Massad Ayoob making the OK sign.

Political identity seems to be the curse of our time in this country, and “cancel culture” is a side effect.  Even the left-of-center magazine The Atlantic seems to realize it

The OK sign a “secret” signal of the white supremacist movement? Really? Do the snowflakes realize they are empowering racists by allowing them to co-opt a positive hand gesture that has been a part of American culture since the early 1800s?  It means different things elsewhere. To some of my ancestors, I’m told, it signified the Evil Eye: “A curse on you and your children and the camel you rode in on.”  Teaching in Latin America, I discovered the hard way that it was the sign of the maricon, and was definitely not taken as a sign of approval when I flashed it to the macho men I was there to teach.

MAG hat with Beretta Pistol
We try to do our part to Make America Great, but I always thought it was great anyway so “Again” doesn’t fit. Pistol is Langdon Custom Beretta LTT, currently produced in Tennessee.

My firearms/self-defense training school has been called MAG, for Massad Ayoob Group, since 2009. I issue red caps with that logo to the range officers so the students can identify them as part of the training staff.  At a recent class, one of the ROs told me, “I better take this cap off before I go to supper.” I must have given him a quizzical look, because he went on to explain, “There are places around here where you can get attacked for wearing a red MAGA ball cap, and I want to avoid trouble.”  Sigh…he may have been right.  People stupid and dangerous enough to attack someone for wearing a logo cap probably are too stupid to “read the fine print.”

If anybody glares at me for wearing the red cap with my company’s logo, maybe I should just give him the OK sign, to smooth the troubled waters…

  …or not.


      • Don’t underestimate them, they are silencing free speech one phrase at a time. The useful idiots in the field may be stupid, but BLM was founded by 3 Carl Marxists who are well organized and financed. They are in the process of removing what stands btw us and violence-the police. When the police are replaced with their own, they’ll come for our guns.

  1. What is this world coming to. Our young society is being poisoned in our schools this is what the future hols.

  2. I pity the poor fool who would try anything with you or your family Mas. When wisdom doesn’t work you have all the means to “persuade” them to drop their attack.

    • But who wants to persuade them to drop their attack? That might come with an arrest, horrible press coverage, six and seven figure legal bills, health complications, injuries, loss of job, and ostracism from community.

      I prefer to avoid all such entanglements. I don’t sport political bumper stickers, don’t attend rallies, marches, protests or sit ins, and try to keep my opinions to myself.

      I will vote in November to prevent socialists, Marxists, and Communists from polluting the planet.

      • Yes, Emmett, I, too, share your wisdom to avoid all such entanglements. However, my political action is to promote Culture Impact Teams in local churches. CITs are an excellent effort by Family Research Council; Tony Perkins reports that when working in a church, the “Godly” vote increases by 30%. Check ’em out. With more CITs working, we’d have much less to complain about! Let’s all get to work on that, please.

  3. The idea of rejecting something based on social justice in the carrot, cancel culture is the stick. Predictive programming at work.

  4. The American Left walks around with a permanent chip on its shoulder. They see racism everywhere they look. Today, it is wearing a red hat or flashing the OK sign. Tomorrow, it may be the racist way in which you have tied your shoes.

    Indeed, given their MAGA hat mania, I am surprised that their “cancel culture” has not yet targeted Red Hat Software. See this link:

    I suppose that they have not yet got around to them.

    The real mistake we, The sane portion of the American People, are making is to pay attention to the antics of the American Left. I guess because they have the “Bully Pulpit” of the Anti-American Media to speak for them, we think that it is necessary to listen to their rants and to try to calm them down with rational rebuttal.

    As should be clear now, that is a losing game. When you argue with a fool, all you do is become a fool yourself.

    The entire American Left are lunatics. They are radical extremists who are beyond reason. A significant percentage of them SERIOUSLY NEED psychiatric treatment and medication. Unfortunately, a large percentage of the psychiatric professionals (in this country) are left-wing themselves and are just as crazy as their patients. What do you do when the lunatics are running the asylum? That is the problem we are facing.

    There is only one solution. Stop empowering these left-wing lunatics. We need to defund the American Left rather than the Police. Here are my suggestions:

    1) This November, vote as many of these leftists out of power as is possible. Cripple them politically by retaining control of the Presidency, the Senate, take control of the House and also flip as many State seats from Democrat to Republican as possible.

