use Covid-19 in a big way for their Firearms-Prohibition agenda.

    If they follow their typical pattern, they will get some of their supporters, in academia, to release a study (or a series of studies) that find links between Covid-19 and firearms. For example, one study might find that local gun shows are linked to local outbreaks of Covid-19. In effect, they will declare gun shows to be “Super Spreader” events. This will allow the leftists to “follow the science” and declare a nationwide moratorium on gun shows.
    Other “studies” may find links between out-of-state travel, to buy firearms and ammo, and the interstate spread of new versions of Covid-19. Thus, justifying a moratorium on the interstate sale of firearms and ammo.

    These Covid-19 attacks will be combined with other, more conventional, attacks. For example, the repeal of the “Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005” plus new “Banking Regulations” that are designed to cut firearm and ammo manufacturers off from loans, funding, and insurance.

    The combined effect of these attacks will be to suppress firearm and ammo sales and to expose the firearms industry to frivolous lawsuits combined with a lack of funding and insurance. The ultimate goal being to bankrupt the firearms and ammo industry and extend the current shortage of firearms and ammo into the indefinite future.

    While firearms are durable goods, they will not last forever. Certainly, neither will stockpiles of ammo if no new supply is available. Of course, a black market will spring up to supply firearms and ammo to the criminal class. However, law-abiding Americans will (gradually) become disarmed without the cost and risk of a national disarmament mandate. They will become disarmed simply by having their firearms become old and out-of-date and by having no ammo for them.

    The American Left has always been willing to play a “long game” to implement their totalitarian plans. They have just spent a century in undermining the Constitution and subverting the Federal Government, media, and education systems. If it takes another century to disarm the American People; well so be it. They are willing to go slow. They know that the tortoise will always win the race in the end.

    • nationwide mask mandate for all public transportation.

      well Im glad I hvve a strong and relialb,e i fVERY funky looking, vehicle. I’ve no problem driving except when I’m tight for time. Which I can arrange not to be.

      Of course, their next notch up on the torquemada they are running will be “no poke no go”.

      I forsee a thrivng black market in ersatz vaccine passports. Create a new opportunity, some will drivve right through it and make hay.

    • The all wise federal government could claim that firearms and ammunition spread the Chinese Bat Virus because the workers at factories producing these products contaminate them by touching the items and people who buy these will catch it and die a horrible slow death. Guns like the AR-15 and AK-47, plus 9X19mm and 5.56X45mm ammo is especially loaded with the deadly Chinese Bat Virus.

    • One has feel impatient with how the ‘way left Democrats are making conservatives look outnumbered, when the conservatives are just being outmaneuvered. One way to get a rational perspective on current situations is to look at the results coming out of crises and walk the cat back through the prevailing plundering fashionable crisis management to a full analysis of sources of manipulation, especially of votes and “news” (mainly propaganda), employed to put our incendiary, latter-day socialist eco-freaks in such dubious influence over the lives of the public. And how many Representatives have shot each other to date, compared to the tens of millions of people murdered by socialists like Stalin, and yes, Hitler?

      • OK. The socialist Saint Joe Stalin is credited with responsibility for “about 60 million deaths.” Not sure if he ever did any dirty work himself. Hitler was not much different, liked to delegate, was vegan. Did in maybe 42 million via WWII. Four Congress/men/no women/no “its” killed another in duels, none in the Capitol. Last of these in 1838. How can you tell a socialist is lying? Their lips are moving. They are about as peace-producing as a skunk in a hen-house. More about race-baiting later. Thx.

      • FDR and his successor Truman indirectly killed many millions of eastern Europeans and Asians by allowing the Soviets to annex most of eastern Europe and letting Mao take over China. Mao may have murdered more people than Hitler and Stalin combined, thanks to FDR playing God and dividing the world between himself and Stalin, who he greatly admired, during WWII. Truman was guilty as he could have stopped this madness and the Korean War, Vietnam War, and many other lesser conflicts would have never occured.

        Hitler was a monster, but he was right about Communism being evil and wanted to destroy it. Now, we have Comrade Bernie, Pocahantas, Crooked Joe, and Aunt Kamala leading the charge to transform America into a Soviet police state.

