1. As always sir, your experience & consideration of a complete situation & consequences are enlightening. Will definitely use this piece for reference for those caught up in emotion (“Ban all the things, they upset me!”) instead of considering all aspects. Thank you –

  2. Just one minor correction, Nancy Pelosi is not a Senator, since she’s not in the Senate. She should called Representative Pelosi because she’s in the House of Representatives.

    Still a great article.

    • Thanks to James and Aaron for their sharp eyes. I need editors some days more than others…

  3. It occurs to me that the fully-loaded semiautomatic M4 type carbine that is resting behind my bed’s headboard has been prohibited where I live (Chicago) for many, many years. And yet it just stays there, refusing to turn itself in.

  4. Not only NJ but residents of Boulder Colorado are exercising their civil disobedience against unconstitutional gun controls.

  5. This nonsense will lead to civil war. I’m not compiling nor are a majority of Americans. 400 to 600 million firearms in the hands of legal citizens. 100 million gun owners with 20 million Veterans. We did not serve and fight for this nonsense. I consider these laws to be unconstitutional and frankly there are not enough Law Enforcement to confiscate them. Yes I do think it will lead to deaths on both sides. These Democrat/Marxist/Progressive/Communist have even made off duty officers in NJ possible felons. Seriously!

    In Colorado we have 64 counties. The goods news was 52 of the 54 elected Sheriff’s refused to enforce the new gun laws. It is my understanding that the New York State Police said they would not go door to confiscate “assault weapons”. Hopefully NJ Law Enforcement will now understand these Communist Thugs don’t support Police Officers. Actions speak louder than words.

    I was a Blue Dog JFK Democrat UNTIL my party was hijacked by the Communist.

    Registration, Confiscation, Genocide the Marxist history of the Twentieth Century. The only reason to disarm people is to oppress them. I’m not going to a Gulag, Reeducation Camp, Concentration Camp, FEMA Camp or a Hillary “Fun Camp”. Listen to their threats and words. Do I think this group of Democrat Communist would commit GENOCIDE? With total unaccountable power, YES. The ultimate accountable comes from We the People and the 1st Amendment with the 2nd Amendment as the enforcement tool.

    Molon labe

    Both of my parents have passed, you never forget.

  6. I applaud the civil disobedience efforts; however, this will become more risky if registered guns are banned. In New York State (NYS), every handgun we own must appear on the CCW permit and the record of gun ownership is on file at the County Clerk’s Office. So there IS a handgun registry in NYS.

    If NYS bans semi-automatics, and I have no doubt this is a very strong possibility given the complete control Democrats/Socialists have over all three branches of state government, then the government knows where to look.

    I hope this does not come to pass; however, we law-abiding gun owning NYS residents must think carefully about our options. Everyone makes their own choices given their particular life circumstances. I for one will never surrender my firearms…but I am not going to jail either. Until my wife and I can move out of NYS the plan is to purchase property in a free state, and store my firearms there. This includes semi-automatic long guns.

    Time to step up my revolver and pump-action shotgun training…something I needed to do anyway…but it would have been nice if it were not forced upon me by ever-increasing governmental tyranny.

    • When the coppers come round looking for the arms listed on their “registries’, the fact they cannot find them, or that you claim to no longer possess then inside the state in question, is not PROOF that the suspect IS in violation of the current unconstitutional “law”.

      Several options could prove exonerating.