    2) Assuming Step #1, above, can be done, follow it up by defunding the Anti-American Media. This can be done by passing strict liability laws so that, when the media wallows in lies, narratives and fake news, they can be sued into oblivion. Rig the system so that only media outlets that report straight facts, with a minimum of spin, can survive legal scrutiny.

    3) Also assuming Step #1, above can be done, then defund the left-wing indoctrination in schools. Pass legal requirements that, to receive Federal funding, schools and universities must offer diverse viewpoints and curriculum. Pass requirements that staffing must be close to a 50/50 mix of left and right viewpoints instead of the 99% left-wing staffing that exists today. Make it legal to break tenure, if necessary, to achieve this goal.

    4) Put the “Justice” back into the Justice Department. Start enforcing the law evenhandedly instead of the “Two-Tier” system of today that targets Conservatives while giving Leftists a free-pass to commit all kinds of crimes and then dance away “Scot Free”.

    5) Declare that most radical of the Left-Wing groups, such as Antifa, as “Terrorist Organizations” and then treat them as such.

    6) Take the Bill of Rights seriously again.

    If the American People and the Republic Party has the guts to take control and de-power the left using the above approach, plus other measures as necessary, then we still have time to turn this country around. Otherwise, we will end up looking like Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea or China and become nothing more than another Socialist dictatorship.

    If that is, ultimately, the fate of American, then I can only hope that I am old enough to be safely in the grave before I see the final degradation of my beloved Country. Who knows, maybe we should be happy for Charlie Daniels rather than grieve for him. He is safely “in the grave” now and will not have to witness the destruction and degradation that may be in our future.

    • TN_MAN:

      Now that Charlie Daniels has departed our dimension, maybe he’s playing his trusty fiddle against the Devil’s and kicking Satan’s butt.

      • Nah. If Charlie is where I suspect he is, then Satan is banned from that place. That wretch is best ignored, as if hs not even persent.

      • Hey, don’t insult the great evil horned one. After all, he spawned HillBilly, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and most of the other big name liberals. Charlie would play against the Devil on neutral ground.

  5. Reminds me of the “Hawaiian good luck sign” of the prisoners from the Pueblo, as well as the very close similarity between the Sign of the Horns and the Love Sign. Beauty and Evil both tend to be in the Eye of the Beholder. Michelle Obama was always giving the Love Sign, but some prominent people misrepresented it as the Sign of the Horns (or the Devil). Was obviously wishful thinking. In Arizona I often wear a red bandanna under my hat for shade from the blazing sun. All I can say to anybody who doesn’t like my red neckerchief is, “Bring It On”. So what if I am a Trump supporter, too? I wonder if some people take me for a Blood or something with my red bandanna sticking out of a pocket, but at least I don’t have “Trece” (Thirteen, for Salva Maratrucha) tattooed on my neck or head. People need to lighten up! And show more respect in general.

  6. PRICELESS!! Great and hilarious article, tho sad in how true it is. Thank you for continuing to provide your knowledge and skills to the world (gun safety related, life safety related, and just thoughtful dialogue like this article).

  7. What hurts my soul is how grim progressives have become. Imagine people who spend their days pouring through tweets looking for people to hate. How dead is that?

    These people have bitter souls, and the vitriol will harm them more in the long run than they harm others.

  8. Well crap, for a second there I thought you were going to be selling hats.

    I think we should co-op the thumbs up gesture to mean “up yours.” Imagine how the snowflakes would feel when they found out what we really meant!

  9. I’m tired of all this cancel culture shit. Curious, when was the last time an NRA member committed an aggressive violent crime? I only see that from the left. Keep the faith Mass. I’m pretty new to firearms and look forward to your email updates.

  10. I have been wearing both my MEGA cap as well as 2020 Trump cap for well over a year now and every wear I go I get a favorable comment 95% of the time. Trouble is I am the only one. Is everyone so afraid or gutless? I must of been to several events pre and now Post Coronal/Chinese Virus and almost no caps, t-shirts etc….
    Is this a reflection of our current state of chicken shit and will it be reflected at the voting polls? Hope not.

  11. When that supremacist sign hit mainstream it was pointed out to me that it was a deviation of the ASL sign for asshole. Seem kinda fitting somehow.
    I refuse to have anything that is wholesome and American hijacked and removed from my nature.