      • Tom606,

        About Roosevelt helping Stalin defeat Hitler. When two tyrants are battling each other, it is probably best to step aside and let them weaken each other. You are right. We helped Stalin, and then he simply became Hitler to Eastern Europe, North Korea and North Vietnam.

        In the 1980s, Iraq was battling Iran. We pretty much let them weaken each other, I think. In 2003, we never should have removed Saddam. He was a bulwark against Iran, and Iran is the most dangerous country in the Middle East. I must confess I was waving the flag for the invasion of Iraq, however. I had high hopes Iraq would stop following Muhammad, and start following Jefferson. Also, I knew they could be wealthy because Iraq has oil.

        In WWII, I would have loved it if America stayed home, defended the west coast from Japan, and defended the east coast from Germany. Many American lives would have been spared. The only problem with my non-interventionist or isolationist position is, what would have happened if we never did the Manhattan Project and the Nazis developed atomic bombs first about 1955? Now that is a scary thought.

      • Roger Willco:

        I completely agree with your idea of not removing Saddam and thus allowing Iran to cause all sorts of mischief around the world. We should have captured Saddam, read him the riot act and put him back in charge of Iraq as a puppet of the USA. We could then sell arms to Saddam at a high price in exchange for oil and keep the Iranians busy fighting him.

        America had to fight the Germans and Japanese because the latter attacked us at Pearl Harbor and the former declared war on the USA (dumb move, Adolf). Stalin played FDR like a fiddle, getting him to provide Russia with massive amounts of arms and supplies while saying he may attack the Japanese in Manchuria which he had no intention of doing. Uncle Joe did declare war on Japan a few days after the atomic bombs were dropped, knowing Hirohito and Tojo were finished, and making Russia eligible to claim a share of the war booty without lifting a finger to help America. FDR even underhandedly helped the Soviets get several Boeing B-29 bombers which Stalin had asked FDR for, but American generals refused to give up the world’s most advanced bomber to the Communists.

        FDR prolonged WW II by putting Eisenhower in charge of the European Theater of Operations (ETO) instead of George Patton Jr. Who would put a bureaucrat in charge over a warrior? Eisenhower was quite skilled at logistics and organization as he successfully put together many social events for Douglas MacArthur when he was the general’s aide. Ike was good at making preparations for the invasion of Europe, but the strategy and fighting should have been Patton’s responsibility and WWII in Europe would have been over before Christmas of 1944 instead of spring 1945. While we were in Europe, we may as well take out Russia too as they were greatly weakened by the Germans by then. All we needed to do was get the Germans to help, which they would gladly do to prevent the Soviets from invading Germany and cut off the flow of supplies to the Russians who depended on American food, oil, ammunition, vehicles, and other materials for their survival. Many Russians who had suffered under Communist rule would turn against Uncle Joe and string him up from a lamp post like Italian dictator Mussolini. The supplies to Russia could be diverted to the Germans, and Nationalist Chinese to be used to defeat Mao and his communist hordes who hid in western China did little to fight the Japanese.

        What a different world we would be living in now if we had good leaders in charge back then.

      • Please let us remember that “Nazi” came from the German “Nationalsozialistiche.” Hitler did explain that his forces were dedicated to destroying Bolshevism. He also said that communists could be turned into into “good” Nazis. Eisenhower privately admitted that General Patton was arrogant, but insisted that we needed “Old Blood and Guts”. We should understand that our military commanders are ever tasked with taking the blame for questionable decisions by politicians. Ike was no exception.

      • Both generals Patton and MacArthur were arrogant and egotistical as were many other high ranking officers, but they did their jobs very well and helped the Allies win WWII. There were exceptions like Bernard Montgomery and French dudes like DeGaulle and LeClerc. Monty was incompetent and the French guys were, well, French. Eisenhower was a skilled butt kissing bureaucrat and knew how to manipulate MacArthur’s huge ego, getting the general to put in a good word to FDR on his behalf.

        There was speculation that Ike was in cahoots with the Russians who may have carried out Patton’s assassination after the war. Patton had suspected Ike may be involved in some plot against him and stated so in letters to his family and asked that in case something did happen, to request that Eisenhower not attend his funeral, which Ike gladly did.

  2. As a side note, in the above image, Harriet Tubman is violating the third rule of Firearm Safety:

    “Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot.”