      A serial number trace can ONLY turn up the first retail buyer. If the gun has changed hands, even legally, that trace cannot often find it. If you bought the gun legally when used, they can’t prove you own or owned it most times. In states like NY where the handgun is on your Mother May I registry they know you HAD it at one time.. but suppose you pawned it, or sold/traded it to a gun shop, sold it on Gunbroker or equivalent, or to a private party with law-compliant BGC…. if they try and trace it it will almost never show that. Unless the law demands you report a transfer out of your custody within a certain time frame, they cannot PROVE you still have it, as you COULD have divested yourself of it in some way and complied with existing laws. SOme states require a report of a lost and/or stolen situation….. others do not. Know YOUR state’s requirements.
      I know mine… the goofy handgun registry is not searchable by S/N, only by my name. NO requirement to inform of arms transferred out of my possession, and only recently have private in state sales been “prohibited” but not enforced. No requirement or trace path for guns I’ve traded off, sold on GunBroker etc, privately sold when still legal, or lost in that mythical tragic boating accident.
      Then there are the ones I acquired back before UBC’s were crammed down our throats….. were made before the stupid NICS landed, or even before there was any requirement for the dealer to even find out my name, let alone address, etc. I know very well which of them are “ghost” guns with no traceability, and which ones I bought new at retail, which ones I bought used witih BGC, which ones with no BGC, and which could plausibly have gone out of my custody with no recird…. the ghost models will be dealth with appropriately. But I believe there is ample room to simply “no longer own” nearly everything I did/do/might have owned. SO.. unless they want to bring in their X ray and digging equipment and tear up all my land, even then thjey MAY not find everything.. or anything.

      General Gage sent his 800 Lobsterbacks round to Lexington and Concord to take up any/all arms they could locate. They got a few small cannon, which they destroyed by breaking off the trunnions. They walked right by Mr. Barrett’s farm as his field hands were out doing some early plowing and planting….. little suspecting that they WERE indeed plowing, AND planting… but nothing Gage’s men ever would have suspected…… muskets, bags of powder, containers of musket ball… into the furrows they were turning out, then refilling even as Gage’s men marched by on their way to Barrett’s farmstead, where they’d heard there was a large cache of arms…… yes, there HAD been….. a hundred fifty or so were on the shoulders of Barrett’s men, then up Punxatawny Hill, which they’d passed by, and the rest were being “planted” into the newly turned furrows they’d just passed by.

      May we all have that same creative stubborn heart Barrett’s men had on that day… calmly foiling the attempts of Gage’s men in their mission to didarm them all.

  7. Unilateral disarmament of American Citizens has long been a primary goal of the Communist Party USA, since the early 20th Century. Today, their minions continue pushing for “gun control.” I suspect one would find that career criminals agree, but of course, they are among they rabble supporting the Democrat Party.

    By the way, Bridgeport is a well known maker of mid-size vertical milling machines, but never made lathes to my knowledge. I have one, along with several lathes, in my small gunsmithing machine shop.

  8. Banning something which millions of otherwise law abiding Americans hold dear . . . well, that worked so well with booze . . .

  9. It is too bad that we don’t have “truth in advertising” with respect to political labels. Take the label of “Progressive” which the Marxist/Socialist Leftists assign to themselves. Never was the English language more distorted then with this label. If lightening fell from the sky to strike those who tell grotesque lies, then the leftists would be blasted into sub-atomic particles for this one!

    Progressive – Don’t make me laugh! Regressive comes nearer the truth than “Progressive”. There is nothing, and I DO MEAN NOTHING, progressive in the ideology of the left. When it comes to new ideas, the left is struck in a “Time Warp”. In fact, the last person (on the Left) who actually had a new idea was probably Karl Marx and he has been dead for 135 years!

    All the leftists do, from one generation to the next, is re-package the same set of bad ideas. Instead of the “Progressive” Party, the Democrats ought to label themselves (if Truth in Advertising applied) as the “Re-packaging” Party.

    Consider this new “Whiz-Kid” on the Left, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Leftist media love her but I have to ask, has she ever had a new thought in her head? I have heard some of her “ideas” and they are just re-packaged from what Fidel Castor, Hugo Chavez and a hundred other leftists have said in the past. The left’s “Economic Program” is nothing more (or less) then a re-packaging of left-wing socialist/communist policies that have already been tried in China, Russia, North Korea, North Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, and dozens of other countries. None of these efforts have succeeded. In fact, the economy of these countries only recovered when, like China, the communists/socialist ideas were dropped in favor of good, old-fashioned Capitalism.