  12. This is how Bolsheviks come to power. Dividing everyone and ridiculing established behaviors. Oh- the point of a gun is also used of course. All enforced by useful idiots. Brown shirts, Blackshirts.But once a strongman/ dictator comes to power then those knuckleheads become a liability. BLM,Antifa,KKK,Democrats- thrive on disorder and anarchy. That crap wont be tolerated.Order is what dictatorship demands. History proves it but those people are just too stupid to believe it.Like one Antifa pantywaist proclaimed: “We’re the good guys”.He will be the first forced to dig his own grave just before an empty cartridge case is hammered into the back of his skull.

  13. The first time I realized that liberals were associating the OK hand sign with
    white supremacists was in a movie. “Mississippi Burning“ stars Gene Hackman and William Defoe as FBI agents.

  14. So true sir. I was a “Chief” and then a “Chief Warrant Officer” in the Navy. Now I find out “Chief” is racist. Texted a friend to let him know he was a double racist (he was a Master Chief). I’m not even sure when I’m politically incorrect anymore. Guess I’ll just keep treating people the way I want to be treated.

  15. Sadly so …

    Even worse, if you try to clarify …

    (That is, if you are not dealing with dozens of lemmings so far in line and stampeding that they simply cannot hear anything even if they might care. I wonder how they sleep at night. Not really, Denial is not a river in Egypt. )

  16. My first notice of the OK sign was from news photos as a kid during WW11. Pilots usually flashed them upon the return of a successful mission. Did MAG replace Lethal Force Institute.?

  17. I’ve been challenged several times for wearing a Warrior 12 “Make Men Warriors Again” with white letters on a red hat. I received the hat as a gift from some of my Officers after having been disabled in their of duty. I leave it at home now. Sad bs over communist ideology.

  18. It’s a sad time. I imagine this is what it felt like in 1860. This must be a tough time for traditional liberals who believe in freedom of speech, love America, hate the excesses of the Left but still don’t want to vote for Trump. Being in the middle of the road means you get run over by both sides. Oh well. It’s a time for choosing.

    The Right needs to realize that the Left has no interest in dialog. When they make a crazy statement, the Right thinks they want to debate. Wrong! They know that what they are saying can’t be defended, but they are simply trying to influence their followers to continue voting for the Left. They want to win power, not debates.

    The Right really wasted their own time discussing multiple genders. All we needed to do was to point out how anti-scientific multiple genders are, then go on to the next topic. Why do we always accept the Left’s ground rules?

    My only comfort is that there are many on my side, and God will set limits to whatever happens.

    At the beginning of the pandemic I thought we might need our guns if there was a food shortage. After several weeks I saw that truckers were saving the world by getting food to the stores, so I thought, “Here’s another crisis where we didn’t need our guns.” Then George Floyd was murdered, and the need for guns became obvious again.

    On the plus side, I was wearing my NRA hat while in town two weeks ago and a man said, “I like your hat.”

    • Watch out, Roger. The next guy may try to put some dents or bullet holes in your NRA or MAGA cap. I support everyone’s right to express their views, but be careful as there are hordes of crazy folks lurking in our country who would use violence to suppress those of opposing opinions and it’s not worth the legal hassles to draw unwanted attention to yourself.

  19. Mas,

    Retired Police Officer here. My old agency’s POA recently put out an email requesting officers scrub their social media accounts of any link to their profession due to active threats recently received from anti-LE folk. As an old retired guy I post my pro LE preferences proudly. That being said, I’ve always embraced the “grey man” theory of public dress, even here in pro- LE Southeast Florida.

  20. Sorry if I didn’t get the cap reference on the first pass. I was looking at that 92 sitting on top of it. I can’t wait to get mine back from WC next month!

  21. I suppose we could replace the “O” gesture with a “I” but we would have to be careful which finger we use.

  22. Mass,
    Most people today are so far over the top with their Political agendas and offended by everything attitude it’s beyond the comprehension of ant reasonable person.
    Best Regards!
    Member ACLDN

  23. Saving these pictures. What a nice backdrop for a lovely Beretta.

    Of course you are right. The only way to stand against this stupidity is to stand and say, “This is stupidity!”

  24. As stated many times, ignorance is bliss and there are by far way too many blissful folks roaming around

  25. Back in 2016, the guy who owns the tractor dealership I patronize told me that he got massive amounts of negative comments when wearing a T shirt that stated something about how HE built his business. Sigh.