    Not that I would expect any government artist to actually know about such things! 🙂

  3. Harriet Tubman is a much better role model for today’s girls and young women than our current Vice President. I would proudly carry Miss Tubman’s image in my wallet, right alongside my GP100.

    • you mean the past and present president of vice? Her history and track record are nothing I’d want MY daughters to study, let alone emnulate.

      How Harriet Tubman is on a completely different level. She risked her life daily for years to help the imprisoned to gain freedom. Not only that but to learn skills to render them able to compete on an economic basis other than sweat for grub and a tin roof. Skilled slaves were dangerous ones. One trick ponies were safer. Harriet changed that for a lot of people.

      • You mean “One horse ponies”? Follow Crooked Joe’s lead, he’s never wrong. You must be one of those nasty Trump admiring “lying dog faced pony soldiers”! 🙂

  4. Good observation, guys. That said, I suspect indexing the trigger finger along the frame was a safety protocol in Tubman’s time

  5. I prefer to keep images of our forefathers on our bills; it’s a good place to keep them on the forefront of our minds, before our eyes, and what they did and what they stood for: freedom, the U. S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the fact that their faith in God is what gave us this nation and it’s foundation.

    • elizabeth,

      I agree with you, but the Founding Fathers would disagree with you. See the Constitution, Article I, Section 10, “No State shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in payment of Debts;” The Founding Fathers HATED paper money. If George Washington saw his image on the one dollar bill he would curse us. The reason they hated paper money is because governments could inflate it and cheat the public. During the Revolution, our government did just that. I think a paper dollar was called a “Continental,” and it was worthless. Guess what? The Federal Reserve Bank is doing the same thing to us today, nothing new under the sun. Now, if a paper dollar could be exchanged for a portion of gold, then I would be OK with putting pictures of the Founders on it, because it would be backed up by gold. Someone said, “Gold and silver are real money. Everything else is credit.”

  6. TN_MAN’s third paragraph is a keeper (let alone the rest of the comment). Bravo for clarity and truth in 100 words or less!

  7. I would welcome a Harriet Tubman $20 bill with or without a Colt in her hand and bad trigger control. Here in Indian Country Oklahoma the Andrews Jackson’s “Trail Of Tears” still hurts. My wife is a Citizen of the Cherokee Nation (unlike E. Warren) and many of people here refuse the use Jackson $20’s which they immediately exchange for a couple of $10’s. What irony if Andy Jackson is ditched for Harriet Tubman during a Democrat administration. Jackson is the Founder Father of the Democrat Party, the Party of Democrat slaver owners and the Democrat KKK. Mrs. Tubman stood and fought against everything the Democrat Party stood for. – Priceless.

  8. Have to agree with the TN_man, we can’t have anything that showcases any type of firearm if we are going to outlaw them. I wonder, is “In God We Trust” on the other side of that bill or is this the start of removing that also?

  9. I, for one, don’t have a problem with removing President Jackson from the $20 bill. He helped found the Democrat Party. A Party with a long, long, long history of slavery, oppression, terrorism, dirty politics and, now, Marxism. Replacing him with a Republican like Harriet Tubman is fine with me!

    They need to get the pistol correct if the Democrats dare show one at all. According to the surviving weapons, Tubman actually carried a single-shot percussion pistol and a sword. See this link:

    These would actually be more-common weapons for the late 1840- early 1850 period although percussion revolvers did exist.

    BTW, I can find no record that Harriet Tubman was left-handed as indicated in the above image. As a lefty myself, I tend to notice such things.

    • TN_MAN:

      I had long suspected you of being sinister. Now you have finally admitted it by confessing your left handedness. Fortunately, your left leaning is physically oriented and not political.

    • Doesn’t Mas always tell us to learn to use the weak hand for times when the strong hand is doing something else. In this case, she is clearly reaching out for someone or something with the right hand.

      • Richard,

        Correct. Learn to shoot both ways, and that includes long guns. If you are right-handed, try aiming a long gun while you take cover behind the right side of a building. Now try doing that on the left side of the building. You have to lean out and expose more of your body, don’t you? That’s when you should be aiming that long gun left-handed. Feels weird at first, but with practice it will feel less weird.

    • @ Tom606

      Actually, it is believed that Sam Colt was left-handed. Bill Ruger was too.