    Do we really want to try these failed policies here in America? I know that Americans are overweight but are we all that eager to go on the “Maduro Diet”. In case you don’t know about this Left-Wing diet plan, please read this link:

    As Mas ably pointed out above, their “Commonsense Gun Safety Measures” are nothing more than “Alcohol Prohibition” re-purposed into “Firearm Prohibition”. Or, if you will forgive the pun, the Leftists have taken their “Six Pack” of Alcohol Prohibition ideas, from a century ago, and “re-packaged” then for a new generation to swill down.

    That is what the leftists do. They take their old failed ideas, from previous generations, and dress them up for the next generation. They make sure to take over the education system so that they can, deliberately, not teach history to the students of the new generation. That way, the new generation will be blissfully unaware that they are receiving an ideology that has been re-cycled from the junk-yard of the past.

    Progressive? Sorry – I know enough of history to spot that “whopper” even without lightening flashing across the sky! 🙂

  10. I believe it was fairly intelligent Albert Einstein who wisely said that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome each time.”

    Could it be that liberals and progressive Democrats are insane? Sure looks like Chuck and Nancy, and their ilk should be locked up in nice quiet institutions and the keys to their padded cells thrown away.

  11. Thomas Jefferson adopted the motto, “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.”

    • Another much hated by the Brits rallying cry during that era was “no king but King Jesus”. In other words, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto God what is God’s…… and the demands these eedjits continually make are certainly NOT any part of what is rightly rendered unto God.

  12. Recall that Prohibition never prohibited the “making” (to be distinguished from “manufacturing”) of alcohol for beverage purposes. Home brewing and fermenting grapes was commonly and openly practiced. What’s the implication for guns? Excepting for NJ and CA, we are free to make our own guns. Likely, SCOTUS will uphold that as a right under the 2A. Naturally, governments will claim the power to regulate homemade guns either by requiring a “manufacturer’s” license (as in NJ) or requiring serializing and registration (as in CA). Resist as we might, we won’t stop such licensing or registration.
    So, let’s see where such developments might take us; i.e., UBC+4473 forms for the secondary market, registration of homemade guns. So long as SCOTUS upholds the right to home-make guns and modest license fees for manufacture, there will continue to be homemade guns and “cottage” industry in gun smithing. THERE is the insurmountable soft underbelly of “reasonable” regulation.
    Prohibition never outlawed hops and grape agriculture, nor commerce in yeast and sugar. As long as the People retained both the right and the capacity to home ferment, they could – and DID – make their own alcohol. So long as the People retain both the right and the capacity to home-gunsmith, they can – and WILL – make their own guns.
    Commerce in 80% (or 70% . . . 10%) receivers, jigs, barrels etc. will continue unabated. Home craftsmen will make guns – and in compliance with the law – serialize and register them. And, in ever-increasing quantities — out of simple defiance of government’s foreshadowing of liberty. Bear with me for two more moments.
    First, it immediately follows that cottage industrialists will equally have access to the machine tools, 80% receivers, jigs, barrels, etc. to manufacture modest lots of guns with ineffective enforcement on licensing and production registration. This source will be ample enough to supply the black market. Clearly, if the ATF and local authorities are ineffective in regulating the secondary market (post retail sales), they won’t be any more effective in regulating clandestine manufacture and distribution. It can’t happen.
    Second, it follows – albeit less immediately – that licensing and registration of serial numbers does nothing to stop future production. We’ve all seen Prohibition-era film of G-men breaking bottles of whisky and smashing the heads of beer barrels. That didn’t stop moonshiners or bootleggers from manufacturing more illegal production; to say nothing of home brewers. Once the tools, techniques and practices are firmly established, they can’t be made to disappear by mere law-enforcement. We are already in this stage of development for AR-15 receivers and soon will reach a like state for Glock-a-like frames.

    I propose that we adopt a Dirty Harry posture with respect to the new Congress and the several states: ‘Go ahead, Make my day!’ If they adopt UBC then we the People of the Gun will respond by rolling-our-own. If Congress licenses home gun-making and registers production we will accumulate stocks of precursor components. We will wait for the day when confiscation orders are issued by lubricating our mills and finishing receivers. But, we won’t be so foolish as to register new production.