    Should there be any kind of conservative surge, one of the first priorities should be taking back the schools. Currently, the text book industry is primarily driven by NYC, Chicago and a couple of other large cities. OTOH, the state of Texas picks the books for the states public schools. They have an obviously different content focus than the general run of texts.

    After hearing some folks answers to questions relating to our history and government, it’s apparent the current educational system isn’t serving the country well. It’d be tough fight, but a knowledge test similar to that of aspiring US citizens might be a good requirement to vote.

  26. I have chosen to not wear a MAGA hat or anything resembling support for Trump. That is my choice because people get physically and/or verbally assaulted for wearing them. My concern is that such an attack on me might be so serious that I must defend myself. I don’t want to shoot anyone, so I don’t wear a MAGA hat. The “progressive” and tolerant Left must be proud of what they’ve done to political discourse.

  27. Mas, instead of giving the useful idiots an OK sign, flash them the middle finger as they know what that stands for. It’s only fair as the liberals have been screwing us over for decades. That’s especially true for Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have been getting rich doing that to their loyal and clueless black followers for years.

  28. Long ago when I was still active duty military we were prepped for a deployment to Turkey. As always we had a briefing on things to avoid. One of the things to avoid was the OK sign because it has a pretty vulgar meaning in Turkey. Of course, the first full day we were in country one of my troops was opening a barricade to let in Turkish officers visiting our camp and flashed them an OK sign to let them know it was OK to proceed. Fortunately the senior Turkish officer in the vehicle had been around US military before so he knew he wasn’t being insulted.

  29. I prefer the grey man approach, Mas, but cultural variations can make that a bit tough. You’re right too that the OK hand gesture here is like, uh, saying something nasty elsewhere. I think this is also the case in Italy, as well as Venezuela (and yes, I remember your article in a gun magazine in the 80s chronicling some of your adventures in that once free country) so travelers beware.

  30. Here is an optimistic view of current events. See this opinion piece:

    I agree, in general, with the author’s description of America over the last century. The events that we are experiencing (today) did not just arise “out of the blue”. This storm has been building for a full century or more. His overview of the “Rise of the Administrative State” is spot-on.

    Let us hope that his prediction of the “Fall of the Administrative State” is equally accurate. Let us further hope that the fall of the Administrative State does not reduce America to ashes in the process!

  31. I live in what can politely be called an “urban” area. I quit wearing my NRA hat when my state finally got concealed carry. Be the Grey man and all of that. I went to the range and wanted a hat to keep the cases off of my head and grabbed a NRA hat. Stopped by an extremely “urban” McDonald’s location and the very young lady taking my order said she liked my hat. I thanked her and got my food. I think we have more supporters than we know.

    • I agree. Congrats on the CCW, my state just went full Constitutional Carry on 7/1 but I still hold a NH permit for some of the others nearby.

  32. Mas,

    On a different note:

    Please address the recent confiscation of the St Louis couple’s AR 15 by the DA in the absence of charges.

    By what authority is the DA so empowered to act? Is her action actionable?

  33. Mas,
    I believe we are seeing the end of America as we know it.
    Before too long we will be embroiled in a civil war akin to Bosnia. Stock up on necessities, lock up in your house, and be ready to repel invaders. The time of civility is over thanks to the liberal retards running our cities, schools, and bureaucracies.

  34. The American Left may be worried that Covid-19 will not be enough to expel Donald Trump as POTUS. If so, then this will continue to hinder Obama’s dream, of transforming America into a Marxist/Socialist totalitarian State, from coming true.

    So, it is possible that they are “fishing around” for another disease that will complete this work. They may be reaching back to that all-time, classic of human disasters: Bubonic Plague. See this story:

    Don’t kid yourselves. The fanatics on the American Left are quite capable of initiating Germ Warfare against the American People if that is what it takes to get rid of Donald Trump and to pave the way for their assumption of total power. I would not be the least surprised to eventually find out that the American Left “colluded” with China to create this Covid-19 Pandemic just-in-time for the 2020 Presidential Election.