      If you notice, all of the early Colt Revolvers, percussion and cartridge guns like the 1873 Single Action Army, are all designed for a left-handed operator. See this link:,the%20southpaw%20tradition.%20So,%20here%20we%20are%20today.

      So, I seem to be in good company with my “left leaning”! 🙂

      Maybe Harriet is about to reload in the above image? Is she reaching out, with her right-hand, for a powder flask or some percussion caps?

      • As a right handed person, I can see advantages to having the loading gate on a single action revolver on the left side.

        Harriet is reaching down with her right hand to a slave and possibly quoting a line from The Terminator, “Come with me if you want to live!”

  10. Thank you, TN_MAN.
    Nathan Bedford Forrest’s maxim to “keep up the scare” will look great printed a mask. There are a few occasions when I must don one.

  11. Replace a founder of the Democrat Party with a gun carrying Republican. I am all for it.
    Harriet Tubman has been a hero to me for more than half a century.
    I would love to have a t-shirt with Martin Luther King on one side and Harriet Tubman on the other, both sides saying “Republican Gun Owner.”

      • Christine,

        Paul Robeson was very talented, but not very wise when it comes to politics. I wish the first black president could have been Walter E. Williams.

      • Booker T. Washington’s autobiography Up From Slavery should be required reading for all elementary school children in America. Many of our social problems would be solved if we followed Mr. Washington’s advice.

  12. Thanks for the link, Mas.
    The first time I ever heard about a guy named Ayoob was in some long-forgotten magazine when he wrote about the Miami shootout in 1986. I was a young cop in north Louisiana, and trying to learn everything I could. I kept that article in a manila folder, and added to it over the years, with other pertinent articles (remember, this was pre-interwebs) from other writers. That manila folder stayed in my desk for decades as a quick reference.

    I followed your career as I moved through mine. Sometimes agreeing, sometimes disagreeing, but always thinking. I combined a career in the Army as a reservist with my career as a cop. I retired from the Army in ’98 and from law enforcement in 2019 after 37 years of badge-carrying service.

    Nowadays, I split my time between taking care of my little acre, and traveling the country getting into gunfights with the Cowboy Fast Draw Association. So, Mas, here’s to you.

  13. With regard to such things as removing Jackson from the $20, the Chinese Virus etc., etc., I am reminded of one of Saul Alinsky’s dictates; “Never let a good crisis go to waste. It will allow you to do things you couldn’t do before.” We have been far too casual about the destruction of our history and its visible reminders. This tactic is one of the prime guidelines for socialist/communist takeover of a country.

    Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.

  14. OK, the picture isn’t that clear, but that looks a lot like a Colt SAA, circa 1873. Harriet had a time machine? Quibble aside, I could support that picture.

  15. Does anyone remember how horrified the mainstream media and liberal elites were when the Taliban destroyed ancient images with high explosives and when ISIS looted and destroyed museums in Iraq? Now the same thing is happening in this country and these same idiots cheer it on. None of our Founding Fathers and past military and civilian leaders were perfect, but they were instrumental in shaping the greatest country on earth. The people that want to erase our history are morally bankrupt and need to be resisted at every turn.

  16. How about leaving Jackson and the $20 bill alone but creating a new $25 bill for Tubman? That should placate all.

    • We could make a new $1,000,000,000,000 bill for our Dear Leader II or Aunt Kamala who will take over for Crooked Joe very soon, once he signs all the executive orders placed in front of him. Before long we may need a bunch of these to buy a gallon of gas.

  17. Here is an opinion piece that relates to this topic:

    As the author notes, the American Left lives in an echo chamber of their own making. As I have noted before, they have lost touch with reality and many now live in a fantasy world that has been woven for them by the New York Times, CNN and other left-wing propaganda outlets.

    Losing touch with reality is the base condition that underlies all insanity.

    • The inmates are running the asylum now. Make noise and you will go in the nicely padded quiet room. In the future, enemies of the New World Order Democracy will be taken to the Soylent Green factory.

  18. If a group has to STEAL an existing denomination to be ‘heard,’ then the message isn’t worth hearing.

    I don’t have a problem with Tubman being on a bill,, but she should have gotten her own denomination… maybe $35, for example… but STEALING one is pathetic and deserving of my disdain and contempt.

    If I go back to using paper money, I’ll be using fives and 10s.

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