    In the mean time, Congress will make ATF’s job hellish. Instead of having an ineffective system of tracing guns to – and sometimes beyond – first retail sale they will render the existing system superfluous. They will watch the percentage of “ghost guns” confiscated from felons rise to a majority. The remainder will have their serial numbers defaced or be reported as stolen.

    Will Congress find it expedient to pass such legislation once we have made the consequences clear to them? Will they forego the excise tax revenues on licensed manufacture as the market shifts to untaxed gun precursor components? Will they gut the current ineffective tracing system? And, face the wrath of gun owners at the polls?

    • MarkPA – It was not just “Bathtub Gin” and home-brews that slaked the thirst of the “Wets” during Prohibition. Huge quantities of alcohol were smuggled into the USA from all directions. Large quantities came up from Mexico.

      Firearms Prohibition, if broadly implemented by the Leftists, will create a huge opportunity for the illegal smuggling of firearms. Close to 100 million AK’s (of various types) have been manufactured around the world. They can be bought cheap enough in many countries. You can count on the people that currently smuggle drugs and people into the USA to (gladly) add gun-running to their portfolio of illegal activities.

      Notice that the Leftists don’t give a damn about all the smuggling of drugs and people that currently happens across our Southern border. In fact, they welcome the influx of poorly-educated illegal aliens. These are all future voters as far as the Leftists are concerned. The Leftists will keep them “needy” and then try to buy their votes with government benefits and services.

      However, once the illegal guns start to pour over the Southern border, I bet the Leftists will rapidly “Sing a Different Tune”. Right now, they don’t want to give more than one dollar ($1) to build the wall that President Trump wants. However, if a future Left-Wing President gets power, if firearms Prohibition is broadly implemented, and (as a natural result) tens of thousands of AK’s (plus other cheap guns) start to pour in from Mexico, just watch how fast the Leftists put up a wall!

      I guarantee that, in this event, border security to stop the flow of illegal guns (rather than illegal aliens) will suddenly become the #1 Priority of the Leftist Elites in Washington, D.C.! 🙂

  13. Good read Mas. I believe that there is a darker motive driving all the gun banners supposed concern about human life.
    I offer a comment from another era which in many ways is the unspoken rallying cry of those who wish to oppress us.
    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms; history shows all conquerors who have allowed the subjected people to carry arms have prepared their own fall.” Adolf Hitler

  14. Humorist Will Rogers once observed that:

    “Oklahomans vote dry as long as they can stagger to the polls.”

    If you substitute “Liberals” for “Oklahomans” and replace “dry” with “for Gun Control”, you will have updated this quote for the 21st Century. The “stagger” part can be retained considering how many of them are into “Legalized Pot”. 🙂

    It just goes to show the perverse and constant nature of the Leftist mind. Will Rogers made his observation almost a century ago and yet the same kind of meme is still being played out today.

  15. I rarely watched 60 Minutes. However, one night I caught part of one of the shows that featured Dan Rather running about dramatizing the Afghan/Soviet War. This segment was titled The Gunmakers of Peshawar and showed craftsmen turning out firearms with hand tools. They apparently worked well enough for the users to acquire better weaponry from Soviet soldiers who no longer needed them.

    Apparently, the abolitionists missed the message and continue to do so.

    Oddly, back in the 1990’s I ran across a couple of SMLE’s-the service rifle of the British Empire from the late 1800’s to the mid 1950’s, and beyond in some colonies- [prominently labeled as not safe to fire] turned out by those folks or their close kin. They did very good work and I’d have bought one as a curiousity if they hadn’t been priced at $2500.

    • WR Moore,

      Think of how low-tech life is in Afghanistan compared to how high-tech we are in the USA. Yet, they have lots of fully automatic weapons, especially Kalashnikovs. So of course America could have plenty of homemade and smuggled-in guns if a new market was created for them.

      Speaking of Prohibition, I’m reminded of the fact that illegal drugs find their way into prisons. In other words, if there is a demand for a product, some people will successfully find a way to supply that demand.