    Dismiss me as a “Conspiracy Nut” if you want. All I can say is to look at all the dirty political tricks, the use of lawfare tactics against political opponents, the milking of Covid-19 for political purposes, the use of Marxist front groups like BLM and Antifa to stoke racial division, rioting, looting and chaos in America. Add in the constant use of media propaganda and school indoctrination. Add in their “cancel culture” and use of the tactic of personal destruction and the silencing of opposing viewpoints. Just look at all they have already done and ask yourself if they would refuse the use of Germ Warfare against the American People if it would gain them the power and victory that they crave in the dark recesses of their innermost souls.

    In my book, nothing (including the use of weapons of mass destruction, germ warfare and genocide) is out-of-bounds to these fanatics. They would justify it, in their own minds, as a necessary step to bring about their Marxist/Socialist Utopia. The ends would justify the means to their way of thinking.

    The most dangerous enemies that America has EVER faced in it’s ENTIRE National history are the internal left-wing enemies that it is currently facing today. Trust me, even the enemies of the Revolution, the Civil War or WW II were not as dangerous as those that now control major sectors (Media, Education, The Administrative State, Global Business, etc.) of America today.

    Churchill said that the “Battle of Britain” represented the “Finest Hour” for the United Kingdom. Well, if America survives the next decade as a Republic with our Foundational Ideas strong and intact, then it will be America’s “Finest Hour” or (perhaps) “Finest Decade”!

    • TN_MAN:

      I wouldn’t be too shocked to learn that Hillary was the inspiration for the Emperor character in the STAR WARS movies. The Emperor was a senator before rising in power and had an obedient minion in Darth Vader, a hulking and menacing henchman which could be Janet Reno in a black suit and cape. Of course the Emperor is not quite as repulsive looking as Hillary, but movie characters are never more ugly than their real life counterparts. Is it possible that President Trump created the Space Force to protect us from the Emperor Hillary’s rapidly approaching Death Star? How’s that for a conspiracy theory?

  35. I’m only 30, and it already feels like this country has changed way too much (in a bad way) from just two decades ago. I can only imagine what someone older than me might think.

    • Axel,

      America seems to have been in decline for a long time. I’m 57. Before 1979, the divorce rate was pretty low. Divorce only seemed to be common among Hollywood actors. Believe me, older people spoke openly of a steep decline in the 1970s. 1968 was the real watershed year. Before 1968, there seemed to be positive vibes in the culture. During 1968 and after, everything turned negative. If you can, look at high school yearbooks from the 1960s, then look at yearbooks from the 1970s. You’ll see the change.

      President Kennedy’s assassination was a real downer for a lot of people. MANY thinkers point to the creation of The Federal Reserve in 1913 as a big negative step for America. Southerners rightly claim the federal government has grown and grown beginning with Lincoln. I’m a Christian and a creationist, so I see decline from Darwin’s “Evolution of Species” published in 1859. Ted Weiland believes our Constitution is a man-centered document. He prefers Puritan New England which used the Bible as its constitution.

      A tree begins as a seed. It becomes a sapling, then keeps on growing. After reaching the height at which it can no longer feed itself, it stops growing. Over a long time it will decay, die and fall down. The Second Law of Thermodynamics applies everywhere in Creation.

      • Roger Willco – “America seems to have been in decline for a long time.”

        Yes, the process can be traced back at least a century or more. America has been subjected to a series of clever and subversive attacks upon its Constitutional form of Government. These attacks have all been struck by left-wing leaders (mainly by left-wing Presidents working with compliant legislatures).

        Each attack has delivered a “body blow” to the American Republic. These series of blows have left us so weak that the leftists now see a chance to go in for the kill. To deliver the “Coup de gras” that will finally destroy America as a Republic so that it can be replaced by the Left-wing Marxist/Socialist system of government.

        One of the first blows was the passage of the 16th Amendment which establishes the authority for the income tax. This gave Big Government nearly unlimited funding and directly paved the way for the left-wing “Administrative State” which so dominates Washington today.

        An entire series of body blows were delivered by FDR under his terrible “New Deal” programs. Among these blows was undercutting 2nd Amendment Rights (National Firearms Act) plus numerous other programs that worked to centralize power in Washington and advance the Administrative State.

        LBJ was the next left-wing President to step into the ring and begin to rain blows upon America as a Republic. His “Great Society” Programs were directly designed to create a welfare state that acted to create a climate of dependency, upon Federal Government handouts, and worked to attack the basic structure of the American Family.

