1. For about two years in 80’s, I carried my issued S&W model 15 in a Don Hume Tom Threepersons holster. I liked it because it rode high and tight to my body. Preferred it to the issue Jordan style border patrol holster. I could get in/out of the patrol car without catching the grip on the steering wheel.

  2. Interesting artical. Did not know of the Temecula, CA location , 3 person, and the different caliber loops. Beautiful work.

  3. Sounds like a fine book to add to my library. For a detailed history of Old West holsters and belts (with lots of excellent color photos) check out “Packing Iron: Gunleather of the Frontier West” by Richard C, Rattenbury. c. 1993.

  4. Thank you, Mas, for a sterling recommendation. You are well followed, we received a number of orders. I’ll do my best to insure Christmas delivery but as of now can’t guarantee it. If not before, at least a day or so after, but I’ll strive for timely delivery.
    John Witty

  5. Interesting…. the sort of book I’d love to own. When I find a C Note that is otherwise not committed I shall have one.”
    For some time now, my old Belgian BHP has been riding in a very basic but wonderful Bianchi clip on leather holster that fits it perfectly. I was surprised, and pleased, when I came across that holster in the used bin at some gun store in the big city to the north of me. I think I paid twenty bucks for it, in near new condition. It does not look as “pretty” now as then, but I rarely “look” at it anyway so I do not care. I KNOW precisely where it is on my belt. It holds the pistol securely and comfortably yet yields it easily when needed… which, so far, is never, but it does come in and out fairly frequently. I tried a “modren” kydex rig for a while, but it did not suit me. Perhaps because the moulded body of it was not that well suited to the BHP. I like genuine well-made hide anyway. Smells better, even!