      Think of how much money the government would spend trying to track down all the guns out there. Canada implemented a gun registry in 1993, but dissolved it in 2012 because it was too expensive. America would go broke trying to register/confiscate guns. Wait! AMERICA IS ALREADY BROKE!!!

  16. Just caught the comments on the “Progressive” label. Those of us of a certain age and occupation recall previous uses of the term.

    One was a label applied to Teddy Roosevelt and others of his belief system by historians. Current usage is an attempt to both hijack the image of the reformers. It’s also an old debating trick: if one side is “progressive”, then the opposition is obviously reactionary.

    The other use was when the Communists started referring to the foreign politicians/terrorists/revolutionaries they supports as “progressive political elements”.

    If it walks like a duck, makes noises like a duck and wiggles it’s tail feathers like a duck, it’s probably a duck. Or maybe vulture.

  17. One serious problem, that faces freedom-loving Americans, is dealing with our own complacency. I have struggled as to how to explain the threat that we currently face. It occurred to me that it is often helpful to use an analogy to explain complex issues. If one can illustrate an unfamiliar subject by comparing it to familiar situation, one can often clarify and illuminate the unfamiliar subject. Therefore, in order to illustrate the dangers posed by Left-Wing Ideology, I am going to make the following comparison:

    We all know how contagious diseases can, sometimes, break out into virulent plagues. Well, think of Left-Wing ideology as a contagious plague of the human mind. Just as a plague virus can start in a localized area and then expand into a widespread plague, the same is true of ideological plagues.

    In contagious diseases, individuals can become “carriers” to spread the disease to others. Typhoid Mary (Mary Mallon – 1869 to 1938) is a famous historical example. The same is true for the ideological Left-Wing mental disease. There are currently numerous individuals in the News Media, in Politics, in Hollywood and in our Education System, who are acting as “carriers” to infect others with this plague.

    Viruses often mutate so that an individual cannot develop a lasting immunity to the disease. A good example would be the numerous “strains” of flu virus that attack humans. In a similar way, the Left-Wing ideology mutates over time into different variations. Variations for which a new generation has no immunity. Marxism mutates into communism then mutates into various flavors of socialism. The “Class Struggle” of the communists mutates into the “Identity Politics” of today. The ideology behind “Alcohol Prohibition” mutates into new forms like the current effort toward “Firearms Prohibition”. Just as the flu is always, at its base, a disease virus that takes many forms, this ideology is always “Left-Wing” despite the many “strains” into which it mutates.

    The human body has defenses to help fight off contagious diseases. The most dangerous viruses work to attack the immune system itself. If the disease first compromises the immune system, then it makes it hard for body to fight off the disease. The HIV/AIDS virus, for example, uses this approach.

    In a similar way, the Founding Fathers worked to build an “Immune System” into the U.S. Constitution that would help America fight off ideological plagues. The Constitution includes antibodies such as the Bill of Rights and a Balanced Government based upon a Separation of Powers. Like the HIV/AIDS virus, Left-Wing ideology has adopted a strategy of attacking this immune system so as to compromise it.

    The Bill of Rights is under attack. The false narrative of “Hate Speech” and internet censorship is being used to attack any speech that does not slavishly parrot left-wing ideology. Social pressure and a loss of career and income are being used to intimidate anyone who does not slavishly parrot “Politically Correct” duckspeak. The 2nd Amendment antibody (which is a severe threat to the disease) is under constant attack. Personal privacy is being invaded daily as the big internet, telephone and government agencies unabashedly spy upon American Citizens. Efforts are being made to control all branches of government and a “Deep State” of unaccountable bureaucrats are compromising the Division of Powers. The immune system developed by the Founding Fathers is being compromised daily.

    Finally, the left-wing ideological plague is as deadly as the worse disease plagues in history. The Spanish Flu pandemic (1918 to 1920) is estimated to have killed 50 to 100 million people worldwide. The Black Death – Bubonic Plague – pandemic (1347 to 1351) is estimated to have killed 75 to 200 million people in Europe and Asia. During the 20th Century, there have been numerous outbreaks of the Left-wing plague around the world. It caused genocides in Russia, China and Cambodia. It was a motivator of the Spanish Civil War, World War II and numerous “Brush-fire” wars. It is starving people to death in Venezuela even as I write these words. While no one knows the number of people sent to their graves by left-wing ideological plagues, the total probably exceeds 100 million during the last Century alone.