        In addition, the “Civil Rights” Movement targeted African-Americans. While the Civil Rights Movement, of the 1960’s, did do good work in demolishing the Democrat-built framework of “Jim Crow” laws, it also stoked racial division and totally destroyed the existing moral and family structure of the Black Community. All the ills that flow from the Democrat “Welfare State” were doubled-down upon African-Americans. I believe this blow was even worse than the older Democrat blows of slavery and the KKK in the sense that the Democrat inspired, civil-rights welfare state pretends to be the friend of the minority community while actually doing everything possible to destroy it. I believe that nearly all of the racial division and problems in the today’s Black Community (destruction of the family, out-of-wedlock birthrate, drug use, crime, high incarceration rates, poor education, rampant black-on-black violence and murder, hopelessness, etc.) can be DIRECTLY laid at the feet of these left-wing, Democrat policies. The old Democrat whip of slavery was hardly worse than the new Democrat “helping hand” of their welfare state!

        Then President Carter delivered one of the most wicked blows of all. His administration created the “Department of Education”. This paved the way for the leftists to assume the total control of education in America. It directly created the left-wing, indoctrination system that we have today.

        Finally, both President Clinton and, especially, President Obama moved in with steps designed to set up the “coup de gras” for the left. That is why the election of President Trump enrages the American Left so. They had America all lined up for the final death blow. They were ready for the transformation to Socialism. Then President Trump was elected, instead of their operative Hillary Clinton, and their plans were totally disrupted. They are so frustrated! THEY WANT THAT KILL! They want the American Republic burnt to the ground. Only then can they build their left-wing Marxist Utopia upon the ashes!

        So, the decline and fall of the American Republic is not just due to entropy. Rather, it has been “engineered” by a series of destructive left-wing Democrat leaders, working over more than a century, to bring it about.

      • Oops! Darwin didn’t write “Evolution of Species,” he wrote, “Origin of Species.” It’s been a long time since I read it.

      • Liberals still win the most Darwin Awards presented every year and there’s a good reason for that high honor. Joe Biden would be an excellent contender if he would get out of his basement and do something useful.

  36. Prior to 1979 was not a time of utopia in this country, societal or otherwise. Entropy applies to physical reality. The Democratic Republic in which we live is a construct of human mind, heart, and determination. And our minds, hearts, and determination will be/have been required to keep it, and anyone living through World War II can tell you that. True, great ideas likely have been forgotten, and great civilizations have disappeared, but there is no physical law governing this. There is nothing that says America has to fail, and fail soon, no matter what We The People face. Read the Bible? Then you know that evil exists – though any sane person doesn’t need the Bible to come to that conclusion. Have faith? Faith is the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things unseen. I particularly like this translation.

    So, yup, we have Anti-fa, hijacked-by-Anti-American-ideologies Black Lives Matter, political leaders, cowardly, ignorant, and pandering to the mob, political activists claiming to be the press, and, of course the list appears endless now.

    You know there is no appeasement of, nor negotiation with, these forces. America aspires to great ideals, and worthy goals. Is our will strong enough, or are we folding? Remain steadfast. Spread the word. Act. Support the 1776 Project.

  37. If you look at American history, it seems we had great leaders, both civilian and military, in the right place at the right time. That has been a big help. France, a monarchy at the time, helped us revolt against a monarch in England. That’s a pretty good break for us.

    Spain was a mighty empire in the 1500s. It hasn’t gone away, it has just shrunk back to its original borders. Great Britain was a mighty empire in the 1800s. It too has shrunk back to just one island.

    Maybe America doesn’t need to be all over the world. Maybe in the future our military can stay home.

    Donald Trump is really trying to help us, but he seems to be fighting with little help from his own party. America is dying the death of a thousand cuts, but Lincoln was right, we can only commit suicide. No nation can slay us.

    • Give the Communist/Islamic countries credit for trying to knock us off, especially the Chi-Coms who helps America’s numerous domestic enemies with massive funding.

    • Not to be trite, but it is really true: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. We have a lot of good perspective working for us, especially through our energetic understanding of history. Many of the world’s great winners have been experts on the past and have applied that knowledge to dealing with the present in order to shape the future. They have also consistently been straight shooters, of whom we can never have enough.

  38. If you want to read a concise story of communist indoctrination, especially among the young, read The Children’s Story, by James Clavell. He wrote Shogun, was a British POW in WWII, and his story is masterful in demonstrating how to convert young minds. It should be required reading for kids.

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