    Now, this terrible ideological plague is spreading rapidly across the USA. As noted above, our immune system is being compromised and numerous “carriers” are spreading the disease. Indeed, many news outlets, like CNN and the New York Times, seem dedicated to the sole purpose of spreading the contagion as widely as possible.

    If the American People do not wake from their complacency and act to quarantine and contain this outbreak, this contagious ideological disease will blossom into another Left-Wing pandemic and millions more human souls will be sent to their graves. That is the danger that we currently face. That is the nature of the threat against America today. The greatest danger is not from without (Russia, China, Radical Islam, etc.). Rather, the greatest danger is from within. It is from the building Left-Wing ideological pandemic that is threatening to destroy America as a Representative Republic and plunge us all into another Civil War.

  18. TN_MAN is absolutely correct. FDR has killed more people worldwide than any American president. His playing God during WWII and collaborating with Joe Stalin and Communists to divide the world among them resulted, with Harry Truman’s help after FDR croaked, in the Cold War, the Korean War, Vietnam War, and numerous conflicts instigated by the world domination oriented Communists.

    Now a new breed of liberals, replacing FDR is trying to bring us into the New World Order, but first they need to disarm those pesky Second Admendment supporting Americans and their evil guns who are standing in the way of world peace and a worker’s paradise.

  19. TN_MAN,

    You are right about everything, but I want to comment on our complacency. America goes through wars, recessions and natural disasters, but life always seems to remain or quickly return to normal. Most people have enough, and some people have more than enough. America was the first nation where it was possible for a person to be both poor and overweight.

    If someone is in the States, has good health and more money than they need to live on, life is really good.

    Imagine a person from the Cold War Soviet Union, or a North Korean from the 1990s walking through a US supermarket, looking at all that food. Then they walk down a whole aisle dedicated to pet food!

    Someone said we won’t have a civil war until this country runs out of food. I was born in 1963, and not for one second have I ever worried about food or clothing. In fact, I have to push food away from me.

    In America, we may be spiritually and morally poor. We may have lots of social problems and difficult relationships, but at least we still have a lot of “stuff,” and that is why we are complacent.

    • @ Roger Willco – You make a good point. Americans are suffering from a moral perspective but they are not suffering physically. Our physical contentment is contributing to our complacency regarding the dangers poised by a Left-Wing ideological pandemic.

      If the Leftists do gain complete power, then this physical contentment will go down the tubes. Poverty will expand for everyone EXCEPT the Leftist Elites. They will still live in luxury. They will continue to be protected by armed guards and gated communities. The rest of us will finally have that opportunity to lose weight as an American version of the “Manduro Diet” is applied. Who knows? Maybe the American version will be called the “Harris Diet”! 🙂

      The problem is that, once the Leftists totally assume power, it will take a Civil War to get rid of them again. Leftists lust for governmental power above all things and only DEATH will remove them from it once they have it in firmly in-hand. Don’t expect to just “vote them out”. By then, the Constitution may be “set aside” and there may be no more elections. We are already at a point where the Leftists do not accept the results of any election that they do not win.

      I very much fear that, by the time physical suffering wakes the American People to the dangers of Left-Wing ideology, the contagion will have already reached the “Pandemic” stage. It will then be too late to avoid the results that I predicted above: Civil War and millions more people sent to the graves by Left-Wing ideology.

  20. I’ve been making this point to gun control fanatics for years. Nowadays they often try to argue that Prohibition worked! They’re getting more open about their authoritarian mindset.

  21. Let’s just give up all tool making. We can go back to the Peaceful days of sticks,rocks,fangs and fists.

  22. Sadly, the recent bill signed by Governor Pritzker of Illinois establishes a registry of all firearms that change hands in Illinois after the effective date of the bill.